Report: Irsay’s behavior was alarming around Colts organization


Jim Irsay’s arrest for operating while intoxicated and possession of a controlled substance may not have come as a shock within the Colts’ facility.

According to Adam Schefter of ESPN, some people with connections to the Colts franchise had grown concerned about the owner’s behavior.

“There are people around the Colts organization who have been suspicious about some of his behavior,” Schefter said Monday morning on SportsCenter.

No details were given about Irsay’s suspicious behavior. Irsay has acknowledged his struggles with addiction but has claimed that he stopped drinking 15 years ago. Irsay will be subject to discipline from NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.

94 responses to “Report: Irsay’s behavior was alarming around Colts organization

  1. About 15 years ago, he appeared not to be his father’s son — in that he appeared to have his act together and knew how to run a franchise. Sadly, as Jim gets older, he looks more and more like his father.

  2. I don’t know if he has been drinking, but to be fair,
    Vicodin can make you just as drowsy as alcohol.
    We’ve all had our fun mocking him but it seems he’s got some real-life problems that ANYONE, regardless of income can have.

  3. Drug addicts lie. They lie about the seriousness of their addiction and they lie and say they’ve quit when they haven’t. I wish Irsay all the best with his recovery…one day at a time.

  4. Drinking Problems in the USA?
    No way!
    Pills, pills, pills, pills, pills and alcohol are the preferred choice of doctors are pharmacists, alike.
    Eat pills, drink beer.
    And they said marijuana was a gateway drug?!

  5. If I were the Colts owner, facing the horror that not only did I trade my first round pick for a guy who so far has been a complete bust, but that the Browns will blow my pick on ANOTHER bust, I’d go back to hard liquor too.

  6. All those million and simply a loser. Of course other words fit too. Liar, hypocrite, incompetent, ignorant. Truly the Billy Madison of the NFL.

  7. Honestly, anybody looking at the man would have been alarmed. Compare any recent photo to those of him from around the Colts Super Bowl win in 2007. The man looks to have aged 25 years in the past 7. He is almost unrecognizable from even a couple years ago.

  8. Hope that man gets help. How much money he has is irrelevant to me. I am thinking about the other drive that he could have run over and killed last night.

  9. “Here we are a month after my second Super Bowl collapse, and we we are talking about my idiot former owner who got liquored up and ran his mouth off.”

    “The sad thing is, he’s a good owner. But he’s an idiot.”
    (Peyton Manning)

  10. Maybe for his next act of shenanigans he will load up Mayflower moving vans in the middle of the night…..

    Worthless POS just like his father!

  11. As someone who has dealt with painkiller addiction (a nice way of saying DRUG ADDICTION) I can tell you, after a couple or 10 percocet, Many people (me) became very VERY chatty. If I had been on Twatter when I was using, I would have created a nightmare of scenarios with what becomes “diarrhea of the mouth” Just on and on and all nonsense.

    His tweets are a lot more explainable now.

  12. Real classy, Jim. Real classy.

    What do we expect from an entitled family that would rip a football team from a city? Trash.

  13. It’s too easy to kick Irsay right now as he is obviously down in the game of life. As a fan of the Baltimore Colts there’s no love lost here in Bmore but what he’s going through I wish upon not a single soul. Addiction is a terrible terrible thing to go through.

    Best of luck to you and your family Irsay. You have a tough road ahead of you.

  14. Color me surprised, not. It’s been evident for years homeboy had a problem!

    “Your Honor, the prosecution would like to enter Exibit A: Jim Irsay’s Twitter account.”

  15. People in every walk of life have addictions that are almost impossible to break…. Its sometimes hard to believe that even the wealthy falls prey to these drugs, but the addiction is so strong that it takes several treatments to cure. Hopefully Mr Irsay will be able to get the help and support needed because he trully is a remarkable man that many rely on for their livleyhoods. Like with alcohol, people are never fully cured and its a life long struggle that they fight daily. He should know that the Colt fans everywhere are here to support him and we pray his recovery is swift and complete….

  16. 80% + of Americans are on either prescribed or illegal drugs. No wonder our country and it’s people are in the shape it’s in.

  17. I know that it’ll NEVER happen, but owners should be held to the same standards as players. He should be enrolled in the player substance abuse program and if he fails then he should be forced to sell the team (there is a long line of rich folks waiting to buy a team).
    Baseball did it to Marge Schott owner of the Reds, why not the NFL ??

  18. Addict’s are not bad people trying to get good, they’re sick people trying to get well! Addict’s come from all walks of life, all religions, all races, all genders, fans of all NFL teams, park bench to Park Avenue, Yale to jail. Money does not make addiction’s go away. Good luck to you Jim.

