Griffin likely to shed brace in 2014


Last year, Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III spent the season after ACL replacement surgery wearing a bulky brace.  This year, the brace apparently will be disappearing.

“I think it’s safe to say I won’t be wearing the brace,” Griffin told Tarik El-Bashir of on Monday night.

Griffin pointed out that he shed the brace the year after his ACL was repaired while at Baylor.  But he added that a conversation eventually will occur between the team’s trainer and his doctors.

Griffin struggled to recapture the explosiveness of his rookie season, possibly due to the large, clunky apparatus aimed at protecting and stabilizing the knee.  Without it, he’ll be at risk of further injury.

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  1. Yes but he can’t shed the biggest hindrance to his career : the jerk who owns the team – you are what your record says you are

  2. I’m not necessarily a Redskins fan , but I am a Robert Griffin III fan ;
    I’d really like to see him return to form the season. His rookie year was absolutely spectacular , perhaps the greatest rookie season ever by a quarterback. Conversely , his second year fall was stunning in its breadth ; I for one think that with a new coaching staff , he’ll return to greatness.

  3. If the Griffin struggles next season or suffers a serious injury, the trade to move up for him will start to look like one of the worst trades in NFL history..

  4. Griffin wouldn’t have had the brace in the first place if he had been less of a prima donna and tried to play like an actual franchise QB instead of taking all that contact while trying to do it all himself…..

    wow what a waste of talent, he had the potential to be a megastar…. after having both knees tweaked and not learning from the league, he’s got a 50-50 shot at best of being a real QB in the NFL now… chances are he floats a couple of years and is out.

    and for the 10,000th time it is proven: scramblers are not real QBs in the NFL

  5. As an eagles fan I must admit, the kid has talent. But he has been mismanaged and 2 acls on the same knee is real bad. One more big hit might put him out for good. Maybe the redskins will come to their senses and trade him if he has a good year to recup those draft picks to help the team. The D is horrible and offensively they don’t have much so they rely on a gimmick offense.

  6. How many 1st rounders did they give up for this guy? Always seems like there are excuses for him, “large clunky apparatus”, whats the excuse next year when they realize he is a 1st round bust and time to cut their losses.

  7. I love the RG3 h8rs. Just because he is faster, smarter and has a stronger arm than your quarterback is no reason to get so upset. Not everyone was born to be a Heisman trophy and rookie of the year winner. H8rs h8 but WE BELIIIEVE!!! HTTR!

  8. I feel pretty confident that IF he can withstand the media scrutiny, he’s going to have a good year and begin to develop into the long term successful qb we all thought he was after his rookie campaign…..most qb’s start to “get it” in year 3, and really hit their prime in years 4-6 or 7….. Time will tell, but he asked for the media circus & now he has to live with it!

  9. If the Eagles re-sign Mike Vick, he could compete with Matt Barkley to be a back-up of no envisioned or intended significance, assuming he wants to win.

  10. I will be so happy when this worthless waste of a player is finally booted or carried out of the NFL for good.

    He’s EVERYTHING that’s wrong with modern athletes– all ego, all about me all the time, yacking it up on twitter 24/7, a terrible teammate, coach killer, buddy buddying with the clownish owner, all flash and dazzle and no substance or character whatsoever.

    “Be gone vile creature! Be gone!”

  11. This young man is very, very talented. But sadly his body type and style of play don’t mix well in the NFL.

    Ever since that playoff game I’ve wondered if he could benefit from adding a few pounds of muscle to his lower half. He just looks thin in the legs and while it no doubt benefits his speed and elusiveness I wonder if he wouldn’t be better off long term to beef up a bit and run only when it’s necessary.

    But I’ve always thought the same about Kaepernick and so far he’s been injury free. But then again he doesn’t have the same talent as RG3.

  12. Luck should have won rookie of a the year. They Simplified The Offense For RGme. Luck ran with the whole thing. Threw 3 X’s the passes RGme through. He is not flashy as RGme is all. RGme is small, frail and won’t hold up in the NFL.

  13. Despite the awful year last year, RG3 actually got a bit better at going through his progressions. The main cause of the problems on offense were the pathetic offensive line (arguably the worst in the league at pass protection) and RG’s atrocious accuracy. We know he was obviously a lot more accurate the first year, and poor accuracy can generally be attributed to poor footwork, so hopefully his accuracy returns to form without the brace. To all the RG3 haters out there, you’re setting yourselves up for disaster….he’s a smart, hard-working guy, and while I might be drinking some kool-aid, I don’t think he’s gonna be down for long.

