Colts have no comment, Jim Irsay tweets to thank his supporters


It didn’t take Colts owner Jim Irsay long to return to Twitter after he was released from jail.

Irsay, who spent 14 hours in custody after he was arrested on four felony charges of drug possession and one misdemeanor charge of driving under the influence, took to Twitter on Monday afternoon to say thank you to everyone who supports him.

“Deepest thx to family, friends, fans, colleagues for the messages of support, thoughts and prayers. Impossible to tell u how much this means,” Irsay wrote.

The Colts also issued a very brief statement, saying only that they won’t comment at this time.

“The Club continues to fully support Mr. Irsay but must refrain from commenting further at least until formal charges have been filed. A hearing is tentatively scheduled for next Wednesday, March 26,” said the Colts statement, sent by Senior Director of Communications Avis Roper.

Although the Colts don’t want to comment until formal charges are filed, NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell does not need to wait that long. Goodell has suspended players who were not charged or even arrested, and Goodell can suspend Irsay.

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  1. Besides feeling sorry for Jim Irsay, I also don’t envy Mr. Goodell this decision. He has a rotten set of choices to weigh.

  2. I’m glad the Club continues to fully support Mr. Irsay.

    Awesome, I was pretty sure the Colts would fire him.

  3. “Irsay…took to Twitter on Monday afternoon to say thank you to everyone who supports him.”

    And those 4 people said, “You’re welcome.”

  4. I can’t believe the city of Indianapolis gave this clown a free stadium, for all intents and purposes. Hayseeds.

  5. ” Goodell has suspended players who were not charged or even arrested, and Goodell can suspend Irsay.”


  6. Sorry, but after his issues the last thing he needs to be doing is tweeting. Shut it off and focus on getting yourself better. There’s a time and place for social media….take a few days or weeks off and begin working on yourself…the people can wait.

  7. Irsay owns the team. I don’t see how he can be suspended… he isn’t an employee like players are. A GM, coach, trainer… they can be suspended without question.

    My guess is Irsay will “step aside temporarily” to receive treatment.

  8. Suspension right now from the facility, FA and the draft would be a major blow to many owners and would set a good example. I doubt that it happens, though. I suspect that the NFL Commissioner’s Office will not take suspension/action here pending a bit more information regarding the drug charges and what Irsay does about treatment.

  9. this clown franchise should be stripped of their 1st round draft pick

    oh, thats right, they dont have one. they traded it for trent richardson!! bahahaha

  10. Irsay isn’t selling, you idiots. He may be crazy as a person and definitely needs help, but as an NFL owner, he’s one of the best in league and I’m glad he owns my team. Get better soon Mr. Irsay!

  11. ION, that’s a photo with him and Grigson so that has to be recent. He looks plump in that photo and in the Peyton release press conference. Looks awfully light in his photos today. That has to be more than 50lbs lost. Wow.

  12. As a Baltimore fan I have to say that in hindsight it was worth being without NFL football for 13 seasons since the trade off to be rid of the Irsay ownership group. I think that Baltimore sports fans are in a far better place with Steve Bisciotti.

  13. Colts will be sold to a L.A. buyer and become the team from the AFC to represent L.A.

    L.A. Rams

    L.A. Colts

    Didn’t the former owners trade each other for their team, back in the 70’s?

  14. Nothing bad is going to happen to Irsay. He’s too rich. Ordinary rules don’t apply. He’ll say he’s going to rehab. Charges dropped. Community service. That will be the end of it.

    The only ones who might suffer here are the local cops who were dumb enough to arrest him and toss him in jail. Keep an eye on that. Their jobs are on the line. Where I come from the cops know who to arrest and who not to arrest.

  15. If the NFL suspended owners for being drunken idiots, why has Jerry Jones not been suspended?

    Put another way, if they are going to test the players, they should test the owners, GMs, coaches, etc. After all, it is about protecting the NFL brand.

  16. I’m glad he got caught and humbled publically. Perhaps now he will get the help he needs. And yes, Colts fans are hicks, but no more so than the rubes who comprise the Vikings fan base.

  17. Raj will take it easy on what is in essence one of the guys that pays him. And although Irsay is a dewsh to say the least, this first time offender w prescription drugs(and addiction history) in his system is likely to get a $250k fine. Irsay’s smart pr team member will have hik match the fine and donate to a recovering addicts type foundation.
    This situation reads like a book.

