Steelers bring back reserve guard Guy Whimper

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The Steelers must be confident in Mike Munchak’s ability to fix their offensive line.

Because they’re giving him all the same parts from a line that wasn’t exactly stalwart last year.

The team announced they had re-signed veteran Guy Whimper to a one-year deal. He played in 11 games with them last year, with a start at either guard spot.

The former fourth-rounder has also played for the Giants and Jaguars.

Other than jettisoning bad-idea Levi Brown, the Steelers haven’t made major changes to their offensive line. They also brought back center Cody Wallace on a three-year deal, and have used their free agency to get younger on defense.

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  1. Although I agree this is questionable, the Steelers line was fantastic the last half of the season. Seven sacks over the last 7 games and an improved running game. None of that was thanks to Whimper but as a whole they dont need major changes.

  2. Pouncey will be back, which gives us instant stability and allow these guys to play in their natural positions rather than being jettisoned to play everywhere! The oline came together at the end of the season and Munchak will be a Godsend.

  3. Ya gotta give the guy credit for battling back from being given the name, “Guy Whimper.”

    “Dick Incognito” did too, but he may have went over the top.

  4. For anybody that was paying attention, Whimper was a solid spare part last year. He had that greatest of all NFL abilities…AVAIL-ability, and has good position flexiblity as well; he can fill in and keep his head above water at at least four O-line positions, and the Steelers like that. Good signing that I’m sure didn’t break the bank…

  5. The line played well last season. Keeping the unit together is imperative. It’s all about chemistry.

    As long as they continue to improve little by little, they’ll be a top of the line crew – especially considering their youth.

  6. He has either the coolest or the lamest name in sports.

    ‘He hits his man so hard you should hear the Guy Whimper’; or ‘He is such a wuss you hear the Guy Whimper in the huddle.’


    I can go into any homeless shelter and find a guy to play as good as Whimper. Does Colbert have trouble being able to see lineman that really suck? He trades for Levi Brown who sucked beyond belief, and now RE-SIGNS a guy that really sucks

  8. You’ve got Guy Whimper and you’ve got Mack Strong. Every other NFL player name in history is known as “the grey area.”

  9. First if all the Steelers have gotten younger and younger over the last 3 seasons.

    Second, Levi Brown didn’t cost the Steelers anything. Since the draft pick was conditional and he was cut this offseason, it helped clear cap space then hurt the Steelers.

    Lastly, the steelers went thru the decline. Rustbelt, I’d be worried about your Bengals. Third best QB in the division and all your players are bolting after the 3rd straight 1 and done. Took them 3 seasons to win the division, at that rate Dalton may get a playoff victory in 2-3 years. The Bengals continue to keep Lewis and let the coordinators go, who would probably be a better option as the Bengal HC. Watch your team win a playoff game then you can chirp a little.

  10. Message to all Steelers fans:

    You have a guy with the last name of Whimper on your team. You are no longer allowed to make fun of anything from any other NFL team.

  11. Pouncey should be back–though he’s so fragile, I don’t know how much we can depend on him. And I’d like to re-sign Velasco. Otherwise, the line was gelling by midseason. No need to spend a lot of money in free agency to fix what isn’t in significant need of repair. This group can be coached up and Munchak’s the guy to do it. And we may get a good draft pick for the line. But if last year taught us anything, it’s that the real money needs to go toward getting younger on defense and ensuring that unit returns to its elite status.

  12. How can you say the Steelers are getting younger? They keep signing new contracts to 30 somethings. I get it… I would rather have an old Palumalu than an average 26 year old, but c’mon! The good news is that Division as a whole stinks anyway. Anyone can win it.

  13. Is there a more obnoxious and uneducated fanbase in sports than the one that follows the Pittsburgh Roethlisbergers?
    Last time I checked, “one-and-done” was slightly better than “didn’t-get-in.” And as far as players “bolting,” there must be a reason receivers have zero interest in staying in Pittsburgh. Santonio Holmes, Mike Wallace, Emmanuel Sanders, Jericho Gotchery, the list goes on.

    As for the Steelers’ O-line: Depth is an important component. I’d feel better if center Fernando Velasco had been re-signed instead of Whimper. Munchak, you might remember, showed Velasco the door in Tennessee.

  14. My cousin once went on a date with him, or maybe it was his brother. In any case she went out with a Whimper …

  15. Last time I checked, “one-and-done” was slightly better than “didn’t-get-in.” And as far as players “bolting,” there must be a reason receivers have zero interest in staying in Pittsburgh. Santonio Holmes, Mike Wallace, Emmanuel Sanders, Jericho Gotchery, the list goes on.

    I guess you forgot these guys play for money Einstein. Even an uneducated rube like me knows that.

    Whimper filled in quite well last year , but you were too busy looking for Ben to make a mistake to notice.

  16. I’d forgotten Velasco came to us from the Titans, meaning he was cut by Munchak. However, I’m assuming that was a business decision, not the result of any personal animosity on Munchak’s part. Velasco performed well in Pittsburgh, and we need the depth at center since Pouncey can’t be counted on to stay healthy. I hope we re-sign him, but if we don’t, we couch-coaches will just have to trust the pros.

    Receivers haven’t demonstrated no interest in remaining with the Steelers. The Steelers have a long-standing policy against overpaying for players who only touch the ball a few times per game. They wouldn’t have paid Holmes’s asking price in free agency and were delighted to be rid of a problem player before his contract expired. Wallace isn’t worth the cap hit the Dolphins will take this year, and I won’t miss a guy who laid down on the field his final season even though he was earning $2.75 million. Much as I like Sanders, he’s not worth to us what Denver was willing to pay. Neither is Cotchery if he can get more than we’re offering on the open market.

    It’s a business and you must choose how to spend your money. The Steelers rarely choose to spend a lot of theirs on receivers. And I agree with that philosophy–which has been in place since long before Roethlisberger joined the team.

  17. As a fan that’s been around since the Steelers came into the NFL, I must say these last several years have been hard on the fans. The team seems to have done as they did in the late 70’s after the SB years, they all got old at the same time. The O line is a joke, Ben has seen his better days, yet the team doesn’t seek out a quality QB, or linemen,either through the draft or free agency, so it’s going to be another big disappointing year. Sad for a once great franchise.

  18. I seriously question all these people who call themselves Steelers fans. Do you actually follow every detail of this team? Whimper aka “Abdullah the Butcher”, was a very serviceable swing guard last year and can even fill in at tackle in an injury pinch. Pounce isn’t soft, he broke his ankle near the end of his rookie year, ok. But id like to see your knee after taking that hit from DeCastro last year. The problem last year was hardly the offense, especially after the o line came together and they got Heath and Bell in the mix. The problem was the D giving up the big play and way too often. Cutler running for 12+ for a first down to keep the drive alive, Pryor running the field for a TD, Tannehill for 43 yards…etc. fix the D, and they’re trying with recent moves, and this team has a shot before Ben’s too old.

  19. I have been waiting to hear the good news that the Steelers have signed at least couple studs from other teams to fill the gap on the offensive line that’s always there early in the season where one is injured and he’s out for the season, whomever we resign from the team we know very well that we still need a better starter to help block for Big Ben and prevent his body from some sacks that could cause another injury and be out for few games that we can’t afford to play and win without him.

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