Zach Miller takes pay cut, stays in Seattle

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Seahawks tight end Zach Miller will stick around in Seattle after agreeing to take a pay cut.

Miller, who could have been a cap casualty if he weren’t willing to make some concessions, has agreed to cut his base pay in half this year. According to Danny O’Neil of 710 ESPN in Seattle, Miller’s compensation will go from $6 million to $3 million. He will have the opportunity to make another $1 million in incentives, but this is a significant pay cut.

After playing four years with the Raiders, Miller initially signed what was advertised as a five-year, $34 million contract with the Seahawks before the 2011 season. Although he won’t actually end up making $34 million, by agreeing to this pay cut, it appears that Miller will stick around in Seattle for the full five years of the deal.

Miller played in 14 regular-season games for the Seahawks last season, starting 12, and caught 33 passes for 387 yards and five touchdowns. He also started all three postseason games.

37 responses to “Zach Miller takes pay cut, stays in Seattle

  1. Great news. We don’t want Finely.
    Hoping they use this extra money to sign Huashka and Thurmond.

  2. Great move! Miller is the premiere blocking TE in the NFL and that’s what he does best. Seattle essentially has a 6th OL on every play Miller is in on … I would like to see him get more passing opportunities though.


  3. He blocks well but isn’t the receiver that he looked to be when first coveted. However, I think it may be a fault of the “system” in Seattle and not really his abilities.

    That said; good for the Seahawks. Must be something brewing……Why else would you need the cap space which currently is about 13.4Million?

    Go Hawks!

  4. I know he might not get the credit of the primary pass catching TEs in the NFL. But the way Zack Miller blocks in this run first team is exactly what is needed. Every pass that comes his way he catches. I am glad he reworked his deal to stay because even though we have young up and coming TE’s behind – Miller is the rock. Great work John Schneider!

  5. Zach Miller is a key component for our running game. This is fantastic! One of the best blocking TEs in the league, and a threat to catch the ball too.

  6. I know the Seahawks hoped he had refused, so they could cut him.That one backfired. Miller is worth maybe 1.5 -2 million at the most. If Finley clears, so will Miller (clear out his locker).

    McCoy, Willson and Finley make for 3 down the field TEs. Blocking could be an issue, but today’s game begs for versatility in the TE position.

    I will not be shocked if Miller is not there for game 1.

  7. All he wants to do is win! Can’t say the same for vikings jv squad. Everson griffin contract speaks for itself. Jared allen is next to join. And seattle fans do Not want finley!

  8. This is a GREAT move. Zach really took one for the team. Talk about a hometown discount, Holy Cow.

    I think the least the team can do now is go out and get him another Super Bowl ring. It’s just the decent thing to do.

  9. Good move by Seattle, though someone should run to Florio’s office and tell him that the Patriots just “squeezed” another veteran player. It won’t matter to him that’s its another team. He’ll write a column anyway since the fact don’t matter to him, if the Pats are involved. lol

    BTW- I wonder what the over/under is on how long this post will stay up, before the thin skinned owner has his minions remove it.

  10. Barring injuries this gives Seattle one of the most potent and deep TE groups in the NFL.

    You have Miller who can catch as good as any TE and is probably one of the top 5 TE’s at both run and pass blocking.

    Then you have Willson who has proven he’s got good hands and can also block decently. (Still a lot of development work that he needs.)

    And finally you have Anthony McCoy. The guy really came into his own during the 2012/13 season. He has exceptionally good hands and while still developing as a strong run blocker, he can pass block very, very well.

    Put it all together and you’ve got another group that can be rotated freely or team up collectively to produce a lot of yards in any part of the field.

    Who do the 49ers have? Oh yeah Davis who is scared to death of catching one over the middle against the Hawks and some kid who started ahead of Willson at Rice and caught a measly 8 passes for the niners.

    So yeah, who’d gonna be tired at the end of a game?

  11. Your crazy if you think the hawks will sign JA… He wants more than you can pay. And if you can’t pay what he feels he’s worth, he will retire.

  12. So the Shehawks threaten to cut a guy if he doesn’t take a pay cut.

    Sending him on the open market after much of the free agency money has already been spent.

    Cornering Zach into staying with the team.

    Classy work by Schneider and Pete the Cheat.

  13. I always love when fans of other teams comment on the Hawks moves. As a long time Hawks fan, I now realize that Schneider and Caroll have their own system that is impossible to guess. The money they pay and who they pay it to depends on whether its a position THEY value and I trust em, this saves me a lot of thinking.

  14. Awesome news. Hope that means Finely is out of the picture too.

    Solid receiver, even better blocker, but can do it all. Observe the diving catch vs Arizona this year. He put up great stats in Oakland one year because they had no one else to catch the ball on that sad sack of a franchise. Great team player, seems like a good guy (most tight ends are).

    He’s now settled in Seattle, and just had twins this year, and has gotten a ring. For some like Tate, that ring means sell off to the highest bidder, for some it means get settled into the same town and start looking at retirement.

    So he makes $29m not $34? Instead of uprooting a new family, and leave a team that still has a great shot, as is, to go far in the playoffs the next couple years, well worth the “sacrifice”.

  15. Yea John Schneider!!!! Way to go!! Way to win the SUPERBOWL with one of the YOUNGEST and DEEPEST teams in the league!! You CLOWN Viking and other team fans sound as IGNORANT as you possibly could sound!! Keep John Schneiders name OUT OF YOUR LOSER MOUTHS!!! Your GM’s cant TIE MR. SCHNEIDERS shoelaces!!!!


    good luck watching your teams LOSE next year!!!!

  16. Seattle went out two years ago when they had ample cap space and little talent and signed guys like Miller and Rice to big-money deals.

    Neither player wound up putting up the kind of numbers that those deals warranted…and yet, look at the 2012 playoffs, when Sidney Rice was there to make a critical sideline, feet-in-bounds catch that helped beat the Redskins, and Miller had 142 yards on 8 catches against the Falcons. Big money coming up big in big moments.

    With Miller back for two more years, McCoy back from injury, and Luke Willson showing flashes of being a potential longer-term solution, Seattle is looking pretty good at TE for the near future.

  17. Welcome Back Zach! One of the many underrated and underappreciated guys that led us to Super Bowl glory. Zach’s a blue collar guy that does whatever he is asked and never complains. I’m very happy to have him back. Let’s go get #2 now!!!

  18. There was a moment in the SB where one of the Hawks young guys scored a TD and the ball was rolling around the MetLife carpet. Zach runs over to retrieve the ball (momento) for the young Hawk – that was a nice moment!

    Maybe next time Zach could get him own ball in the Super Bowl!

  19. They need to cut Percy Harvin’s salary. He was making 14M last year and only played a couple games. So what if he had a kickoff return for TD in the SB! His score was not the difference maker and that was the only TD he had all season.

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