Broncos intend to proceed with Sanders deal

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Officially, the Chiefs and Broncos have no comment about the contention that receiver Emmanuel Sanders had an agreement in principle with Kansas City before agreeing to terms in Denver.

Unofficially, they’re saying plenty.

The Chiefs indeed believe that a deal was in place with agent Steve Weinberg.  The Broncos contend they didn’t know about the existence of a verbal deal with the Chiefs.  The Broncos likewise intend to proceed with the signing of Sanders to a written contract.

Now that the Broncos know that the Chiefs believe a deal was in place before an agreement was reached with Denver, the Broncos could (in theory) fully investigate the situation and, if persuaded that the contention is true, refuse to proceed with a written contract.

Of course, for the same reason that the Broncos would have the right to pull the plug now, Sanders had the right to pull the plug on the Chiefs.  Regardless of what the Chiefs think of Weinberg’s alleged tactics, a deal isn’t done until it’s signed and filed and approved by the league office.

Coincidentally, the Broncos know a thing or two about the difference between agreements in principle and binding contracts.  Last year, they had an agreement in principle with defensive end Elvis Dumervil on a revised contract.  Because the documents weren’t signed on a timely basis, the revised contract wasn’t binding — and the Broncos were forced to terminate the existing deal before a significant financial obligation to Dumervil was triggered.

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  1. Lol the Broncos had no choice but to cut Dumerville last year because of the timeframe. They DO have a choice this year and have all of the facts(shoulda said fax) with them, yet we all know what their organization is going to do.

  2. the league won’t do anything that would help the chiefs. the league doesn’t want the chiefs to be a good team or win the super bowl. kc is such a small market and also doesn’t have a proverbial cash cow like Peyton manning that drives ratings and merchandise. I am still actually surprised that Goodell let Andy Reid coach the chiefs when he could have easily went to a bigger city and made the nfl even more money

  3. Sanders got his deal, but Weinberg is going to find it a lot harder to shop his clients around next time.

  4. Chiefs wouldn’t take Sanders now even if he was available. Pretty safe to say that bridge has been burned.

  5. It’s all kind of moot anyway. They’re just playing for the loser position in the Super Bowl behind whatever team wins the NFC. The power divide between the two conferences is not even funny right now

  6. Wake up Mike Brown. I know you expect Dalton to carry the Bengals every year, and he will, but with just a little help he will win every Super Bowl. Dalton already has the strongest arm in the league and is quickly becoming the smartest. Give him some decent targets and a decent line and he wins every game.

  7. How do you get injured such that you need screws in BOTH feet in the Super Bowl. Sometimes the best moves turn out to be the ones you couldn’t make.

  8. If I am in the Bronco’s front office I would retract the offer and wait a while before offering a revised contract at a lower amount. Agent burned his bridges in KC, supply and demand.

  9. If Denver is smart, they should call off the deal. KC would walk away or lower the offer they made. Sanders stock would drop big time. Turn the table on Weinburg.

  10. Sanders is a nice player but he’s an inside the numbers option with some serious health concerns. The Chiefs, and pretty much any other team could do a lot better, although he will catch those five yard ins, crossing patterns, and dump offs from Manning pretty well.

  11. He underachieved in Pittsburgh. Two years ago, I thought Mike Wallace and Sanders were going to be as magical as Swann and Stallworth, but neither panned out. The Chiefs should just let this situation go. Sometimes the best deals you make are the ones you don’t make.

  12. Why would he want to go to a team humiliated once again in the Super Bowl? Two biggest lopsided loses in the biggest game belong to the donkeys.

  13. Denver signing Sanders is a good pick up until they need him to catch a TD in the end zone then he’s gonna drop it and break your hearts just like he did to Pitt last season several times. And what’s even funnier is that he decides to go to Denver where he’s gonna be the #3 receiver when all he’s been saying is how he wants to be the #1. Now I know with Manning he’s going to put up big numbers, that is if he can stay healthy, but the fact is Sanders has a chronic habit of dropping easy TD passes inside the end zone.

  14. Denver has had a nice free agency. However I question why they let Beadles go. He is decent in run and pass protection. Ware for Phillips is okay. I think the biggest thing to worry about is the $57 million set aside for Talib. Elway could have waited till day 2. Teams overspend the first day of free agency and Talib though a good player may cause Denver pause if he misses time.

