John Elway enjoying the “arms race” with Patriots


As Broncos General Manager John Elway checks off his offseason shopping list, there’s no doubt who he’s thinking about.

Elway admitted after finishing his deal with wide receiver Emmanuel Sanders that the Patriots were in his mind with every move he made this offseason.

“You always know you have to go through New England. With their track record over the last 10 years, they’re a team you’re going to have to be able to deal with,” Elway said, via Lindsay Jones of USA Today. “For us to get done what we want to get done, you have to be able to beat them. It’s a fun arms race, and we’ll see what happens next year.”

The Patriots responded to losing to the Broncos in the AFC Championship Game by bringing in cornerback Darrelle Revis, but the Broncos have bought in bulk, stealing Patriots cornerback Aqib Talib along with defensive end DeMarcus Ware, safety T.J. Ward and Sanders.

“You have your wish list, and we’re fortunate enough, . . . we were able to X off a lot of guys off our wish list that were able to come here,” Elway said. “We want good football players that are going to be here for a long time. The basic [idea] is to get as young as we can with the best player we have.”

Of this offseason’s signings, only Ware is on the wrong side of 30. But as long as both teams hang onto their quarterbacks who are well into that decade, the effort to stockpile weapons around them will continue.

54 responses to “John Elway enjoying the “arms race” with Patriots

  1. Clearly an older team with an aging QB going for broke with a win now agenda. Elway is taking the only approach that makes sense for Denver.

  2. “Arms race…? Remember when Kellen Winslow was crushed for using a military metaphor to describe acts on a football field? Of course you don’t because it took about 5 minutes for it to be OK again after he was slammed.

    But we were at war. The fact is we are at war and have been at war for the better part of 2 decades. If it is OK now, it was OK then, but only Winslow got criticized.

    RANT 2: Funny how nobody connected the dots between the MASSACRE AT THE MEADOWLANDS and the criminal acts involving alcohol, of the front office personnel of the Broncos. They basically got a pass for behavior that would have gotten players in serious trouble.

    On second thought, maybe the Super Bowl was punishment enough.

  3. Major upgrades on defense, no denying it. But it takes more then 8 points to win the super bowl

  4. Have fun, Johnny. Your wallet will be demanding an explanation in the next few seasons. Belichick just said “checkmate”

  5. Does it really matter neither the Pats nor the Broncos are winning the Super Bowl so have fun spending all that cap space.

  6. He sure didn’t enjoy the “football game” he had with the Seahawks. Maybe the Broncos can enjoy winning paper football in March.

  7. It’s refreshing to hear an executive use adjectives like ‘fun’ to describe his job. With an attitude/atmosphere like that (along with Payton, of course) it’s no wonder top FA’s want to go play there.

  8. Belichick really gets into the head of his opponents. That’s a huge advantage.

  9. Don’t kid yourself Elway. Patriots flat out beat you in this so-called arm race. Better secondary, better receivers, all while you had a headstart to be making moves. Enjoy getting blown out by us this season.

  10. Small mind, the Hawks and that vaunted NFC west should be what is on your mind. I will give him this Peyton does make a lot of parts around him better and clearly Elway is lapping in it, once Peyton is done oh boy.

  11. So they had an offer for Allen, and when Ware became available they yanked the deal and gave it to Ware. Doesnt that mean that Allen was on their wish list, and not Ware???

    They offered a deal to DRC, who declined. So they offered a deal to Revis, who declined, so they offered the deal to Talib who accepted. And you expect me to believe Talib was on their wish list??? There 2 biggest moves were Plan C at CB and Plan B at the pass rushing spot.

