Giants sign Walter Thurmond, Quintin Demps

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The Giants are scheduled to meet with cornerback Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie on Sunday and they’ll be doing it with a newly signed cornerback already in their pocket.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that the Giants have agreed to terms with former Seahawks corner Walter Thurmond. It’s a one-year deal, per Schefter, and the Giants are still expected to meet with Rodgers-Cromartie.

With Thurmond joining Prince Amukamara and Trumaine McBride at cornerback, the Giants don’t need to break the bank to bring Rodgers-Cromartie into the fold. Should the price be right, though, they’d have one of the deeper cornerback groups in the league to throw out on the field against opposing offenses next season. That should come in handy whether or not the Giants are able to boost their pass rush over the rest of the offseason.

The early Sunday morning signing was part of a busy overnight for the Giants. Safety and kick returner Quintin Demps announced in the wee small hours of the morning that he signed with the Giants. Demps averaged over 30 yards per kick return in Kansas City last season and scored a touchdown, which is what the Giants will be looking for after missing out on Jacoby Jones earlier in free agency.

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  1. Starting to shape up nice for Big Blue. Need a TE and another WR. Damontre Moore and Ojomo will have to step up at DE. Looking better than expected in my opinion.

  2. With all the cap room and having worked with Gus Bradley and no state tax you would have figured Thurmond would have signed with the Jags

  3. I’m sure Seattle can find a way to make do but wow, they’re hemorrhaging guys on defense right now…

  4. Bah ! Was hoping Thurmond would join the Jags, too.

    That’s ok, Caldwell has put together a very nice haul even without Thurmond. Looking forward to the draft!!

  5. I think we’re drafting Ebron at #12. Similar situation 12 years ago with Shockey and Ebron’s not the lunatic Shockey was. He’d really change our offense instantly.

  6. lightcleric says:
    Mar 16, 2014 9:22 AM
    I’m sure Seattle can find a way to make do but wow, they’re hemorrhaging guys on defense right now…

    I’m not too concerned. Hawks have Byron Maxwell, backed by Jeremy Lane at RCB. Both of them have started games and done well. They still have lots of depth at DL also.

  7. The giants have done absolutely nothing to keep up with the NFC east.

    Keep bringing in mediocre has beens and never was’ s.
    I guess they want to build that team with their terrible draft selections

  8. I’m liking that Blue Blue is signing solid players at very reasonable and cap friendly prices. I think they draft Ebron if he is there at 12 and focus on WR, O line and D line in the later rounds.

    Go Big Blue !!!!!

  9. amazing all these players (edelman, hicks, thurmond and sanders) are visitng or know of interest by the niners and are bailing

  10. I like it. A nice combination of size and speed in Thurmond, and any threat of a solid KR is never a bad thing, especially with the Giants, who haven’t had one for quite some time.

  11. As a Seahawks fan, the only player I’m disappointed we lost was Golden Tate. This defense will be just as stout, if not more, next year. The guys they lost are not first line guys. You can argue that Red Bryant (who will be missed) was a starter, but in reality he was a 30% snaps player.

    Thurmond was great, but with the emergence of Byron Maxwell, our secondary is the best it has ever been. With the return of Bennett and young players such as Scruggs and Hill, we won’t miss a beat this year. I’d be surprise if we lost more than 4 games this year.

  12. I said it before Walter Thurmond is possibly the best nickel CB in football. Giants helped their secondary with this no doubt.

    I see that people are saying Seattle will have a Super Bowl hangover, we have Jeremy Lane sitting in waiting and who has got time over the last two years in no drop off. Maxwell already earned the starting spot opposite of Sherman even if Browner had resigned.

  13. Seattle has lost zero of their core, star players. The only guys they have lost are backups and depth guys. Golden Tate was the only real loss.

    Seattle has Jeremy Lane (did a great job when Thurmond was suspended) and Tharold Simon (who they are really high on) waiting in the wings to replace Thurmond.

  14. Tharold Simon, DeShawn Shead and Akeem Auguste were redshirted last year for the Hawks and are all ready to step in and play. The Seahawks will be fine. Walter Thurmond was once a LCB. He had been passed on the depth chart by Sherman, Browner, Maxwell and Lane.

  15. Reese continues to make smart prudent moves! Wouldn’t bet on us using #12 on a TE!LOL Thats just not Jerry’s style, it will probably be Aaron Donald to replace Joseph or maybe Lewan if he slips down to 12. GO BIG BLUE!!

