Packers add Letroy Guion

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The Packers made a big splash in free agency by signing defensive end Julius Peppers after years of facing him twice a season with the Bears.

On Monday, the Packers landed another defensive lineman with NFC North experience. It is not nearly quite as big a splash this time around.

Letroy Guion’s agent Thomas Kleine announced via Twitter that his client has signed in Green Bay. Guion visited with the Packers recently after making his first free agent visit to the Patriots.

Guion spent the last six years with the Vikings after he was a fifth-round pick in the 2008 draft and was a starter for the last two of those seasons. He recorded 52 tackles, three sacks and a forced fumble over those years as a starter, but is likely to find himself in a reserve role now that he’s in Green Bay. The Packers recently re-signed B.J. Raji to go with Mike Daniels, Datone Jones, Josh Boyd and Jerel Worthy up front.

100 responses to “Packers add Letroy Guion

  1. Nice to see them looking. Hope he doesn’t end up like Hargrove or Merling did – simply camp body that’s taking reps from guys who can play.

  2. For the Packer fans who watched the two games against the Vikings, you’ll notice that they always ran Eddie Lacy in his direction. Why? Because he flat out sucks. Ted Thompson has been making some real questionable decisions these last few offseasons, and I’m not saying that to mock. If I’m a Packer fan, and he doesn’t pick defense first in the draft (I’m sure those Tight Ends look tempting with Finley gone) I’d be calling for his head.

    – Actual Viking fan.

  3. Impossible. The mighty Packers would never think of adding a player that got cut by the hapless and tasteless Vikings. Unless he was arrested for driving drunk at over 100 mph and faced a one-year suspension.

  4. How do you make fun of this hapless defense anymore?
    When he signed the contract did he have to practice the Chinese fire drill?


  5. Sad to see him get signed by the Pack. He was one of the cornerstones to our 31st ranked defense.

  6. The Vikings took the best of the two reserves in Fred Evans, signed Linval Joseph over Guion as the nose tackle…Now that is an upgrade.

    Again like Peppers, the Packers are playing subtraction by addition…adding players that will subtract in talent on the field…

    Uncle Ted is now giving his fans the free agent gifts…like giving a bike without tires, yet the Packer fans think the bike rides great…

    More pressure on the back of the one man team that is Aaron Rodgers…

  7. I think with moves such as these we all understand why Green Bay’s defense is garbage – poor decision making with player personal. Peppers has been a ghost recently but the defense in GB has been so terrible they are picking up the rest of the North’s garbage. Good luck with that, you’ll need it ladies.


  8. Training camp competition. probably a move to motivate Worthy, I seriously doubt he makes the final roster.

  9. That’s awesome how Rodgers photobombed that pic of Guion and the ref. The always classic close-my-eyes-and-pray look.

  10. perfect fit as a 34 DE…love the vikings fans. i know it is tough to cheer for a perennial loser, especially after you have to watch the packers make the playoffs 5 years in a row!

  11. DE he will play huh? Worthy, Perry, now Peppers and the fantastic 1st round sensation Datone Jones (who took 22 snaps as a rookie) ?

    Looks like Ted is throwing crap against the wall to see what will stick…

  12. Wow. Way more vikings b.s than packer fan posts. Why are the dumbest people always the most vocal? They didn’t pick this guy up to redefine their d, they got him simply to rotate their guys to keep them fresh. They know exactly what they’re getting with this move.

  13. how much did the vikings pay for greg jennings to catch 20 passes this year?…$9M? how much did they pay favre to throw pics in championship games? $13M?…that’s laughable!

  14. I question if Theodore Thompson is paying attention. If he were, he’d know that there is a mouth-watering player like Erin Henderson who would look great in Packer colors available. Instant upgrade.


  15. This doesn’t seem to make sense unless they felt he hadn’t been coached up and they could turn him around.

    He can’t be on the practice squad and has little chance of making the 53 player roster unless he accepts coaching.

    He was one of the suck embracers on the vikings last season and could poison to a locker room.

    They had to see something correctable on film to take a chance on a player damaged by the vikings.

  16. To the viking fans always saying that Packer fans bash former players who leave green through these posts from your fellow viking fans. Because this guy is coming to green bay, there’s nothing but hatred. Freaking hypocrites!

    At least this guy was smart enough to sign with a winner. He’s tired of the losing.

