Lack of a cornerback a major issue for Rex Ryan


Jets coach Rex Ryan has always been upfront about the fact that he wants a shutdown cornerback on his defense. Ryan loved coaching Darrelle Revis, and Ryan was at his best as a coach when he had both Revis and Antonio Cromartie.

Now Ryan has neither Revis nor Cromartie. Nor any other top-flight cornerback. And he can’t be happy about that.

Ryan was believed to badly want the Jets to bring Revis back after the Buccaneers cut him, but he didn’t get his wish. Ryan’s Jets were also out-bid for the services of cornerback Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie, who signed with the Giants today.

According to Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News, a friend of Ryan said “Rex is pissed” about the team’s failure to land Rodgers-Cromartie or any other top cornerback in free agency.

Ryan is stuck with the defense that Jets G.M. John Idzik gives him. That defense won’t have a cornerback nearly as good as Revis this season, and barring something unforeseen happening it won’t have a cornerback as good as Cromartie, either. It’s easy to see why Ryan wouldn’t be happy about that.

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  1. This guys stacking the deck so he can fire Rex next year. If the defense implodes he won’t be such a fan favorite anymore. I personally would love Rex to replace Capers in GB. Not because i think Capers is bad, i just think Rex, as a defensive coor, is maybe 2nd – 3rd best DC in the league.

  2. Not sure if this if more of an example of Rex building his case for “Don’t blame me.” or why having a GM who didn’t hire the coach is a bad idea.

  3. Barring something unforeseen happening it won’t have a cornerback as good as Cromartie?

    Umm, there’s a good chance they bring Cromartie back. It’s been hinted at by both Cromartie and the Jets. Not exactly unforeseen.

  4. Hell yeah, it’s a major issue. His dad’s 46 got cracked by beating the corners – mostly on quick release passes.

    Buddy, Rex and Rob — all LOVE to pressure the hell out of the QB. And lockdown corners are essential to taking the front seven risks the Ryan family love to exploit.

  5. they are setting him up to fail again & then they’ll be sending him to the golf course for the foreseeable future

  6. John idZik is creating the team that will fail so he can fired Rex Ryan by mid season that way it can built his own team.

  7. Of course Rex could learn to coach those 4th thru 7th rounders to be shutdown corners, like some of the better coaches have.

    Then again maybe he needs to work on improving his scouting staff to find those diamonds in the later rounds. Somehow I bet Rex would love to have Richard Sherman and Byron Maxwell as his starting CB’s. A 4th and a 7th rounder…looks to me like the scouting dept needs an overhaul. Doesn’t the HC have a say in the scouting dept?

  8. Mehta has been essentially blacklisted and gets no access to Jets news, so he consistently makes things up. This has.gone on since his rat Pettine left. Yet the national media picks up his garbage and viola a story is born.

    When Idzik signs Cromartie the Jets will have the same defense with more depth at CB (via Patrick) than last year. Add in the draft and Decker and the team is again better than it was the year prior.

  9. He’s just starting his promotional campaign to keep his job when he’s 6-10.

    Laying the groundwork so the media will make sure in December that we all recognize what an accomplishment it is to win 6 games without a shutdown corner – despite the fact that plenty of coaches win 10+ games each year with some pretty average players in the secondary.

  10. I can understand Rex being pissed, but at the same time he has 2 CB’s on the roster that HE drafted in the first round in the last few years. If Those guys are a big issue Rex needs to be pointing the finger at himself before he gets pissed at Idzik. But certainly they need some better depth than they do now.

  11. Reminds me of the footage (LOL) of Rob and Jerry huddled around a cell phone inside JerryWorld waiting for a callback from Naamdi Asomugha that never happened. A sad Ryan brother is a beautiful sight.

  12. The Jets have a lot of holes. Ryan’s defense covered up a lot of problems that their offense had (see 2009-2010) and now his secondary looks slim. Even with that lackluster offense last year, his defense kept them pretty relevant. With glaring needs on both sides of the ball (QB, RB, WR, CB, both Safety positions) it’s gonna be hard to see him succeed. But if he gets canned, another team will swoop in and nab him. The dude knows how to get the most out of his defense.

  13. He has 2 first round picks at CB, I can understand why management doesn’t want to go invest more resources in that position. Coach up the ones you have.

  14. Also Manish Metah is the one who has this story so it should be taken with a HUGE grain of salt. Olbermann’s deconstruction of him and bad journalism in general is still a guilty pleasure.

  15. If I were the GM, I’d be doing everything I could to recreate the roster Ryan had his first 2 years getting the Jets to the AFC championship. Not saying bring back the same players but trying to get the same quality players. Minus the QB of course.