  14. Sooner or later, running QB’s end up the same way. They take a bad hit and are never the same.

    Kaepernick has been lucky to avoid a bad hit.

    Neither Kaepernick nor RG3 are better than Andrew Luck or Russell Wilson.

  15. It amazes me that an exciting player in the NFL gets so much hate. why do all of you hate on him so much? Wishing, making fun of or predicting he will be hurt right away again I just don’t understand. i happen to believe he is a very good dynamic exciting Qb. I guess hate equals jealously.

  16. Like Bob Seegar said in his song ” Turn the page”. Shed the brace but inbrace the haters. They are the fuel for the drive that will take you and your teamates to another level. RGiii just remember with this many haters you can’t fail.

    P.S. – To the haters what is left to say when he shreds the league next year?

  17. RGme has a bad attitude. Not every pass is poetic. Stop dropping to your knees and raising arms to the sky. Let your play do the talking. Be a leader. .take accountability for your mistakes. Stop blaming others.

  18. Even in a down yr and with a subpar supporting cast Robert performed as well as Kap, Wilson, Cam, and Luck. All this while rushing back from a significant injury AND no traing camp/preaseason to home his skills. There is only one young QB that has a firm leg up on Robert, R. Wilson- he’s the only one who helped his team reach it’s ultimate goal. Robert will rebound from a so-so season. HTTR!!!

  19. I’m very indifferent towards RG3 and the Redskins. I really don’t care if they win or lose. But I do think RG3 has talent. Him and Shanahan were a poor mix. They were too much alike. Gruden will help. And getting some confidence back this off season will also bring RG3 back to form. I think he’ll be pretty good for a few more years, but until he learns to stop taking some of the hits he has in the past, I don’t think he’ll last that long.

  20. Fact: Washington has gotten the better of the Rams trade (thus far). 1 playoff appearance to Zero.

    Fact: leaf, Carr, and Couch never led their teams to the playoffs, let alone they’ve never been their teams’ best player.

    Fact: Robert was voted Captain by his teammates which dispels the notion he is a bad teammate.

    Fact: shanahan coached two horrible seasons BEFORE Robert arrived, which dispels the notion Robert is a coach killer. 3 losing seasons in 4 yrs won’t cut it.

  21. This is the first time I’ve heard his name in the league new year, that’s a good thing. I hope RG3 cand bounce back and have a long productive career. He was fun to watch his rookie year. I’m a Niners fan and when we played them last year, the defenders actually felt bad for him at a few points. I couldn’t believe the pounding he was taking. If he can stay healthy, there’s no denying how dynamic Griffinis.

  22. Kap and Wilson, great supporting casts AND coaches. Luck inherited a perennial playoff team, that tanked when they lost their franchise player. While Luck is a great young talent, all Indy needed was was a good QB to return back to form. All 4 would succeed in SF AND Sea without a shadow of doubt. IMHO all 4 would succeed in Indy too, that franchise is well run, Irsay mishap notwithstanding. Only one would succeed in Washington, and he is Robert.

  23. Shehawks fans are crowing at a higher decibel level than the pumped-in artificial crowd noise at their stadium. This is because they know the struggles of other random teams and players are all they will have to celebrate while the upcoming Vikings dynasty teams are dominating the NFL and winning Super Bowl after Super Bowl.

  24. It’s too early to judge RG3’s potential. It takes over a year to recover from the kind of injury he had. Especially getting hurt at the end of his rookie year, it hindered his next years’ camp and season.

    He will be better this season, both health wise, also Gruden is a good offensive coach.

    How much better? Can he handle the physical nature of the NFL? Nobody knows. He has a lot of talent if he learns how to use it he’ll be great for years. I hope he is. If he has another knee injury it could be catastrophic for his career. He has a lot to learn, last year was a slice of humble pie for him, hopefully he’ll learn from it and move on.

  25. Maybe the best thing to happen to RG3 is that he is the forgotten man while everyone talks about the supposed greatness of Russell Wilson and Colin Kaepernick, he will be able to work on his QB Drills quietly without any distractions and he will bounce back to have a very good season..