  17. Find out if he can play in a 3-4, Idk if he can or can’t.

    Small investment. Maybe he can make the DL rotation. With guys like Pickett and Jolly probably not coming back.

  18. ..and so ends the non stop, “Vikings only sign old worn out Packers” threads. Or, at least it should.

  19. My brain is totally confused.

    The Packers signed a former Viking? Like, the first one since… Gilbert Brown?

    My world is upside down. What kind of mushrooms were in my omelet?

    Okay… Get a grip… Things I know for sure… Zero rings. Okay. Metrodome collapsed under a snowstorm. Okay.

    Much better.


  20. until you Clown Vikings fans earn at least 1 championship shut up. you guys post in this forum like you actually know what you’re talking about and it is getting very sickening. keep listening to the clown music in Minnesota

  21. Notice every viking player that jumps ship goes to a winning franchise, just to get away from the stench of losing in minnesota. There is a reason they have about the worst odds in Vegas.

  22. He’s a cheap, relatively big body.

    I think the Packers now try to err on the side of having too many DL after having to play games with only 3 lineman in 2010. The Jets actually saved the Packer’s bacon when they let Howard Green go that year, as there was nothing available for 3-4 NT’s off the street.

  23. 68 catches for 800 yards is Jennings’ worst full year since his rookie year. Even in 2011 missing 3 games he put up more than twice as many TDs and 150 more yards. On fewer catches. Ponder’s great.

  24. Reading comprehension, ever hear of it?
    If he makes the team, he will likely be just a backup while he toiled as starter on the Vikes 31st ranked defense.

    Also, with the Packers and their DL rotation, he will just be required to eat up blockers and create gaps for Peppers, Matthews and their other blitzers.
    Perhaps, after being misused these last few years, he just might have some success in another system.

    At least he has an opportunity to play for a winner for a change.

  25. You Lavendar Larries are out of order. Pre-draft free agency is the Bear fans’ turn to thump their chests and proclaim their greatness.

    Your turn comes right after Spielman lands his yearly load of turnips in the draft. That’s when you guys get to have your few minutes of hope.

    And then the season actually starts, the Packers win the division, and you go into ” Oh yeah? Just wait ’til next year” mode.

  26. I can only think of two reasons why the Packers would have signed him. 1) Training camp body who will not even make the final 53. 2) To glean information about the Vikings defense.

    Since #2 was to tell Jared Allen to “go tackle the guy with the ball”, and Allen decided he didn’t even want to negotiate with the Vikings, I’ll take what’s behind door #1.

  27. Lots of references to clown music, but I see the Packers about 7-8 spots above the Vikings in the 2013 defensive rankings.

  28. “Datone Jones (who took 22 snaps as a rookie)”
    God, I hope that snap count is correct. 3.5 sacks and 8 tackles on 22 snaps would be fantastic.

  29. This is one Ted signing that I am against, unless he’s simply a camp body and they want to see how badly an undrafted rookie free agent can abuse a former Viking starter.

    It can really go either way. He can embrace a winning lifestyle and reach his potential, because he does have some. Or, he will not make the team because he is underdeveloped through starting his career in a place that Canada refuses to annex. Because the people from Minnesota are too weak, passive-aggressive and bland for a country with one ship to their name…nevermind, you know where I’m going with this.

  30. I enjoy reading these Viking fan posts as they frantically try to convince each other that they won’t finish in last place again this year.

    (That’ll be 4 out of the last 5.)

  31. The difference between the Packers signing an ex Viking and the Vikings signing an ex Packer is that the Packers know that player has almost no chance of making the roster while the Vikings are hoping against all hope that the ex Packer will lead them out of last place.

    Jennings was a big cap hit relative to his production (so was Berrian at $42 Mil) and Guion was signed for peanuts. In fact, his agent said the money was better elsewhere but Guion must want to win a championship, provided he even makes the roster.

  32. It is comical to read posts by packers fans that actually believe they have improved their one and done seasons for 2 of the last 3 years.

    Now, sign Erin Henderson, and we will laugh the entire year!!!!!!

    I thought packers never signed Vikings???

    Wrong……but we are thankful!!!

