Dwight Freeney takes a pay cut to stay with the Chargers


Once among the best and highest-paid pass rushers in football, Dwight Freeney is now a veteran who needs to take a pay cut to keep his job.

Freeney and the Chargers have agreed to drop his 2014 pay from $3.5 million to $2.5 million, Michael Gehlken of U-T San Diego reports. Freeney agreed to reduce his base salary by $875,000 and also agreed to reduce the amount he can earn in per-game roster bonuses by $125,000.

The Chargers have now created a total of $4 million in cap space by renegotiating deals with Freeney, receiver Eddie Royal and outside linebacker Jarret Johnson. Up next may be right guard Jeromey Clary, whose $6.25 million cap hit is high.

As for Freeney, he’s hoping to bounce back at the age of 34 from a season that was cut short after four games because of a torn quadricep. Freeney looked like he was adjusting nicely from his longtime role of defensive end in t he Colts’ 4-3 defense to outside linebacker in the Chargers’ 3-4. That the Chargers aren’t releasing Freeney suggests that they think he’ll be a contributor this year. That Freeney agreed to a pay cut suggests that he knows he’s past the point when he’d be able to command a lot of money on the free market.

10 responses to “Dwight Freeney takes a pay cut to stay with the Chargers

  1. $6.5m cap hit for Clary?!?!

    He’s not even worth a dollar against the cap!

    Cut him immediately so that he can carry on his career in Oakland, where he undoubtedly would end-up. Nice guy, horrible athlete.

  2. He doesn’t have to worry about trying to win a Super Bowl in San Diego.

    They set the bar much lower there, hence the empty trophy case.

    Choo choo!

  3. I don’t understand some of these paycuts…$1 million? What does that help with? Lol.

    I can understand a guy saving a team $5 million, even $3 million to sign someone…but $1 million is not getting you much of anything, if anything at all.

  4. What are the Chargers thinking? I’d cut Clary yesterday. He’s average at best. The NFL is full of average players. And they don’t make several million dollars. Goodbye, Clary. The main problem with the Chargers offensive line is they have no athletes. Fluker is a blob. Slow as heck. Dunlap’s a statue. Hardwick is at the end of a very good career. And the rest? Rinehart was a pleasant surprise last year. The Chargers are in need of a DT, CB and a pass rusher. But for their main man’s sake, they need to take an athletic tackle or guard in the first round. Knowing this is Hardwick’s final year, I also be charting centers.

  5. Let’s see, a guy from CT, who went to college in Syracuse and worked in Indy for a decade who now finds himself in San Diego and is a health risk to recover his speed and power after a leg injury at his age…. “Yeah, $2.5M will be just fine, coach.”

    He looked very disruptive early-on last year (not measured by sacks, but by hurries/hits) before the injury. Hopefully Freeney can pick up where he left off. Should have a few years left in him. Can never have too many pass rushers, and now that he’s no longer asking $4-$5M…. a few more years in the sun.

  6. All the deragtory comments about Clary the Right Tackle are correct however they do not apply as much to Clary the Right Guard. With that said he’s still not worth what the Bolt’s are set to pay him by any stretch

  7. Oh yea almost forgot, Toronto Joe your a misguided fool and the perfect Faiders Fan. Thanks for living down to the expectation of what it means to be a fan of the not so lovable Oaktown lossers. Remind me again during what presedential administration did the Faiders last have a wining season is that the Clinton admin? Keep up the crappy work up there BTW the son and his phenomenal haircut is doing a great job. I so love the Oaktown lossers in the division

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