Report: Jared Allen met with Seahawks on Sunday


The Seahawks, who know how to secure quality pass rush help in free agency, have reportedly hosted one of the top edge rushers left on the open market.

According to Ian Rapoport of NFL Media, Vikings defensive end Jared Allen met with Seattle on Sunday. Also, Rapoport reports that Allen is expected to meet with “at least” one other club this week.

The 31-year-old Allen has recorded at least 11 sacks in 8-of-10 NFL seasons. He is PFT’s 18th-ranked free agent.

The Seahawks have no shortage of pass-rushing talent, with Cliff Avril, Michael Bennett and Bruce Irvin the primary pressure threats. Avril and Bennett were signed in free agency last offseason, and both came up big down the stretch as the Seahawks rolled to their first Super Bowl title in franchise history. Allen would add to the Seahawks’ defensive line riches, and he would help replace the production lost by the release of Chris Clemons, who has moved on to Jacksonville.

From a fit standpoint, Seattle would seem to make sense for Allen. However, it remains to be seen whether he can garner the sort of deal he wants in free agency. Rapoport indicated Sunday night that Allen could eventually elect to retire.

46 responses to “Report: Jared Allen met with Seahawks on Sunday

  1. This is how you can tell his career is almost over.he leaves a top respected franchise like the vikings and wants to join this classless Ped using joke called the can get much lower than this peasant franchise.have fun clown

  2. It does seem like a good fit… If Allen feels he can play, he is not going to retire, so he’s going for money. Century Link is a good place to show you can still play. Not liking it if they sign him over 2 years and near the price tag he wants, but whatever, Schneider will make some move from deep left field.

  3. According to his own words, he’s not returning to Minnesota because he wants to win a Super Bowl championship.

    Jared Allen is smarter than I ever imagined.

  4. Jared Allen was most likely forced to take PEDs for an agreement in the contract and he didn’t want to go out cheating.

    He has too much class.

    The Bronco’s were the real Super Bowl winners.

  5. His retirement talk was smoke and mirrors in effort to drive up his price. JS and Coach Carroll are geniuses and expert talent evaluators.

    The Vikings don’d deserve someone with that much talent. Let us have him so we can continue our #DYNASTY.

    “Go Hawks.”

  6. Honestly, I think Allen has way more left in the tank than either Ware or Peppers. Look at the way he closed out the season after a slow start. Allen is the kind of tough DL who will be productive for a good chunk of his 30s.

  7. Could someone with an unbiased opinion please help me here? Did Jared Allen’s game fall of that much last season, or did he just give up on a terrible Vikings team?

    He’s not that old and hasnt had major injury issues. I would see him as less of a risk then Ware (Injury prone). He was known as a beast just a season ago.

  8. Looks like Allen got called up from AAA.
    Three years from now free agent WR Cordell Patterson will sign with four time Superbowl Champions and the greatest team of all time aka The Seattle Seahawks. Hawkstradamus has fortold it.

  9. He’s already left. Didn’t sign. Wants top dollar deal. I’m glad we said no. Paid Bennett. Now extend Thomas or Sherman

  10. He’s getting up there and if he’s going to have a chance to get a ring, he knows it won’t come where he’s been. Better to jump to a “classless”*
    winning franchise like Seattle.

    *According to the poet.

  11. Looks like he can’t get away from that football garbage dump that is the Minnesota Vikings fast enough!

  12. Only idiotic trashy Vikings fans would talk trash at this point. 5-11 doesn’t win championships. You wouldn’t know the difference because you don’t have any.

    Seriously giving Minnesotans a bad name with your grammar

  13. thepftpoet says:
    Mar 16, 2014 9:30 PM

    The Bronco’s were the real Super Bowl winners.
    What did the Broncos possess that won the Super Bowl?

  14. @thetruuf

    As a Seahawk fan i don’t know if i can be unbiased but i can try. I believe the hesitation to sign him by most teams for the $’s he wants is simply his age pared with the fact that he is, at this point in his career, a one tool player. Albeit that one tool is valuable as hell IMO considering he had 11 sacks on an average defense (& I’m not trying to bag on the Vikings I’m just stating a fact). I will admit out here in the northwest we don’t get a lot of Viking coverage so my knowledge of that team is limited to espn & NFL network but i believe he wants too much money for what will ultimately be a pass rush specialist & little else.

  15. Look up ‘failure’ in the dictionary…Has that logo of Heidi wearing a horned helmet next to it.

  16. The fact that some of the recent visits by free agents to Seattle happen with no immediate contracts signed is an indication on the strength of the Seahawks overall team. They don’t have to sign players to remain in contention for another playoff/super bowl appearance. They will take those quality players who are of good value…..

    Can’t wait to see what happens in the next week or so…..then on to the draft….

    Go Hawks!

  17. hey cheathawks a blind squirrel finds a acorn once in awhile . enjoy it while its last it will be your last S B . allen wouldn’t take peds he has too much smarts and know you wont go back to back .

  18. Hi haters.. squirrels look for nuts idiot. Vikings’ players are tired of losing, so they would rather get paid or sacrifice to Win! Kiss the ring sore losers

  19. “Life is good when your QB is making minimum wage.”

    Every QB starved team had the opportunity to draft this minimum wager earner, but passed, with even one taking a ‘game changing’ punter.

    Hindsight is, well, that’s a losers argument. Give Carroll & Schneider credit for going after him and other unwanted talent. They turned a 5 win team, who’s starting QB was Tavaris Jackson into SB champs in four years – in the toughest division in the NFL, not too bad.

    You don’t have to like them or their fans, but I must say their home field advantage is real. I was lucky enough to attend the Saints Monday game, and the stadium noise was deafening. I had a headache for the next two days.

    They earned the SB win, no gimmes.

