Brandon Browner says his play won’t change in New England


Patriots cornerback Brandon Browner says the only change for him in 2014 will be relocating 3,000 miles to the east.

Browner said today that the Patriots’ coaches tell him he’ll play a very similar role in New England to the role he played in Seattle.

“A lot of the stuff I’ll be doing on defense I did in Seattle,” Browner said, via the Boston Herald. “The only thing that changes is the terminology. I was also told I’ll play a lot of man to man, which is my strong suit. I take it in stride and can’t wait to get back out there.”

Browner said what he does best is play man-to-man coverage against wide receivers, and he’ll be doing a lot of that.

“They haven’t talked to me about playing safety,” Browner said. “So far, I’m here to play cornerback, and I play wherever need be. I just want to play some football, and I’m fortunate enough to play for a team like the Pats.”

Browner is suspended for the first four games of the regular season, but he’ll be able to go through the entire offseason program, training camp and the preseason. The Patriots think he’ll be ready to do everything he did in Seattle, starting in Week Five.

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  1. He will, make New England a better team. He’ll also have the advantage of lining up against mostly AFC squads that haven’t seen that much of him, to know his style by rote. An outstanding addition for the Pats, and a significant loss for my Hawks.

  2. He will get beat and look bad on some plays. He really struggles against small, quicker receivers. But he is a fantastic tackler and can help out a ton in the running game. He isn’t a shut down corner, but is a solid number 2 corner. He will be a solid addition to their secondary.

  3. and I’m fortunate enough to play for a team like the Pats.”

    Sounds ungrateful to me. Seattle not only rescued him from the CFL but put up with his injuries and doping, gave him a starting position on a Super Bowl team and he’s fortunate to play for the Pats?

    Good riddance.

  4. And now that he’s playing for a top notch franchise he won’t need to worry about further rules violations. Once our trainers get hold of him and give him a correct workout routine. We take people’s trash and turn it into superstars. Only high character team players are welcome on the Patriots. We are gods on and off the field.

  5. .

    I would not be surprised to see Browner get some playing time in at safety. He will most likely be covering the Graham/ Gronkowski type of oversized TE no matter where he lines up.


  6. Pats only go as far and Wilfork takes them on the defensive side. Better get your head out and keep the man. He is the defensive front and biggest difference maker they have on defense. Worth every penny and I don’t like the Pats.

  7. “Sounds ungrateful to me. ”

    Seattle has a great team, had a great year and has a great fan base but there always a few fans that can’t let a player change teams gracefully. Browner sounds very grateful to me.

  8. His play might not change in NE, but hopefully his drug use does. Great talent if he can avoid self-sabotage off the field that hurts the team. Wise that the Seahawks moved on from him. He is one toke away from a year-long suspension. Good luck with that, NE.

  9. Well Bill Belichick won his superbowls with Pete Carroll coached defensive players. I guess he’s going back to that formula. I’m surprised he didn’t sign more former Seahawks.

  10. I always wish players that earn it a good farewell such as Bryant, Clemons, Giacomini, Tate and the others we lost. They all deserve what they could get on the open market but how can Browner say he’s fortunate to be going to a team like the Pats when he could have been a fixture at CB for the Hawks for years had he stopped the drug use after his first suspension.

    To me that statement is a slap at Seattle. So tigerlilac get off your high horse, I am a fan and I don’t think Browner lived up to his responsibility to the team in any way.

  11. Saying he is grateful to play for a team like the Pats is not a slap in the face of Seattle. He didn’t play for anyone and could have signed with a joke like Jacksonville, but he signed with a great organization like the Pats. Get over it.

  12. Pats fans, you’re going to like the way BB tackles and competes. Needless to say, at 6-4 220 he’s an unusual corner. Of course at that size he’s often at a quickness deficit, so he’s very physical within the 5-yard zone. Beyond that, he actually holds (as in grabs) less than most corners, but he kind of sticks out an arm or elbow to slow down the receiver, which is easy for him because he’s so strong. He comes up in run support like a strong safety. Annihilates WRs in the open field.
    Here’s hoping he can stay healthy, stay off the weed and earn his money. As a founding member of the Legion of Boom, he deserves it.

  13. I love the physicality Browner brings to the defense, and that will allow the Patriots to disrupt the timing of a lot of passing games, especially against the Broncos. Bump his receivers off the line and off their routes and you throw Peyton off.

    And I don’t think Browner meant that comment as disrespect to Seattle. Sounded more like a generic, happy-to-be-here comment. What’s he supposed to say? “I wanted to be in Seattle, but I had to settle for this team”? Seattle is a great team, and I hope Browner brings some of the Legion of Boom attitude here

  14. The Patriots made some good moves so far this offseason. Shoring up their Defensive Back issue was a major step, especially after losing their star Corner. One big thing they did lose out on was resigning Brandon Spikes. He was their main run defender after Wilfork, and now that he signed with Buffalo they have a major hole to fill. Anger issues or not, Spikes will be missed by that Defense. Overall, IMO the Patriots have made themselves much better on Defense.

  15. “Only high character team players are welcome on the Patriots”…

    Ahhh yes…because that Aaron Hernandez fellow showed such upstanding moral character.

  16. The key word with Brandon Browner is always this: Wasted.

    “Ooh look at how Brandon Browner just WASTED Wes Welker. Welker is now limping his way to the sideline.”

    “With that holding call on Colts wide receiver T.Y. Hilton, Brandon Browner just WASTED a three and out for the Seahawks.”

    “Brandon Browner has been suspended indefinitely for getting WASTED with team mate Walter Thurmond, who will be getting a four game suspension of his own.”

    “Brandon Browner WASTED this historic opportunity in Super Bowl XLVIII to be regarded amongst the best in history.”

  17. he’s right it’ll be real similar. his 4 game suspension to start the season will seem real familiar.he will make new england a bwetter team tho. good luck brandon, and thx for the great play in seattle. we will miss you! GO HAWKS!!!!!!!

  18. Browner previously expressed his utmost gratitude to the Seahawks, but its unlikely either he or Thurmond had the option to return. I think the Hawks felt betrayed by their drug use at a crucial point in their Super Bowl run, and decided then to let them go. I seriously doubt he will ever fail another drug test of any kind after his career almost went up in flames. The Pats with Revis and Browner made a big upgrade at CB.

  19. raiderlyfe510 says:

    Well Bill Belichick won his superbowls with Pete Carroll coached defensive players. I guess he’s going back to that formula

    Uh, no. Carroll’s drafts were among the worst in Pats history and virtually none of his players made it past him being fired for more than another year or so.

  20. The best press corner on the Seahawks, but the worst in coverage. He was the only liability in the LOB especially on plays that the pass rush failed to get to the QB. I remember he was taken out of one game because the QB was picking on him over and over again. Any team playing the Pats should watch that tape of that game. If the pats have a pass rush this will work out well, if they don’t they will need to give bb lots of saftey help in coverage.

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