Ex-NFL player John Moffitt arrested on drug, battery charges

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John Moffitt, the former Broncos and Seahawks offensive lineman who drew attention for walking away from the game at age 27 last season, has been arrested in Chicago.

Moffitt is accused of punching a man in the head and possessing marijuana, cocaine and ecstasy, according to DNAInfo.com. He was charged with two felony drug possession counts, one misdemeanor battery count and one misdemeanor pot possession count.

The victim said he confronted Moffitt about selling drugs inside a Chicago nightclub and that Moffitt became “combative” and hit him, according to the report.

Less than a year ago, Moffitt pleaded guilty to misdemeanor disorderly conduct after a series of incidents in which he was twice accused of urinating in public and once accused of criminal trespass.

50 responses to “Ex-NFL player John Moffitt arrested on drug, battery charges

  1. What a waste.
    Was scheduled to make over a million last year, now sells small amounts of drugs in clubs? He deserves whats coming

  2. Moffitt reportedly quit the NFL because he ‘didn’t want to risk his health for money’ so he’s (allegedly) selling drugs instead? Great life choices John.

  3. He retired from football stating he didn’t want to risk his health for money.

    Cocaine and Ecstasy aren’t a better alternative, in my opinion.

  4. @libradad53 is correct. If you’re not from the NW, he was comedian/wanna be radio guy (probably would have succeeded). After this news though, we know he quit football because he likes drugs more and for this reason he is a dirtbag.

  5. Browns fan here that watched the real rob report. The Seahawks didn’t wAnt you and I thought it was browns gain. Was pissed when the browns voided your deal after the physical when you claimed you passed. You went to Denver and I supported you. You retired mid year because you wanted out of football. Saw your piece on espn about retiring healthy.

    Dude, you’re just a drug addict. Good luck brother. But it’s a long road with no money or fame at the end of it.

  6. The guy squandered a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be set for life, all so he could party his life into the gutter.

    Instead of 7-figure earnings a year, Moffitt quits to get high on booze and drugs. Evidently, he liked to repeatedly piss in public. And now, he’s already been arrested multiple times.

    Not good choices. This probably won’t end well.

  7. So rather than risk his health for money, he decided to risk other people’s lives for money instead.

  8. Jim Harbaugh is on line #1

    With the addition of Chris Cook, Aldon Smith could use another wingman to form a trio.

  9. Moffitt is really a good dude. It’s his life to have decided to quit football and for all of you that are quick to judge keep in mind you have skeletons in the closet yourself.

  10. Man, that’s crazy. On all the interview stuff with him he looks like kind of a crazy party animal sort that was just too free spirited to fit in with something as organized and disciplined as the NFL. But he also seemed like a cool individual that had a funny sense of humor and light hearted way about him. This is sad and surprising, I wonder if the drugs started as a result of having no football or if they were the reason he quit football. Either way this is sad and unexpected, I figured he would throw down quite a few brews but ecstasy, really? You want to save your brain so you can just chemically punch a bunch of holes in it while you take down everyone that you sell to as well, talk about just having a dream life and flushing it all down the toilet, hopefully it was a wake up call.

  11. People calling Moffitt an idiot then making a Seahawks/PED joke just shows you’re not much smarter than Moffitt. He’s an EX player, isn’t associated with the Seahawks in any way. It’s 2014 for those who didn’t know

  12. Sorry to hear this……What a shame he went down this road and didn’t stay on the right path.

    Seems like so many go this route when they seemingly have the world by the short hairs.

    I don’t consider this an arrest of an NFL player but rather just an arrest of a lost soul.

  13. thevikesarebest says: Mar 16, 2014 6:49 PM

    Oh wait he’s a former shehawk.working for that classless franchise will make you do that.

    Meanwhile, that great Minnesota franchise just re-signed their famous drug dealer, Jerome Simpson.

    Class all the way!


  14. Ex-Seahawks player involved in drugs … who would have guessed … said everyone.

  15. Obviously… he left the game due to his scrambled brain…not to prevent scrambling his brain.

  16. Do hypocritical stones weigh more than regular stones? I can’t believe how many people judge this guy just because he walked away from football.

  17. It really is a bummer. While he was a Hawk he had a small T-shirt printing gig going to raise money for the homeless in Seattle. We know the story and the motivations for the urinating antics. But to find out he’s involved in dealing, is mind-blowing. So hard to imagine that personality involved in such like.

    Hope you get a chance to turn it all around, John.

  18. He was caught with personal consumption amounts. He was having a hell of a time.

  19. Actually steeler1nation, BOOZE is the gateway drug. Not condoning it (I’m having a beer right now)…just saying

  20. I know lots of people who smoke pot (and drink) but that’s it. Don’t know anybody that uses any sort of drug that doesn’t drink

  21. billybone says:
    Mar 16, 2014 7:49 PM
    Moffitt is really a good dude. It’s his life to have decided to quit football and for all of you that are quick to judge keep in mind you have skeletons in the closet yourself.

    Well, I’ve got skeletons in my closet, and if he is messing with dope and assaulting people, he needs to get some help for himself and pay his debt to society for his reckless behavior.
    I wouldn’t refer to him as a good dude, maybe a troubled dude, who’s football career is certainly over.

  22. What a shame! He really is a decent guy when sober. Just a lousy drunk! Get some help John!

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