  26. Stop comparing Kap to RGME.

    From day one Kap has known how to slide and he’s only taken a couple big hits when he runs. He’s NEVER tried to take guys on like Robert does/did.

    Idiotic RGIII even had the balls to say he didn’t know how to slide? That should give all you skins fans all the info. about your star QB.

    Go ahead and look at his stat totals. And then realize that he is the king of checkdowns and dump-offs. His pass yrds per completion and per attempt are amongst the lowest in the league.

  27. RG3 gets as much negative feedback as Mike Vick and he did something a lot worse. I honestly hope he bounces back and has a good year. I’m rooting for both him and Luck, they’re fun to watch. Damn, I can’t wait til September..

  28. Can all those who criticize the Skins for giving up draft picks to get Griffin name one guy who the Rams chose with those picks? Neither can I. And can you tell me what year the Rams parlayed those picks into a division championship or playoff appearance? Neither can I, because they didn’t. Oh, and would anyone like to bet that RG3 will be the starter for the Redskins longer than Sam Bradford, whom the Rams kept instead of taking RG3 themselves? No, I didn’t think so.

  29. He should keep a lighter less bulky brace on the compromised injured knee and maybe add the same to the left knee.
    With the money he has and todays technology he should be able to have one custom made that he doesnt even notice when running.
    Luck wears one one on his leading left leg and it seem to affect his ability to run.

  30. Whatever RGMe wants, RGMe gets. Let’s disregard that going into his 3rd year in the NFL he has already had his ACL repaired twice. Let’s disregard the fact that if he doesn’t wear the brace, he runs a higher risk of having a third torn ACL, pretty much a death knell to players. So long as RGMe can increase his stats, that’s all that matters. His long-term health & ramifications for a team that dealt away a lot of picks for him comes secondary to what RGMe wants.

    In all seriousness, I can understand the knee brace explaining why he wasn’t great running the ball last year. What excuse does he have for his atrocious passing? Last I checked, the knee bone isn’t connected to the arm bone. It’s all about learning how to throw the ball with accuracy, young man. It’s not about running around like a Pop Warner QB.

  31. This Diva and crap organization belong together like illogical voice and a padded cell. BOOK your TEE TIMES now boys! Can’t wait for shanahan to wreck this season too…RG2 1/2=8-8

  32. And just like he won the Heisman after shedding the brace, he shall return to MVP form this time.


    Can’t shed the HATERS though.

  33. seems like a lot of people follow the skins! every article theres a ton of comments from all over. a kid wrecked his knee, and had an average year after 2 seasons of no cap for help. everyone busts on him for not running a 4.4? RG3 has that much talent, and had a bad year. imagine whats gonna happen to that dude in Philly now that hes on film! that decaying hole of a city’s gonna flip

  34. Everyone is killing this guy because of last year. He was coming off of a major injury and still made it for week 1. Lets see how he does this year.

  35. It’s funny how Russell Wilson is no longer considered by PFT posters as a QB who can run. It used to be Griffin, Kap and Wilson put in a group. Now it’s Griffin and Kap in one group and Wilson is compared to Luck.

    Basically, folks just want to make the argument that “guys who can scramble can’t win.” And when Wilson won the SB, it destroyed their argument now they are changing the terms.

    BTW, I KNOW that Seattle didn’t just play read option and they had Wilson drop back. But that’s how the offenses of Washington and SF are moving as well with their QBs. The fact that a guy can scramble doesn’t mean you have to run him every down. He can still drop back and run selectively.

    Honestly, football fans on the Internet are the worst at playing one or two stereotypical statements over and over and over again. Anyone who doesn’t see that new types of QBs in the league are legit really just don’t understand football…do you think Russell Wilson would have even been given a CHANCE ten years ago?

  36. nemesder says:
    Mar 17, 2014 9:22 PM
    People forget how good he was his rookie year
    Perfect example of why a team shouldn’t risk giving up all those draft picks for 1 player.

    Besides, the team who drafts Manziel will get a bust once the defenses in the NFL get a hold of him and busts him up.

    Get rid of the ego and the running around and you have a better chance of have a good career.

  37. We are doomed. Accept it skins fans. Keep thinking a knee brace is what makes this kid miss wide open receivers.

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