Eagles agree to deal with safety Nate Allen

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The Eagles are bringing back one of their fixtures at safety of recent seasons.

The club announced Monday it had reached a deal with strong safety Nate Allen, who started all 16 regular season games in 2013 for Philadelphia.

Allen, 26, has recorded 262 tackles and six interceptions in four NFL seasons. He has made 54 regular season starts in that span.

Malcolm Jenkins, whom the Eagles signed early in free agency from New Orleans, is likely to start at free safety next season. Allen, Earl Wolff (six starts in 2013), Chris Maragos and Keelan Johnson are the other safeties currently on the roster.

22 responses to “Eagles agree to deal with safety Nate Allen

  1. Nate had a solid year especially when he teamed with the rookie Wolfe. This is a solid resigning and another quiet good move by Kelly/Roseman.

    It became clear to me on Friday night that Kelly controls everything that is unfolding with our EAGLES. This is his show. These are his signings. He made a point of mentioning he is getting his “pieces” (his words) in place.

    This is coming together quicker than anyone expected.

    In Chip We Trust

  2. Philly is a city where its upstanding citizens lock the elderly and homeless in their basements so they can steal their Social Security checks. Why would anyone want to return to this city unless they are participating in these shenanigans?


  3. That doesn’t mean he will start. The Draft will produce another safety to add to the mix. Fret not. In Chip we trust!

    The Birds will add another CB, OLB, DT, and WR in the Draft.

    Eagles/Broncos in the SB!

  4. Good move. I would much rather have Allen in the fold than two safety’s who are brand new to the system – he knows the system and played decently well last season.

    It’s an excellent insurance policy. Wolff showed flashes but was often injured. Maragos was clearly signed for special teams. Jenkins is a clear upgrade over Chung, and it gives them flexibility where they don’t have to reach for a safety in the draft.

    We won’t have the best safety tandem in football, but it will atleast be improved from what we have seen over the last few years.

  5. If he was a playmaker on special teams or had any in-Nate (HA!) football skills, I’d be fine with this security blanket/low cost move @1yr, 1mil.

    BUT I have looked for this guy to deliver* on even a semi-consistent basis and just have not seen it on the field.

    *be in position to help on deep passes and make an adjustment on the ball, not just get lucky on a deflection or up-for-grabs bomb

    *put a body on body tackle on an RB that gets around the edge, not just be seen in the replay entering the camera’s view during the last few frames

    *Act like you’re a starting safety and don’t seem like a big mope all the time. (to be fair, that may be just opinion)

  6. Good move. He overcome a really bad injury (patellar tendon) and then the chaos of last year’s coaching chaos to play very well this year. Now they can have some competition at the position, which will make everyone better.

  7. so I guess there is an eagles fan that is going to keep posting idiotic ideas and statements on every single web page.

    first it was logicalvoices for the skins.
    then the vikings got themselves a dilusional idiot too,,

    we could have done without you dragging our name in the mud.
    have a sniff of reality and cut the cable for your keyboard..

  8. nate allen is not a bad player like people seem to say look at the last couple of years different coach every season Eagle fans are too excited about that safety from the saints that guy did not get let go for nothing

  9. Good move. If you look past the idiots on the radio that don’t know a thing about football, he had his best year. Good insurance policy:

  10. I like how the notion of paying a safety 9 mil/yr is seen as absurd but when the Eagles pay one safety 5.5 and the backup upwards of 3, oh that’s just business as usual. Double standard. Pun intended.

  11. Wolfe could be injury prone and there is a good possiblity that neither Pryor nor Clinton-Dix will be available at #22 so this is an okay move. I liked Deon Buchanen at the combines he had good hip movement. If anything though he may have a little too much muscle. Safeties need cardio as much as anybody on the field and the more oxygen needed for the extra muscle, the less to the brain, heart and lungs.

  12. I like this. I think Allen will have a break out season like a good 2nd round pick should. Def. backfield will not be a problem next season. However, pass rush might be unless they make another deal. With 22nd pick, its unlikely they can fill that need.

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