Jim Irsay charged with four felony counts of possession


Colts owner Jim Irsay remains in jail after this morning’s arrest, and the charges continue to mount.

According to Kristine Guerra of the Indianapolis Star, Irsay was charged with four felony counts of possession of a controlled substance, after police found several prescription drugs in pill bottles in Irsay’s car.

Police said they found Schedule IV prescription drugs in his car. Schedule IV drugs are on the lower end of the substance abuse spectrum, according to the DEA’s guidelines, and includes sleep medications and Xanax among others.

Irsay admitted in 2002 an addiction to prescription painkillers, and some within the organization have worried about his recent behavior.

30 responses to “Jim Irsay charged with four felony counts of possession

  1. This explains some of his ridiculous tweet over the past few years. I’m serious, not kidding. They sounded like the rants from an unstable or intoxicated person.

  2. He traded Trent Richardson for a 1st round pick, I think we were all worried about his recent behavior

  3. Should be going to the slam, will likely get probation and community service.

    Jail is the only way these rich guys learn. If you give them the belief they can buy their way out of a situation, they will keep acting like it.

  4. Wealthy addicts are the worse. Slap on the wrist from law enforcement and the NFL.
    You or me, 10 years.

  5. all the “crazy” tweets could have been the buildup and he could have actually been sober… then he just lost it… it’s easy to sit back and make fun of people on the internet until its you or somebody close who has a problem… hope he gets the help he needs

  6. Its about time this dude gets what he deserves. If you ever look in his eyes you can totally tell he is a druggie and a mess. He always looks like he has had a long night in Vegas. He is just out of control. As an owner you cant be doing these things. How is this gonna reflect upon your players?

  7. It doesn’t matter who you are when it comes to addiction. Throwing a first time offender suffering from a substances abuse problem in jail never fixes the problem. Treatment is the best solution.

  8. People need to stop bashing him for the 1st round pick for Trent.
    The colts had a low 1st round pick due to them being so successful and making it deep in the playoffs. This was a gamble, but it was a low risk high reward type of gamble. A scene of scenery from the browns to a winning franchise like the colts with a very good young QB would have made wonders for Richardson, and was probably a logical move to add a bigger running game to complement Luck’s arsenal who was missing a star running back.
    It did not turn out to be good, since he still played like a bum. Anyone else in that position would have made the same move.

  9. Worst part of that Richardson trade is Indy’s unquestioned best RB (Donald Brown) is now in San Diego.

  10. Daddy’s little boy. Another affluent brat who had everything handed to him at birth and believes he’s earned it.

    Guillotines were invented for scum like this.

  11. It still amazes me, marijuana is schedule 1, but all these drugs that can kill you are schedule IV.

  12. Sound like he already bribed the cops. “Take the pills, but can we work out a $deal$ on the blow?”

  13. Thank goodness he was busted with white collar drugs. Heaven forbid he’d been busted with crack. That would make him evil.

    And of course that’s sarcasm. But it’s interesting how some people make judgements about drug addiction based on social class and the types of drugs. Obviously it’s all the same, it’s all treatable. The big issue is getting the person to admit that something is broken.

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