  33. I think the Viking fans have the right to gloat and trash talk over this one, even if this signing may turn out to be irrelevant. All they have ever heard from packer fans is how we “signed washed up packers” from Longwell, to Bevell to Sharper, to Favre, to Jennings, etc…

    They finally got a chance to repay the favor, and it may not happen for some time. It’s almost equally as comical how “defensive” the Packers fan get when the shoe is on the other foot.

    No it really doesn’t matter what happens in the offseason, it is what they do with the offseason pieces in the regular season.

  34. He gets a 1 yr deal for up to 1 million, whoopty do Bassal. GB wasn’t the only team lookung to sign this guy, New England and Baltimore had interest too so that makes 3 winning fanchises that wanted Guion and they all run some type of 3-4 defense throughout the season.

    Im sure its pretty hard to stay motivated for a team that’s out of the playoff race by midseason most years. Here he gets a fresh start and most likely a new position so we’ll see how it goes.

    Hes also a FA that doesn’t count as a FA gain in the formula for compensatory draft picks because he was cut by MIN.

  35. I see him having success with the Packers. His enthusiasm level has to be high now that he knows he has an excellent chance to play for a champion. And most of all, ” Something happens to you when you take off that purple”.

  36. Packer fans all sensi over signing a Vike. After years of talking smack about MN signing their “leftovers.”

    Sensitive schmucks. Add some other hobbies to the mix fat guys.

  37. I think this and the Peppers signing tip the Packers’ hand for 2014. I believe they are going to be running a substitution-heavy front similar to the Seahawks which will keep our guys fresh and ensure that the guys up front fit the situation they are playing.

    The guy wasn’t a huge producer on the Vikings D (who was?), and he doesn’t need to be here. Suck up some blocks and fill some gaps on early downs and see how teams fare against a 3rd and long pass rush that features guys like Clay and Peppers with fresh legs.

  38. TT has made the playoffs as GM of the Packers more times than he has missed. He has also won more SBs in 8 years than the Vikings have in 50+.

    I still believe in TT, while some people may start to waiver, he does well at evaluating talent especially at WR.

    The guy is young not even 26 if a change of scenery has worked for guys like Rice, T Jackson, and Harvin. So why not for this guy.

  39. Don’t see how Guion fits on the Packers defense…

    Not hurt all the time…not worried about his hair…

    Oh, and that change of scenery…yeah Rice, Tjax, Harvin have all lit it up since leaving….say they’ve at least won a superbowl? OK, then that logic makes Tjax as good as AR…

  40. He’ll probably play more than Peppers. Packers picking up a Viking ehh? Funny, since the usual talking points for the average Packer fans consist of…
    “The only thing the Vikings know how to do is sign Packer scraps…”
    “NO, I bought the last 1.75 of brandy…it’s YOUR turn tonight!”
    “NO, I drove home drunk from the bar last night, it’s YOUR turn tonight!”

    Next day, repeat…

  41. Ted Thompson and the entire medical staff needs to be replaced after last years QB fiasco…..Their is no excuse

  42. LOL. Love purple fatazzes on here getting all bent out of shape. Guion has left the outhouse for the penthouse and has a real chance for a ring. Now he gets to play DE in a 3-4 where his talents can be properly utilized, and the Packers get him on a one-year rental, so it’s a win-win. Great job Mr. Thompson. Unlike Skippy Shpielman running that clown-car of a franchise…

  43. Just hope the idiot Ted Thompson holds on to Matt Flynn this time and the Pillsbury Dough Boy Coach makes decisions that help the team win and over rules the medical staff that have the need for power and control to keep players sidelined for a scratch…..Anyone notice the Bears game in the fourth quarter with time running out GB had the ball and were loosing and the Offensive line had to convince the coach to go for it on fourth down? Then all of a sudden the coach decides to keep going for it on forth down that ultimately resulted in winning the game?? Had the player no convinced the coach to go for it their is no doubt in my mind the game would have been lost. During the season their were games that I believe we could have won if the coach would have went for it on fourth downs trailing with around 5 min left…..Offenses now in the NFL are too good to run out the time and to make a decision to give the ball back to the other team with the time remaining should only be done if you know your defense is playing well enough that you know they have a good chance of stopping them…..It made absolutely no sense to me based on how the defense was playing during the season that by some miracle they were going to play like the number one defense in the NFL….It just makes me wonder who is actually calling the shots on some of the close games…..

