Russell Wilson gets a cameo in Entourage movie


Yes, Russell Wilson outworks everyone.  At pretty much everything.

He’s one of those guys who can succeed at anything to which he puts his mind.  After reaching the highest level of success in the NFL, he’s taking advantage of his limited down time to dabble in other things.

His latest dabbling, via, comes via an apparent cameo in the film version of Entourage.  Actor Jeremy Piven recently posted a photo online of Wilson on the set.

It makes sense.  Wilson said in 2012 that he celebrated winning the starting job in Seattle by watching the show.

Entourage is my favorite show,” Wilson said at the time.  “So we watched that a few times and that’s about it.”

The film is set for a June 2015 release.  By then, Wilson could have a second Super Bowl win and, more importantly, a second contract that pay hims a lot closer to what it’s worth.

He can celebrate by watching the movie a few times.

21 responses to “Russell Wilson gets a cameo in Entourage movie

  1. He’s just better. If there’s another QB you’ld rather have leading your team then, well, you’re an idiot.

  2. Dam. Dude is expending his fame and getting paid. Can’t hate him for that. Hope.We stay fixated on being the best next year

  3. Good for him. As a Wilson fan from the day he donned a NS State uniform, to Wisconsin, to now, there is no better person in the NFL.

    There are better players, not better people. Knowing him prior to stardom, I identified him as son-in-law material. Just a great kid, who gets it.

  4. Very excited for this movie…I’m w first name Russell Last name Wilson…my favorite show

    Let’s hug it out bitch !!!

  5. Russell Wilson is everywhere this off-season. He has earned it after helping us get our first Super Bowl.

    Wilson is the first guy at facility and last to leave – his film watching and preparation is second to none. On top of all that he still gives back to the community every Tuesday with his wife. The guys is everything you want your franchise quarterback to be. Go Hawks!

  6. Wilson is out there having fun; good for him. With the hours he puts in during the football season, he’s earned the right to chill as he see’s fit.

    But lest anyone be mistaken: Seahawks are still Job#1 with him, and when the time comes to flip the switch back to football, it will be flipped without a seconds hesitation.

    I wonder if PC/JS will consult with him on potential draft picks at WR and TE? The kid has a great football mind, and he will be throwing to these guys; might not hurt to have his two-bits worth.

  7. He’s got a 3-way love scene in the movie with Scarlett Johansen and some other hot chick, he goes full frontal and delivers the line “Rock out with your Hawk out” Then he has an epic battle with Ari where he ends up killing him by taking his head off with a tightly thrown spiral. Then he scores with Ari’s wife and looks into the camera and says “It’s good to be the champ” He then rolls with Turtle to a night club where he kicks about 3 dudes butts (Including Dwayne “the rock” Johnson) and then wins an epic dance-off where he performs a double backflip with a twist straight into the baddest robot running man combo in film history. In a twist ending he kills the entire entourage crew (all by way of thrown footballs that decapitate them one at a time) He then looks at the camera one final time and says “I guess they just lost there heads” and then with a rye smile he delivers a powerful “Go Hawks” to lead into the credits. Where it turns out he is actually the writer/director/ producer and did all the stunts for every actor.

  8. Wilson for President. Heck Mike F. (VP) if Hawks win another SB this year then move the nations capital to Seattle too. That way Wilson can run the country while studying tape. I believe Wilson’s the first QB to be first in last out and donate to the community on a Thursday with a wife or such.

  9. So, can any of you haters name the only QB to have a 100+ rating in his first two years?

    DangeRuss Wilson

  10. Personally I have no problem with Wilson doing this. He’s a great guy and a good football player. I just find it funny that many of the same fans who think this is great for Wilson were bashing Kaepernick for doing similar things last off-season. The double standard for Kaepernick doing things versus Wilson is really ridiculous and I just find it really hypocritical of fans to bash one for doing it while praising the other.

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