Zach Strief returns to Saints

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When tackle Zach Strief turned down an opportunity to visit with a Dolphins team needy for help on the offensive line last week, it looked like a signal that Strief wasn’t interested in moving on from New Orleans.

That feeling was justified. The Saints have announced that Strief will remain with the team on a five-year deal.

“We are excited to announce that Zach will stay with us into the future,” Saints General Manager Loomis said in the announcement. “Not only has he done an excellent job at the right tackle position, but he has served us well as an offensive team captain for the past two seasons and has always been a great asset in the community since he first came here in 2006.”

Strief, who fell to No. 102 on PFT’s list of available free agents when released veterans hit the market, has spent the last eight seasons with New Orleans and stepped up to a regular spot in the starting lineup three years ago. Since then, he has started all 38 games he’s played and made 15 starts for the team at right tackle last season.

With Strief back in the fold, only center Brian de la Puente remains unsigned from the offensive line that closed out last season.

22 responses to “Zach Strief returns to Saints

    well now we collect bounty $$$ on offense when stiref “bulldozes” on power o.
    back and richer than ever
    run and tell DAT!

  2. I love how opposing fans post on Saints related stories.

    Guess how many times I’ve read or commented negatively in Vikings, Panters, Bucs, or Falcons stories…NEVER.

    Know why…cause they are irrelevant to me. I could care less what they do honestly. But that is because I believe my team has an opportunity to win the SB every year. So our goal is winning it all. Fans of junk teams…just focusing on trying to get better than the teams that year in and year out kick their butt.

    Keep hoping for the decline. I’m sure at some point, it will finally be true. But if you think it is this year. I just wish I could watch the games with you as the Saints once again beat your team and you say to yourself once again…”maybe next year”.

  3. He NEVER had a visit planned. I know it’s in vogue to badmouth the Fins but enough already!

    He never wanted to leave the Saints. Good for them.

  4. Lol!

    But all you haters said the Saints had no money, cant afford to do anything, and are done!

    Guess you all were wrong as usual.

  5. The Saints really need to start restructuring some major contracts here – starting with Brodrick Bunkley, then Marques Colston, then Jahri Evans, then Ben Grubbs.

    I wish the Saints had gone after Dominique Rodgers-Cromartie.

  6. darthsaint says: Mar 17, 2014 10:30 AM

    I love how opposing fans post on Saints related stories.

    Guess how many times I’ve read or commented negatively in Vikings, Panters, Bucs, or Falcons stories…NEVER.

    Know why…cause they are irrelevant to me. I COULD CARE LESS what they do honestly.

    If you COULD care less, that means you now have some level of care? Is it a little or a lot? Now, if you COULDN’T care less, then you have no care at all.

  7. Loomis is an absolute genius magician with what he works with.

    Signs best defensive free agent to solidify a top 5 defense from last year.

    Trades a declining Sproles for value when he was obviously going to be cut anyway.

    Pay cuts a few guys and trims the fat on unproductive vets.

    Resign in house guys for bottom dollar.

    An above average RT who was top 3 in pass blocking last year should get more than ~4m per year on the open market.

  8. Awesome news. Saints likely drafting a CB early, unless a standout WR or O-Line option is still available. Very excited for this season!

  9. Not a big fan of this signing. He had his best year as a saintbut put him up against any type of speed rush and he gets demolished. He almost got brees killed a few times. The line did get better as the season wnet on but strief was part of the problem imo. Still think they should draft a tackle but with this signing is a so so signing. Db or wr in the draft. Still coukd use a another lb.

  10. Ya CB probably should be where we go in 1st round cause White and Robinson are pretty much awful. But remember we haven’t drafted a WR in the 1st round since we drafted Meachem with the same exact number 27th pick. Loomis always finds gems when it comes to O-Linemen so we should wait on that position.

  11. First of all I’m a Saints fan . It does need to be said but bad move by Mickey Loomis, Drew is a rapid declining player. His arm which wasn’t very strong in the first place is gone, then not to give him enough time to find someone open means more of Drew throwing pointless ints. Even if we draft a monster Receiver Drew can’t get the ball there…. Ask Stills, Meach, and Joe Morgan . We need to run more and rely on our defense . We need to draft a corner in the first round.

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