Darrelle Revis: What better place to win than New England?

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The Patriots officially announced the signing of cornerback Darrelle Revis on Monday and the new Patriot spoke to the media on a conference call.

Revis said that he and Bill Belichick have spoken about Revis calling the Patriots coach a jerk in 2012 when Revis was still with the Jets and that bygones are bygones. Revis said he’s excited to play for the coach now that the two of them are aiming for the same goal. That goal is a Super Bowl title, which Revis called the primary motivation for his decision to play for Belichick and the Patriots.

“My thing is all about winning. I want to win. What better organization than the New England Patriots to be a part of?” Revis said, via Mike Reiss of ESPNBoston.com.

Revis will be well compensated as he tries to win with $12 million coming his way this season. Next year will bring either $20 million, free agency or a long-term deal from the Patriots and getting a ring next season wouldn’t hurt his payout in either of the latter scenarios.

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  1. well if its all about winning darrelle..why not take a page out of brady’s book and take a discount so they can go out and get more piece…#SELFISHMONEYHUNGRYOVERRATED

  2. The Minnesota Vikings…duh.

    We have 4th best overall winning percentage in the NFL

    And the most division titles in the NFC North with 21.

    We control the NFL

  3. The idea that Revis cares a whit about winning is a laugh.

    He’s about every last cent. Which is fine. Some people would even say it’s smart. But for the love of God, please don’t say you care about winning. You don’t.

  4. It has been a decade since the last time the Pats won it all so………………maybe it isn’t the best place to win.

  5. Cue the haters…….

    Being a Patriots fan it comes with the territory but it does get bothersome seeing all the insecure people flood every single post about the Patriots with envy and whining.

    The Patriots just signed the best corner in football and he’s excited to go from the Jets and Bucs to a perennial Super Bowl contender. Revis is just excited and rightfully so.

  6. He’s not the player he used to be. Too much money for one player that only touches the ball 4 times a year.

  7. Revis will have to fly to Baltimore to get a workout. Just wait until Revis finds out that Tom Brady can only throw the ball over the middle to the slot receivers or Gronkowski.

  8. Not sure why Revis chose New England.

    It’s not like winning Super Bowls is important.

    He could have totally played in Minnesota and cashed checks.

    Cool thing about Minnesota… No pressure to win titles! Easy money!

  9. The addition of revis n browner makes that secondary much stronger talib was always overated all the pats need know is a wide out and a healthy gronk they will beat broncos n be back in a super bowl

  10. Well in order of Superbowl winners

    NY Giants
    Green Bay
    New Orleans
    NY Giants again
    Pittsburgh again
    and then New England.

    Those places win too Darrelle.

  11. Patriots lost the last two superbowls because of the defensive secondary. I think this is a great addition. Revis will see what the Patriots are really about and will sign a long term deal mid season.

    I am glad that he is a Patriot. We needed a CB of his caliber. HE will make Browner, Dennard, Ryan better Corners as he will make our WRs better. IS IT AUGUST YET??

  12. This should get interesting..very very quick…I mean him playing against Geno/ryan/sanchez…dunno if he can play the silent deadly role PATS normally play

  13. That’s why Revis holds out every year, because he cares so much about “winning”.

  14. Better hope they keep Wilfork! Without him no ones needs to throw, just run up the middle all day long. I dislike the Pats, but Wilfork is their best defensive player by a long shot. Dude takes up two blockers every single play. He is a great leader, and a real difference maker. Good fronts, make good secondaries, not the other way around.

  15. Seattle, San Francisco, New Orleans, Carolina, Denver…

    Seattle yes, San Fran hasn’t won sonce the 90s, New Orleans is a stretch, Carolina has never won, and Denver hasn’t own since the 90s.

    For all the tough talk about the Patriots lack of Lombardis since 2004 the haters aren’t doing a great job of coming up with better alternatives. Even Seattle spent eternity being awful until this year.