  16. I really liked Thurmond and the Giants picked up a quality cb for sure. Luckily the depth the Seahawks have at the position is incredibly deep. Thurmond and Browner were good but the secondary was at its best when Maxwell and Lane were playing. And the Seahawks are really high on Simon and Shead too which is why Seattle just let Browner and Thurmond walk. Congrats to the Giants though. If Thurmond can stay healthy and off the weed he should be a great corner for you guys.

  17. What no one (many Hawks fans included) seem to understand is the philosophy that Pete employs. Its all about competition in training camp, and that new players will be guided towards being the best that they can be. All of those that have moved on, have left those behind that are every bit as good as they were. Its why “Next Man Up”, is an ongoing thing. It’ll be the same next year, and the year after that, etc. To think that John and Pete, could only identify potentially great players in two or three drafts, is terribly misguided thinking.

  18. God it’s funny to read all these posts trying to make it look like the Seahawks are weakened. Laughable. The reason they made no real effort to retain Thurmond is because they already have Jeremey Lane & Deshawn Shead waiting in the wings, and they think Shead could start for any other team in the league.

    The only way the Seahawks don’t win 2 in a row is if Wilson gets hurt, which was the mantra last year. How’d that work out for ya?

  19. The Seahawks can retool with the reshirt players they already have. Hill, Williams and Simons will prove great backups and Bowie and Bailey started 8 games last year as back ups.
    In addition, Wilson understands that he can help out the offensive line simply by making quicker decisions.
    Finally, the Seahawks should do even better(?) in 2014 because of a full season with Harvin and Pete unleashing Michael. This guy is a wiggler with tremendous upside.

  20. Makes sense. He’s a starting-quality corner with nowhere to play on the Seahawks. Lane is cheaper, more durable, and hasn’t shown himself to make dumb mistakes off the field.

    It’s a shame he had so little healthy-time when he was with the Seahawks. For a while it seemed like he was the unluckiest player in the world.

  21. It’s been said DRC is flakey, and since he turned down a 54M deal with denver, {really was 10M}
    not sure why the giants are even seeing him?
    I sure am happy about both Demps, and Thurmond, both are going to be great addtions to a now solid top notch secondary!

  22. So so funny.. Thurmond is hurt 75 percent of the time and now all of a sudden the hawks are “done” because he signed with new York?? HAHAHA Thurmond is nothing more then our 3rd string corner!!! Have fun with him.. John will do nothing but RESTOCK.. NEXT MAN UP!!! see you all next year! DYNASTY!!!

    GO HAWKS!!!

  23. I love how everybody thinks the Hawks are hemorrhaging. All of this was reassonably expected. Only Tate could be debated. My belief is that Tate had limited value in the eyes of JS/PC and even Tate isn’t perceived as a loss. JS loves this challenge. I expect every departure now will be a signficant upgrade next year. This is all squarely part of JS master plan.

  24. Only problem I see with the Seahawks is their offense isn’t really explosive, and you need to score more then 20pts during most games. Otherwise I’m sure they’ll be there in the playoff hunt.

  25. Cold Hard Football Facts describes Seattle’s defense as follows: “arguably the best secondary of all-time on one of the best defenses of all time.”

    If you think Walter Thurmond is the reason Seattle has the most dominant D in the League, you’re a fool. And saying that ‘Hawks are destined to fail because he and Browner left is just misguided, misinformed wishful thinking.

    GO ‘HAWKS!

  26. Are their still people questioning the Seahawks offense ? Dude as far as week 14 they were the second highest scoring team and even though they struggled tr last few games they still finished tied for 7th or 8 tch &’ scoring at 26 PTs per game . Also Seattle player essentially the entire season without their #1 and #2 wide recievers in Rice and Harvin .

    Seattles offense is good , really good and very efficient , they don’t throw the ball all around the yard wrecklessly but when they do they are extremely efficient and score a good amount if points .

    If your going to pick apart and analyze a team atleast know what your saying because you literally sound stupid not using google first .

    The first full game with Percy harvin and the team could have scored atleast 3 more times offensively if not for playing conservative midway through the third qtr .

    Chances are the Seahawks had a better offense then the one your team has just don’t do it the new age way they use ball control , run the ball , and were the most explosive team with passing plays beyond 20 except maybe the one other team .

    Seahawks are as close to a juggarnaut as any team has ever been and they won’t last year despite losing many starters for a good portion of the season . If they can stay healthy bc they haven’t been they are winning 13+ games atleast . Injuries will happen but your lack if accounting of them is ugly hatred .

  27. Talk about deep?

    Stephon Gilmore, Leodis Mckelvin, Corey Graham (two top-10 1st round picks and a Super Bowl champ)…as well as Ron Brooks and Nickell Robey…that’s depth.

    I don’t think Byrd is as big as a loss as everyone else thinks it is. They’re fine.

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