Jets, Giants in tug-of-war for Rodgers-Cromartie


Free-agent cornerback Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie lost a high-stakes games of musical chairs involving three cornerbacks (DRC, Darrelle Revis, Aqib Talib) and two teams (Broncos and Patriots).  Rodgers-Cromartie has nevertheless found himself in the driver’s seat for a lower-stakes bidding war.

Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News explains that Rodgers-Cromartie has ping-ponged between the Jets and Giants in recent days.  On Saturday, he visited the Jets.  On Sunday, it was the Giants.  On Monday, it will be the Giants again.

Mehta explains that, before the weekend, he was told coach Rex Ryan wants to sign Rodgers-Cromartie “badly.”  (Then again, Ryan “badly” wanted to bring Darrelle Revis back to the Jets.)

A first-round pick of the Cardinals in 2008, Rodgers-Cromartie landed in Philly as part of the 2011 Kevin Kolb trade.  After Rodgers-Cromartie’s rookie deal expired, he signed a one-year contract with the Broncos.

The Broncos wanted to re-sign him, but his financial expectations prompted the Broncos to turn their attention to Revis, before signing Talib.

70 responses to “Jets, Giants in tug-of-war for Rodgers-Cromartie

  1. Sign with a team with a 2x SB MVP QB and a future HOF head coach…?


    Sign with a team with Geno Smith at QB…

    Decisions, decisions.

  2. Walk down Broadway with a Jets jersey on one day and the Giants the next.

    When you get tired of drunken buffoons trying to high five you, you then know it’s time to keep the Blue jersey on…

  3. If the Giants sign him, then their draft is starting to point to Ebron in the first round or a LT or WR in the 1st Round. And Get Manningham back please.

  4. I wish I had Rogers-Cromartie’s agent, he’s got both Jets & Giants fanbases salivating over signing a guy who’s NOT THAT GOOD!


  5. kd75: the giants are going nowhere, they had their lucky little run where every single thing went their way, but it’s over…

    dfco: finally some sense.

  6. Wow. I really thought he would have been in higher demand than this. If I were him I would def drop my asking price in the hopes of landing on a team that at least has a shot at getting passed the wild card round.

    Anybody else notice logicalvoice is now a jets fan going by the handle realnflmaster? I guess enough people complained and the banned that handle. You just can’t keep a good troll down

  7. kd75 says:
    Mar 16, 2014 9:57 PM
    Sign with a team with a 2x SB MVP QB and a future HOF head coach…?


    Sign with a team with Geno Smith at QB…

    Decisions, decisions.


    As bad a Geno is (and he is God awful), Eli
    led the league in INTs last year.

  8. It’s hilarious when jets fans calls the Giants Sbs lucky like most SB winners clowns are lucky to even make to the playoffs some years let alone 8-8.his choices are easy.dominant ny franchise with 4 rings,or franchise who hasn’t won the SB since the Vietnam war.i think it’s a easy choice.#GoGiants.

  9. Oh Oh Jets. Well this doesn’t look good. On June 10, 2013, the New York Jets announced the hiring of Rod Graves as Senior Director of Football Administration. Just think. Kolb-Cromartie??

  10. ^^^ And is a 2-time SB MVP. Favre led the league in INT’s… he had a pretty good career.

  11. Drc is a joke corner. He had a single good season the year Arizona went to sb because of the talent around him. He sucked in Philly , did not look great in Denver, and I just have a hunch he will injured all year with whoever he signs.

  12. There is a reason he is meeting w the Giants again tomorrow. Other than Revis, he’s the best corner in this free agent class. Profootballfocus gave him a grade of +13 last year, behind only Revised, V. Davis and Grimes. Add him to Prince and Thurmond and we suddenly have a top notch secondary. Sign him then draft Ebron. Make it happen Giants!

  13. Play with Beason, rolle, Brown, pierre paul, mclean, prince, and you will win a ring.Get that ring son . championship determine your got the money now go get big blue another ring.

  14. Watch the final drive in AZ Super Bowl and see how DRC cost them the game… Great athlete terrible cover guy.. Ge film don’t lie… Yes we got taken to the cleaners by Reid for Kolb.. It was Geaves and Whisenhunt that made that call.. It was the 2nd round puck and contract that burned by butt


  16. Morton’s shouldn’t be allowed to post any more. Yes Eli had a bad year, but you anti Eli posters are just stupid. Hard to be accurate when you have no offensive line and your burned out OC makes zero adjustments. As for Geno Smith, he was top five in ints, so jet fans, shut up. Your loud mouthed coach threw a damn good qb under the bus. Sanchez should get every chance to start.

  17. I’m Hoping he signs with the jets so i don’t have to buy a new jersey i can just add duct tape with rodgers in front of cromartie on the back of my jersey

  18. The only circus is the Giants, How’s your offensive and defensive lines looking? Who’s going to catch footballs? How many interceptions will be thrown this year?