  16. Since the start of 2001
    3 Super Bowl titles, more titles than any other team in the NFL
    5 AFC championship game wins
    8 AFC championship game appearances
    Division titles every year but two
    8 seasons out of 13 with 12 or more wins
    .760 winning percentage, more by far than any other than in that time frame

    There is a good reason why Shannon Sharpe called the Patriots the “gold standard franchise of the NFL”

    What better place to win indeed.

    Too bad inferior fans who cheer for inferior teams will never know how that feels.

  17. You have to remember he has helped every other team he’s been on win a bunch of games, hasn’t he????? Oh, wait a minute, he didn’t – hmmm maybe it’s him!

  18. Correction – 3 Super Bowl titles, more titles than any other team in the NFL in the last 20 years

  19. I wonder if the deal he signed with NE will make him a free agent after 16 games are played. Seems like need make himself available to the highest bidder during the playoffs for a Super Bowl push.

  20. .

    Since 2001 the Patriots have missed the playoffs twice. Getting into the tournament always proceeds winning it. Belichick builds his team to be highly competitive every year. He doesn’t believe in going all in to win one year and then follow that up with a pair of 8-8 seasons.


  21. This just in….Denver nor San Fran have won a Super Bowl in over a decade either….I can list the rest that haven’t either if necessary …since that’s whats hot on the streets
    On the streets

  22. Of course NE is the place to be if you want to win. Most dominant franchise of the past 13 years. In the hunt every year which is way more than what any other franchise can say. You fools who say “they haven’t won in over a decade” need to actually think before you post. Your argument is they haven’t won a super bowl in a long time and then you just compare them to the most recent winners, like that is some indication of who is more likely to win this year..newsflash, no team is repeating SBs so who are you to say who will win this year. Point is, the Pats are the only team for the past 13 years who have put themselves in a position to win every year. Seattle? Was seattle even pursuing him. Either case, you can’t say for sure Seattle will be like they were last year given some of the departures and zero proof they’re going to consistently compete every year. Pats are assured to compete for a SB…like it’s 100% going to happen. Who knows what Seattle will do? They may but they may not..who knows? This is their first year to show consistency. Pats already have that. SF? Why the heck would he go there..they haven’t won anything nevermind only becoming relevant the past few years. Again, nothing compared to the Pats. There is really zero argument here. That Pats and the Broncos are the closest thing to a sure bet. None of these other teams come close, and just throwing out your home team as a better option for Revis is stupid, 1) bc your team doesn’t compare to the Pats consistency (fact not opinion) and 2) you can’t even confirm your team was in the hunt for Revis anyway.

  23. I look forward to seeing how the retooled Patriots match up with the Super Bowl champs.

    The Pats held their own against the Seahawks and the 12th man in the fall of 2012. If the Pats have the secondary they do now…Wilson doesn’t complete that late game bomb to Rice and it’s a different result.

    Maybe in February. We’ll see.

  24. I, for one, love reading all the comments from the Pats haters and it’s perfectly understandable. New England has AVERAGED 12.5 wins per season for an entire decade! All of you would trade places with their fans. I don’t even know what team is 2nd but I’m sure it’s not even close. So yes, Revis is correct: no other team wins like the Patriots.

  25. If he’s so good why do teams right after they have had him for a year or two want to get rid of him so bad?

  26. How man times have you seen the Patriots embarrassed or scared the way the Broncos were embarrassed and scared in this year’s Super Bowl? The loss to the Ravens in 2009 comes to mind but even that was 31-14. Opposing owners, GMs, coaches, players and fans are obsessed with the Patriots, Belichick and Brady. Belichick gave Manning and the best offense in football the ball to start overtime this year. That’s right, Belichick trusted the 2013 Patriots defense all you haters continually mock to stop Manning when a touchdown would have won it without the Patriots even getting the ball. Bill just added Revis and Browner to that defense and he’s getting a bunch of injured players back as well.


  28. REVIS: “My thing is all about winning. I want to win. What better organization than the New England Patriots to be a part of?”

    TRANSLATION: “The New England Patriots paid me the most money.”

