Matt Schaub is Raiders’ top quarterback target, Mark Sanchez next

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Matt Schaub and Mark Sanchez are the two top targets for the Raiders in their quest to add a veteran quarterback.

That’s the word from Paul Gutierrez of, who reports that Schaub tops the Raiders’ list and Sanchez is next.

Unfortunately for the Raiders, Schaub is still under contract to the Texans and Sanchez is still under contract to the Jets. It’s been widely expected that both quarterbacks would be cut early in the offseason, but both teams might decide that they’d rather hold onto their veteran quarterbacks and see if they have any trade value. If the Raiders want Schaub or Sanchez, they might have to give a draft pick to the Texans or Jets.

The Raiders are also reportedly interested in free agents Josh Freeman and Michael Vick, but only if they can’t acquire Schaub or Sanchez.

Terrelle Pryor and Matt McGloin split the quarterback duties in Oakland last season, and Trent Edwards is also on the roster. Adding Schaub or Sanchez to that group would look less like a commitment to excellence than a commitment to mediocrity.

90 responses to “Matt Schaub is Raiders’ top quarterback target, Mark Sanchez next

  1. If they’re released, I could probably tolerate having one of these guys while we develop a young quarterback. However, giving up any sort of draft pick would just be plain stupid.

  2. I was starting to think the Raiders were getting serious about football until reading they are interested in Sanchez.

  3. I’d rather have Sanchez. He has a lot of football left in him. He just needs to be coached up. Some solid coaching & a change of scenery would do him good. Get his mojo back. He’s got a better arm than any of the QBs comin out.

  4. What was the point of getting Pryor? The raiders haven’t given any support to their qbs, lost their two best players in freeagency and are picking up the league’s throw aways.
    This franchise is doomed to go 4-12 again

  5. They either need to take a chance on drafting a high, definitive franchise QB or trade for an unquestioned starter. This flopping around with Flynn, Pryor, Schaub, Sanchez, McGloin, Palmer… this can only last so long before you have to fire your GM/coach, start over, and go for the franchise guy again anyway.

  6. Andy Dalton is the best QB in the league. If Mike Brown would surround him with some competent teammates we would already have three rings with him.

  7. Schaub was a decent QB for most of his career. Sanchez hasn’t been as good but there isn’t much out there right now. They should have signed Josh McCown.

  8. How does to feel to be the QB that people want “but only if we can’t get Mark Sanchez. You’re our fallback plan if we can’t get Sanchez”. — I’d cry.

  9. I don’t care where Sanchez goes, as long as it’s out of NY. I look twice a day on PTF hoping to his name being cut by the Jets, but no luck yet.

  10. Never been a Schaub fan but I guess he would be my first choice of what’s available. I’d rather have Jeff George over Sanchez, Vick, or Freeman.

  11. Aren’t the Jets on the hook with Mark Sanchez to the tune of a gazillion dollars? Would a trading partner have to assume that deal/debt?

    Why take on another team’s contract baggage? Let all those QBs be cut and start a deal from scratch.

  12. Raiders gave cinci 2 1st round picks for Carson Palmer. Lol Before last year, Schaub was an above average qb. Being a Texans fan, we’ll take a bag of footballs to get out of schaubys contract.

  13. What a miserable group of wash ups.

    Truth be told, Trent Edwards is probably the best name listed in this article, but the Raiders are too stupid to realize it.

    Go Chargers!

  14. Why sign all these QBs rejects? Some of these dudes have failed multiple teams/attempts. Leave them in the garbage, and move on cause the best you can hope for is 8-8.

  15. I will not spend a dime on this team this year. I guess my 16 year streak of Sunday ticket has ended. Reggie has done the total opposite of what all Raider Fans expected.

  16. Schuab & Vick should be the only options. With Pryor at backup. We just don’t have the time for anything else. If we don’t go at least go 8-8 we will get fired?

  17. Why are they looking for a Qb ? They got Pryor they just need to surround him with talent Maybe draft Sammy Watkins at #4 and Seferian Jenkins or Carlos Hyde with their 2nd round pick

  18. Schuab?? Sanchez?? Put them on the list.

    Aaron Brooks, Andrew Walter, Kerry Collins, Rick Mirer, RIch Gannon, Todd Marinovich, Steve Beuerlein, Billy Joe Hobert; Bobby Hoying; Wade Wilson, Marc Wilson, Vince Evans, David Klinger, Rusty Hilger, Donald Hollis, Tui, Jeff George, Jim Plunkett, Dan Pastorini, Rusty Hilger, Jay Schroeder, Donald Hollis, Jbust, Duante Culpepper, Josh McCown, Hoss, Grosskowsi, Charlie Fried, Campbell, Boller, Palmer, Flynn, McGroin, Pryor……………….sigh.

