LaMarr Woodley hoped to go home, Detroit didn’t take his calls


Before signing a two-year, $12 million contract with the Raiders, LaMarr Woodley reached out to the Lions. They weren’t interested.

Woodley, who grew up in Michigan and played his college football at Michigan, told Terry Foster of CBS Detroit that he wanted to play at home so badly that he wanted to take less money to do it, but the Lions never returned his calls.

It’s not surprising that Woodley was open to taking less money to go home. He has shown in the past that his ties to his home town mean more to him than money; we noted a couple of years ago that Woodley had donated $60,000 to make up the difference when budget cuts hit the athletic department of his old high school.

But it’s also not a big surprise that the Lions weren’t interested. Woodley has slowed down and battled injuries in the last few years, and he’s not a great fit for the Lions’ defense. In the community, Woodley as a Lion would have been great. On the football field, Woodley as a Raider makes more sense.

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  1. The Lions just don’t seem to like Wolverines very much for some reason. They probably also didn’t even bother to write Tom Brady’s name on their draft board thinking it was a waste of ink.

  2. The idea of having woodley in detroit is intriguing, but id like so see them build thise lb core through the draft. we have 2 good linebackers and palmer is servicable right now. We signed Larry foote a few years back and it didnt work out very well in our scheme. Gotta be careful with these aging linebackers from pittsburgh and the scheme they played their whole careers.

  3. I would think this guy should talk more about the team that DOES want him and not the teams that don’t.

  4. It’s okay that Detroit did not feel he was a fit for their defense, but, it would seem to me that they should have at least returned his calls and told him, “Thanks for your interest in playing for the Lions, but we don’t think you’re a fit for our team at this time.”

    They should have been more professional about it.

  5. In his prime, LaMarr was a great asset to the Steelers, and I’m sorry he didn’t get his pick of alternate destinations. But the Lions have done very little with a boatload of talent over the last few years. Woodley is better off in Oakland.

  6. It just takes the Lions coach 10x longer to respond than regular coaches.

    Trust me Lamarr, with that head coach they’re not going anywhere.

  7. detroit not interested in stopping any1 on def
    they are we get behind and throw the ball 60 times team what a joke of a team u cant outscore people all the time without actually stopping sumone

    that team has no1 on def for leadership woodley would fit in nice how hard to offer 2 yr 8 mill deal
    good luck detroit

  8. The more disturbing part of the Lions’ off season is that they apparently didn’t take calls from any decent prospective FA’s who play defense. Our team only cares about scoring.

  9. Put that chip on your shoulder and wear it proudly. You’re not a Raider if you don’t play with a chip on your shoulder, and with a underdog mentality. It’s part of the Raider aura. Underdogz that love brawling with, and beating down favorites.

  10. He doesn’t fit as a LB, but I think it would have been worth the experiment for the Lions to try him at DE.

  11. Possibly because Lamar disrespected the Ravens. Offense and QB the year before their Super Bowl win, when he said “Flacco/The Ravens offense will never when a Super Bowl, because they wouldn’t be able to get past Woodley and the Steelers. Well, Jim Caldwell didn’t appreciate that comment at the time and now that he’s the lions HC I’m sure it played into his decision.

  12. And ya ended up on the other side of the coast with the Raiders? Sounds like more than 1 team didn’t return your calls.

  13. Woodley was an absolute beast his first few seasons, then suddenly dropped off the cliff and did NOTHING the last three years. Kind of a shame. You know you’ve scraped bottom when Detroit won’t answer your calls.

  14. He might still get a chance…Corey Graham can tell him that. Buffalo never gave Graham a look until this year.

    I highly recommend going to the Bills website and watching the video of him meeting Steve Tasker (his idol growing up), and seeing the locker room for the first time with his nameplate on his locker. The kid was glowing like nothing I’ve ever seen.

    It’s worth the few minutes to watch it…not just for Bills fans, but all football fans.

    His family has had season tickets all his life…can you imagine the first time he walks out the tunnel into the Ralph and hears his name over the PA system? That will be the experience of a lifetime…that’s what we ALL dream of as kids. Very cool.

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