  20. Seahawks love vikings players that the truth and as for theVikings are a football dump I disagree we have a new stadium on our way the Browns and jaguar deserve the football embarrasement tag.. were not good at the moment but will be this upcoming season and as for Jarred Allen I don’t care who he sign with as long it with the packer bear or Sea hawks well be fine

  21. Congrats on your first SB win Seattle…just keep in mind that the Saints did that as well; thought they’d dominate football too. Five years later,the reality of the cap has caught up to them. Free agency does that and makes repeats all the more difficult. Enjoy it,this may be your last one ever or it may be your last one for 10 more years. Just have a touch of humility lol.


  22. No rings no trophies but still get plenty of envy and admiration of our players remember one is close to None seahawks fan you guys might end up like the 85 bears and we will win one before Jared Allen does

  23. If one of his other options is to retire, he wants to go only with a winner.

    I think the Vikes’ fans are funny, although 50+ years w/o a ring must be a bit frustrating.

  24. You people are a hoot. You have lost your mind if you don’t think Allen isn’t worth that kind of money. He got 11 plus sacks on a team this year that stunted like maybe four times. He was constantly forced to the outside or used ineffectively by an ineffective and ignorant coaching staff. The Tampa Two lacked any imagination this year. Beyond that, the rest of the D-line sucks. For those that think he’s one dimentional, you too have lost your mind. He drops into coverage, he forces and recovers fumbles and he brings leadership and competitiveness to any team. He has also cleaned up his personal issues and is one of the most active players with Veteran’s charities out there. He is worth every penny.

  25. vinhdro says:

    Hi haters.. squirrels look for nuts idiot. Vikings’ players are tired of losing, so they would rather get paid or sacrifice to Win! Kiss the ring sore losers

    Leave it to a Seahawks fan to call another man an idiot, while making himself look like a complete r-tard. Just in case your Seattle kindergarten level edu-ma-cation failed you, an acorn is a nut, and it’s also consumed by squirrels. Still don’t understand? I know it’s complicated, but maybe you’re a visual learner.

    Exhibit A:


  26. It really does no good to call out Seahawks fans for getting carried away with all that dynasty talk. The delirium that the 12th man is suffering from might have a lot to do with not having anything to yell at and will not go away at least until they have their first humiliating beatdown next season

  27. I’d get out of Minnisota if I was him too. Surprised he lasted there this long, I feel sorry for Adrian Peterson. I could only imagine what he would do elsewhere

    Seahawks fan

  28. i don’t get the JA hate on this webpage. the dude still had 11.5 sacks last year and played every down! he would be better off taking some downs off but is two seasons away from nearly breaking the sack record. he has more sacks than Dware and is the same age and has more sacks than Peppers who is three years older than him! plus he has rarely missed a game. i was thinking the guy should get 6-7 million but after that gross Ware signing i wouldn’t take less than ten million if i were him. have you all not been watching him the last ten years?

  29. Sometimes I want to feel sorry for the less fortunate, but sometimes I just can’t…
    Everyone has a chance to educate themselves…
    Apparently most Vikings fans aren’t willing to take that chance.

    Go Hawks!

  30. I would like to express my appreciation to the numerous fans of teams other than the Seahawks for warning us all that the salary cap will do what their teams could not.

    Otherwise, I’m sure that Schneider and Carroll would be oblivious to the effects of the salary cap.

    For the last four years Schneider and Carroll have had the same message. The team is being built to be a consistent contender in the playoffs, year after year. Not a one hit “window of opportunity” Super Bowl winner.

    The Hawks have been built from draft picks (mainly from the low rounds), undrafted free agents, young castoffs from other teams, and a few veteran free agent role players. Why would anyone think Carroll and Schneider would abandon their approach at this point?

    The Hawks may or may not win another SB in the next five years. Winning the SB is a combination of talent, preparation, and luck. The first two factors can be controlled by an organization and the Hawks are built to maximize them.

  31. This is my opinion….

    Taking Jared Allen at his word that he wants to be compensated at “fair market value” – I just don’t the Seahawks signing him at this amount and thus he left Seattle without a contract. He has a great chance at a ring – but will probably not get the money that he desires from the Seahawks.
    He goes to Dallas on Tuesday and look for the Cowboys to sign him for big bucks.

  32. Have a ped and a cup of coffee boys. Only 5 teams have not had suspensions 2010-2013. I imagine your teams are all on that list; only 5 are not. The Vikings have suspensions. It’s kind of embarrassing that I have to point out the stats to you.

    Seahawks rule.

  33. Without responding to all the hate on this thread, i would like to address all the Allen fans that day he deserves this huge money because of his sack stats. There are many pass rush specialists out there with decent sack statistics that don’t receive or deserve max contracts. I would pose this question about Allen (& it’s a legit question because i honestly don’t know), can he stop the run? Who cares if he’s a speed rusher that doesn’t need his d line to stunt for him. If he isn’t good in the run game that makes him one dimensional & only useful in situational downs & that IMO is not worth max $’s. Sacks have to be one of the most overrated stats in football.

  34. It is sad for me to read about some Hawk fans here that have no idea what Jared Allen is worth! He was, is, and will continue to be a beast, an animal, a warrior! He is an every down player, although if the Hawks were lucky enough to sign hin, he likely would get breaks as the approach is to rotate and keep fresh rushers on the field. I don’t think the Hawks have enough cash left to give him what he deserves, but hopefully enough so that he will come aboard to take a couple shots at a title with the LOB behind him. Don’t think for one second that John and Pete don’t want him if they can get him. The Hawks are young, but in this case you take this man…period! Now, for those Hawk fans acting like children here…just stop! Yes, we won the Title…Enjoy it, but don’t be jerks! Act like you have been here before.

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