Colts issue statement on Jim Irsay arrest


When an NFL player is arrested, his team typically issues a perfunctory, non-committal statement.  For the first time in the full-blown age of the Internet, an owner has been arrested.

And the Colts have issued a perfunctory, non-committal statement.

“We are gathering information at this time regarding last night’s incident involving Jim Irsay,” the statement reads.  “The team will issue additional statements when the facts are sorted and we are aware of the next steps to this process.  Many fans have reached out to express their concern and we appreciate their support.”

It’s unclear who is speaking on behalf of the organization when the owner is the subject of the statement.  That gives an odd and surreal quality to a situation that is already odd and surreal.

The NFL will be walking a fine line here, balancing discipline against assistance and, ultimately, fairness to the Colts franchise.  However, at a time when the league office has insisted on a high standard of conduct from players, the league office can’t afford to be perceived as anything other than consistent in the treatment given to an owner.

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  1. Sad when so many people can’t recognize their own addictions and continue to try to hide them while putting other’s lives in danger. Obviously he needs help. Also, why is it that church buses seem to be the only vehicles that go off cliffs and billionaires can’t have a driver?

  2. This does not make sense……

    “The team will issue additional statements when the facts are sorted and we are aware of the next steps to this process.

  3. ravenswhat says:
    Mar 17, 2014 11:07 AM

    What are they going to do, cut him?

    LOL—- Nah, they are going to trade him to Miami or Cleveland!

  4. The late Dr. Jerry Buss, who was owner of the Los Angeles Lakers, was arrested for DUI in 2007. I don’t remember what the penalty was for him, but perhaps Roger Goodell can consult with David Stern on how he handled that situation.

  5. Thing is, the owners hire the commish and pay his (ridiculous) salary. Goddell is in the odd position of disciplining one of his bosses. Should be interesting…

  6. My only hope is that Jimmy brings to Indy what Bob brought to Baltimore. Looks like we are tracking nicely. Go Jimmy go!

  7. Nothing will happen to Irsay, especially in Indiana. He’s a billionaire. They have different rules from the rest of us. The charges will be dropped. He will promise to perform some community service. The NFL will not penalize him.

    Next up: the forthcoming indictment of Haslam for thousands of counts of fraud.

  8. The NFL isn’t going to punish an owner.

    Yeah… maybe… a public relations announcement of a giant fake fine that never gets paid.

    When things like this happen… I think about Jim Bouton’s book Ball Four… where Bouton mentions how star players are fined… but… the fines are forgotten (while the team enforces and collects fines of lesser players).

  9. By the way… any news on the NFL’s investigation into the releasing of Josh Freeman’s private medical information?!?

  10. I love Irsay as an owner from a football standpoint. I think he does an excellent job running the franchise. But as a person, he clearly needs help.

  11. His punishment is going to be : moving the team back to Baltimore,deleting his twitter account and being made to sit in the stadium seats for all 16 games.

  12. Fans of the Colts: “Hope he sorts this problem out. Re-hab, counseling, whatever to help him deal with his personal problem.”

    Fans of 31 other teams: “Punish him severely. Take away a draft pick.”

    Fans of AFC south teams: “Destroy the colts franchise. Draft picks, $100MM cap fine.”

    Media: “Remove his sexual organs! Tar and feather him! Burn him at the stake! Waterboard him! Set the dogs on him to tear him limb from limb! Stone him!”
    Which one of these groups do you belong to?

  13. @whatnojets : No, your team can have him…

    And if this happened to an owner of a losing team, not one that “lost” just so they could “suck for Luck”, then PFT would be writing his crucifixion already.

  14. The league will sweep this under the rug. We live in a world of have and have not’s, you know which one he is a member of. Bill

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