Agent says Jared Allen is talking to “several teams”


The top remaining player on the PFT Free Agent Hot 100 is former Vikings defensive end Jared Allen.  And Allen continues to draw plenty of interest.

Agent Ken Harris told PFT on Monday night that he spoke on Allen’s behalf with “several teams” during the three-day pre-free agency negotiating period, and that conversations with “several teams” continue.  While Allen has asked Harris not to comment on specific discussions or visits with other teams, multiple reports have indicated that Allen visited the Seahawks on Sunday, and that he’ll visit the Cowboys on Tuesday.

Allen nevertheless authorized Harris to explain that they “have been amazed” by the fact that “many people apparently believe” Allen rejected a $30 million offer during the negotiating period.

“While we feel that a player with his consistent production deserves a fair contract, that offer was not made to him,” Harris said.

Harris points out that Allen’s 11.5 sacks in 2013 topped the production of all other free-agent defensive ends, with the exception of Panthers defensive end Greg Hardy (who currently is under contract after signing the franchise tender).

Allen averages 12.8 sacks per year, and he has averaged 15.1 in the last three.

“Jared loves the game of football, so if he finds the proper fit we will act on it,” Harris said.

From a charitable standpoint, Allen found the right fit with his Home for Wounded Warriors Foundation.  He was back in Minnesota on Monday, giving another home to an injured solder.  You can support the effort with a donation, if you’d like.

From a football standpoint, the fit depends on Allen’s priorities.   Some teams (like the Seahawks) will offer a better chance to win.  Others (like the Cowboys) could offer more money.  For Allen, who continues to play at a high level and be a positive force on the field and in the locker room, his decision will be shaped in large part whether the goal is to maximize his chances of winning a Super Bowl or maximizing his earning potential.

While it’s easy to say the priority should be winning, there’s only so much only one player can control in that regard.  Given the physical risks that players take, there’s nothing wrong with maximizing the number of zeroes that will show up on the W-2.

70 responses to “Agent says Jared Allen is talking to “several teams”

  1. Well he certainly doesn’t want to go to the Dolphins, complete joke of a franchise that plays in a third world city known as Miami

  2. I love this cat. Jared, you are one heckuva dude. I would love to see you in New England.

  3. If New England is serious about this arms race, which they are, I think they need to seriously get in on Allen. Their inability to generate an effective pass rush really hurt them in the AFC Championship Game. Ninkovich is nice but he’s not a pure pass rusher, if they can set up a rotation between him and Allen similar to how Seattle operated I think they could be in real good shape. Allen may be the piece that puts the Patriots passed the Broncos.

  4. I’m just stunned that no one wants to overpay a 32-year old DE with two strikes against him for drunk driving.

  5. As contractors, I’m pretty sure they get 1099s.

  6. Allen has been a great player for the Vikes, its to bad he couldn’t stay. The money has been made Jared, Go to the Seahawks and play for a ring!!! Please!

  7. “Source close to the situation would be ‘shocked’ if Jared Allen doesn’t end up with the Denver Broncos.”

    Oh wait, that was a week ago? Wake me up when he’s signed.

  8. Given the millions he has already earned…is he really in dire financial straights making 7 mil a year vs 9?

  9. Jared Allen has to decide if he wants to make a couple extra bucks playing for a team that’s season ends before Haloween. Or join one of the all time great defenses, win a Superbowl or two and cement his legacy as one of the all time greats.

  10. Jared is without a doubt one of the all-time great Vikings, but let’s be frank here: Allen feasts against teams with sub-par LTs but completely disappears in games when he’s matched against a quality tackle. And if he’s manhandling a bad LT, you can put a TE on that side to double team him and he vanishes.

    Ya he still gets those sacks but that’s about it. If he would accept the role as a pass-rush specialist and not as an every-down DE, his NFL career could go on for a few more years possibly.

