Devin Hester “would love” to play for Dolphins


Kick returner Devin Hester remains unsigned as we near the end of the first week of free agency, but he said Saturday that it isn’t for a lack of interest.

Hester told Chris Perins of the South Florida Sun-Sentinel that 13 teams have expressed interest in the services of one of the best return men in league history. One of those teams is the Dolphins and Hester is intrigued by the possibility of returning to the town where he went to college.

“I would love to play for the Dolphins,” Hester said.

You could probably insert the names of a few other teams in place of the Dolphins as Hester said there’s no leader for his services right now. That’s an indication that no one’s made an offer in the neighborhood of what Hester wants, which is a sign of the limited value of a player who only helps you on special teams.

Hester said he’s willing to play receiver for his next team after not spending any time on offense for the Bears in 2013, a decision he says he made because things “didn’t click” on that side of the ball. It’s unclear how much of a boost that will be to his prospects for employment given his minimal success as a receiver in the past, but a willingness to do it probably can’t hurt him at this point.

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  1. Wouldn’t mind bringing this guy in with Peppers. Great returner. That way the Pack can avoid Cobb and Hyde injuries. Come on Ted! One more time!

  2. Devin, you’re a great return man, prob the best ever. But you’re not a WR or a CB, you’re a return man. You ain’t got a job right now cause you’re overvaluing yourself. Good luck in your pursuit though. You’ll be missed in Chicago.

  3. Do it! He is inexpensive and he is always a threat on returns. Plus he’s got the Miami connection.

  4. Nothing wrong with spending a week or so trying to get more money. The interest isn’t going anywhere. Everyone knows what he can do, and he still does it better than anyone else.

    If he’s overvaluing himself, he’ll figure it out soon enough.

  5. Wake up Mike Brown. I know you expect Dalton to carry the Bengals every year, and he will, but with just a little help he will win every Super Bowl. Dalton already has the strongest arm in the league and is quickly becoming the smartest. Give him some decent targets and a decent line and he wins every game.

  6. Dave Gettleman of the Panthers needs to get off his duff and sign someone who can return kicks and possibly be some kind of a pass receiver. That is certain better that the stiffs and scrubs who are now on the roster. Hester could be an answer to both problems. Get it done…Gettleman

  7. Well I figure if Tannehill gives us 40-50 yards tops. If Hester can go 40 yards Caleb Surgis (in theory) should get it between the uprights a few times agame.

    Thats (in Theory).

  8. A guy who can score td’s on returns is mreo valuable to me then depth almsot anywhere else no a football team.

    Im not sure hwy teams arent valuing return men like they should. I know they like it better when you can catch or run and do returns,though, if you are any good at any of those you generally stop doing returns in todays nfl.

  9. Actually, I hope he goes back to Chicago. Guys like Hester, and Peanut Tillman, are ones that you just can’t see associating with any other team than The Bears. It’s like seeing Tillman back with the Bears. I could never imagine seeing him in a a different uni. As much fun as 2009 was here with Brett, he will always be a Packer to me. It’s where his legacy is.

    Plus, I love seeing Hester in Chicago. He was the start of our front office noticing how bad Kluwe was, and finally realized they needed to get rid of him.

  10. He has been the best return man ever, incredible weapon but did he have any returns last year? I didn’t thinks so but could be wrong, I think he may be a little passed his prime but if you can get him in a cheap 1 year deal then it might be worth it.

  11. He wants to be paid like a WR/KR/PR. Problem is:

    1. He can’t play WR. Can’t learn a playbook. He stated that Trestman asked him to focus on special teams and not play WR. Not entirely true. They KNEW he couldn’t master Trestman’s playbook so they pushed him into a special teams role only.
    2. He had only two decent returns the entire 2013 campaign. One, he got caught from behind inside the 10. The other was a TD called back on a hold. Other than that, he didn’t do anything of any merit.

    He’s worth a risk on a 1-year, low cost deal. Beyond that, you are wasting $$.

  12. The Dolphins already have a good return guy in Thigpen, who may be faster than Hester and who has shown to make a play here and there on screens and short passing plays that are specifically designed for him on offense.

  13. I would love to have him play for the Dolphins, too, under a DIFFERENT OWNER AND HEAD COACH! SELL THE TEAM, LOSS! FIRE JOE PHILBIN!

  14. Devin if not a Bear, needs to go to a team with the real turf. It will give him back that tenth or hundredth of a second he is missing on the garbage grass that is Soldier Field. While slower than he once was I think 8 games on a field like the Falcons have, will get him the all time return record. Hate to see it in another uniform, but those are the breaks. He has plenty left he averaged his highest yardage per kickoff return last year, and average 14 yards per punt return, that’s one first down the offense doesn’t have to pick up. He may be done with the Bears, but he isn’t done overall in my opinion.

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