After one week of free agency, a team-by-team look at cap space available


A week has elapsed since the start of free agency in the NFL. Teams have doled out millions of dollars worth of contracts and players have new teams to call home.

With that in mind it seemed like a good time to take a look at where teams stand when it comes to salary cap space.

While teams can employ up to 90 players during the offseason, the salary cap is calculated by using only the top 51 most expensive contracts on a roster. That changes for the regular season as all players on the active roster, practice squad and injured reserve count against the cap.

The NFL Players Association keeps a database of projected salary cap space for each team in the league. While the numbers from the NFLPA and the official numbers from the league routinely differ, it’s still a good gauge of where teams currently stand.

There is a difference of over $31 million in cap space from the team with the most cap space (Oakland Raiders) to the team with the least cap space (New Orleans). The current numbers available are accurate as 6:30 p.m ET. However, they will not include the contracts agreed upon this afternoon, such as Donald Penn’s deal with the Raiders or Henry Melton’s contract with the Dallas Cowboys.

Without further ado, the list of cap space is below ranked from most cap space to the least.

Team-by-team salary cap space:

Oakland Raiders: $32,299,198
Cleveland Browns: $31,828,788
New York Jets: $27,899,282
Cincinnati Bengals: $26,607,666
Jacksonville Jaguars: $25,239,764
Miami Dolphins: $19,185,752
Tampa Bay Buccaneers: $17,558,206
Green Bay Packers: $17,024,449
Indianapolis Colts: $16,730,795
Philadelphia Eagles: $16,203,629
Buffalo Bills: $15,590,046
Minnesota Vikings: $15,489,099
Seattle Seahawks: $15,213,737
Atlanta Falcons: $10,194,447
Houston Texans: $9,469,501
Tennessee Titans: $9,100,702
Baltimore Ravens: $9,061,187
St. Louis Rams: $8,999,358
New England Patriots: $8,804,036
Arizona Cardinals: $8,137,968
Denver Broncos: $7,642,337
Washington Redskins: $7,455,869
Carolina Panthers: $7,344,546
Dallas Cowboys: $7,162,442
Chicago Bears: $5,773,177
Kansas City Chiefs: $5,227,069
San Francisco 49ers: $3,726,835
New York Giants: $3,690,088
San Diego Chargers: $3,653,247
Detroit Lions: $2,204,330
Pittsburgh Steelers: $2,174,434
New Orleans Saints: $849,212

63 responses to “After one week of free agency, a team-by-team look at cap space available

  1. If the Jets cut Sanchez they would be the team with the most money. It annoys me that they don’t even spend money on their own players and let them walk to another team. Also, If Idzik develops the image of being unreasonable then future dealings with players will not be good

  2. Packers using all that cash for the likes of Letroy Guion and a washed up J-Peps. Way to go Teddy Thompson, defense is going to garbage again next season, errr a top 5 defense.


  3. I should know this but would still like someone to educate me; teams with so little remaining cap space have to make serious cuts to free up enough to sign newly drafted rookies in May? Is that how it works? I mean, the bottom tier of teams here presently have too little available to sign 6-7 rookies as it stands. I’m guessing that is how it works, but seems very uncomfortable to have (like the Saints) under one million in room.

  4. The Turdbay packers have yet to spend their money on quality talent.if Rodgers goes down week 1 the cheeseheads would go winless.Notice how the vikings evaluated the best talent for the right prices.Top ten defense next year.SKOL

  5. So the Niners have $3.7 million in cap space and Kaepernick wants $20 million a year. We’re about to find out how much of a man you really are Kap… in it for the money or the team?

    Actions speak louder than words…..

  6. The Super Bowl champs with over 15.7 mil of cap space? It’s great to be the champs, great D and a boat load of money.

  7. BengalNation we lookin good,keep the money in the pocket,we got a title contending team and next off season is the busy off season..#Dalton,A.J,Burfict,Peko….ReUp

  8. I would offer Allen 4m for a chance to receive a SB ring-that’s it. I’d offer both Sherman and Thomas 10m a piece and Wilson 20m next year. The final offer(s) for the 3 will be very close to those figures. It can’t be all about self, some of the reasoning needs to consider an eye to the SB. As anyone but a fan can attest, this may seem unrealistic, but it does have a kernel of truth to it.

  9. We’ll look at that. The Vikes have already made some great signings and still have tons of cap space. I’m so glad the Vikes are not run by Jerry Jones!!!

  10. About time they showed a little nerve! 2 or three seasons ago if Demarcus Ware demanded 30k they would have given it to him easily. Maybe now they finish the job in free agency and the draft. Hopefully they can beef up their defensive line. Now the can afford to get the best defensive end, or even a safety, that is available. But for now good job cowboys

  11. There goes colts chance of signing allen they need to save cash for their owner lawyers fee

  12. Who is San Diego paying all this money too??! And Cincinnati has all that loot and refuses to use a penny on anybody. Raiders have made all these moves and still have all that cap space. I like it. Never know when we might need to spend big on some star. #raidernation!

