Cowboys sign Brandon Weeden

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After a miserable two seasons in Cleveland, Brandon Weeden will try to revive his career as a backup in Dallas.

The Cowboys have signed Weeden to a two-year contract, according to Todd Archer of ESPN.

The Browns chose Weeden in the first round of the 2012 NFL draft and handed the starting job to him, but he did not deliver: As a rookie he passed for 14 touchdowns and 17 interceptions and had a passer rating of just 72.6. In 2013, Weeden was in some respects even worse: His passer rating declined slightly, to 70.3, and the Browns’ offense was more effective with both Brian Hoyer and Jason Campbell running it than with Weeden at the helm.

In Dallas, Weeden will get some time to learn the pro game without the pressure to start. As of now, Weeden is third on the depth chart behind both Tony Romo and Kyle Orton.

The Cowboys may think Weeden has what it takes to develop into a starter eventually, but at age 30, Weeden doesn’t have a lot of time to get better. Weeden played five years of minor league baseball before playing college football, so he’s much older than most second-year quarterbacks. The Cowboys may see some promise in Weeden, but he’s a long shot to ever be an NFL starter again.

128 responses to “Cowboys sign Brandon Weeden

  1. Here we go again. Weeden isn’t here to be Romos replacement. Just like Mincey isn’t here to be Ware’s replacement. No one knows if Orton is sticking around or not, we need a back up. Bingo.

  2. I can’t wait to see the comments bashing the Cowboys for picking up what will end up being a 3rd string QB. Cowboy haters are so melodramatic.

  3. Jerry, How is that draft day trade to move up to select Morris Claiborne working out??? OUCH!!!! That was a real BLUNDER wasn’t it Jerry.

  4. Everyone that was on your D line that was worth anything is gone and you sign a guy who will be backing up the back up QB smh

  5. this signing just put the cowpokes over the top! the sky is the limit! bawahahahahahahahhahHahAaaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I’m sure Brandon Weeden will miss the immense receiving talents of Davone Bess, Greg Little, and Fozzy Whittaker.

  7. wow as a Browns fan all I can say is, you gotta be kiddin me, then lol. I mean Why? The guy is terrible well with us he was anyway, who knows maybe in a different situation he might be better but I sure wouldn’t bet on it. Good luck with him and see ya weeden. I’m just glad that he will never qb for us again.

  8. Get Danny White or Roger Staubach while you’re at it. Weeden is the worst QB I have EVER seen. As a Browns fan in soooo happy not to have watch him anymore.

  9. This is the dynamite move Jaren Allen was waiting for before signing with Dallas lol. Or it could be an indication Romo is still hurt.

  10. I would have bet real money that no NFL team would’ve signed Weeden. Arena maybe, but not the bigs. Guess its true what my friends in Arlington say, you can never underestimate the insights of Jerry Jones. He sees the unseeable.

  11. Sure they can’t afford to retain their starting defensive line, but at least they have two veteran backup QBs in their 30’s and a kicker signed through 2020! Classic Jerry!

  12. That should put a stop to those pesky “Bench or Trade Romo” chants.

    Good move, Jerrah

  13. As many comparisons to Al Davis Jerry Jones has received this fits the mold.

    The 1971 over all #1 pick, a strong armed QB, had become a bust with a team that had no supporting cast.

    Al took a flyer on the guy, and Jim Plunkett took the Raiders to the Super Bowl.

    Could it happen twice?

  14. What, Ryan Leaf wasn’t available for a second tour of duty?

    Sorry Dallas. You’re a great city, your fanbase is among the world’s best but as long as you have a delusional know-it-all as an owner/GM, the closest you’ll get to getting a taste of a Super Bowl is if it’s held at the JerryDome.

  15. Remember when Cleveland fans were in love with brady quinn?!?

    They would defend, defend, defend Akili Quinn against any criticism.

    During Weeden’s time in Cleveland… Cleveland fans hated Weeden… but… gave Bess, Little, and other bad to mediocre receivers every excuse.

  16. I shouldn’t be surprised by all the cowboys bashing but it never fails to amaze me. Why isn’t anyone laughing at Cleveland for drafting what was a 28 year old one year wonder with a first round pick?

    Dallas is taking a flier on a guy with talent, not putting the franchise back another 3-5 years with a wasted first round pick like Cleveland.

  17. Everyone usually points to the Jets, Browns, Jags, or Raiders as the laughing stock of the league. All of those team’s fanbase’s can now rest assured that the biggest joke of a franchise in the NFL lies in Dallas.

  18. Not a bad pick up for a back up QB. He’s started games in the league and he has a chance to win a game if he needs to play. He’ll never be a starter.

  19. Having a guy who has recently started some games as your third string quarterback isn’t a bad idea. It’s a terrible idea if he ends up as the 2nd string QB.

  20. So he signs Weeden, wants Jared Alan and has hosted Melton to sign…Only 8 million left including signing draft picks?

