The PFT on NBCSN whiparound for Monday

The signature segment, even though we (i.e., I) routinely screw something up while delivering it, of Pro Football Talk on NBCSN is the league whiparound, a rapid-fire look at some of the various nuggets of NFL news.

Always informative and periodically humorous (sometimes intentionally), it’s a quick way to get up to speed on some of the developments of the day.

You can see it live at 5:30 p.m. ET.  And you can see it later if you DVR it.  And you can see today’s version right now if you click the box below.

It was one of the rare occasions during which I didn’t screw up very badly.

7 responses to “The PFT on NBCSN whiparound for Monday

  1. Why is it that Mr. Florin is so willing to blast the organization and owner. Why would you kick a man when he is down. The man needs help and prayers. Colts nation prayers are with you Jim. Get well and come back COLT STRONG

  2. I totally feel like this is in bad taste. A number of people have died being in similar circumstances (i.e. Belushi, Farley, etc), denying they have a problem. I feel like this website feels like it is open season, when in reality it should be workng to get the individual help. You will feel far better contributing to their success then pointing out their mistakes made while under the influence of drugs

  3. One has to notice that there is a lack of Colts Owner Irsay’s run in with the law or should I say after reading all the headlines today zero coverage on the NFL.Com website. Maybe I missed it because 90 % I pass on reading. If this was a player that was driving while intoxicated, endangering others lives, the story would linger for a week or more with constant updates. They also cover prior player troubles too. So it’s no surprise the NFL is keeping one of its billionaire owner out if the news. Forgive me this bombastic, alcoholic druggie is so rich he could have abused himself by having a limo drive him around. No this guys ego is such he wants to endanger others lives. Simply put, the NFL has a double standard.

  4. Totally agree Colv! People on this thread asking why kick a man when he’s down? This is a league of exceptionalism and if we’re going to hold the players to this holier than thou standard, then the owners better darn well be held to that standard and more! If you are at the top of the money pyramid, directing others below you to always be representing the institution in the greatest manner possible, it doesn’t excuse you from that same standard.

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