  19. The other 31 teams would sign them as backups or practice squad fodder.The raiders want them as starters.That should tell you something

  20. I’m really surprised by some of these comments. I think obviously Vick is better than both schaub, and Sanchez but only because of his ability to run. Say we get Vick, boom hurt week 6, and its back to Pryor or worse mcgloin? We need a vet qb while we develope one from the draft. Mark Sanchez has been to two AFC championship games and came close to a superbowl. Schaub will perform at a high level he just tstarted bad last season and it just had snowball affect throughout the season. Me personally, would take either of the 3 of schaub Vick or Sanchez. I also like Pryor, I just feel for all 4 of those guys we need pieces around em. We havnt made to much noise on O yet in a while.

  21. C’mon Raiders, surely you can do better than these retreads. Draft a good young QB and let him learn on the job if you must, but bringing in one of the QBs that are proven failures is counterproductive.

  22. What a friggin disaster this team has turned into. Years of ridiculous moves and now this year. They had a big chance to make solid moves and they are screwing it up royally. Signing the mediocrity they had and letting the best player leave, bringing in more players on the decline and now this. We have here a collection of 4 QB’s that are all FAIL. Sanchez can’t throw worth a damn. Vick is done, he can’t even scramble anymore. Schaub is a turnover machine. Freeman was so bad he made only 1 start in Minnesota. Reggie why don’t you step down and give someone else an opportunity.

  23. Why is Matt Schaub available? He is available because he melted down last year as the franchise QB on a team that was expected to be a top Super Bowl contender. What is he supposed to do for a rebuilding team that has won eight games over the last two seasons? Won-Lost Records in 2013: Terrelle Pryor: 3-6, .333 pct, Matt Schaub: 2-6, .250 pct.; Michael Vick: 2-4, .333 pct., Matt McGloin: 1-5, .167, Josh Freeman: 0-4, .000 pct., Mark Sanchez: 0-0, lost job to rookie Geno Smith in 2013. Sanchez in last nine games of 2012: 3-6, .333 pct.

  24. I’d settle down on criticizing this team for going after Schuab. If this was 1 year ago it would have looked really nice after winning a playoff game two years in a row after two good seasons. Texans whole team was outa sync last season. He deserves another chance and Oakland really isnt a bad spot for him

  25. “washed up” high draft pick/mexican quarterback comes to the Raiders and leads them to the 2 super bowls. Sounds familiar? #thenextPlunkett

  26. Why Raiders, why?

    The title of the article is most Oakland Raiders-esque phrase that could be written this offseason.

    Browns and Jags fans, be thankful that the Raiders exist.

  27. The current Raiders are very similar to my Browns, except we haven’t even “sniffed” at a SB yet.

    I see 1) Texans take either QB or DE Clowney; 2) Rams take either OT, WR, or S, (if they don’t trade down); 3) Jaguars take QB or LB; and Browns take QB/WR/LB. This still leaves a QB, WR, LB, or DE Clowney!

    I would love to see the Raiders pick up a FA QB (Vick?) just to buy some time, draft DE Clowney or LB Mack, and draft a QB & WR later on. Both Clowney & Mack have “Raiders” written all over them.

    I really hope that neither the Browns nor the Raiders get into a bidding war over someone like Cousins/Schaub/Sanchez, or pull a “Redskins” just to leap-frog each other. This is a very deep draft.

  28. The Raiders do realize that this isn’t golf. That the lower the number of a QB rating doesn’t mean better?
    Ryan Fitzpatrick would better, Colt McCoy would be better. And yeah, I’d give Josh Freeman a shot too.
    In any case, it looks like the Raiders offense will be working on their tackling with all the picks they are likely to see this year.

  29. Just when i thought the stupidity couldn’t be topped with someone actually wanting sanchez i scroll down to this:

    The Red Rifle says: Mar 16, 2014 9:20 AM
    Andy Dalton is the best QB in the league

  30. lets get real…raiders took two steps back to take three steps forward….this year is the first step forward…..Schaub…would be worth adding, and draft a LT with the #5 pick.

  31. ” Schuab?? Sanchez?? Put them on the list.

