Raiders reel in Kevin Boothe

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The Raiders had millions to spend in free agency and plenty of needs to fill.  It adds up to an active week in Oakland.

The last new addition comes on the offensive line.  The Raiders have announced that Kevin Boothe has signed a free-agent deal.

For Boothe, it’s a return to the team that drafted him in 2006.  After appearing in 16 games (with 14 starts) as a rookie, the Raiders waived Boothe.

He then landed with the Giants, winning a pair of Super Bowl rings and starting 16 games in 2013.

Per a league source, it’s a two-year deal for Boothe, who played left guard and center for the Giants last year.

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  1. Ok, this draft becomes wide open for RM, the qb position is the only glaring void. I can’t imagine a rookie qb, so he signs a vet and the draft becomes the best available player at 5. Options are nice to have.

  2. YAWN —Reggie is just adding bodies to fill the holes……….Not a single player so far to really match the standing of the 3 key players they lost –Veldeer, Jennings and Houston……..I thinkthey will be needing more tarps to cover more vacant seats………

  3. Veldeer cant stay healthy, Jennings either and Houston disappears for 2 or three GAMES at a time. If the Raiders draft Robinson, that would be one of the best O lines in the league. Robinson is a REAL OT.

  4. While the Raiders had a rough start to FA, losing Jennings, Veldheer, the whole Staffold situation. They have made some good moves recently. If they can figure out there QB situation, they could much improved next season, but they are going to have to find the right one in the draft, Pryor is not the answer.

  5. what gets me! When individuals talk about letting V.D and HoustAN LEAVE. We simply sucked after half time! I think we are going to be in a treat next year even with the toughest schedule next year! As a true fan I can see progress! Go Nation!!

  6. I love the fact that we are getting maulers, instead of these zbs guys who get pushed around. Now we can see DMC actually get a hole to run thru. Now add more depth and sign a DT (hopefully Melton) and draft either Matthews , or Robinson for LT. Get a DT in the second as I am sure Nix , Hageman or Quarles will be there (as might Tuitt). Trade for Schaub and sign him on a 2 yr or 3yr deal. Draft Mariota, Hundley or Winston (mannion/petty if we draft late) next years draft as they look better than anybody in this years draft.

    Trust me Matthews/ Robinson/ Lewan are all way better than Veldheer. Houston was not worth the $ he got in Chicago.

  7. Good player for power run attack should have never cut him loose the first time mike brisel has been a bust for the money he signed for ..Reggie ??

  8. RM has done a good job signing quality FA. Please don’t ruin it by “Trading” for Schub. If you can’t pick him up after his release, he’s not worth it. He’s a short term one year/stop gap option. Just to keep the seat warm until our Drafted QB is ready.

  9. I never understood why Boothe got cut in the 1st place after being a starter. So now were looking like LT M.Watson LG K.Boothe C S. Wiz RG T.Bergstrom RT A. Howard? Plus we’ll have guys like Barnes and Briesel keeping competition up. Also Gurode did solid last year so I wouldn’t mind seeing him resigned.

  10. I’m a DIE HARD RAIDER fan and 7 yr season ticket holder.

    Unfortunately agree with “Gibbfan” above.

    Reggie Mckenzie SUCKS. He is just trying to save his job by bringing in a bunch of bodies and crossing his fingers.

    Player Age contract avg per year

    J.Tuck 30 – 2yr 11 mil 5.5 mil

    L.Woodley 29 – 2yr 12 mil 6 mil

    J. Jones 29 – 3 yr 15 mil 5 mil

    T.Brown 29 – 1yr 3.5 mil 3.5 mil

    A. Smith 32 – 2yr 9 mil 4.5 mil

    K. Boothe 30 – N/A (wont factor in math)

    A.Howard 26 – 5yr 30 mil 6.0 mil

    All these guys are on the WRONG side of 30..

    Avg age – 29.1

    Avg yrs contract – 2.5

    Avg pay per yr – 5.08 million

    Main players Reggie LET GO……

    J.Veldheer 26 – 5yr 35 mil 7.0 mil

    L.Houston 26 -5yr 35 mil 7.0 mil

    R.Jennings 28 – 4yr 10 mil 2.5 mil

    T.Porter 27 – 2yr 6 mil 3.0

    Avg Age 26.75

    Avg yrs contract 4.0

    Avg pay per year 4.875

    It seems we could have kept better, younger, players for a little more time on contracts.