  11. Michael Bennett,
    Cliff Avril,
    Tony McDaniel
    and ….
    Jared Allen.

    Now that will get you a second Super Bowl ring. Come to Seattle Jared. You will never get a ring in Minnesota or Dallas.

  12. By nature I despise the Vikings.. But because of Jared’s attitude and play can’t help but like the guy. I will wish him luck and happiness wherever he goes now that he’s out of mediocrity land.

  13. You would think it’s more about obtaining a ring at this point in his career n there’s only so many options where potential super bowl contenders have a need at that position. He should talk 2 denver Seattle San Francisco n the giants n a 2 yr deal around 4-5 mil per should b what he is signing for.

  14. Theres a nice D-Line rotation forming in Oakland. Come back home Jared and help us turn this thing around!


  15. bein in TX, rodeo is a way of life down here and jareds bucking bulls business has come a long way and theres an awful lot of money in them bucking bulls, if nobody offers him a huge contract, i can see him sitting out and watching those bulls kick off cowboys while hea countin the dollars.

  16. no way will he be in MN…but he will make a good player for someone. He doesn’t look like he would get all those sacks but he is deceptively fast at beating his DE. Done it a lot of years. He was the franchise at MN and they kind of spit on him. Now, MN has “good players’…guys you can pick up off the street. Allen was exceptional.

  17. When all the teams are saying “NO!!” that qualifys as talking.

    I don’t think the Raiders or Jaguars would waste the cap space.

    He should take whatever the Giants offer to replace Tuck.

  18. Come to Oakland 2-4 years we will be competing for Sb Denver will be without Peyton and in cap hell that will be our time . Next year we add a number 1 QB Winston or Marcus mariota

  19. what he’s really saying is, “put another million on that offer seattle, and i’ll gladly come play for the hawks”

    he just wants to feel like he’s “won” the negotiation. that’s all. seattle’s the place, and he knows it.

  20. What kind of solder is getting the house was it soft or hard solder? I bet that’s the saddest solder on earth. Solders are happiest bonding metals. Soldiers on the other hand in that program deserve the best and Allen is a stand up guy. Hopefully he joins the world champ Seahawks. He would fit in great up here in the pacific northwest.

  21. As much as I detest anything purple, I always liked and admired Jared Allen. Hopefully he can go somewhere to get a ring, like Seattle, New England, or Green Bay…

  22. Best place for him is with bengals I think. They have tons of cap n never spend it cheap owner.

    I can’t see Dallas doing anything

    I’m surprised no1 signed him yet he has numbers with sacks but how is he against the run. That I don’t know cause I didn’t watch viking games

  23. One team I have not heard is the Philadelphia Eagles. Why not? Plenty of cap space, young defense and good chance of a playoff push. He can play situational defense and get paid. Win win on both sides.

  24. Jared is a class act, and I hope he ends up in New England. I would feel bad for him if he were stuck in that crappy sea of haters and sea chickens in the northwest… They wouldn’t know what to do with a classy guy like Allen!

  25. Seattle is not going to change their offer no matter how many cities Allen visits. The Seahawks are offering you a SB ring. Do you want it or 1 more mill for your last possible year in the NFL? If Melton signs first, the ‘hawks will recind their offer to Allen.

  26. What if he goes to Seattle and don’t when a Superbowl n then what? Do the right thing jared and join new england as talented as Seattle is I don’t see them repeating if it wasnt kapernick inaccuracy the seahawk wouldn’t be in the SB am just saying…