  18. First, stop with the “franchise should be stripped of draft picks.” Irsay didn’t cheat or try to gain an advantage over other NFL teams. And this does not DIRECTLY affect the team. Yes it’s a bad situation, but penalizing the organization for the owner’s personal issues sets a dangerous precedent. He should be penalized under the NFLs personal conduct policy and needs treatment badly. He deserves to be punished for his alleged crimes, but the organization doesn’t deserve to suffer bc of the actions of its owner, especially if it isn’t football related (ie. Spygate)

  19. I love all the colt fans talking about how he is one of the best owners in the league. That’s like logicalvoice touting the Danny as a great owner. Jim Irsay is a miscreant. And the moment Indy does do exactly what he wants he will move. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree.

  20. Who cares? It is the owner. He is wealthy, so I’m sure all the help he ever wants is a phone call away.

    Plenty of people deal with addiction who don’t have the resources for quality rehab facilities and mental health care. Never mind a lawyer for the criminal charges.

  21. Some said the commissioner has tough decisions to make.

    I ask this.. Really? Is it that tough? What’s the right thing to do?

    If the commissioner chooses to fine Irsay, I hope the money from the fine goes directly to support drug/alcohol reabilitation groups across the country.

    It’d be the best possible message, and best possible use of the money.

  22. Just to tag onto my previous problem…

    This is a social/behavioral transgression.. not a football transgression. So the punishment should be a social in nature.. Not football in nature.

    It’s football in that Goodell is “protecting the shield”.. but the problem is a behavioral problem.

    Don’t get me wrong, rich or poor, a man has a problem, and needs help/support. But in this, Jim Irsay is wealthy, and he can afford to pay for it.

  23. Honest question- if Goodell were to suspend him… what exactly would that mean to him and to the Colts? Is he just not allowed at team facilities? Does someone else have to take over for a time dealing with things like payroll and the like? Do the Colts themselves take any punishment?

    As far as I know this is a pretty unique situation, so I’m not really sure what the NFL’s response would be here.

  24. So nice to see the world is so full of compassion. Hard for an employee to suspend their boss but Im sure Goodell will do what he’s told by Irsay and his other bosses. Addiction is pure hell and thats the real punishment. Every day for the rest of his life Mr Irsay will battle this and its not an easy war to win. Irregardless of what you think of Irsay personally, theres no doubt about his dedication to the Colts franchise. Its easy to belittle and kick someone when theyre down, but hard to admit your own shortcomings and whatever they are, its not the pure hell an addict lives. Consider yourself very fortunate if you arent addict and instead of wishing illwill, look at the people closest to you because some are addicts and it will kill them if they dont find help. Mr Irsay is no saint, as few of us are, but hes certainly not some idiot thats happy about anothers misfortunes, like many of the bloggers here. He could never be that ignorant even on his worst day.

  25. To whom much is given…
    Seriously, though.. get honest with youself, and get some help.

  26. Guys i know we are all joking here but honestly this dude is DONE !!!! 4 counts of felony charges of possession means this dude had stuff and wasnt just using he was SELLING … he could be going to jail for a LOOOOOOOOOOONG time

  27. Nothing wrong with his tweet…except that the tweeting is an integral part of the problem. He’s lost something like 75 pounds and looks like a stick figure…he’s 54 but could pass for 75. The end of the line is near if he doesn’t make some serious changes. Put Twitter away and get some help, please.

  28. He’s not a seller. That is stupid. People with real obey don’t need to sell. He is a user. And more than a 2 time loser. Anyone can become addicted to pain medicine. Just get back surgery. But own your addiction, suck it up, and stop. Either go. 10 step or rehab or get it over and go cold turkey. That is the hardest but fastest way. I have no sympathy for someone who has kicked it before and falls back. Especially someone with everything at his disposal. Jim Irsay is pond scum. Always was. Always will be.

  29. Mr. Irsay has admitted in the past to having addiction issues.

    Today, he has to live with the with the following;
    His addictions,

    The consequences for breaking the law,

    The NFL sanctions he may be accountable to,

    The personal embarrassment he has brought upon him, his family, his friends, the colt fans and the city of Indianapolis.

    Also, I believe Mr. Irsay is a man who has in the past proclaimed he is a follower of Christ who may have temporarily lost his way. Those consequences are between Him and the Lord.

    When we who follow Christ, fall back to old habits, it brings tremendous consequences into our life.

    The least is the mockery and derision of those who do not share the faith, as some have exhibited here,

    The love and compassion from those who do know “here go I but by God’s grace and mercy,

    The worst, it brings tremendous sorrow and personal conviction, embarrassment, hurt to family and a Godly sorrow that only a follow of Christ would understand. It is a moral failure at the highest degree. Being human is not an excuse, their are no excuses, including addiction, which is understandable, but not acceptable. Addiction is treatable but requires a decision to submit to it.

