Jets, Saints, Seahawks all in play for Sidney Rice

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Eric Decker may not be the only free agent receiver the Jets sign.

Sidney Rice, who was cut by the Seahawks last month, is drawing interest from the Jets, according to Ian Rapoport of NFL Network.

But the Saints — who have been far more aggressive in free agency than most expected — are also interested. And the Seahawks would still like to bring Rice back at the right price.

Rice was a Pro Bowler early in his career with the Vikings, and shortly after the lockout ended in 2011, Rice signed a five-year, $41 million contract with the Seahawks. But in Seattle he didn’t become quite the player the Seahawks were hoping for, and last year he managed just 15 catches for 231 yards and three touchdowns.

Although Rice has been limited by injuries in the last few years, he’s only 27 years old. If he can get healthy for 16 games, he could be a significant addition to some team’s offense. So it’s not surprising that multiple teams are interested.

37 responses to “Jets, Saints, Seahawks all in play for Sidney Rice

  1. dissappointing that this dude falls off so hard when he doesnt have a good qb throwing to him. but that wont be a concern with drew brees so just go ahead and send him to the whodats, i guess well get him a superbowl ring if he wants it so bad

  2. What not Dave Gettleman and the Panthers? The minute the Seahawks cut him, the talk was about a homecoming, since he’s from Spartanburg. Since then, there’s been no contact and the Panthers’ team has been decimated.

    Guess Rice would rather cook elsewhere.

  3. Again with the “Jets overpay” nonsense. When’s the last time the Jets overpaid for a free agent? People just like to attach every negative trait an organization can have to the Jets, regardless of whether or not it actually applies. Does Idzik seem like the kind of guy who throws money around? We started out with 40 million in cap space and still have most of it left. We’ve signed two free agents total at positions of need.

    Yeah, what wasteful spending.

  4. the “jets overspend” noise is a product of them allegedly being in cap hell the past few off seasons imo. just a myth fabricated by the jets idiot beat writers.

  5. I would like to see Rice come back to the Seahawks with the right contract in place. If not, it’s going to be a little awkward if he goes to another team with a 12th Man tattoo on his chest.

  6. Glad to see Rice is onto green pastures after leaving the most pathetic franchise in the history of the NFL #orings #4SuperBowlLs

  7. No ones gonna throw on the pats. I agree. But everyone will run it down your throats. No d line. Another pathetic decision to let a veteran go in wilfork. I can’t wait for my jets to play you pats.
    The gap is closing. And you know it.

  8. Rice isn’t stupid… He knows last time he played well was with another future HOFer @ QB in Favre… My money is on Saints/Brees winning the Sydney sweepstakes..

  9. Sidney Rice had one good season. A year in which he and Brett Favre developed some unbelievable chemistry and they both made the pro-bowl.
    He was injured before that year, has been injured since that year, and it will be amazing if he is able to turn that one season into yet another 10 million plus payday.
    Buyer beware!

  10. Rice grew up in Gaffney, SC, which is 50 miles from Charlotte. Why the heck aren’t the Panthers (who have no WRs right now) at least making him an offer?

    Rice can play, when he’s not hurt. He got a nice payday from Seattle based on one good year in 2009. He’s going to have to get used to the fact that until he puts up another banner year, he’s not going to get the kind of money he was hoping for.

  11. The Saints aren’t getting ‘extra cap room’…they simply have the best front office in all of football.

  12. Sidney’s only played 16 games twice in his career. In 2009 (Favre’s career best season) Rice broke 1000 yds and had more than 50 receptions. In every other year of his NFL career, he hasn’t gone over 1000yds, hasn’t had more than 50 catches and hasn’t had more than 10 td’s. If anybody signs him for more than veteran minimum, they’re overpaying. He should be charged with felony theft for the money he stole from the Seahawks already.

  13. That is one WR we let them have because of not playing up to contract worth..

    The other, we shipped off to them for some draft picks.

    Both of whom haven’t played near enough snaps to warrant what seattle paid or gave up for them.

    If percy actually stays healthy, and plays a whole season and contributes to a super bowl win in feb 2015, then yeah, it was a good trade for seattle. But the amount he’s been on the field so far, and his past history. Makes him actually look as bad, if not worse than cindy.

  14. Rice can make great catches,….BUT! He went down early in the season and wasn’t especially missed during the remainder. Its true that Tate, was the primary go-to guy after Sidney’s injury, but I like Kearse and Baldwin, every bit as much. If we don’t get Rice back, and its for sure I wouldn’t give him premium money, I won’t be sorry. Get a decent pick in the draft and move on.

    Sorry Sidney, but you just don’t do it for me, like Angry Doug and Chop Chop.

  15. I think Sidney Rice has a chance to do well in New Orleans. Seattle runs an extremely efficient offense, but I don’t think it fits Sidney Rice’s style all that much. Too many of Seattle’s big plays are a result of a combination of a broken play, and Russell Wilson’s ability to make something happen.

    I’d love for Rice to come to New Orleans where he’ll have a chance to revive his career.

  16. Without the strong arm of Lord Favre throwing the ball downfield, even when healthy, he’s just another average NFL WR.

  17. Rice would do well with the Saints – until they got killed again by the Hawks.

    My guess is he’ll resign with the Hawks.

    Best organization in football.

  18. Lots of Talent and hope he does well in FA………Would like to see him back with the Hawks as he is a big receiver and would do well, if remains healthy. He does have that issue, however. A one year contract to “prove it” will be the order of the day regardless in who he signs on with.

  19. he had one good year with a certain HOF to be quarterback , who just so happened to have his best season ever in purple lol ! he has to have another HOF type q b or forget it . add that he probably wont make a full season in any of the contract yrs .

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