    Get real. They made some good moves, but are they significantly better than last year??? I think they are slightly better, but not significantly better. Talib and Ward are upgrades, no question. But Phillips had like 11 sacks last year and they paid him like $2mil. So they signed Ware, who will get them 11 sacks (just like Phillips did) at 500% the cost. So I dont see any gain there. And on offense, they lose their best pass protector at the RB position, they lost Zane Beadles from the offensive line, they lost Decker and gained Sanders. That looks to me like a net loss on offense

    Meanwhile, New England (who was only 10 points behind Denver) has made significant upgrades. Revis/Browner are far better than Talib/Gregory, they will have Mayo and Tommy Kelly back from injury, Edelman returns, Gronk is back from injury, added LaFell… I would think that the defensive additions/players returning from injury alone closes the 10 point gap. It will be very interesting to see how it plays out on the field.

    My comments are based strictly on the 2 teams on paper, the game on the field could go either way. But for Elway to suggest that all of their moves were a case of them getting the guys they wanted, who are they fooling?

  12. No matter how much the “Dream Team West” adds, it will always fall short because the qb never brings his A Game when it counts the most.

  13. He’s going to conveniently take another gig when this all comes crashing down on them in 3 years. For his sake, they better win a SB after all of this obnoxious spending.

  14. I’m loving that he’s only paying attention to NE that’s going to really end up biting him bc neither of those teams will be making the Super Bowl. Both teams are regressing while others are getting better.

  15. Not sure how these two teams have all this money to buy players thinking it is an automatic Super Bowl win, hasn’t worked out to well so far.

  16. Ah the media just can’t get enough of the Geldings. Paper champions. The only thing bigger than Elway’s teeth is his ego.

  17. This is what 2 desperate teams do when in desperate situations. When will teams learn that money can’t buy love or championships!

  18. Actually, Revis and Buttfumble, your speaking of the plans in sort of a revisionist way. Allen was on their wishlist until Ware became available. I can’t think of anyone who would place Allen over Ware.
    DRC wanted a contract that was too much for the Broncos. When it became clear he wanted Talib money, they got Talib instead. They investigated getting Revis before that, but it’s clear they wanted a long-term guy (Talib signed for 6 years) and Revis ended up signing to the Pats for 1.
    Also, pretty good read on the improvement list except- Philips got most of his sacks playing the Will LB. He was filling in for Von Miller who was suspended and then injured but is coming back healthy. Ware is more closely replacing Robert Ayers… And I think we can all agree, that’s a huge gain.
    As far as the loss of Beadles and Moreno, Denver may be looking to sign another interior lineman, but even if they don’t, they have Ryan Clady coming back from injury, and he’s going to majorly improve any line. Moreno was the stronger blocker early on, but Ball came on late in the season.
    Both teams are going to be better this year. But the Broncos made some huge moves all over the field. We’ll see where it goes from here.

  19. tommy2shoes says: Mar 17, 2014 9:01 AM

    I’m loving that he’s only paying attention to NE that’s going to really end up biting him bc neither of those teams will be making the Super Bowl. Both teams are regressing while others are getting better.

    Really, “regressing ” based on what?
    Again, stupid. Both these teams had big injuries last season especially NE. Both teams are getting those players back and both teams upgraded there secondary. What part of that is ” regressing”?

  20. Meanwhile, New England (who was only 10 points behind Denver) has made significant upgrades. Revis/Browner are far better than Talib/Gregory, they will have Mayo and Tommy Kelly back from injury, Edelman returns, Gronk is back from injury, added LaFell… I would think that the defensive additions/players returning from injury alone closes the 10 point gap. It will be very interesting to see how it plays out on the field.
    Oh, you failed to mention the players the Broncos get back from injury. Ryan Clady, Chris Harris, Kevin Vickerson, Rahim Moore. All starters last year. So not only did we add Ware, Ward and Talib, we get those guys back as well. We will see you on the field.

  21. And Denver will have back Von Miller, Chris Harris, Ryan Clady, Derek Wolfe, Kevin Vickerson, Rahim Moore.

    Dont tell me that wont make Denver better too. Add a center or guard (Ramirez can play both) and a linebacker or two and Denver is set. Remember this was a top five defense not too long ago.

