Jim Irsay released from jail


Colts owner Jim Irsay is out of jail.

The Hamilton County Jail, located about 25 miles from Lucas Oil Stadium, released Irsay just after 1:30 p.m. Eastern. He had been in custody for a little less than 14 hours, after he was arrested at 11:41 p.m. Sunday. Irsay faces one misdemeanor count of operating while intoxicated and four felony counts of possession of a controlled substance.

A haggard-looking Irsay was escorted out the front entrance to the jail facility and into a waiting BMW, as documented by Indianapolis Star reporters on Twitter.

Irsay, who has previously sought treatment for an addiction to prescription pain medication, is expected to face discipline for violating the NFL’s personal-conduct policy.

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  1. The league wanted to suspend Browner for a year when he wasn’t even in the league for missing drug testing. This should be a $1mm fine and a year suspension. The league made Jolly stay away from the Packers and countless others. Let’s see what Goodell does now with a man who signs his paychecks.

  2. Never have been able to grasp addiction. Know many that have passionately embraced it. It is a sad, sick world!

  3. Get some help Jim, this isn’t time to pile on! Addiction is very scary, pay your debt to society, this could happen to anybody, don’t use your money to hide the problem!

  4. I don’t care if he’s an addict or not, no justification for driving like that. And now after he’s fleeced the taxpayers to fund his stadium, he’ll get off with a slap on the wrist while some other poor average Joe will get convicted and locked up for the same thing.

    Irsay is not a victim.

  5. Looks like the Richardson trade finally got to him. So many Browns castoffs, looks like the Colts have inherited the bad Browns juju.

  6. Honestly this could end up being the best thing that ever happens to him. He is lucky he has not killed anyone while driving. If he continues then one day he could wake up in jail and not be allowed out for a decade or even longer.

  7. NFL does not treat addiction as a disease. Imagine if they got a 4 game suspension for having the flu.
    He made a choice to take drugs (you know it’s more than pain killers) and he should pay the price, just as anyone else would be expected.

  8. John Moffitt gets vilified yet this blowhard is going to suffer zero consequences because he’s obscenely wealthy.

  9. I wonder why 4 counts of felony possession? Does that mean more than one drug, or somehow multiple counts for one drug? Just curious I guess.

    I guess I have a hard time with the “cry for help” reasoning that has been put forward. If the man knew he had an addiction, which his past confession says he did, he had/has all the resources one can dream of to get that help.

    Glad there wasn’t a crash.

  10. Here’s hoping you get well Jim. Addiction is no joke. The end of addiction is jail or death. #truth

  11. By a definition, sure addiction is a disease. But addiction is a self inflicted disease, he scrambled his brains, not anyone else, he alone can choose to unscramble them. This man is with over a billion dollars, he can hire 50 people, at 50,000 a year, to be with him 24/7 and stop him from choosing to do anything reckless. Those who get addicted are selfish and self entitled brats. Sure, you’re going to feel like absolute crap for 3 months, and you won’t start feeling normal for about 1.5-3 years, but as i said, you dig your own grave. Irsay rants on twitter about how hard working he is, well work hard at not being a junkie and a drunk. Unleash the wave of irsay white knights.

  12. DUI for a rich man is nothing, I drive a truck for a living, I would lose my job, maybe the house. Fines should be relative, if my fine is $10,000 his should be $10,000,000. then again the donations to politician would be cut by these rich idiots.

  13. A haggard-looking Irsay was escorted out the front entrance to the jail facility and into a waiting BMW.

    Sounds like another case defended by Affluenza…

  14. Educated guess is that the ‘four counts’ of felony possession is for four different drugs in an amount constituting a felony quantity for each. Possibly a quantity activating an ‘intent to deliver’ amount, even if there was no intent on his part to do so.
    It was very fortunate for him that, if he were going to get behind the wheel in that alleged condition, that he didn’t kill or injure anyone else. I doubt that Irsay is an evil man, and I’ve never believed in kicking someone when they’re down, so I would hope that while he deserves punishment if he is found guilty, he also gets himself straightened out…

  15. From the Nation Institutes of Health: More than three decades of research supported by the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA) has proven that addiction is a complex brain disease characterized by compulsive, at times uncontrollable, drug craving, seeking, and use that persist despite potentially devastating consequences. Addiction is also a developmental disease; that is, it usually starts in adolescence or even childhood and can last a lifetime if untreated.

  16. I hope he eventually understands how lucky he is to be alive when his story might have ended like Philip Seymour Hoffman’s. It is an illness on par with any other for the havoc it causes. He looks just as ill as anyone suffering through any other horrible illness. And his chances of getting permanently well? Not great. Feel sorry for him. He may be very wealthy but clearly he is very very unhappy.

  17. Disclaimer: I am a recovering addict. I’ve been clean for 6 years now.

    I’m also certified to be a drug counselor in New York State. I know all about this…but there are still no excuses for getting behind the wheel while you are all messed up.

    So don’t give me B.S. about that.

  18. Love hearing everyone pulling for this guy but don’t mind kicking a player when he is down for getting in drug trouble.

  19. he could draw a lot of inspiration from how Scott Hall and Jake Roberts turned their lives around. one wanted to die and the other was near death; both are now clean and sober. AA is no joke.

  20. How can the NFL fine an owner? The owners don’t work for the NFL, the NFL works for the owners. The comparison of players and owners, in lieu of fines and suspensions, doesn’t and shouldn’t apply here. People may say it’s a double standard, but its due to the fact that the NFL doesn’t have rules pertaining to owners, so they are not held to the same governance that the players are held to. So to say they have to pay the same, or in percentage to, as in fines/suspensions is just absurb. Allow the justice system to do its job and fine him or charge him accordingly. Whether we like it or not, players, GMs, front office personnel are not the same as team owners when it comes to league rules.

  21. Just goes to show ya, even smart educated business owners can get DUI’s, license suspended all that..

    Doesn’t mean your a tool, just means mistakes happen. Hopefully coach Pagano can give him a ride to work

  22. If a player were suspended 4 games he would lose 4/17s of his annual pay. If Irsay is suspended with the league have the guts to take 4/17s of the Colts share of league revenue (media rights and merchandise in particular)? I doubt it. It would be a move that weakens the commissioner’s popularity with the owners. So look for a slap on the wrist fine of not more than 1 million or so.

  23. Hope he gets the treatment he needs. As for the league, they need to suspend him for a year and fine him at least 1 million…maybe 10 million.

  24. This is a time for tough love. Feeling sorry and making excuses for this guy only enables his adiction. Support his treatment but do not tolerate any more excuses.

  25. Why should i feel sorry for Irsay? He is going to get slapped on the wrist for it. ALL because he is RICH. Other people here in Indiana did the same thing. And they got prison time for it. All because they couldn’t afford a fancy lawyer to get them off. He knew he trouble with pain killer and alcohol in the past. He should have cont. getting help. BUT he didn’t though. I have a feeling that is the reason his wife left him.
    Yes NFL should punish Irsay over this. They punish players for this. Owners isn’t no better then the players.

  26. Waaaah poor arrogant rich guy born with silver spoon in his mouth, gets in trouble for doing lots of drugs and putting innocent bystanders at risk, by driving under the influence. He will get a slap on the wrist for this, while any of us would lose our jobs, house, etc. Tell me again why anyone should feel sorry for this guy.

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