    But for younger guys! About 3 years younger.

    Yes long deals for Veldheer and Houston is not like the Old Monster contracts guys at the end of their career Sapp, Kelly, Seymour etc……

    Our guys (Veldheer, Houston, Jennings etc) will still be playing in 5 years while the guys we signed today will be scrambling for jobs at NFL NETWORK, FOX, ESPN or Spokesmen for Viagra or Prostate Pills!!!!

  11. ANOTHER SOLID signing. Im loving it Reggie and staff. Keep up the great work. Tony Sporano is assembling a beast of an OL can’t wait to see him mold these guys. Welcome back home Kevin


  12. I love the Reggie lost 3 key FA’s. Let me explain this to you for the last time.

    Jennings- Great guy, Played well not great for 1 year, where most defenses were worried about where the QB was running not him. Kinda disappeared in the end when McGloin was under center.

    JV- Miami said they weren’t interested and thought he was a back up, RM told him they considered him more of a RT. Only the Cardinals had interest in him late.

    Houston- He was the Bears 3rd option after Orakpo and Hardy got tagged, guess what the guy isn’t a pass rusher….He is a DT with a bull rush. You over paid

    So what young great guys did Reggie miss on? He got a few good guys with heart and show leadership. He will do it the right way borrow guys and build though the draft.

    You can hire me whenever you want Mike Florio…

  13. I hope you are right. Sicklnick.

    I just want the SILVER AND BLACK TO BE BACK!

    Go RAIDERS! (Reggie McKenzie….we’ll see)

  14. Time to make Jared Alan a big contract offer Over pay him if you have to it would send a message to the players the fans the whole dam nfl that Oakland is back………get it done Reggie 1 big splash just 1

  15. Notice how nobody wants to go to Miami? Nobody want to play for a dysfunctional franchise in a city filled with crime and people speaking Spanish

  16. I don’t see how saffold failed physical and us cutting him lose is a debacle??? As a raider fan I’m used to the hate. Giants did the same thing just 2days after and you hear nothing of it. I like the move though. More depth up front! Power run game is in full affect! Now we can draft the best player available instead of reaching for need. I’d prefer to trade down and snag one of the stud DT in the draft, I know Sammy Watkins is a sexxy pick for a huge area of need, but its a Wr heavy draft. We need our anchor in the middle of the D.

  17. He’ll start at center.
    LT – Robinson
    LG – Barnes
    C- Boothe
    RG – Watson
    RT – Howard

    No more getting stuffed on 3rd and goal.

  18. Keep hating, keep complaining Reggie Mckenzie is doing an outstanding job.


  19. I think a lot of people are hung up on the age thing. Its not like the Raiders signed a bunch of geezers with nothing left. These guys are veterans with experience who can still play and can also mentor younger players, make sure guys are in the right place, etc.

    And these guys are also bringing playoff experience and championship experience with them, something Veldheer, Jennings and Houston do not have.

  20. People can start with this way to go Reggie crap, but in this case we didn’t get better by using addition by subtraction. Basically, we could have retained all those guys and then moved them to the positions we anted them to play. This is based solely on the fact that Reggie didn’t Draft them. They Weren’t his guys. BS! Just like some players transcend era’s in sports, good football players transcend coaching staffs. We could have kicked Valdeer to his natural RT position, or better yet be proved he can play all positions on the line including center. That is an asset. As for Houston, he is a natural DT and we could have played him there with Tuck outside of him. Please don’t start with the falsehood that Reggie is now doing a good job. I want my Raiders back like every true Raider fan, but I won’t fool myself no more. Call a spade a spade. He sucks! And his coach too! Hue should have been kept, will Polian brought in.

  21. To prove my point,

    J.Veldheer 26 – 5yr 35 mil 7.0 mil and

    A.Howard 26 – 5yr 30 mil 6.0 mil!

    Not much of a big difference in contracts. Especially when you take into consideration that we were 60 million under the cap. Nor Veldheer has proven that he can play multiple line positions a Excel with Howard can on play two RT and G. He was wrong, and no one can convince me different. Reggie needs to make more decisions with his head and not with his heart. Take the arrogance out of the decisions. Also, like saying he would draft DJ at 3 all along. He left picks on the table with the trade last year. We should have had another pick from that deal.

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