  19. If you have any part in the Colts organization, it was just a matter of time. The only surprise is that it has taken this long.

    Jimmy has hurt himself in the past several years by allowing Polian to dispose many
    of the long time employees. Polian wanted the team to be built by him to show what a football genius he is. Meanwhile, Jimmy lost all loyalty by his entire staff. Jimmy no longer had many people around him that cared about him, so whatever accountability he may have had to long time employees in the past, it no longer exist.

    Also, one thing about Polian, he tried to keep Irsay contained, especially after the 2002 incident. It was almost like Polian was blackmailing him. Polian only did it for self serving issues, so that he could be in control of the team. However, it kept Jimmy from out of the public watchful eye.

    Jimmy will just ‘rehab’ once again…… Hopefully this time he will be disciplined.

  20. You all crack me up. Bad owner? Hatdly. A Donald Brown leaving joke? Have him, Chargers. I hope he doesn’t take 4 years to be productive for you guys. The Charlie Sheen of the NFL? Well, that one may not be far off. Bottom line is he is a troubled man who LOVES his team. The people who are using this incident to rehash the butthurt’s feelings towards Bob Irsay are pathetic. Have fun enjoying another person’s misery. The rest of us will go on being, you know, decent human beings.

  21. It’s amazing how many have sympathy for Jim. (check your bias) Had this been a player, there would be no statements of support or well wishes for recovery.

    Anyone care to explain? That said, I hope he gets well, just like I would anyone with an issue.

  22. He is still paying from the guilt of RPUI….”Releasing Peyton Under the Influence”

  23. The heartbreak of drug addition is a family affair. It takes a lot of support from family. Most friends are doing drugs too so you basically have to break ties. The addict needs to go to a really good rehab place. Most of the good ones aren’t advertised on tv, they are discreet but successful. Mr Irsay needs help and support from experts, not rude remarks from strangers. Think about how close he could have been to death….his or someone else’s. Sure he lies and is a hypocrite, that’s the addict. The real person is totally different.

  24. The people on here saying that addiction garbage is a hard road, makes my stomach turn. This man had it under control, he hired people to hang with him. He fired them too. He no longer wanted to be in recovery. It may be a disease, but he has enough resources in play to control this. This is something that needs addressed within the league. This is no a surprise to any other owner either. Everyone around him has been tolerant. There needs to accountability and consequences. I would be surprised if he has not been warned before. Probably why he has all his daughters on as owners, to cover the family inheritance.

  25. All joking aside, I hope he gets help or someone gets him help. We may hate his team or be jealous of the money he has, but as someone who overcame alcohol dependency, I can tell you it’s a long downward spiral from here.

  26. gdog; I would say the same thing to a player, a trainer, a coach, a stranger off the street, a good friend, a family member, even you. No one is exempt from drug/alcohol addiction, no one!

  27. Dude better get the help he needs. This is a bad look for an owner. Definitely not a figure that his players and the incoming draft classes should look up to. His tweets and behavior suggest its most likely a lot of painkillers and booze.

  28. How is this a surprise to anyone with internet the past year? Does no one at the Colts facility pay attention to Jim Irsay? Have they not wondered what an owner of an NFL franchise is doing at 2am and 3am in the morning tweeting out gibberish. Anytime I’ve done that… I’m usually not sober. Just saying….

  29. Addiction knows no boundaries or classes. Irsay definitely seemed like an ‘Unconventional’ owner, maybe some of that was the Pain-Killers talking.

    Hopefully he can overcome his addiction and demons here.

  30. Irsays latest tweet >

    “Everyone can eat me…I’m a prima donna of the highest order”

  31. I am not a fan of Irsay but these reports are pretty irresponsible and unfair. To say that he was acting bizarre but not give any examples or sources is bad reporting. This guy had Scheduled IV drugs in his car. He was probably abusing anti anxiety drugs like xanax or valium and thought he good get away with it because his past problems were with alcohol and pain killers. Give the guy a break he made a mistake and nobody was hurt.


  32. It’s one thing to make fun of the guy for being a crazy idiot.

    People shouldn’t be making fun of this.. it isn’t funny. There are deadly consequences, far reaching.

    Even less so is the criticism he gets for football related stuff.. I literally can’t stand the guy, I hate him, truly… but I’d be smitten to have a ‘do what it takes to put a winner out’ attitude.

    He’s just the idiot owner, can’t fault him for relying and supporting his GM.. seriously lol Blame Grigson (and I wouldn’t, not yet anyways)

  33. He should suspend his personal administration of the Colts and get help through rehab. No 30 day program-obviously something substantial. He has to be weaned off pills and booze. The league will not tolerate this behavior.