  22. They could sign the Good Lord himself, but with manning at the helm…choke. Legacy? choke. Elway is, once again, trying to buy that ring for manning, and it’s not going to work.

  23. Peyton Manning will never win another Super Bowl unless his defense wins it for him like it did the first time he won. It’s pretty simple. Peyton is a massive choker and a paper champion. Brady is a proven winner and has a higher chance of winning again, but neither the Patriots or the Broncos are built to defeat the teams like the Seahawks or the 49ers. Baltimore can defeat those teams because they have that style, but they still need to get their offensive line right before they can win again.

  24. With the joke of a coach and choke of a QB they have they are clearly going nowhere.

  25. Plus this year is much harder for them as they play a very strong NFC West vs last year when they played the very weak NFC East. They’ll win 10 games this year, maybe 11 and they’ll have to play on the road come playoff time.

  26. Whether or not these moves will eventually help win a Super Bowl or not, no one knows, but for anyone who says these moves hamstring the Broncos in the future are just being ignorant because they definitely DO NOT. Read the actual contracts terms and conditions and look at the Broncos future cap situation before making such ignorant claims.

  27. Denver may go 1-3 to the nfc west, if they’re lucky. No way they escape niners hawks n cards. They may beat the rams, however don’t count out rams d either.

  28. denver does no worse than 2-2 vs nfc north. Ill take the 2 losses and the lessons theyll learn from playing that division. Come playoff time it will pay dividends

  29. HAHAHA SMELLWAY, arms race with New England, meanwhile back on the field, all the additions to both of you, and neither one can run the ball and sustain it for 60 minutes… So the arms race is to see who gets to get out of the AFC, to get their ass handed to them in the Super Bowl by the NFC….

  30. A whole lot of angry/emotional comments. I guess they can thank the anonymity of the Internet as, I suspect, most of these commenters would never embarrass themselves by speaking this way (illogically and thoughtlessly) in person with friends/family/coworkers.

    Elway’s comments were refreshing and correct. He’s having fun spending big money to try to put together a SB team as well as respectfully drumming up the big AFC rivalry (Broncs-Pats). What’s wrong with that? And recent and factual NFL history shows nearly every year the Patriots are in the AFCCG or SB. Of course being able to beat the Patriots is a consideration.

    As of right now the Broncs and Patriots are the two favorites for the AFC crown (with a couple of others definitely worthy of mention). Of course anything can happen in the 2014 season but these two being among that small group of favorites is a factual and indisputable reality.

    As to which team, the Broncs or the Pats, came out on top of the FA/building a better team race? For 2014 the Broncs did and I think it’s pretty clear (with the understanding the team building is far from over for every team). The Patriots definitely put together the better secondary (their secondary may be scary good, while Talib is very good I am not as high on him as Elway apparently is). Yet that is just one area, Elway has added more parts to a bigger amount of areas. IMHO The Patriots have a weak receiving game (a superstar TE who is always hurt along with a group of WRs that doesn’t contain one that is a mismatch/potent weapon). But Elway has also put a lot more money into future commitments. I can understand Elway thinking “the time is now, I’m all in” but, IMHO, teams continue to make the mistake of committing future cap/big money on big names when their actual dollar for dollar cap value doesn’t pay off (see Washington and Dallas for example).

    For the Broncs, Pats and every other team, the building process really has just started. There are the mid to lower tier FAs which can be the much better dollar for dollar value. There is the huge importance of the draft (again the potential for great dollar for dollar value). And then there will be cuts become available that on occasion can provide extremely excellent value. So while the Broncs are the AFC favorites and the Pats are second (KC and Cinci are there too) right now, the question must be re-asked on September 1.

  31. I hope some guy pulls an Elway on Elway. The player doesn’t want to play in Denver and Elway picks him anyway and the player will take his ball and go do something else if he doesn’t get his way.

  32. The Broncos will only win 10 games next year; now that was funny! See ya at Mile High for another beat down Patsies.

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