    Aaron Brooks, Andrew Walter, Kerry Collins, Rick Mirer, RIch Gannon, Todd Marinovich, Steve Beuerlein, Billy Joe Hobert; Bobby Hoying; Wade Wilson, Marc Wilson, Vince Evans, David Klinger, Rusty Hilger, Donald Hollis, Tui, Jeff George, Jim Plunkett, Dan Pastorini, Rusty Hilger, Jay Schroeder, Donald Hollis, Jbust, Duante Culpepper, Josh McCown, Hoss, Grosskowsi, Charlie Fried, Campbell, Boller, Palmer, Flynn, McGroin, Pryor……………….sigh. ”

    and the funny thing, almost all of those QBs were during Tim Browns career and he still put up hall of fame numbers only to get snubed again.

    what other WR could do anything with that list of scrubs ( other than gannon ).

  32. Call it what you will but that mediocrity has landed three more Lombardi Trophy’s than a LOT of other teams. Go ahead and say it … Keep living in the past but there are only a few organizations that can say they are better than the Raiders.

    We’ll keep rebuilding and you keep spewing the hate as you at your meaningless fan wall banners.

  33. That is all bad. Both of those QB failed in situations where they had better O Lines and weapons than ours, but somehow our coaches think they’ll have success here?? That’s some weird logic right there.

  34. Forget a QB. Let McGloin develop. Since he started he led NFL in passes of 20 yards or more. It was his 1st year give him a chance. Im tired of the Raiders not developing a QB and signing some loser.

  35. Wow … More proof that Reggie has no clue what he is doing.
    Seriously he traded away Palmer the best QB the Raiders had since Gannon for nothing … trades for a QB who was cut after a few games … drafts a QB only to cut him and now wants a to sign a backup QB that nobody’s.
    Epic failure!

  36. Man, for years and years and years and years I wondered what it would be like to have a real QB, so I feel your pain.

    Lucky for me, then came Breesus.

    Won’t be long before we enter another drought.

    Who Dat while we can!

  37. Please let this be not true. sadly, I can see this is something the Raiders would do though.

  38. They have a Matt and a Mark. They should probably add a Luke and a John, ‘cuz let’s face it, it’ll probably take an act of God to make the Raiders a contender. They stink on ice.

  39. “Adding Schaub or Sanchez to that group would look less like a commitment to excellence than a commitment to mediocrity.”

    MDS, just noting that Schaub has earned his way to multiple Pro Bowls, is 32 and his last season of throwing for > 4,000 yards was as recent as 2012.

    Schaub struggled last year, but let’s consider that Owen Daniels was lost for nearly all of the year, De’Andre Hopkins was a rookie, Andre Johnson played hurt plus has bad knees, Arian Foster was also hurt and Ben Tate also was banged up.

    Point being: Schaub could be a bargain for a vet QB – and might be a shade better than mediocre.

    As for Sanchez, he seems not good enough to even qualify as mediocre.

  40. Why are people saying jason Campbell sucked for the raiders? Last I knew he had a winning record for us!!!!!! Started 4-2 for us in 2011 before he got hurt if he never got hurt we would of went to the playoffs. And in 2010 when he was benched and didn’t start ( 3 games) we lost every game and finished 8-8 2011 finished 8-8 Palmer went 4-6 and ever since then we sucked at qb Campbell was out best qb since rich Gannon

  41. @drunkraider maybe I missed it but I didn’t see the immortal Jamarcus Russell on the list. With that said, I’m willing to give Sanchez or shaub a look as long as they r cheap. Raiders need to keep draft picks and build the team. Raider nation!!! Just win baby!!!!

  42. The Raiders have gone from “JUST WIN BABY!” to “JUST MATT BABY!” Look at all the mediocre or worse QBs they’ve brought in after drafting Terrelle Pryor. Matt Leinart, Matt Flynn, Matt McGloin. Now they’re targeting Matt Shaub. How many games have they won with all these Matts? One. A road win agaisnt a team that finished 2-14 and the opposing QB was Matt Schaub.

  43. I think Matt Schaub in a different situation can still be a good QB. He lost his confidence after the Sherman pick 6 and never got it back last season.

    The guy has passed for 4k+ 4 times, has led the league in passing, and before things fell apart for him and the Texans at the Pats game in 2012 he was being talked about like an elite QB.

    Unlike Sanchez who was tasked with not being the reason the Jets lose, Schaub was the guy the Texans put everything on… especially in 2009 and 2010.

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