Kevin Boothe visiting Raiders

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Justin Tuck might not be the only player making the jump from the Giants to the Raiders.

Free agent offensive lineman Kevin Boothe is paying a visit to Oakland, according to Mike Garafolo of FOX Sports. Boothe began last season at guard for the Giants and moved over to center in the wake of David Baas’ season-ending injury.

Boothe wound up starting all 16 games for the second straight season, but, like the rest of the Giants offensive line, his play slipped noticeably from previous levels. If he did sign with the Raiders, it will be his second stint with the team. Boothe was a sixth-round pick by the Raiders out of Cornell in 2006 and started 14 games with the team as a rookie before being waived and joining the Giants the next year.

A return to Oakland would put Boothe in the mix with Mike Brisiel, Stefen Wisniewski and others for jobs on the interior of the offensive line. His departure from New Jersey would leave the Giants with recently signed J.D. Walton, who hasn’t played in almost two full seasons,as their top option at center with Jim Cordle non-tendered as a restricted free agent.

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  1. Giants must think better of someone, because Boothe is a versatle player who rarely gets hurt.
    He still can play guard, and has value as a back-up.
    My 2cents.

  2. Come back Kevin!

    He was pretty good as a rookie (on an apocalytpically bad team). I seem to recall he was then cut loose because the perception was he was purely a power blocker, and wouldn’t be a fit in Greg Knapp’s zone blocking offense.

  3. pftoracle says:
    Mar 17, 2014 10:19 AM
    I would leave the Giants as quickly as possible also.


    No, you wouldn’t.

    If you were actually an NFL player, you would go for the highest compensation you could get, which is what most every player does except for superstars such as Tom Brady who have already earned so much money that they can afford to take less than they might get on the open market in exchange for the comfort of familiar surroundings, the chance to be on a solid team or the chance to play in a preferred geographic location.

    If the Giants or the Jaguars or the Redskins or the Buccaneers offered you $300,000 per year to sweep the floors at their training facilities and pick up dirty laundry you’d jump at it in a heart beat.

  4. I am still trying to figure out what the strategy was for the Oakland front office. Because it seems to me they decided to:
    1) Let the real talent sign in other cities.
    2) After the real talent is gone, bring in well known names
    3) Sign well known names to contracts that pay them twice what they are
    4) Sell tickets on name recognition

    Does that sum it up? More money to spend than the bottom 3rd of the league combined, and yet they managed to seemingly bring in nothing. If the Broncos ere able to bring in $50 million worth of players, when they had $25 million in cap space, what were the Raiders waiting for??? They brought in $20 million worth of players (which was about $10million too much) when they had $60million in space. They could have had Revis, Talib, Ward, Ware, Alberts, and several others. Just saying

  5. I think that anybody that was apart of that disastrous o-line last year……good riddance. I hope Oakland sign every player that damn near got Eli killed last year !!!

  6. Boothe is actually a good player. I would like to see him back, but Reese may move Pugh to Guard, thus making Boothe somewhat expendable.

    Good Run blocker, and can play multiple positions.

  7. I actually would try to bring him back. He´s a good versatile player, that could even start. Usually the Giants don´t miss a beat when he comes in as a replacement.

    Still not sure what the Giants intend to do with the center position. Boothe would give them some security there…

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