  19. Real NFL master is right. Giants are dreadful on both lines. They got one hit wonder JPP….And on O they signed Schwartz…big deal what about the other 4 spots (& Schwartz isn’t special by any means, he’ll get the job done at a decent level) & don’t give me Pugh, the guy CONSTANTLY needed help. Great story on bleacher report & si about that. He is a C at best. Lastly, look at Cruz’s numbers w/Nicks off the field…he’s awful w/out a #1 threat on the field…that’s just a fact, look it up. Oh BTW, everyone wants the NYG 2 sign a TE, well maybe if Myers wasn’t helping Pugh all the time he would have had an 80 catch yr like he did in OAK. But yeah, their an elite franchise…keep living in the past giants fans…it’s over for you guys….at least until the NFL steps in & gives you a new GM like they did w/George Young….

  20. If you want to talk about lucky franchises…. Let’s talk about the Jets making the playoffs because you had to face CURTIS PAINTER instead of Peyton Manning. Let’s talk about how the Giants pounded you on their way to their 4th title.. Let’s put on the Giants DVDs of their championship years, and you can try to point out to me where luck came into some of the best decision making a QB has ever made in the postseason (twice).

    Someone get these babies a tissue.

  21. Giants don’t do things half hearted like the jets, when we do it big it’s for real son.Our GM going after another ring believe that, we have signed a total of 12 people this off season some free agents some to a new contracts .you want a real chance at a ring put the blue jersey on kid.

  22. RealNFLmaster…… Eli is going to throw the ball to Victor Cruz. You remember him right? He burned your number 1 defense for 99 yards and closed the door on your 2011 season. Your team has never been the same since that day. Should I bring up The play where Ahmad Bradshaw single handedly embarrassed your team again later that game by steam rolling Poole on his way to our double digit victory? Eli audibled on that play, but that was lucky. Right?

    I can keep going all day if you want……..

  23. When any NFL fan spurns any championship team as lucky, you are showing that your credibility is zero. Aaron Rodgers snuck in as a 6th seed and won it. Big Ben threw a crazy pass in the end zone with Santonio barely getting his toe down, to win it.. Manningham and Tyree had crazy acrobatic catches with a championship on the line….. That’s lucky, and its also remarkable.

    Make sure you buy a ticket to Canton for Eli and Toms induction. You can share your theories there with people who know football, and they can laugh at you…

  24. Serious question: Is his heart even in the game anymore? If he’s not 100 percent, why take the risk to sign him?

  25. I remember how giants fans bashed him when he was in philly (he deserved it) but now you guys want him in your secondary. Don’t let last season with denver fool you…

  26. Hope the Giants sign him, he wants too much cash and that will use up all their cap space. Idzik playing things VERY smart which is such a pleasant surprise to all us Jet fans there are plenty of available CB’s and Jets have lots of needs.

  27. Giants fans are the lucky ones. We get to root for a winner rich in history. We are fortunate and grateful. Go Blue.

  28. Yes. 8-8 can win you the NFC East. 9-7 can win you the Super Bowl too. All you need is a ticket to the dance, right? The Giants teams that won Super Bowls 42 & 46 were statistically the 2 worst teams to ever win a title. I don’t know a single fellow Giants fan who doesn’t lay awake at night crying with laughter at Philly fans whilst thinking about that little chestnut 🙂

  29. This Eagle fan says please pick the Giants. I’ve seen your act and would love to see my team play against you twice a year. but if the tug of war continues be careful for breakage this guy is soft and fragile.

  30. The Jets are a Joke…there is no Geno Smith, Mark Sanchez, or Michael Vick thats gonna bring them a winning team. As long as boss hogg is coach, they arent going anywhere. The Giants had a tough year with performance, personnel, and (cough) Gilbride last year. They still have the tools to win under TC. Two superbowls and 5 playoffs in 7 year span?…no brainer….sign w/ big blue DRC.

  31. There was some local rumblings the Vikings made some inquiries, but I’d rather stay away with reports his heart isn’t in the game and his price. Let him sign with one of the New York teams so they get someone who will mail it in to collect a check.

  32. kd75 says: Mar 16, 2014 9:57 PM

    Sign with a team with a 2x SB MVP QB and a future HOF head coach…?


    Sign with a team with Geno Smith at QB…

    Decisions, decisions.


    Yeah Eli’s SB MVP awards really helped him when he threw a league high number of INT’s.

    Atleast if you were DRC you know the defense would be on the field all the time with the NYG because their offense is a turn over machine.

    Also DeSean has already clowned DRC so I’ll take him on the Giants.

  33. If the Jets wanted to sign him at any price they’d pay him what he wants and it wouldn’t be a question. The reason there’s a ‘battle’ is because Idzik won’t be moved on his valuation of players and as a Jets fan I think that’s sound planning and a solid strategy. 2014 isn’t the only season there’s ever going to be.


  35. The NFL should stop this bidding war, and set the limt on how much player can get. The limit should be $15 million. This gives other teams a chance. Rodgers-Cromartie isn’t going to do anything for the Giants. Just like Revis didn’t do anything at TB. With these NFL players,it all about the money. Like the OT the Jets lost to Oakland.The Jets are a whole lot better team than Oakland.

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