Sanders gets three years, $15 million from Broncos

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Former Broncos receiver Eric Decker will make more than $7 million per year over five years with the Jets.  New Broncos receiver Emmanuel Sanders will make considerably less.

Mike Klis of the Denver Post pegs the value at $15 million over three years, with the ability to make up to $3 million more in incentives.  Multiple reports put the guaranteed money at $6 million; it’s unknown (for now) how much of it is fully guaranteed at signing.

Sander has passed his physical, and the deal is now official.  Sanders becomes the fourth free agent signed by the Broncos since Tuesday, and the first on offense.

He’ll undoubtedly replace Decker on the depth chart, starting across from Demaryius Thomas with Wes Welker playing the slot.

Come 2015, when the Broncos are faced with the contracts of Welker,Thomas, and tight end Julius Thomas expiring, Sanders could play the slot if/when Welker moves on.

Last year, Sanders made $2.5 million on a one-year deal in Pittsburgh, which arose after the Steelers matched an offer sheet for Sanders.

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  1. Would you rather:

    (A) Pay $7M a year for Decker, who you already know fits your offense, who caught for 1,200+ last year, and whom your QB already knows and likes;


    (B) Pay a *minimum* of $5M a year for Emmanuel Sanders, who has never sniffed 800 yards in a season despite playing with with Ben Roethlisberger and a very good receive on the other side?

    Decker, please.

  2. All I want to know is what the supposed dollar amount from KC’s offer was, also sounds like the agent did a good job of getting him a really nice contract and with a premier team. Perhaps it was an ugly process and perhaps that will cost the agent in the future, but it sounds to me like he was willing to do whatever it takes to get the best result for his client even if it put himself in a pickle, and nobody has lodged any kind of accusation that he broke the rules or did anything wrong or operated in bad faith.

  3. yeah bronco fan, I would be totally stoked with an overrated WR who has had one decent year in 4 seasons and just showed the entire football world that he lacks integrity and he and his agent are completely content lying. I think KC probably feels OK about it. they can get a better WR in rd 1 as they should have anyway

  4. If Sanders is playing on the outside Denver’s offense has become a lot easier to stop. He has an inside the numbers skill set and lacks the explosion and physical required to be an outside the numbers weapon.

    I’d be shocked if Manning throws any passes past ten yards next year. All his receivers except DT are pretty much exclusively slot targets. Decker was overrated if people thought he was a number one but Sanders is considerably worse than he is as a number two.

  5. I haven’t seen the guy play much but considering the Patriots wanted him last year and the Broncos and 49ers want him this year, he must have something going for him.

  6. Is Denver engaging in more salary cap cheating in an effort to get Manning another Super Bowl loss?

  7. Can make all the catches when it’s not crunch time and has trouble staying healthy. Too much money to keep him in Pittsburgh, now what’s the plan for a #2?

  8. Broncos got ” catfished” by Chiefs. I know a source who knows for a fact Chiefs were NOT going to sign him. Elway is in over his head. 2015-2020 , chiefs rule division while Broncos pay off all this bad credit card debt

  9. Wouldn’t have wanted the Steelers to pay that for him, so I’m glad he got a nice payday to go to a contending team. I’m always happy for Steelers who give us their best and leave us on good terms. Sanders’ YouTube video to Pittsburgh fans was a classy good-bye, and I wish him all the best in Denver.

  10. Andy Dalton would be considered the best QB in the league if he had some decent talent around him. Wake up Mike Brown!

  11. A year ago when new england signed him to an offer sheet he came back to Pittsburgh and said on espn that it wasn’t about the money but the system and the love he had for the city of Pittsburgh. Just be honest. Its about the money

  12. Kid raised his market value big time. The offer sheet the Pats signed him to last season was worth 2.5M for one year, now he’ll make 5-6M annually over three years. No question he played a nice campaign, but that’s too much money.