    Wow..Just Wow…

  21. He won’t even make it through camp, it’s merely like somebody else stated a backup at best. Orton comes back and Weeden is out the door

  22. Weeden should have been the 3rd stringer in Cleveland too. That is why Chud and Norv Turner got canned. They pushed him as the #1 QB. For 30 years old Weeden has a lot of football maturing to do. You never flip the ball 15 yards.

  23. Wow! They should provide Romo with Titanium pads because if he gets hurt and WE DONE plays Dallas is S C R E W E D!

  24. It seems innocent enough, but if Romo is unable to go at the start of the season, Weeden is one hit on Orton from being in the game. And considering that Orton has pigeon droppings on his shoulders because he’s already a statue, that would be more likely to happen than not. So you should be praying intensely that Romo is ready.

    If Weeden ever does get in the game, I want to see what kind of meltdown Dez Bryant has after the first 3 Weeden throws in his direction are intercepted.

  25. hahaha. Antonio, Orton, and now Weeden? America’s team is down for another while for sure.

  26. Here is what is going to happen..You will hear all of these great stories about him in training camp and how dazzling his arm can be and some will even be suckered into this thinking. If Weeden ever starts for you, he better have 1:36 seconds to throw the ball and even then he will struggle hitting the guy. He will throw lasers at guys 5 feet away, slide at the 25 to end the half, throw into the stands on 4th down with the game on the line, or flip the ball from 35 yards away. Expect batted down passes by the boatloads, not be able to hit a screen, have touch or be able to put any air under the ball. He will have a deflating and depressing presence when he enters the field so make sure your teammates are jacked up on PEDs. Other than that he will do good for you guys. Keep him away from flags!

  27. This much reaction to a player who at best will be a 3rd string QB (unless Orton retires) and received basically the league minimum (2 years/$1.2 M) with no bonus (read no guarantees).

    Dang it’s good to be Jerry Jones and the Dallas Cowboys. Just remember there is no such thing as “bad press”. If they’re talking about you, you matter!

    Love it!!!

  28. I’m amazed that players like Weeden collect millions of dollars for being terrible and guys like you and me who do our jobs well will never see anything close to a million.

  29. Can someone please explain something to me, weeden throws for 14-17 td-int and a 72% qb rating, geno smith goes 12-21 td-int and a 64% qb rating yet wedden is a “bust” and smith is “promising”.

  30. People crack me up on here already bashing Jerry and company. This is a third string QB in Dallas that they got dirt cheap in case Orton decides not to come back. Not to mention they are not planning on grooming this guy to be Romos replacement just back up. Lets see how Jerry does with either Henry Melton or Jared Allen. Our D line is a much more important concern than a back up quarterback right now. Besides that can any of you cowboy bashers name a really good quarterback out of cleveland in the last 25 years. Quarterbacks go to Cleveland to die or just fade away and this poor guy had the really bad luck of being drafted and then forced to start for this team.

  31. Wow, 75+ comments about a team signing a 3rd string QB. Amazing how many people are obsessed and jealous of a team that has been so mediocre for several years.

  32. Just because LeBron left the state of sadness to become a winner doesn’t mean it will happen for you too, Brandon.

  33. The Cowboys are planning on converting Weeden to defensive tackle or outside linebacker. A project, of course.

  34. GIants, Redskins, and Eagles fans should take a moment of silence and be thankful for the Cowboys GM. That team will still get lots of prime time games though.

  35. Dude had a deer-in-headlights look on this face all the time in Cleveland – but at least he’s a true American going to America’s team…que the 4th of July pic of him dressed up

  36. Well, as a #3 QB with some experience, that didn’t cost much, how can you really knock it? He’s likely one of the best #3 QB’s in the NFL now. Simply an insurance policy for a worst case scenario for Dallas…no more, no less.
    As for the writer that questioned why with similar stats Weeden is called a ‘bust’, while Geno Smith is labeled ‘promising’…it might have something to do with the fact that Smith is probably 7-8 yrs younger than Weeden.

  37. From strictly a financial perspective, Dallas will pay veteran minimum to Weeden ($570K in 2014 and $660K in 2015) while Cleveland pays him $2.1 million . . . pretty cheap for a potential back-up QB (if Orton retires).

  38. Look on the bright side, Cowboy fans. It could have been Tebow. That “Flail Mary” can’t be any worse than 80% of Tebow’s tosses.

    And besides! Third stringer! Hang on to Orton. He did pretty well in that last game.

    Developmental project. Weeden might even get cut in camp.

  39. I mean, I get that the FA QB’s available right now are pretty bottom-of-the-barrel. But Weeden is the dirt underneath said barrel.

  40. He might be as old as Orton, but he doesn’t have the same skill set when it comes to subbing for Romo.

  41. As a member of Chip Kellys Bleeding Green Nation even I have to say..Why all the hate on the signing of a 3rd string option behind Romo and Orton?..Ware was a over-paid,oft injured,wrong side of 30 player who refused a pay cut,who just got over-paid by a concussed John Elway

  42. I’ll never understand why Jones won’t get the hell out of the driver’s seat? He’s spent twenty years mired in mediocrity trying to prove it wasn’t Jimmy Johnson who built the Super Bowl winners of the 90’s.