  44. Listen to all the queen fans flap their jaws.Trust me queenies,you have nothing to brag about and you will be bottom feeders of the north once again.

  45. …and just a side note:

    Guion was offered more money elsewhere, but decided to sign with Green Bay for less. Sounds like someone who wants to win.


  46. Will the “How many Super Bowls have your team won” ever end? Yes we know already the Vikings have not won a Super Bowl, but honestly do you believe the Packers have had a chance to go any further in the last five years? Is a wild card win against Joe Webb the bench mark of success, for the past five years, that you want to hang your hat on? Please find a new horse to beat, this one has been dead for 40+ years now. With that being said, Guion is not that good. There is no way he should be on your 53 man roster, if he does make it, I would seriously be questioning why TT’s mental well being. I don’t like the Pack one bit but I think tey are better and smarter than letting it get that far.Don’t get me wrong I love the thought of Guion in your defensive rotation.

  47. Vikingspride, I had no idea it was possible to be so stupid. Who won the SB less than 4 years ago? Good lord.

  48. Why should TT be penalized for last years QB fiasco?

    Other teams in the NFC North had issues at QB too. You want to know the difference though?

    TT built a team good enough to over come all of it and still make the Playoffs.

    I understand that back up QBs are important, but this isn’t Chicago where the back up can play smart and do as well as the starter.

    He is trying to replace one of the 5 best QBs in the NFL with a back up, there WILL be a drop off.

  49. Letroy played nose last year. He was OK, but nothing great. The funny thing…if he plays nose in GB…He would probably beat out Raji.

    Oh and by the way the only reason he was signed was price…TT should have saved the Raji and Peppers money, waited for Wilfork to be released and signed Michael Johnson long term…Now that would have been an upgrade…Signing has beens and never was will not get very far

  50. bobnelsonjr says:
    Mar 17, 2014 5:24 PM
    This doesn’t seem to make sense unless they felt he hadn’t been coached up and they could turn him around.

    He can’t be on the practice squad and has little chance of making the 53 player roster unless he accepts coaching.

    He was one of the suck embracers on the vikings last season and could poison to a locker room.

    They had to see something correctable on film to take a chance on a player damaged by the vikings

    hahahahaha…Yes. the fabulous Dom Capers can change him. make him better…He has his work cut out, because he has to overcome draft busts like Perry…Jones…Raji and Burnett..Guion will probably beat out Raji….

  51. Funny how Vikings fans laugh at us signing this guy for not even a million but you’re fine with overpaying Jennings 1o million a year for 4 touchdowns. Good move.

  52. wow , packers sound content going one and done in the playoffs . with signings like this it will be like the 1970’s when they couldn’t make the playoffs. I’m sure they will say it’s all by design, and that was the plan all along.

  53. Here come the bandwagon Vikings fans claiming that every player they lose in free agency sucks anyway and they didnt want him back. Immediately after that they will try to justify any former Packer free agent signings by blaming the former staff or obviously it was the former savior Ponders fault. Then the complete morons will chime in how it is obviously the year of the Queens and that they are the best franchise of all time to never win anything. The best part about 2013 was that another team won a Super Bowl before the Vikings did.

  54. There’s a reason why this name doesn’t resonate. I Youtubed this guy and the first video I get is of James Stark plowing right through him knocking him back silly. Not a good impression.

  55. Vikings fan logic and normal fan logic is quite different.

    I just said a change of scenery was good for those players, they got a chance to win, and that’s usually the first 1st goal of every football player, just ask Jared Allen.

  56. Well at least they signed a guy who started for Mini rather than throw a lot of $ at someone only good enough to have one career start.

  57. Guion hasn’t had a positive year, in terms of PFF stats, since 2o10. He’s never been good. Worse, having a bum on the line like Guion makes life a lot harder for GBs already mediocre ILBs.

  58. You stupid Viking tards don’t even realize that he wouldn’t even play NT in the Packers 3-4. Most smaller 4-3 NT’s play as DE’s in a 3-4 so to be able to project him as a bust in a 3-4 is pretty foolish. He’s basically a camp body that has to make the team since he is essentially getting paid minimum salary with a very tiny signing bonus.

    Vikings fans never cease to amaze me at how little they know about the NFL. One idiot already seems to forget that the Packers won the Super Bowl in the last 3 years.

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