Jim Irsay still in jail, can post bond and be released this afternoon


Colts owner Jim Irsay remains in an Indiana jail this morning and will likely have spent about 14 hours there before he is released.

Authorities told WISH TV that Irsay was arrested at 11:41 p.m. Sunday and that the earliest he could be released from Hamilton County Jail is 1:30 p.m. Monday.

Bond for Irsay was set at $22,500, and he is expected to post that bond this afternoon.

Irsay was arrested in Carmel, Indiana, which borders Indianapolis. He faces four felony counts of possession of a controlled substance and one misdemeanor count of operating while intoxicated.

49 responses to “Jim Irsay still in jail, can post bond and be released this afternoon

  1. plea bargain upcoming. Plead guilty to driving while impaired and all other charges dropped. The state will not want to spend the $$$ necessary to convict on all charges with the chance of getting nothing. Lots of high dollar lawyers involved in this.

  2. His punishment should be : moving the team back to Baltimore,deleting his twitter account and being made to sit in the stadium seats for all 16 games.

  3. Hard to believe this idiot would end up in the sneezer. Can’t wait until he starts tweeting about it.

  4. He should sign Kenny Britt. If nothing else, he would have a driving buddy for the off season.

  5. I can only speak from my personal experience, humiliation was the thing that got me to seek help. I pray Irsay levels his pride and gets help.

  6. irsay is going down a dangerous path for his life and buisness…he needs to start the recovery process by deleting his twitter and giving temp control of colts to his son…

  7. No sympathy!! Idiot. Perfect line from the movie Liar Liar. Jim Carrey advice to a client who was in jail for robbing a store. Don’t break the law ***hole!!

  8. Someone wanna explain why possession of a controlled substance is a felony but a DUI, which puts countless other people in danger, is a misdemeanor?

  9. When a billionaire who owns the local sports franchise gets arrested in his own town… you know the cops have given him a bunch of breaks (before finally arresting him).

  10. Since when is any dui a misdemeanor ?

    Sounds like the local cops doing what they can to minimize this.

  11. Man…I live in Manhattan and I am not a billionaire but I still pay people to drive me wherever I go.

    This guy can afford to pay a driver on retainer for triple my salary. In a much nicer car than a Ford whatever taxi I take around town.

  12. Bud Adams was fined $250k for flipping off the Bills fans. (And they deserved it!) By that standard, Irsay should be fined more than double.

  13. It’s Irsay’s buds, the other owners that will decide his “punishment”.

    When that is out of the way, they will then tell Goodell what to say as to what the “punishment” is, and Goodell will do as he’s told, and then continue to collect his “pay” check.

  14. his bail is low because he is not a flight risk. your buddy caught with a dime bag im sure has less to lose if he were to skip town.
    the upsetting part will be when he gets away with a fine and community service. whereas you or i would at the very least be on probation paying for drug tests for the next decade. on top of fines, comm service and possible jail time.

  15. Rather than making an ass out of the guy, I’m hoping he can get things fixed in his life.

    I’ve been down that road, minus the wealth.

  16. Irsay said not too long ago that he hadn’t had a drink in 15yrs. I live in Indy and I have seen Irsay out and about as recently as last summer. I couldn’t believe it was him. He’s about 55yrs old but looks 75. And he was drinking when I saw him.

    I think he isn’t going to make it long term.

  17. He had enough money to pay people not to tell him the truth…look how far that got him..hope he gets the help he needs to see his next birthday..

  18. My guess…painkillers. He has already done (at least) one stint in rehab for painkillers. And the word here in Indy is he had an issue with the booger sugar as well when he did his previous rehab stint. He needs to get himself right. Dude is a wonderful owner (twitter aside). Not afraid to spend money. Players love him.

  19. “Denial” is thinking you don’t have a problem, and addiction is the reason.
    Hope he gets help!
    If you haven’t had a family member or friend die this way, please hold your breath!

  20. He suffering from a bad case of AFFLUENZA. Growing up entitled makes you thing you are invincible & untouchable.
    This will all be swept under the NFL rug in Goodells office.
    Only answer for this addict rock bottom. Then he may realize he’s quite ill.

  21. I think it was Jesus that said “Let him who is without sin cast the first stone” seems pretty clear Irsay is having problems. Sooooo I wonder what we should do? Does seem like we have a lot of stoners here, I guess that is how they treat their buds who have problems. Easy Does It.

  22. Fines should be based on your monetary worth that way the law is as reachable to the wealthy as to us ‘regular’ people. If Irsay has to pay fines in the millions then maybe it would have an effect on his behavior. If they are even in the tens of thousands it will truly mean nothing to him to get out of trouble. Its likely his affluenza will keep him from jail time.

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