Source describes Jim Irsay as “a sick, sick man”

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Colts owner Jim Irsay hasn’t bailed out of jail yet, and already word is creeping out about what has apparently been a long and losing fight with drug addiction.

According to Bob Kravitz of the Indianapolis Star, Irsay’s arrest for driving under the influence and four counts of drug possession was a “sad inevitability” to those close to him.

He’s a sick, sick man,” one source told Kravitz. “He desperately needs help.”

Those around Irsay had been leaning on him in recent years to get help, or at least get a driver. But even as he withered physically, he resisted the suggestion anything was wrong.

He lost 70 pounds, down to 165, but explained it away by saying his doctor wanted him to lose weight to take the pressure off his bad back.

Kravitz paints the picture of a man very much in denial, and enabled by the many people he employed.

But it’s becoming clear that Irsay’s bizarre Twitter ramblings, which are easy to make fun of (trust us, we know), are also a hint at some of the issues he was dealing with, which are deeper than anyone was willing to admit or confront before he was arrested.

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  1. All jokes aside, in the end this is a human being that needs help. I hope he can get the help that he needs and kick the lifestyle he’s been living.

  2. And hopefully he gets the help he needs. Always seemed like he was in denial, unfortunately it takes these big low moments before people actually acknowledge they have a problem.

  3. feel bad for him…addiction(esp alcohol) is very serious and tough to beat…and add on drugs to that…hope he beats it and becomes a better man… lets not condemn him for his sickness..

  4. The only problem I have with it is that he was driving. That’s a no no. Other than that , those schedule IV pills he had are hardly any more powerful than you’d get over the counter. Darvon ? Ambien ? Xanax ? People are making him out to be a hard core user , like someone on Oxycodone or Morphine , etc. This simply isn’t the case.
    Also , you folks who keep hammering the bejesus out of him because he’s wealthy ought to be ashamed of yourselves.

  5. here come the ignorant irsay Twitter comments. if your team cared about their team half as much as irsay did his colts your team would be successful too. get well Mr irsay. go colts #jimstrong

  6. “He’s a sick, sick man,” one source told Kravitz. “He desperately needs help.”

    No doubt. I saw an interview w/ him last year where he said he was a recovering alcoholic & drug addict. He claimed to be sober for some time. Obviously the man was/is lying to himself.

  7. Why is it that we go out of our way to find excuses and spend a drastic amount of time offering options for treatment for a billionaire, but would condemn anyone of lower income (which is anyone below the top 10%, actually) without a hint of inquiry or concern?

  8. It is sad that the more money a person has, the more people are willing to enable, whether unwittingly or not. I hope he now seeks the treatment he obviously needs. Good Luck Mr. Isray

  9. The difference in his appearance from this photo and the more recent one you ran earlier today speaks volumes. No matter what people think of Jim Irsay, this is a sad situation because a lot of people’s incomes depend on his ability to run his operation … and because he didn’t have the greatest role model. His father was one of the biggest mistakes in League ownership.

    I hope he gets the help he needs before he kills himself or someone else. Enablers just lead to an early grave.

  10. Drug addiction does not make a person innately bad. His twitter tirades are now insanely sad to think about now. It is clearly a direct insight into a lost soul who does not realize how far removed from reality it is. The team will be his family as he seeks to become a free man not under the control of any of these substances. Best of wishes.

  11. It goes to show that despite being a billionaire, no amount of money can buy your health or happiness.
    You would think that a rich man would have no troubles or worries, NOT.

    His Jail pic is horrible. He doesn’t look healthy but a man hell bent on drugs.

    Take care of yourself, Irsay. You only have your health and money can’t do jack squat about that, despite today’s medical advances..drug companies focus on symptom treatments not cures..It’s not profitable to find a cure

  12. Just goes to show you money isn’t everything, hope Irsay gets the help he needs and can get back to enjoying life because it certainly is too short a lot of people would kill to be in his shoes right now

  13. Enablers, so typical. How bout one of YOU close to him step up , get kut of your comfort zone and make a difference. Yes that takes guts ,so what do it anyway a.d show you care.

  14. #jimstrong Really???? That’s just insulting to Pagano…this is an addict he knew what he was doing no support for a man with all the resources to help himself. Pagano fought a REAL disease not some booze and sleeping pill addiction Irsay is just another loser addict. Money or no money.