  16. Where’s Kyle Wilson? Tell us again how he was supposed to be a better pro than Haden!

    ““There is somebody that I really know well for a long time that basically said that he was their guy and they picked a lot earlier than us,” Rex Ryan said. “You can probably figure it out. That’s who he wanted and then after practice, I’m like ‘Yep. I guarantee you were right because this guy is the real deal.’”

    The only failure here is your inability to properly draft one Rex! Shut it!

  17. Look at the Giants, Broncos, and Pats. They are making the same high profile moves that people would give the Jets grief about. They are going away from the model you guys would claim made them great. How many holes did you guys think the Giants had when they went into their Super Bowl winning year. The Giants, Pats, and Denver can win their March Super Bowls.

  18. Let’s see, the Jets have 3 times the cap room as the Patriots, yet it’s the Pats that now have 2 fantastic free agent corners on their roster. Is the Jets GM just trying to give Rex Ryan a bad hand so he fails?

  19. A denver fan poking fun at a jet’s fan?? You got steamrolled by a freight train last month…go fix your team.

  20. Vikings are a horrible franchise. Zero super bowls and no one to play qb. Dead last in the nfc north

  21. Viking Dolphin and Browns fans ranking on the Jets, pretty laughable, none of those teams have 6 playoff wins in the last 10 years and none of them can say they have not had back to back losing seasons since 95-96, yes no SBs for any of the 4 but the Jets have been a lot more relevant than many teams, browns, fins, bikes…please

  22. Rex isn’t the only one whose pissed!!

    What is Idzik doing? Does Idzik know what he’s doing? Is he waiting to find the next Richard Sherman in the draft? Better sign Cro since cuz is no longer available!!

  23. “Good now my Dolphins can easily get past the Jets and Tannehill should have no problem tourching NE secondary as Revis is not the CB he used to be.. Fins up!”

    Keep telling yourself that Dolphin fan. Then watch as Revis erases Wallace from the game and Browner beats Hartline up all over the field.

    Ryan knows that Revis is still the best corner in the game, but DRC would have been a nice consolation prize.

  24. I see what idzik is doing clear as day. Yes he’s holding onto to cap space , for next year. Let Ryan tank this season with a terrible roster then blow it up and build the team he wants from coach on down. It’s not that difficult to see. Next year he will have his coach, Sanchez off the books, he can cut/trade geno, he’ll have a ton of cap space. Well played sir.

  25. Jets can’t just hold on to cap space for next year they have to use what they have available only a small percentage is allowed to be carried over into next season

  26. Lack of corner lack of QB, lack of TE, lack of consistent running game, and signing a second tier WR that had inflated stats by playing with Peyton Manning doesn’t cure the lack of receiving targets.
    This will surely be Rex’s last year from what the management is doing either their inept or are setting the coach up to fail.

  27. Could be the GM doesn’t want Rex to have a lock down defense & that would be the reason he let’s him go at the end of the season if the team doesn’t make the playoffs. We all know nothing but winning at least 1 round in the playoffs is going to save his job.

  28. I don’t get the attraction with Antonio Cromartie, a cornerback who’s afraid of contact. Football is a tough game and he’s not a tough guy.

  29. a good pass rush helps cover the deficiencies of a weaker secondary. too bad the jets haven’t had one of those in awhile.

  30. Idzik has done nothing to improve this team other than signing a number 2 receiver. That’s it. Rex is dead man walking. He will get the blame for this teams failure next season. Defense right now is weaker than last season. Offense is just as bad as last season. Re-signed a 33 yr. old Pace for two years. Really? Why not go younger and faster. Idzik will do nothing to improve the Jets until Rex is gone. I think that’s the bottom line. I had high hopes for this coming season. By Idziks actions so far, ain’t happening while Rex is around.

  31. time will tell but I’m with idzik most of the cornerback’s in this years free agency got way over paid and teams were reaching. we have lots of holes and free agency isn’t the way to attack it, build in the draft. Grab a olb in the 2nd or 3rd round and plug in the a cb in the 3rd or 4th rd and the let the front seven dominant. love the decker deal we got him cheap, but we need a few wr’s is this deep draft!

  32. Maybe take some notes from the Seahawks and learn how to evaluate talent and draft/acquire accordingly. They built the best and deepest pool of corner’s of any team and didn’t use a pick higher than a 4th rounder.

    Sherman, 5th round
    Lane, 6th round
    Maxwell, 6th round
    Thurmond, 4th round
    Browner, free agent from the CFL
    Names you will soon know…
    DeShawn Shead, undrafted
    Tharold Simon, 5th round

    Sure, not everybody has the eye for defensive backfield talent like Pete Carroll has, but there’s a lot of talented guys to be had every year without having to land expensive free agents.