  34. Ever hear of a limo or even a taxi cab, Jimbo? Jerry Jones is as delusional as they come but even he has someone to drive his pickled brain around. Think man, think!

  35. andrewluck12 says:
    Mar 17, 2014 10:43 AM

    “Mr irsay may have his issues but as a die hard colts fan I can tell you all that no owner cares more about his teams fans than this guy”

    As a once proud owner of a BALTIMORE Colts season ticket, I would take exception to any such statement involving either Irsay! Had the NFL stepped in back in the early 80s, the Colts would still be in Bmore, and the former Browns would still be in Cleveland.

  36. Anyone else make the connection that the only time this guy hasn’t been a train wreck was when Tony Dungy was here? I believe that he served as a mentor of sorts to Jim, and once he left, the wheels started to come off.

    As a lifelong hoosier and die hard Colts fan, the writing has been on the wall for quite a while now. Anytime he was shown in the locker room after a game, he looked tanked or completely out of sorts. Tweeting obscure song lyrics @ 3am? Who does that sober? It was just a matter of time before he got himself trouble.

    I just hope that he can turn his life around for his own benefit first, and then the sake of the franchise. Go Horse!!

  37. I hope the Colts go on Hard Knocks… Riveting train wreck (owner) drama with Luck trying to save the day…

  38. And this hypocrite cited Rush Limbaugh’s past pain killer not to have him included in the ownership group of a group trying to buy the Rams. If he is a man of honor, he will sell the franchise right away!

  39. Feeling sorry and making excuses for drunks and stoners is part of the problem. You’re enabling them to continue. If you really want them to get better, use some tough love!

    If a player did this, the NFL would say, “You make enough money to get a ride.” Why not with BILLIONAIRE owners? What if he pulled a Stallworth and took out someone you loved? Would you still have sympathy for him???

    If you plan to party, PLAN!

  40. Some time back there were rumors that he was on steroids. He was in to body building at one point.

    Maybe that is why he is acting odd?

  41. The first round draft pick that will be going to Cleveland instead of the Colts should be breathing a sigh of…OH nevermind!

  42. Well, it appears that the only time a franchise is helped accountable for anything in the NFL is if they’re the New Orleans Saints. Interesting…….

  43. This kinda explains the neutral non-Irsay-ish verbage used in the Tweet sent out when Nicks was signed. It was the Org sending, not Irsay.
    Jim Irsay has probably been in a dark place for awhile now.

  44. For all of those making excuses for Irsay, I have a question. That is “Why is their sympathy for him but NOT players that get suspended for abusing non-performance enhancing drugs” ??
    For example Justin Blackmon of the Jags has a weed/booze problem and he is on indefinite suspension from the NFL for his 2nd offense.

    I think that owners, gms, and hcs should be held to a higher standard than players. Otherwise it’s just hypocrisy on the NFL’s part.

  45. Yes, this guy has a problem, but in this day and age who doesn’t? Why all the negativity. The way I look at it and see it from a standpoint where I see people fall, get back up and then fall again before they say they need help, not to get the help or come back in a few years and say hey I’m clean now, it’s hard to admit you’re defeated and needing help, especially if you have money, even when people are at their lowest and have no where to go but up still have problems at times admitting they need the help. Take a look at yourselves before judging others, plus the Colts franchise needs to look at getting this guy into a rehab to help him out and get him clean so his life can get back on track.

  46. Let him with no sin, cast the first stone. Judge not least you be judged. These come to mind after reading all of these blogs. I’m not perfect and neither are any of the rest of us. Just hope and pray Jim gets the help and support he needs to over come his demons.

  47. Alcoholism and drug abuse …. I cant say that I have experienced either, with myself or with my family member.

    As far as Irsay, I’m pretty sure the man has the means to combat whatever demons are within him (I.e., money, support systems & network of options). I have absolutely no empathy for the man. Its the other INNOCENT people in his path that he could have injured or killed that I fear for. So many people die on our roadways because of someone else’s ineptness.

    Arresting Irsay regardless of his billionaire status? KUDOS to the officer that took an oath to protect. KUDOS! He possibly saved a life … an innocent life.

  48. Ok, the man may have problems but HE DIDNT HAVE TO get behind the wheel of that vehicle. Now THAT’S stupidity. Does the Houston millionaire John Goodman come to mind? What about the innocent young college grad whose life was snuffed out because of Goodman’s decision(s)? Enough said.

  49. so does Goodell pull a Sterling? Not the sell team part but the stay away and fine portion. Stay away from the team the full season. Pay a gajillion doolar fine. Go into forced rehab for a year. Be on probation a couple or 3 years. Next time he will lose the team kinda stuff?

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