  15. I hope he got a long contract from Denver, and he better hope he doesn’t get cut. Other teams will have a hard time trusting him or his agent ever again.

  16. Oh Talib will miss games, that’s a given. Both years with NE, Talib was knocked out in the first quarter of the biggest game. In fact, he was knocked out of quite a few of the big games. I can only hope he continues this practice in Denver.

  17. There is a reason signatures are required to complete a contract…still it is in bad taste if an agent is giving ‘his word’ on a deal only to turn around and use it to his advantage. It’s not illegal and it probably happens all the time, but don’t be shocked when it happens to you.

  18. The Broncos presumably acted in good faith

    No reason they should punish themselves for focusing on Sanders – assuming he was available – and not other players

    That’s why the Chiefs are so mad – they’d have been active on the market if they didn’t think they had a deal with Sanders

    They have every right to file a grievance – just not with the Broncos (unless it was proven they knew of the standing agreement)

  19. So a GM can get out of a contract by saying a player failed a physical despite the doctors clearing him, but Sanders’ agent plays the market and he may get sued?

  20. The agent who did this should lose his license again, this time for good. Good luck to Sanders, the Broncos and Chiefs.

  21. I see a lot of blame on the agent (which is largely just), but also nonexistent is the moral fiber of the player himself.

    “Sanders reportedly agreed to terms with the Chiefs earlier in the week before his agent took that offer to…”

    So if it’s Sanders who agreed to a deal with KC, why isn’t it Sanders the one to honor his own damn agreement?

  22. The broncos can try and buy a super. Bowl by signing ware, ward and sanders if they want to. Still won’t be good enough. Manning & fox r cursed. Lol. Go chiefs!

  23. So the donkeys could have retained a known, productive commodity for $7 mil a season but instead spend $5 mil a season for a guy with some question marks and feet full of screws? Brilliant.

  24. Weinberg can kiss future deals for his clients with the Chiefs goodbye. I’m not sure what kind of tactic could come from committing to one team and then pulling out to sign with another, especially if neither team knew about the other? Seems to me Weinberg doesn’t understand what
    leverage is, or how to use it.

  25. As a Chief fan I could care less that he goes to Denver. KC will find another reciever in the draft or FA. They should report the agent though.

  26. A few years back, Ryan Clark was in Miami to sign his contract with the Dolphins. Pittsburgh called his cell phone, and Clark came back to Pittsburgh.

    Until the contract is signed, he can go where ever he wants. If the Chiefs wanted him so bad, they should have offered a better contract. They have no right to whine and complain.

  27. For all of you talkin smack about Sanders, last year Decker dropped 10+ balls (tripped twice), Sanders only dropped 4 and is going to be our KR/PR. Julius and Demaryius Thomas, Welker, Caldwell and Sanders sounds pretty dang good in my opinion..

  28. Good riddance.

    Good riddance to him, Woodley, Wallace, Clark.
    There are a few more who should be on that train, but to a great degree, most of the Steelers’ internal attitude problems are now gone.

    I have to laugh at ‘Broncogang.’ Here is a guy who routinely fumbles the ball, sometimes without even being touched. I’d take a guy with heart and character over Sanders or any of his ‘take the money and run’ friends anytime.

  29. A verbal deal means nothing until in hits paper. Never forget what Carlos Boozer did to the Cleveland Cavs. Robbed a blind man.
    You just can’t trust those people…. ya know… sports agents.

  30. Why y’all making a big deal out of a 3rd tier unreliable butterfingers wide receiver ? My boy keenan allen gona tear up the league next year 1900 yds, 117 receptions and 22 td’s y’all heard it here first

  31. Of course they plan to proceed.

    The Broncos are cut from the same filthy cloth as his agent.

  32. While Steve Weinberg may be untrustworthy in his dealings,the Chiefs know better. If a deal was made the contract would have immediately faxed to Weinberg; it wasn’t, thus no deal!

  33. You’re all fools to say sanders won’t thrive in this offense. He adds a speed element they don’t have, and manning makes everybody a star

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