Report: Seahawks bring back Steven Hauschka on three-year deal


After playing on a series of one-year deals with Seattle, kicker Steven Hauschka is finally getting a multi-year contract.

The Seahawks and Hauschka have reached a three-year, $9.15 million pact, Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reports. According to Rapoport, Hauschka will receive $3.35 million guaranteed.

Since 2011, Hauschka has connected on 89.1 percent of his regular season field goals for Seattle (82-of-92). He was 33-of-35 on field goals in 2013, and 48-of-94 kickoffs resulted in touchbacks.

The 28-year-old Hauschka was 8-of-8 on field goals in the 2013 postseason. However, he may be most famous for a kick he didn’t attempt. In the NFC title game, he told coach Pete Carroll a 53-yard field goal try was out of his range, given the wind. The Seahawks elected to go for it on fourth down, and quarterback Russell Wilson hit Jermaine Kearse for a 35-yard TD pass to give the Seahawks a lead they would not relinquish in a 23-17 victory. Carroll would praise Hauschka for his honesty, and Hauschka would go on to hit both field goals and all five extra points in Super Bowl XLVIII.

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  1. I wish my Rams could gain ground on these other teams in the division but with signings of dependable good players like this it’s still a long road ahead. (SIGH)

  2. Love this signing. Hes getting paid the 11th highest because of what Seattle asks him to do. Rarely will they attempt a Field Goal Longer than 46 yards. His percentage is high because they ask him to make the easy ones. They play the field position game more than any other team in the league so there’s no need to over pay a kicker

  3. 4 or 5 key contributors are already out the door, but hey they signed a kicker. Lol. Seattle’s finding out winning a Super Bowl is a gift and a curse. Expect the Seahawks to come crashing back to Earth in 2014. Love it!

  4. This is a solid deal for both sides. Hauschka is one of the more accurate kickers in football…now.

    Let’s not forget that until this last season, he had never had a FG percentage above 90% and had previously been cut by both the Ravens and the Broncos. In addition, Hauschka doesn’t have the strongest leg either. If I were to rate kickers purely on ability, he would probably rank somwhere in the top 10, but closer to the bottom of that list based on his lack of leg.

    In the bigger picture, I’m not sure I like this signing if it makes it harder to retain Sherman or Thomas. Only time will tell if that plays a part.

  5. They’ll be kicking a lot of field goals this year after Harvin shatters in week #1

  6. Love it, he has one good season, was garbage the year before, get now he is one if the most accurate kickers in the nfl, Seattle fans always good for a laugh.

  7. Great signing – glad to see us locking up our “money” kicker.

    Anyone in “sky is falling mode” regarding Seahawks FA losses this off-season is clearly uninformed about the depth of the team’s roster, the “Next Man Up” strategy, and the shrewdness of John Schneider and Pete Carroll in player recruiting and development.

    Keep calm and Seahawk on!

  8. So funny, the fans of other teams hoping that Free Agency was a disaster for the Seahawks.
    It clearly was not. The only one that “got away” if it can be said, would be Golden Tate.
    Priorities were stated to sign Golden Tate and Michael Bennett.
    Succeeded signing Bennett, didn’t sign Golden Tate.
    Seahawks are doing fine.
    Whether they win the Superbowl depends on much more than free agency. Staying away from major injuries is a big part of it.

  9. I absolutely LOVE the irony of a Dolphins fan saying the Seahawks are a laughable franchise.

    I’m a 40-year-old middle-aged man, and the Dolphins literally haven’t won a Superbowl in my lifetime. The only people who could even remember a Dolphins championship are people who now qualify for retirement and AARP membership.

    In that same time-span, Seattle has been to countless playoffs, owned the NFC West for the last decade, played in 2 Superbowls, and taken home a Lombardi. Meanwhile, we have some of the hottest young talent in the NFL playing for us, as evidenced by every team in the NFL scrambling to sign our free agents.

    Keep laughing, finsphan. Just remember, for every ‘Fins fan laughing at anyone, there are literally 31 other teams’ fans laughing at your joke of a team.

    When I think of inept clown-show franchises, the Dolphins rank right up there with the Redslurs, Raiders, and Cowgirls. Congrats!!! I can only imagine how much that would suck.

  10. Atta boy Steveo. Well played! To the dolphins fan, your team was disgraced this year and is a complete mess. This kid Hauschka will out score your whole team. And I’ve seen him hit 60 traders in practice he has the leg to match the accuracy no problem!

  11. Great move, don’t ever say “just a kicker;” how many games come down to that last field goal? You love the kicker then when he comes through.

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