  29. Last I checked, 1 winner, 31 losers.
    Every single season.
    All you can do is be in the mix as regularly as possible.
    Laughable reading some of these posts.
    Remember a few years ago when the Packers and their young QB were gonna roll off a bunch of SB’s?
    How’s that coming along?
    Things can and will happen during your quest to repeat in 2014, Seattle.

  30. Also, BB is the best coach in the league…again fact not opinion. pretty obvious choice for any guy who wants to win a SB. Trying to hold the “they haven’t won in over a decade” argument against a team who has won the most games of any team the past 13 years and been to 5 SBs in that time, never-mind multiple conf. championships, is just a sad argument to try and make. It’s like telling Muhammad Ali he sucked in his prime..completely baseless and asinine.

  31. he’ll help the pats no question. however, i’m quite skeptical about how much. their d has been and was garbage last year.

  32. Patriots still need a pass rusher and a big fat defensive tackle like in the old days a la ted Washington, Keith traylor mold

  33. In those two SB Losses the Patriots had to the Giants, let us recall that the Pats had the lead with around 3 Minutes to play in both cases, the defense let them down. Guys like Revis and Browner can only help.

  34. Also, Revis did just “want to win” bc his offers were going to be the same wherever he went. They were all going to be MAX contracts, so to speak. He wouldn’t accept anything less. So it was really a matter of what team who offers me my max contract has the best chance to win? Pats, no question.

  35. ANYONE who can’t appreciate what the Patriots have accomplished since 2001 is truly a moron. Five SB appearances & three championships??? No other team has come close to that in a LONG time. This is a team that was one game away from being undefeated. Luckily the Giants ruined that.

    Look…I hate the Patriots & quite frankly I’m sick of them BUT as a fan of the game I respect their success. They win the division every year & every year they have a chance to win a SB.

  36. “A far better place is DENVER!”

    The Broncos played scared in the Super Bowl and now they are signing scared in free agency. Elway admits he thinks about the Patriots in every move he makes.

  37. It’s just so hard to fathom that the so called “best corner in the league” will have played for 3 teams in 3 years and quite possibly a 4th in 4 years after this season with NE. Perhaps having the best cornerback in the league is a bad problem to have.

  38. I will say this–the Patriots were 30th against the run last year & their D-line is a mess right now so teams that can run the ball are going to hurt them.

  39. In those two SB Losses the Patriots had to the Giants, let us recall that the Pats had the lead with around 3 Minutes to play in both cases, the defense let them down. Guys like Revis and Browner can only help.

    It will also help the Patriots to have refs that actually call the other team for fake injuries. It was disgraceful that what went on in both SB games was allowed to continue.

    Those two losses bothered me back in the day but now I just shrug my shoulders at them. I just can’t blame the Patriots for losing to the blatant cheating that went on in both SB games. I don’t lose any sleep over that. Why should I? Any team that fakes injuries like the Giants did gets zero credit from me for beating my team.

    It is also interesting to note the Giants position in the standings since they stopped the practice. Coincidence? #nah

  40. Have you seen the QBs in the AFC L east?
    Sanchez, EJ Manuel, Geno Smith, etc.

    They could have gotten any average CB and stuck him on the field and still finished with a high win count and home game in the AFC Championship.

    The Patriots should be saving up for moving up in the draft and taking a QB. They need somebody that can throw outside the numbers.

  41. The pats will not win a title this year that much is clear they dont have the front seven to give them the edge come playoff time plus brady is gettin old n has lost his deep ball ability plus he has no elite wr to throw too a bunch of mediocre skill players on offense, a good qb, and a good secondary will take u places they have proven that it just wont get u ALL the way (which they also have proven)

  42. will say this–the Patriots were 30th against the run last year & their D-line is a mess right now so teams that can run the ball are going to hurt them.

    This is a passing league now. Given a choice – and knowing my team sees the likes of Peyton Manning, Aaron Rodgers and Andrew Luck next season – I’d rather see them be good at stopping the pass over the run.