    For us who follow Christ, indeed we are forgiven, but there are terrible consequences to our actions too. We just don’t receive forgiveness and go our way as if there was no damage done as some think.

    Mr. Irsay, if he is a genuine follow of the Lord, which I am sure he is, will suffer the indignations above, but will be restored through time if he seeks it out.

    Warning!!! Be careful though if you are condemning him for any or all of the above, you need to worry about your own life first before you think about throwing the proverbial first stone which is hypocritical at the least.

  30. Let’s face facts Jim Irsay is a brilliant man. He was smart enough to be the son of Robert Irsay. He was smart enough to have the worst team in 1997. Finally he was smart enough to not have a backup for Peyton Manning in 2011 so his team would have the worst record in the NFL.

  31. Relax everyone. Nothing will happen to Jim Irsay. $1.6 Billion can still buy some favors. Goodell is seriously politically connected, the Maras, the Krafts, the Rooneys and the rest of the old boy network is in overdrive to patch things up for the horseshoe owner who made a mistake.
    Jim will go to Betty Ford Clinic or do Celebrity Rehab with Dr Drew and will make a big donation to help raise awareness for prescription medication addiction, which is a serious problem.
    Bill Polian will try to resist from smirking at the misfortune that happened to the guy who fired him.
    Goodell we need another NFL issue to work as a distraction. Any openly gay QB and WR prepared to come out?

  32. Maybe he would feel better if he moved the team to Baltimore in the middle of the night.

  33. Most disgusting ownership in the history of professional sports. A family legacy of greed, lawlessness and corruption.

  34. I’ll admit, I’ve been one to make wisecracks about Irsay in the past. But this latest news should be a sobering (pun intended) reminder that addiction is a problem that affects everyone, no matter what strata of society you come from. I’m assuming that as he navigates through the legal system, a treatment plan will be an integral part of the outcome. We can only hope he takes advantage of it and gets himself clean and sober…

  35. Classic, just classic! An old stoned drunken man stumbling around the police station in his motorcycle jacket. Man, the things he will have to tweet about now. Rog, throw the book at this toxic waste (and for gods sake, take away his tweets).

  36. The nfl owners got what they deserved with this one. Almost 30years to the day that they moved from Baltimore, the league still allows this family to make a mockery of the league. Perhaps if they would find a judge landis person to run the league rather than bozo’s like rozelle, t-boob and Goodell, this kind of thing wouldn’t be allowed to happen.

  37. now we know why all those strange tweets out of no where come from . the guys on drugs , he should get the max penalty . no one is above the law or should be . he is only sorry cause he got caught . and to the idiot who said the cops were dumb enough for arresting and throwing him in jail , lets hope some drunk doesn’t hit and kill someone you know . grow up irsay

  38. The purpose of the NFL having punishments for social irresponsibility is to protect the integrity of the NFL. Many of the proposed actions are simply to punish an act to deter actions. As if 4 felonies don’t deter anyone. So, in short, a proposed solution/disciplinary action should come in the form of correction. This shouldn’t be about authoritative action that is made for purpose of “flexing their muscles”. So, it should be “righting a wrong”. Restore Integrity through form of fines used for drug addictions in form of charitable donations, or starting a non for profit education about drugs and alcohol. Suspension time, could be used in a form of community service hours on the practice and game days, and maybe some more. This restores a hefty amount of the integrity lost, while staying morally right, and taking a justifiable action. His inner-struggles will always far outweigh the pressure from the world outside.

  39. Sure, Goodell could “suspend” him from being at the games, but there are two problems.

    1. Goodell still works for Irsay (and the other 31 owners who chose him to run the league and pay his salary, and who could easily find themselves in this situation in the future).

    2. What does it even mean for an owner to be suspended? It’s not like he can be fined a game check or something. And he stil makes all that money on the broadcast revenue of any games he’s not attending, and merchandising, and ticket sales, and parking.

    Get ready for some toothless “sanctions”

  40. “Oh, he’s human!” “Oh, he needs help!”

    Frankly Scarlett, I dont give a damn. He’s not my family, he’s not my friend, and all his problems are self-induced.

    I have no doubt $1.6B will make these problems disappear in a Indy minute and Big Jim can resume his high life ways. Maybe he can get Bieber for a half time gig (Jim on the drums).

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