  13. Wow I guess John Idzik is starting to think that the money is his to keep or something.Wtf is wrong with this guy?With all the holes the Jets have Idzik is just sitting on a pile of cash starring at the ceiling doing absolutley nothing important.Its becoming obvious that he wants Rex to fail

  14. The Jets should be ashamed….and Idzek, not rex, should be fired if the jets don’t finish with at least 9 wins next year.

  15. The Bucs have signed about 27 FAs. How the heck do they have $17m in cap space? If Revis is the answer, then cutting him was the best move made by any team.

  16. Steelers looking pretty grim. How exactly do you expect to field a competitive team again? Didnt you just lose your #2 wideout? DOOMED. It looks so nice from alllll the way up here

  17. So how exactly do teams at the bottom of this list plan on signing their draft picks if they currently have less than $5 million of cap space? I would think they’d need at least that much to sign their rookies.

  18. wow..i hope brees is happy with what he did..saints cant afford to get anyone..but as long as he gets paid all is well in the world…#BreesIsShocked

  19. Eagles need Jared Allen. His pass rushing skills and his motor make the def. backfield a vastly improved group and should take The Birds at least deep into the playoffs.

  20. Packers sure seem to have a lot of cap space.

    You know, for a team who’s QB contract was going to kill their chances of ever doing anything. A team that’s missed the playoffs, what TWICE in a GENERATION?

    Look at the teams ahead of them with cap space – not exactly perennial powerhouses. And while Ted is tight with the funds – he COULD be spending money, unlike others who can’t – because the can’t manage a cap to save their life.

  21. Biggest contract in the NFL and still have more money than Minnesota, Chicago, and Detroit. Boooo it’s not fair! The NFL is somehow helping the packers again. Lol I love it!

  22. How can the Ravnes still be 9M unbder the cap after that insane Flacco deal?!
    Wait, that was just the trolls talking.
    All is well in Baltimore.
    Reloaded. Another SuperBowl next year. Mark it down.
    Ca Caw!

  23. Alex Mack is going to sign with the raiders for 32 million dollars (according to his agent). He’s also going to start selling bridges to suckers.

  24. The Bengals need to spend $1 to get off that 666 number. They should be able to get 3 or 4 Vikings starters for that amount.

  25. This list probably doesn’t show the 6 million in “cap space” that is REQUIRED to be held in reserve by the NFL to sign each year’s rookie class.

    That’s how a team like New Orleans can be so cap strapped and still participate in the draft.

  26. And once JG signs a long term deal his cap hit will be reduced from the 7 mil he counts as right now.

    All is fine in NOLA this year and probably the next…but we are probably screwed in a few seasons when everyone’s cap numbers sky rocket.

  27. Many of Broncos contracts are back loaded. In a couple of years, they will have to pay the piper and release anyone of value. They’re mortgaging their future now while Manning is still around.

  28. loyalraven says:Mar 19, 2014 12:16 AM

    LOL the steelers dont even have enough cap space to sign their draft picks with. REBUILD MODE

    They have 8 mill. that will come off because they cut Woodley. That is more than enough to sign all draft picks.

  29. Top team in our division and we’ve got the most cap space, our elite QB signed long term.

    But I’m sure there’s some dummies out there that still want Ted to sign Steven Jackson.

  30. I am a Charger fan and have to admitt the Bronco’s appear to be headed for the Nobel in Cap Economics. How they signed all the guys they did by cutting Bailey and a DRC and a couple of others and still have the cap space they have is impressive.

  31. As a Jets fan if this team tanks the season, I’m putting up a billboard to “Save Rex”. What Idzik is doing is just straight up wrong. Give the man something to work with C’mon! And Woody should see all this happening, any competent owner would. Key word competent….

  32. Do the Saints figures include the re-structured Pierre Thomas deal? No figures have been announced for that contract yet. And what about Erik Lorig and Joe Morgan’s contracts? All those deals were announced very recently.

    Also, when we sign Jimmy Graham to a long term deal, the cap hit for this year will magically go down about $5 million, which leaves room to sign the rookies.

    If we trade Jimmy, we’d get about $7 million in cap relief.

    No worries. As a Saints fan, in Loomis we trust!

  33. Man with all that cap space left the Vikes could easily pay Jared for another couple years and still sign all our draft picks.

    C’mon mang. Just please?

  34. love the broncos haters. here are the numbers fools. perhaps if your management had a clue, and your team were a contender for the superbowl, you too could be celebrating strong moves in the offseason.

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