  43. “My thing is all about winning. I want to win. What better organization than the New England Patriots to be a part of?”

    Did Revis just say that? Seriously.

  44. Should have taken care of Vince first. The Revis message of not taking care of your own will trickle down.
    Pound the rock and watch Kraft’s $$ go up in smoke.

  45. Ya, that makes sense..no video = no SBs..they just have gone 18-1, 12-4, 13-3, 14-2 etc since then. So you’re implying they still videotape enough dominate the league but then decide not to during the SB..nice try. Again, jealousy.

  46. New England has had the best record over the past decade. Not to mention they have been to 7 Superbowls in the last 20 years…he has a point so don’t get emotional.

    I’m a NYG fan, no relation.

  47. It’s been 9 or 10 years since n.e. won a sb, but the jealousy is as fresh as if it had happened yesterday. The best part is when the current players/coaches retire, the winning philosophy will still be the same, nothing will change.

  48. Et tu Darrelle?

    I knew this would happen when we traded him and I saw the 16mil a year deal where he could be cut with no cap hit.

    Also I can’t get mad at an athlete who chooses to go for the most money. Football players only get one or two big contracts, only a portion of the $ is guaranteed, and they can get tossed aside like trash. All those factors along with the high probability of injury which will impact future money making makes it impossible for me to get upset when players choose $ over “winning”. Here Revis gets probably both. As a Jets fan I wish him the best but hope his team stinks.

  49. guys…listen, you don’t win by running the ball anymore.

    Look at how NE beat Denver last year. The Broncos has almost 300 yards in rushing and STILL LOST the game.

    I would rather a team that has a QB like Manning, Rodgers, Brees, Luck, etc. to run first. Go right ahead…and you’ll end up kicking for 3 at most that way.

    The D Line will be effective enough even if Wilfork is no longer here. Sheeesh.

    And to the other poster that said Revis isn’t worth the money for 4 touches a game? Really?

    That is exactly what we want!!!

  50. The Patriots fans think Bill Belichick is the best coach in history. How’d he do in Cleveland?
    Revis has always been all about himself and money, so this is funny. Why has NE been so dominant in the AFC East? The other teams in the AFC East haven’t had quarterbacks, and NE has had one of the best in history. When Brady retires, I highly recommend Bill Belichick retire. If it takes NE 5 or 10 years to find another franchise quarterback, so much for the best coach and best franchise in history.

  51. it’s all about money, let’s get that clear.

    having said that, the Revis on the Pats is a scary thought. he makes them better period

  52. This is a win now league. The Patriots haven’t won a Super Bowl in a decade, it’s a stone cold fact. No one is hating, no one really cares about the past. Darrelle Revis isn’t bringing a time machine with him to jump the team back to 2004. He’ll play hard and will earn his money and New England will be a contender, how could they not in their cupcake division?

    The Pats are a great team who have accomplished a lot in the last 15 years, but let’s not forget that they play in a division where three other teams haven’t been able to find consistency in the most important position in over 10 years; QB. It’s not their fault that three other teams haven’t had luck with their QBs, but let’s not act as if this is the greatest dynasty of alltime, because it isn’t. But it’s in the discussion at least and most teams can’t say that about their favorite team.

  53. Charlie Sheen says 12mill is Winning. Pats couldn’t get past the Broncos who got annihilated by they Hawks. I don’t see Aggrevious changing that.

  54. Kinda sorry for the pats fans always getting beat in the big games these past 10 years. Very good against those low level division teams but I do think the jets and dolphins (as pathetic as they are) beat them last year. I believe the broncos got crushed in the superbowl but had no problem handleing the patriots either.

  55. It’s so funny that jets fans make fun of N.E. because N.E. hasn’t won a SB for 9 or 10 years….jets fans, 45 years and counting, hopes dashed year in, year out. As for denver, they won’t win a SB with the 20m/yr. choker at the helm.

  56. Same as last year, Broncos beat Patriots in Mile High. Only difference is that while Patriots, and their fans, watch the super bowl, Denver wins the super bowl! Pass me the remote Mevis.

