Numbers differ, for now, on DRC deal

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Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie was the odd man out in the game of cornerback musical chairs that got Aqib Talib and Darrelle Revis paid a lot of money.

DRC managed a decent consolation prize, by pitting the Jets against the Giants.  For now, though, it’s impossible to know just how much Rodgers-Cromartie will get.

Ralph Vacchiano of the New York Daily News pegged the amount at $35 million over five years.  Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that it’s $39 million over five years.

Whatever it is (and we’ll break it all down when the contract is filed), it’s much less than what Rodgers-Cromartie could have gotten if he’d gotten a deal done with the Broncos last week.

For the Jets, it could mean that they’ll have to bring a non-hyphenated Cromartie — Antonio — back to the team.

15 responses to “Numbers differ, for now, on DRC deal

  1. He’s supposedly getting 15 guaranteed from the Giants…that’s not bad on a 35 mill contract.

  2. Great signing by JR, who’s morphed into a totally different GM this off season. Incredible action… uncharacteristic, but great stuff for us Giants fans! What a secondary: Prince-DRC-Thurmond-McBride at Corner, and Rolle-Hill-Stevie Brown-Demps at Safety. I’ve been screaming for Justin Gilbert with the 12th pick for months… guess that’s not nearly as likely as it was before today. But now JR can TRADE DOWN with that 12th to get an extra 3rd and 5th in what Mayock calls the deepest draft in 10 years. Need an interior lineman because who knows about Chris Snee and JD Walton, and Snee’s gone after this season anyway. Who’s his All Pro relief he signed on to mentor? He’s not on the roster… unless they decide it’s Justin Pugh by drafting a LT with the 12th. Hope not. Now Giants need a #1 WR (also not on roster) and a DE (I have little faith in JPP, Kiwi and Moore applying ample pressure, unless there are dramatic changes from 2013 in store). DEs should be begging to come to the Giants now… can you say coverage sack?

  3. DE’s might be begging to come to the Giants…..too bad the Giants have no more cap room to sign any of them. The only reason we can pay for our draft is because we get 5 mill for Baas on June 1st. Other than that id have to guess we have maybe 1 or 2 mill left.

  4. 7-9 is unacceptable. Nice to see Jerry battling away during free agency with calculated moves. So far, so good. NYG vs. Philly should be good.

  5. For all you guys complaining that he “can’t tackle” let me remind you of a certain CB who was one of the worst tackling DBs in the history of the game. That guy goes by the name of Deion Sanders. Now I’m not saying DRC is Deion, but you don’t pay CBs to tackle, you pay them to cover guys & since DRC came into the league, he has been a pretty damn good cover corner.

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