    I still wonder why neither the Broncs nor Pats went after James Jones, though. He has proven he can deliver and had a down year due to injury after peaking in 2012. Curious to see where he’ll end up and what he’ll make, he probably would have been a steal for Denver or NE.

  13. Elway is putting the Donkeys in salary cap hell for the next five years the way he’s spending like a drunken sailor. Reeks of desperation on his part cause he knows this year is his last shot at getting in the playoffs for the next several years. The Donks are going to be perennial cellar dwellers for along time coming.

  14. Manny is being way overpaid by the Bronkeys who appear to “all in” on the Manning’s-Last-Gasp-Win-the-Lombardi-At-All-Costs Tour.

    The Bronkeys should’ve kept Decker and they’re realize it as soon as the season starts. The only position Manny can play is in the slot so he can fill in for Welker after his contract runs out. Meanwhile good luck playing wideout while opponents double-team DThomas who is now their only legit wideout threat.

    Manny gave the Steelers everything he had which included all kinds of foot injury problems and stone hands in the clutch.

    He’s not worth the money the Bronkeys are paying him and the Steelers knew it.

  15. Sanders’ agent better salt away his ten percent because the powers that be are pissed off at him for beating them at their own game…how do you spell corrup$ion? Unethical? Crooked? Low Life…welcome to modern $ociety.

  16. I hate to see Sanders leave, but the Broncos way overpaid to get him. Seems almost like the deal Randle El got from the Redskins a while back. Way to much for a still unproven player.

  17. Guy does nothing in his whole career, gets 6 mil and change guaranteed lol jesus.

    Broncos really will pay ANYONE in their desperate, mercenary attempt to buy a ring. This’ll be the case study teams use in the future of how not to run a team.

  18. Manning is going to lose his mind when Sanders drops easy catches. When the game is on the line, his hands turn to stone. It’s why the Steelers didn’t offer him a contract.

  19. So much hate for the Broncos… As a Denver fan, I love it! We must be doing something right to warrant all this jealousy from everyone.. Keep it coming! Keep praying you don’t have to face Manning this year!

  20. What’s the point of loading up on offense when Manning is going to choke

    Should be loading up on the O line, cause Peyton didn’t have time to choke in that Super Bowl.

  21. Reading these comments is better than a Three Stooges marathon. How is Denver cheating by signing a free agent to a good contract? Did they pay too much? Not if they don’t think so. Time will tell. Elway’s already proved himself a pretty competent team exec … never mind the criticism from fans of all last season’s less successful teams.

    Pittsburgh doesn’t typically pay through the nose for receivers, and as a Steelers fan, I’m good with that. He may not have been the best on our roster, but Sanders is a good receiver and worked a lot harder than Mike Wallace, who spent the last year of his contract doing as little as possible for his $2.7 million paycheck.

  22. I have to agree. The broncos will spend at any cost to win a superbowl. Its kind of pathetic. They had their chance last year and blew it with the best qb in the league. Good luck with sanders. He was a good receiver while with the steelers but would always drop that important pass at a critical time. I’m sure that won’t change in Denver. At least, he’s not the steelers problem. Steeler fans don’t have to bite their tongue every time a pass is thrown to sanders on 3rd down anymore.

  23. I hope Denver suffers cap hell for the next 4-5 years after over spending to get a SB. And I hope Elway is around to suffer through it.

  24. brownsfan39 says:
    Mar 16, 2014 8:54 PM
    Do the Stealers have any receivers left?


    Antonio Brown, Derrek Moye and Markus Wheaton, with the latter being the replacement for Sanders. Plus, the Steelers are one of the best in the league at scouting late-round WRs.

  25. Last year Steeler fans wanted to match Patriots offer and keep Sanders because Ben needed the reliable target and he was an up and coming receiver.

    Now when Sanders does leave they are happy he’s “another team’s problem”, he has stone hands, not reliable, etc.

    This is exactly what they criticize other fan bases for doing.

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