Chiefs could file a grievance against Sanders, agent


If the Chiefs are, as they seem to be, upset by the alleged failure of agent Steve Weinberg to honor an agreement in principle for receiver Emmanuel Sanders, the Chiefs can do something other than complain about it.

While the agreement isn’t binding until it’s in writing, all parties to the Collective Bargaining Agreement have an obligation to negotiate in good faith.  Article 4, Section 8(a) imposes that obligation on any team, player, or player agent engaged in contract negotiations.

The argument would be that Weinberg failed to engage in good faith negotiations by conducting talks with the Chiefs despite having no intention to finalize the discussions.  The grievance process could result in a conclusion that, if sufficient proof exists of an agreement in principle, failure to proceed to the signing of a contract without a reasonable excuse necessarily becomes evidence of bad faith.

Of course, that would be a dangerous precedent for the various NFL teams to set, since it would expose them to similar grievances in the future, if they strike an agreement in principle and fail to honor it.

Either way, the Chiefs have an alternative to venting in an off-the-record fashion.  If the Chiefs believe they were screwed by Weinberg and Sanders, they could file a grievance and force this supposedly sordid side of the business into the light of day.

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  1. Nothing was signed so nothing’s binding.Tough luck Kansas City he’s Denver’s problem now

  2. I dont we them filing the grievance for the reason you gave florio. Same reason snyder dropped his collusion case after arbitration, there are 31 other owners who will ruin you if you ruin it for them

  3. So while the chiefs are getting the paper work ready his agent agrees to terms with Denver. This agent has got in trouble before and it looks like he hasn’t really learned. No one will want to deal with him in the future.

  4. Good Faith? Hard to prove and what, if anything would you gain? Don’t see anything happening…. If I was the KC, I would advise the Agent that we know longer would deal with their agency…….. and than we would if they represented a client we wanted….

  5. Blessing for the Chiefs in disguise. Quicker than fast with sketchy hands. Chiefs just got rid of McCluster…don’t need another one

  6. The Chiefs haven’t said anything, so I understand them to have no problem whatsoever. If they have a problem then they should speak out about the problem. But if they don’t file a grievance then they better be careful what they say so the agent doesn’t file a complaint and/or lawsuit against them. Maybe KC can find a way to still lose the player while also having to write a check to make the problem go away.

  7. Weinberg’s reputation precedes him–he was suspended for, what, ten years before he got back into the game?

    Just how good is Emmanuel Sanders, anyway? If Weinberg acted like Frank Underwood on behalf of a C- player, he should go back to what he was doing after he was suspended the first time.

  8. How on earth would the Chiefs ever be able to prove that Weinberg had “no intention” to sign with them during negotiations? All he has to say is “between the time that we verbally agreed to the parameters of the deal and getting it on paper, my client changed his mind”.

    I doubt the Chiefs will waste their time with this. They’ll take their chances in the court of public opinion, hoping their fans believe they did everything they could to get this guy and lost him because the other side “cheated”.

  9. This agent may have milked another few million out of the Broncos, but he’s going to cost his other clients a few million too

    One has to think that, knowing no other GM will ever trust this agent again, his other clients will be looking for representation “elsewhere”

    Heck – Sanders himself might do well to drop him and seek to recoup his fee – this hurts his career too as he’s now no more trusted in negotiations than his agent

  10. Same thing happened to me when buying a house. We agreed on a price and all of a sudden they stopped taking our calls & the calls from the agent. Come to find out someone bought the house for nearly $8K more. It had nearly everything we wanted, but had almost no closet space & only had 1.5 bathrooms. The next house we saw was perfect in every way. 2.5 baths w/Master Suite (which means the parents don’t have to share a bathroom with the kids), every bedroom had a closet (including a huge walk-in closet in the Master Suite), big yard, built in entertainment center, 1st floor laundry, huge basement, vaulted ceilings in the foyer, too.

    We thought the first house was nice, but this one was sublime for only $7K more than the other people sold the one we wanted.

    The point is, sometimes you think you had a deal and get screwed and end up finding a better deal later on, or the deal you missed out on comes out to be a bust. Emmanuel Sanders has had problems with his feet with this screws in them and I heard that it was a reason that my team did not attempt to sign him. The future may make this a blessing in disguise for the Chiefs even if it doesn’t seem like it now.

  11. Weinberg is an attorney, I presume. every practicing lawyer I know would screw his own grandmother out of a nickel if he could, by any way possible. Weinberg gets a percentage of the contract. Nuff said.

  12. Remember folks, it isn’t the Chiefs writing these articles about the situation. I don’t believe they’ll file that grievance but it will shed some like on the agent and burning bridges with teams and players signing the the agent in the future. Other agents will use it as leverage to NOT sign with Weinberg.

    Nothing will become of it but the seed has been planted and that’s enough

  13. Apparently Sanders didn’t want to play in Kansas City, but the grievance needs to be filed and the agent needs to be banned from the NFL again. I’m kind of old school, if you tell someone your going to do something you need to stand by your word. As a Chief’s fan , it will just give me one more reason to hope that horseface and the Donkey’s fall flat.

  14. its their words vs his how can u prove that

    team says we had agreement
    agent says we were still talking terms while my client had different offers

    i dont blame him for going to denver
    kc plans on running the ball and managing the clock

  15. Chiefs and other teams should let it go. These things have a way of working themselves out later.

  16. I wonder if Steve Weinberg and Tom “Poison Pill” Condon go out for coffee a lot.

  17. He probably wanted to see the playoffs in the next three years.
    Then why did he sign with Enver?

  18. This is what happens when you deal with low class organizations…

    Coming from Pittsburgh and headed to Denver.

    Two teams who can’t remember what a Superbowl victory looks like.

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