  43. What, Jerry passed on Colt McCoy?

    What does this say about J. Campbell, M. Vick, B. Quinn, V. Young, T. Tebow, J. Freeman, Patrick?

    Titus Young or Devon Bess next?

    Maybe Jerruh is sharing medication with Jimmy Irsay?

  44. Arrogance has brought down men far greater than Jerry Jones… and eventually, arrogance will bring Jones down too. He won’t EVER allow himself to be forced out of the GM position. The harder people push, criticize and call for him to step down the harder Jones will push back. He is too arrogant and self important to do anything else. There is one thing, and only one thing, that will convince Jones that he’s the problem; empty seats in his palace of a stadium. Until then, well, we can forget about a real football GM making the once mighty Dallas Cowboys a contender again…

  45. Weeden was picked ahead of Russell Wilson. Browns n Cowboys are going no place soon. Jerry Jones? Brandon Weeden is Rick Mier reborn.

  46. Don’t worry Brandon. You’re not the first QB to fail in Cleveland. They haven’t had a winning QB since uhhhhh, Can you pass me some of what Irsay is taking. It may help my memory.

  47. There is absolutely nothing wrong with signing Weeden. Though his time on the field hasn’t gone exactly as planned, Weeden has definitely shown that with the right time in the pocket, he can get the job done. In Cleveland the Offensive line was anything but solid, so Weeden could never get comfortable. Give him a chance Dallas.

  48. There is absolutely nothing wrong with signing Weeden. Though his time on the field hasn’t gone exactly as planned, Weeden has definitely shown that with the right time in the pocket, he can get the job done. In Cleveland the Offensive line was anything but solid, so Weeden could never get comfortable. Give him a chance Dallas.

    Well according to Pro Football Focus the Browns have had the 5th ranked offensive line in both of Weeden’s seasons. This year he had two top 5 players catching passes at their positions in Gordon and Cameron so how much more help does he need?

  49. I’m NOT a Cowboys fan (or a Browns fan either).

    But Weeden is a back up and that is what they signed him to be.

    Romo is their starter.

    Having a backup who is 30 yrs old (meaning more mature than a 22 yr old kid) who has started 20 games in the NFL is better than say what the Broncos have in Brock Osweiler.

    Brock, in 2 yrs in the NFL has made a TOTAL of 20 pass attempt and zero starts…

    So, do you want Brock as a backup or a 30 yr old who has started 20 games as your backup?

    I didn’t say as your teams starter. I don’t want him as my starter either but as a backup, a team could do worse…

    Hell, Ryan Mallet of the Pats (who I thought had a chance to be a good QB) has been in the league for THREE seasons and he’s ONLY attempted a total of 4 passes, all in 2012.

    He did not attempt even ONE pass last season.

    Again, give me Weeden as a backup over these types any day… as at least Weeden has seen live bullets, planned, practiced and prepared to be the starter…

    Weeden has attempted 784 passes to these guys 20 and 4 career pass attempts…

  50. Tom Landry, and Gill Brant must be turning over in thier graves. Jimmy Johnson as to be laughing is a$$ off. I’m a football fan and each of us are or we wouldn’t be fooling around on this site. So, in all seriousness I really feel sorry for Cowboy fans. The deserve so much more than this stupidity

  51. SMH on this one. Weeden does come cheap but they still have Orton on the roster and have only been keeping two QBs on the 53 man roster. Does it mean Orton is gone and Weeden becomes a less expensive backup?

    Talk of Weeden eventually starting is silly.

  52. I don’t believe this to be a bad move. I think more teams should think like the Packers have in the past. A starting QB, a veteran backup and
    a young guy with a big arm. The young QB can learn slowly and work on his weakness. Jeff Hostetler when asked why he a mid- round draft pick was successful when a top five pick Todd Blackledge ( who beat
    Hostetler out of a staring job at Penn State) replied that he was afforded a 4 to 5 year apprenticeship. Blackledge was thrown into
    a staring job on a bad team.

  53. It’s not like the Cowboys signed him to be a starter. Chill out a little bit. Jerry Jones could sign a top quarterback (Rodgers, Brees, Brady etc.) in their prime and people would still be like “See?? I told you!! Jerry doesn’t know what he’s doing. That was a terrible signing!!! Those guys aren’t THAT good!” He seriously can’t win with non-Cowboys fans and a growing number of Cowboys fans. Downplaying anything and everything Jerry Jones does.

  54. Dude has all the physical tools in the world and that’s why he was signed… The problem is between his ears… He can’t process plays fast enough and is continuously making the wrong call at the last moment. Can’t teach IQ.

  55. Jerry misses his old pal Al, so he’s invited his shade to spend the next several years “helping out” in the Cowboys F/O. What a pal! Be proud, Dallas, be proud. (*giggle*)

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