  57. Meh, it’s pretty easy to understand why there is so much dislike for NE:

    1). They blatantly cheated on 3 Super Bowls, were caught, and got a slap on the wrist.
    2). Both their HC and QB constantly display poor sportsmanship.
    3). They always play in a terrible division and this has coincidentally had an effect on their “success”.
    4). The Legions of bandwagon fans crawling out of the woodwork but can’t understand 1-3.

    Not rocket science, Pats luvers.

  58. Peyton Manning isn’t winning anymore SBs.He’s gonna go into that 1st playoff game next season and all he’s gonna hear is”43-8″ & “Legacy”. He’s ripe for another one and done

  59. Love the fact that The Revis is now a Patriot and he can poison the team when he reverts to Mevis sometime in late September.

    Jets had the best years of his career and brilliantly traded him for DROY.

    But most important they aren’t spending $16 m for a CB you gotta be nuts to do that nowadays.

    Patriots have no Def line and the Jets and other teams will run it down their throats again, how well will Revis help out then???

  60. Lmao.. Whoever says Denver is a better place to win is either stupid or just isnt paying attention. Not only did we beat Denver last year with every injury in the book during the regular season, but the Broncos have won nothing with Peyton Manning as their quarterback. You have a quarterback that has a sub .500 record in his career in the playoffs and that is the king of choking in tge big games. Congratulations!

  61. Bash smarter, not harder. Seriously, I wish more of the trolls would sprinkle in a morsel of fact. It makes for better reading.

    Ya, this is funny coming from Mevis. Maybe he figures, since he already has more money than God, that winning games might be a priority.

  62. I am a real loyal Pats fan. All these morons trying to find an angle to dump on this signing are really sad, pathetic souls. If any team in the league signed Revis, the fan base would be walking around with full heads of steam. Also, can anyone name a more consistent winning team since 2001…..crickets…Denver idiots all of a sudden act like they were not insignificant for most of the post Elway time period same as Seahawks….give me 10 good years and we can talk.

  63. Since the NFL merger in 1970, the Pittsburgh Steelers have compiled a regular season record of 363–235–2 (.607) and an overall record of 394–253–2 (.609) including the playoffs, reached the playoffs 25 times, won their division 20 times, played in 15 AFC championship games, and won six of eight Super Bowls. They are also the only NFL team not to have a season with twelve or more losses since the league expanded to a 16-game schedule in 1978….. #ijs Numbers don’t lie

  64. Since the NFL merger in 1970, the Pittsburgh Steelers have compiled a regular season record of 363–235–2 (.607) and an overall record of 394–253–2 (.609) including the playoffs, reached the playoffs 25 times, won their division 20 times, played in 15 AFC championship games, and won six of eight Super Bowls. They are also the only NFL team not to have a season with twelve or more losses since the league expanded to a 16-game schedule in 1978…… #ijs numbers don’t lie

  65. The Patriots fans think Bill Belichick is the best coach in history. How’d he do in Cleveland?

    He did quite well in fact under the circumstances.

    Took a Browns team that was a one trick pony – literally, they had one player worth anything, their QB – and made them into one of the best teams in the league and won a playoff game.

    Then Modell pulled the plug on them the following year. Can’t blame belichick for losing games with a dead franchise walking.

    Anyone who thinks Belichick was a bad coach in Cleveland is uninformed. That was simply not the case.

  66. Great list of other teams (hakunamangata) but only two teams have been in position to win it more than once in 10 years, The Giants and the Pats. The Giants are not nearly as likely to get there in 2014/15
    So DR made the right choice if he wants a better than average chance of getting to the S.B.

    Discipline, depth, versatility, team = Patriots!

  67. To all the “weak division” talk out there, I say that only 6 of the 16 games are against teams in the same “weak” division. The Patriots do seem to win against teams outside of this “weak” AFC East division.

    We’ll have to wait and see if your teams are still playing football or playing golf in January of 2015!

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