  33. A couple days ago Jets fans were dying for DR-C, but now that he went to the Giants, they’re saying, “No big deal, they overpaid.” You can’t have it both ways, guys. The Jets aren’t in a position where they can offer FMV to a player, when there are other teams vying for that player, and expect him to come to the Jets. The Jets don’t have anything but money to offer players. The second they let DR-C meet with the Giants, I knew he was signing with Big Blue. Even if the money was the same, or even slightly less, the Giants have more to offer. They have recent success, a stable coaching staff, and a QB with 2 SB MVPs who always keeps the Giants within striking distance of the playoffs & the SB. The Jets have 2 division titles since 1970, a coach fighting for his job, and not a single average QB on their roster. It’s a no brainer where to go. The Jets need to overpay players to come to them until they put together a few years of successful ball. Until then, if they stick to strict values on players, they’re going to get the second & third tier guys & that’s not going to get it done.

  34. Planned to bring Cromrartie back all along. Idzik had the $ if he really wanted any of the cb’s already signed. They all have weaknesses and were overpaid. Give Cro 5 mil a year and lets go.

  35. Whatever you might think about Rex he’s a great defensive coach and dare say HC. Sense his first two years the GMs have not did him any favors. I would think the Ravens would love to bring him back on the defensive side of the ball, and I still think under the right front office and city he would be a successful HC. The guy is a natural leader that in times past had to much of a big mouth, he’s controlled that part of his game. New city, quality front office, his leadership qualities and a coaching staff to support him and he’s a winner.

  36. I feel for you Jets fans, your problem isn’t rex its the ownership…..Rex won 8 games with only a running game, give that roster he had to any coach in the league and they don’t match that…I think Rex should have rolled the dice and not sign that ridiculous extension last yr and went to work for a owner who was serious about winning…..

  37. Rex is a MAJOR reason why top tier FA do not want to sign there. I mean, sure if they were to be given a crazy amount of money up front then yeah…but on a fair deal basis, screw that. He’s made that team an absolute laughing stock. They’re pathetic, and they’re still going to trot Geno out there despite the fact he flat out proved he was absolutely not a NFL caliber QB last year. One big reason I lost a lot of respect for Eric Decker.

  38. How do Patriots’ fans feel about facing that Jets’ secondary? CAN’T WAIT.

    Hey grid, think that up all by yourself living in your parents’ basement or did your little sister help you??

  39. I would love to see a coach quit on a team because the GM doesn’t give them the players needed to field a respectable team. Name one successful team without at least one good CB?!

  40. This team is no better than it was a year ago. Idzik has done absolutely nothing to improve this team. First he let Howard who hasn’t missed a game and was a solid player on the O-line sign in Oakland. Then replace him with a player who missed a good chunk of the season due to injury. Then he replaces Holmes the Jets #1 reciever with Eric Decker. I’m sorry, I’ll take Holmes on one foot. Decker is going to horrible because the QB’s are horrible. There are a lot of holes on that team that need to be filled, yea there is the draft but that’s always a gamble. You never know if that player will make it as a pro. One would think that you’d want a player you know would help your football team. I’m still holding off hope that he re-signs Cromartie. If he doesn’t I’ll have no hope for this season.

  41. I’m a Patriots fan and I’ve always liked Rex Ryan as a coach… poor guy gets nothing to work with and takes all the hear for what amounts to a crappy owner. He sticks up for his players and his coaches, the guy has loyalty. I wonder what he’d do with a top notch franchise?

  42. If Idzik is deconstructing the team he should trade Mangold to the Patriots for a number one pick.

    As absurd as it sounds, and as unlikely as it is, it would make sense because the Jets are not making the playoffs the next two years and the Patriots need to secure Brady’s protection up the middle.

    Idzik also should have avoided signing any free agents requiring compensatory draft picks. Decker was a poor pickup for a number of reasons.

  43. Anyone buying into this story is the real fool. Manish Mehta regularly embellishes to enhance his stories. In this case, all he has is the Jets haven’t signed a CB. He then fabricates the surrounding drama of a ‘friend of Rex’

  44. Remember not that long ago after Hard Knocks how everyone kept saying every player in the league would love to play for Rex ? That was totally funny.

  45. We do know Idzik was at Teddy Bridgewaters pro day.

    Reese and co. was with DRC.

    Idzik got schooled by a seasoned GM.

  46. You know why the team is bad and there’s a lot of holes? Because doesn’t know or care a thing about offense. He and tannenbum paid lots of money for jags and babies. they traded away a lot of picks to move up for busts because neither of them knew or seemingly cared to draft decent players on offense. Then rexxie spent a lot of #1s on defensive players including CB. So how is it Idzik is breaking the team in order to sink REx? He’s fixing 4 years of rex and tannenbum.

    Our running game is better, qb is > sanchez, upgraded at WR with lots of picks still, upgraded at OL with some depth now, and lots of salary cap space. Rex is a failure, can’t wait to fire him.

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