Robert Ayers to meet with Bengals

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The Bengals, who have long shown a fondness for bringing in former first-rounders, are hosting a 2009 No. 1 pick on Tuesday.

According to Mike Garofolo of Fox Sports, the Bengals will meet with Broncos defensive end Robert Ayers.

Ayers, who recorded a career-high 5.5 sacks in 2013, is PFT’s 83rd-ranked free agent. He has appeared in 72 games in five NFL seasons, making 27 starts. The 28-year-old Tennessee product was primarily a reserve for Denver last season, recording 29 tackles in 15 games (three starts).

The Bengals have hit on some former No. 1 picks in recent years, with cornerbacks Adam Jones and Terence Newman and safety Reggie Nelson among the success stories. However, they haven’t had as much luck with defensive linemen, with Aaron Maybin, Derrick Harvey and Jamaal Anderson notable former first-rounders who couldn’t jump-start their careers with Cincinnati.

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  1. Cincinnati signed Maybin for pennies in Jan. 2013 and cut him in August (before training camp ended).

    It’s not like Cincinnati took much of a risk.

  2. Robert Ayers would be a good signing.

    5.5 sacks in Denver while only starting 3 games and playing as a reserve is pretty good team player.

    Ayers scored a 29 on the Wonderlic

    Engineers, computer programmers, and accountants score around 29 (accountants actually average 28).

  3. This would disrupt the locker room chemistry – imagine the jealousy of his playoff win(s).

  4. Yeah with 3 starts (15 games total), 5.5 sacks and 29 tackles? I’ll take it! Sounds like he’s solid insurance in case Margus Hunt doesn’t progress. Michael Johnson (who we just lost) played in 15 games, 34 solo and 22 assist tackles and 3.5 sacks. He got paid big in Tampa Bay. I’m perfectly ok with the Bengals taking a flyer on this guy! If he gets more playing time while also having Geno Atkins and Carlos Dunlap on the same line who get a lot of attention, he may play even better.

  5. The Bungles are saving their cap space for players with criminal records.

    Not sure if Ayers fits that mold.

  6. Ayers was a decent player who seemed to improve a bit the past 2 years, but he never came close to being a game changer. He gave good effort, but just never quite rise above a certain level.

    My main gripe about him was that he was out of position much of the time. Watch for the huge game changing plays in the playoffs the past 2 years and you will see that he either didn’t set the edge (SB this year where Wilson easily scrambled because the edge was wide open) or didn’t play proper depth (allowed Flaccid room to easily step up and have the game winning hail Mary)

  7. Does it really matter? Like this team can even sniff New England or Denver at this point. Mike Brown has his puppet Marvin who takes orders like a champ. I would keep smiling too there Giggles Magee…you even know you should have been fired at least twice by now. And don’t give me the “Don’t you remember the 90’s B.S. that’s a loser mentality. Your judged by playoff wins. Just because you get there doesn’t mean a hill of beans. This franchise has no hope. Katie Blackburn is just like her daddy. Only thing that’s important to the Brown’s is making sure the “Family” is taken care of. People inside the organization will tell you. Mike Browns sits slumped over in his chair with the light off most of the day with this depressed look on his face. He know’s what needs to be done yet is too stubborn to make the change. He’s a failure even in his daddy’s eyes and he knows it. On top of that he is the most hated man in Cincinnati. Congratulations Mikey Boy….If it’s a Brown flush it down. LOSER!

  8. Haters gonna hate. This isn’t early 2000. When was the last time a Bengal got arrested, or better yet charged with anything. Ok PAC. But name someone who is a starter, someone who plays any real time? How bout them Ravens? Or any team in the NFL. Keep hating. I know it’s all thing you’ve got in your $hitty life.

  9. The Bengals let another 2009 draft pick—Michael Johnson and his 3.5 sacks sign for 50 million in Tampa. If the Bengals can get this guy and his 5.5 sacks for A LOT less, then why not? Paul Guenther will use a rotation like Zimmer did, so the Bengals need a guy that can be productive in short spurts. Looks to be a nice fit and a salary cap win if it works out.

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