  15. I wonder what kind of penalty the league will impose on him and/or the team? Yah can’t expect your players and coaches to abide by the rules and the owners not be accountable.

  16. Alcoholism/drug addiction does not discriminate. It affects the poor and the very rich. Hopefully, this episode has enabled Mr. Irsay to “hit his bottom.” If so, he can let humility replace denial and let the recovery process start to heal him.

  17. None of this was any shock to those of us who have lived in the Indy area for the last couple years. He’s been rumored to be heavily abusing drugs since at least the 2010 offseason.

  18. driving is dangerous. you have that kind of money and you don’t have a driver? what?

    I will never understand not getting a driver when you have that kind of money. I would gladly surrender my drivers license for a driver.

  19. ALS is a disease. Cancer is a disease. Alzheimer’s is a disease. I have sympathy for people fighting these and other diseases.

    Alcoholism and drug addiction are not diseases. They are sicknesses with an EASY cure. Just don’t drink or do drugs. Pretty simple. I have no sympathy for these people. Especially a rich brat like Irsay.

  20. I thought that he was a jackass before he did this and I still think he’s a jackass.

    No sympathy here.

    No making him out to be this tourterd soul just cuz he got nabbed.


  21. Anyone who has even the slightest first-hand knowledge of addiction and its consequences, whether it be alcohol or drugs, will already know just how serious and UNFUNNY this is.

  22. If you didn’t think there was something seriously wrong with him just by looking at his pictures or reading his Tweets then you haven’t been paying attention. The first time I ever saw his picture you could tell.

  23. This may explain those bizarre comments last year in reference to Peyton Manning before he returned to Lucas Oil Stadium.

  24. Despite the money, sometimes it’s not easy being the son of an overbearing, somewhat looney father.
    Ask Mark Davis.

  25. Addiction is a very real disease. Opiate addiction is taking over our country. The drug dealers are different then shady people on the street. They now fund our country and our elections every bit as much as the oil company. Addiction doesnt care if your White or Black, old or young, rich or poor. People can poke fun of Mr Irsay for this that or the other. The bottom line is the man knows how to hire people to make his company succesfull and thats a hell of a quality in any CEO/OWNER. I hope he gets the help he needs. Plenty of rock stars and others have been able to break the terrible opiate struggle.

  26. Who tells a billionaire what to do? Nobody and that sounds like a big part of the problem here. Anybody can get caught in addiction but rock bottom usually hits considerably faster when you’re not the super-rich boss.

  27. If he was a player ya’ll would be saying “it’s just pot or coke, or X and it’s not a big deal at all, give me another chance b/c this is Amerika!”

    Irsay deserves another chance just like his players ALWAYS get. Rich ppl need to stick together and help this guy.

  28. People call players entitled when they are arrested and lambast their upbringing. Now an owner gets caught and everyone is empathizing with him saying they hope he gets help. This guy could afford a fleet of cars and drivers, but he made a conscious decision to get behind the wheel of a car and endanger the public. He was born in the clubhouse and didn’t even need to step on the field of life. He should be fined $1mm and suspended from the league for a year. This isn’t his first foray into substance abuse. Only then will he realize he is at rock bottom.

  29. Hopefully the league will rule immediately that he is suspended from football operations until he has completed a serious rehab stint followed by what amounts to a lengthy probationary period.
    The league has responded in this way with some measure of success with players.
    The key is not to punish but to provide the incentive needed to see that he gets well.

  30. The NFL should fine or take draft picks away. they should ask him to enter rehab, if he denies then leave it at that. I just hope that he gets some help if he really does need it. this guy is one of the best owners in the league and runs a classy organization and does really well with this fans. Lets stop bashing this guy like he is Aaron Hernandez or Donte Stallworth , who literally killed a guy and got to be back on the field.

  31. Wasn’t this obvious long ago? A mid-50’s exec posting incoherent rants on twitter, sometimes throwing in a selfie in an Affliction t-shirt.

  32. i know how hard prescription painkillers addiction is, several of my classmates from high school have passed away thru overdose. Very serious matter. Hes very fortunate to be able to afford proper rehab. hope he gets better

  33. it’s time for Jim to fight a good fight. No body but Jim himself will have to take this fight. good luck

  34. “Darvon ? Ambien ? Xanax ? People are making him out to be a hard core user” Um… Not like ANYTHING you can get over the counter. Some of most abused RX drugs. I’ve been a pharmacist for 25 years, and heard all the lines people use to try and get their stuff early. He is obviously sick and needs help.