  27. Why is anyone questioning why he would seek $9MM AAV (an educated guess, I don’t know exactly what he’s seeking) versus $7MM or $5MM & why he’s waiting so long to sign instead of jumping on one of the lower offers now? Obviously his ideal amount wasn’t available immediately. In that case, he’s better off taking his time and assessing 12 or 20+ offers, whatever it takes to find an acceptable offer from a team that could contend. With the cap increasing to an unexpected amount, there are contenders who still have plenty of room to sign him to a contract that fits his desired range. Besides, guaranteed money is his goal. The AAV means far less. If he can find a contender that will offer him a $12MM signing bonus, a guaranteed 2014 salary of $4MM, and a 2015 salary that would be guaranteed if he plays, say, 14 games and records 11 sacks, I’m sure he’ll jump all over it. Note: I don’t know if a team can tie guarantees to a games played benchmark; it’s more likely he’d receive a per game roster bonus. Regardless, that would be an acceptable three year deal, I imagine. Worst case scenario for the team is $8MM in dead money spread across 2015-16 if he’s a complete failure in 2014. With the cap slated to rise more, it’s an acceptable risk. Allen is smart to wait it out.

  28. Go to Cowboys, you can keep all your “WHY WE LOST… ” speeches after games

  29. If Jared Allen comes to New England, then the Pats will probably move on from Vince Wilfork. They will have to shift Wilfork’s money over to Allen and then draft a nose tackle in the second round to replace Wilfork, thereby going younger and cheaper at the nose tackle position.

    Besides, Wilfork is coming off of an Achilles tear at age 32.

  30. Baltimore has proven to be a place where people want to play, want to win and has been able to retain many of their players at reduced prices because they just don’t want to play anywhere else. In addition over the years players like Steve Smith blow off teams like the Patriots to play in Baltimore. Great surrounding cast on defense with Ngata, Suggs, Dumervil and Daryl Smith so he knows he won’t get double teamed. After losing Art Jones, this could more than fill that void.

  31. There is nothing wrong with Jared looking for the right fit at this point in his career. Maybe he wants to start. Maybe he wants more money. Maybe he wants a ring. Who cares? It’s up to him. That’s the beauty of free agency.

    What I laugh at is all the comments about “he should go here or he should go there to win a ring”. The fact is people that with today’s game, you can win a ring no matter where you play. Look at Seattle. They were crap two years before winning a superbowl. Just because you win one doesn’t mean you will win another with many other teams improving.

    Things change on a yearly basis and you never know. Jared has every right to pick and choose where he wants to play and for whatever reason he sees fit. He’s earned that right and if a team is willing to pay him what he wants or offer him a chance to win, so-be-it. Wherever he ends up I hope he does win a superbowl. He’s not the player he once was but he’s still a heck of a player and whoever does get him will benefit.

  32. Tip of the hat to this guy.

    As a member of my Vikings, he was part of one of the greatest streaks alive in professional sports today…

    40+ years. Zero championships.

    And, his lasso sack dance was cute.

  33. Three words: I doubt it.

    He’s overpaid, over rated and plays for himself.

    Any team is a foll for sigining him at $10 million a season.

  34. He wants to win and he wants to get paid, but with his age and diminishing skills set I don’t see both happening. My guess is if he has to choose he will choose to get paid.

    Agree with undeadjesus above except that he was an all time great Viking. He was good but disappeared too many times in the big spots to be considered an all-time great.

  35. Viking farm club — > Seattle sb club???

    Did we forget how irrelevant seattle was for the first 50 years of their exsistance? It was so bad nobody noticed when they were moved from the afc to the nfc… ROFL

    And whos in their hall of fame : rick mirer?

  36. It must be the drinking water up in the Twin Cities that makes both the fans and Jared Allen so delusional. He can think he’s worth any number that he makes up but the market will pay for production only and the number of sacks is not an accurate indicator.

    He disappears for games at a time, he went up against a rookie 4th rounder and didn’t even get a tackle in the whole game much less a sack. Then in a couple of games, he will go up against some slug and pad his sack total with 4 or 5 accounting for half of his season total. I realize all the Viking trolls think he is still a good player but last spring they were predicting (yet again) a Superbowl only to finish in last place (yet again)

  37. Here are the options: #1 Seattle, – #2 Chicago – #3 New England . Unless the Cowboys cut Romo, they aren’t signing him … they have no money…

  38. Notice how he has no interest in going to Green Bay to play with that stellar group of hard-working over-achievers Raji, Peppers and Guion?

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