  35. I know plenty of ppl were im at on drugs of all sorts but its not called a sickness or anything i hear the term junkie but i guess if they had billion dollar status it would be differnt

  36. Well, I’m happy for all of you who are posting jokes.
    I’m happy because you’ve obviously never experienced for yourselves what addiction can do to a family.

    I’m also sad for you.
    Because when it finally does happen to you, and chances are it will, you won’t have the first clue how to deal with it, or help those who are close to you.

  37. I never feel bad for people who drive under the influence. If you want to hurt yourself, have at it. But when innocent people are put in harm’s way – it’s not fair to them.

  38. Suspending, while necessary from a rules standpoint, isn’t what will get his attention. You aren’t damaging him enough to wake him up. If the Commish and the rest of the owners have an ounce of humanity in them they’ll threaten to take away a first round draft pick unless he gets real help from a program the league knows and trusts. Until you threaten to do actual harm to his team, he isn’t going to be that affected by all of this.

  39. In 1956 the American Medical Association found that Alcoholism is in fact a disease. This topic has been debated since then and will be debated for many more years to come. To the poster who said, “just don’t drink or do drugs”. That’s like telling someone who has acute diarrhea to just stop, it doesn’t work. And yes, I do have experience in this area. Good luck Jim.

  40. Its too bad but there are probably a literal million other Americans also facing similar addiction issues.

    Its also too bad that hes in charge of a ~billion dollar business.

  41. It’s awful hard to feel sorry for a silver spoon billionaire.
    He can afford the best help. Hope he gets it.

  42. I hope he get’s help, since drugs and alcoholism can affect and ruin any life, regardless of their income status. Like Vince Scully once said about Steve Howe, “you think about all of the lives drugs have ruined, and can you name one life that they have helped.”

  43. Everything he’s done wrong is a choice on his part. Completely voluntary. There is no one to blame except himself.

  44. What a great American leader of industry. Just had to be born with the name Irsay and life would come easy to him. Funny to hear sympathy for him but nothing but disdain for jumkies born into poverty with infinite more limitations on their chances of being something else.

  45. Ah the hypocrisy is rife in this thread.

    Those people who’s hearts poor out for poor Mr. Irsay are the same people who condemn athletes who do the SAME thing.

    Why is he different? He is the same rich, over privileged person you claim players to be.

    I don’t feel sorry for him one bit. I have no sympathy for addicts and idiots who drive under the influence.

    Oh poor rich Mr. Irsay has so many problems. BLECH

  46. We all hope he gets the help he desperately needs. My big problem with him driving under the influence of drugs and alcohol is that he could have had a bad accident and killed an innocent person.

  47. The media treats it as if these people should be exiled from life but anyone can make these mistakes.. This is a law where everyone is a hippocrite judging everyone else.

    Only crime he commited is that he got caught. He didn’t hit anyone, he didn’t sell drugs, he didn’t kill anyone.

    This law is based on assuming what a person under the influence “might” do while under the influence. Then people make such a big deal out of nothing. Jim could need “help”, or maybe he just likes drinking, he just caught driving over the limit of consumption with non street drugs…Who cares

  48. Drug addiction makes sense. I have long suspected that he was bipolar.

    In a way, he’s a lot like some athletes. He surrounded himself with admirers and hangers-on who only filed his head with words of how great he is, and his ego grew expodentially.

    I, too, hope he sees the light now and gets some real help.

  49. The NFL should take all of the COLTS draft this yr and their 1st next as punishment. THE NFLPA WILL BE WATCHING

  50. I hope he receives long-term and ongoing programs for his addiction, beginning with in-patient assistance. In the meantime, Godell MUST suspend him indefinitely, and Irsay cannot have anything to do with the day-to-day operation of the Colts. The Comish needs to demonstrate some stones for owners, not simply players, coaches and front office people. I wonder however if he actually has the power to do so, due to the fact an owner is NOT an employee of The NFL. Power or not, Godell should level the punishment and try to make it stick.

  51. He is a chip off the old block.

    His dad was an insufferable drunk, and a horrible person to boot.

    After getting drunk and stealing the Colts out of Baltimore in the middle of the night, he ended up later getting drunk and calling down plays from the owners box.

    12 man blitz? That one turned into a touchdown for the other team.

    He was drunk every day by 9am.

    Junior seems slightly less of an idiot, but that’s not saying a whole lot.

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