Andrew Hawkins says the Browns are in “win now” mode


If there’s any team in the NFL that could be described as “rebuilding,” it’s the Browns. They’ve won either four or five games in each of the last six seasons, and they’ve gone through a thorough shakeup of their coaching staff and front office.

But the newest addition to the Browns says they’re a “win now” team.

Andrew Hawkins, a wide receiver who officially became a member of the Browns today when Cincinnati declined to match Cleveland’s offer, told the team’s website that from everything he has seen, the Browns are serious about being winners this year, not just building for the future.

“They’re trying to win, they’re trying to win now, they’re trying to [assemble] an incredible roster and I think they’ve done great in free agency,” Hawkins said. “Not even including myself, [but] the players they’ve been able to bring in just shows where their mind’s at and I feel good about where the program is going.”

That’s clearly a message the team wants to get out. The Browns’ PR department released a statement today from General Manager Ray Farmer that listed the team’s accomplishments in free agency and added, “These acquisitions are about steadying our ship and moving Cleveland closer to competing in our division and competing for championships.”

Teams don’t usually feel the need to release statements like that from the G.M., but then again teams don’t usually have offseasons as tumultuous as the offseason the Browns have had. The Browns want their fans to know they’re serious about trying to right the ship.

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  1. I’m glad the Browns are in Win now mode, I wish them the best on attaining their goal of a 7-9 season.

  2. i feel bad for Cleveland
    such a bad team…
    so clueless
    almost as bad as the pathetic vikings …almost

  3. Yeah they definitely are, they’re going for broke this year. Three, maybe even four wins are not out of the question.

  4. well lets just hope after paying you 5 million this season that they have enough cap space now to sign their draft picks…will be real close

  5. As opposed to being in win later mode. Still waiting to hear that from a coach, player or GM

  6. I feel like those Demotivator posters and calendars were inspired by the Cleveland Browns.

    “Mistakes: It could be that the purpose of your life is only to serve as a warning to others.”

  7. Kind of took them a long while to figure out the general philosophy/idea of organizations participating in The NFL, didn’t it?

  8. Being in what the team perceives to be a win now mode and actually being a winning team are two different things entirely.

  9. So tired of the Ravens and Steelers getting four gimme wins a year, almost as bad as the Patriots and their six gimme wins a year, really hope the Browns and Bengals take it to them.

  10. All NFL teams have turned their losing organization into a winning one.At one time during the 90’s one would never thought Tampa Bay would go on an eventually win a super bowl.Its inevitable.

  11. Andy Dalton is the best QB in the league right now. That doesn’t mean anything with only one receiver, no line, and no coaches around him though. As usual, Mike Brown is asleep during free agency.

  12. This seems to be true given their recent signings. We all know certain players who will not be playing football forever and the window is wide open.

  13. If Dalton had the help that Manning and Brees get from their teammates, he would easily be considered one of the QB to play the game.

  14. What? Browns in “win now” mode? Did I walk into some bizarro world?
    I knew I should have taken a left turn at Albuquerque.

  15. i feel bad for Cleveland
    such a bad team…
    so clueless
    almost as bad as the pathetic vikings …almost

    As bad as you say you think they are, I wouldn’t trade them for another team, especially yours.

  16. I think there needs to be a fine print asterisk for potential Browns season ticket holders….

    That being to the Browns…”win now” means 6 games….

  17. I’ve never been an NFL gm…

    But if I was, I’d probably hold off on the “win now” talk from my players until they got a QB on the roster…

    Just saying….

  18. What has Cleveland done to make anyone believe they are going to be any better? Most of their FA signings are replacing lost players. Hawkins is fun to watch, but when he averages 3/40 a game you may wish that 5M had been spent elsewhere. MAYBE Tate can stay healthy…

  19. Look at all these trolls! I think Cleveland is looking good so far in free agency…and I’m a Packers Fan. Baltimore and Pittsburgh have cap issues and aging players and Cincinnati will only go as far as Dalton will take them…Cleveland only needs a QB and that will come in the draft.

  20. It all comes down to QB play. if they get the kind of QB play they got from Hoyer last year they will be the most talented team in the division. With Pettine running the D the D will be very good. The O has a ton of potential with Gordan, Tate, Jordan and possibly Watkins.

    Last year the Browns were competitive blowing big leads late in so many games. They are a team that could make an instant turn around. I wonder if Pettine will consider hiring Rex as D coordinator in 2015?

  21. Most talent? With Hoyer & Tanney @ QB? With an offensive line leaks like a sieve? One potentially good running back? Ok……..

  22. I hope this is true, then the stealers won’t get an automatic two easy wins twice per season.

  23. Whew.

    Finally….the Brownies are officially in win mode. Saying it is definitely enough. No need to prove it on the field.

    I think that they are only ones that think the Dansby signing is a value play.

    Trade Josh Brown to Pittsburgh and move the team again.

  24. Good luck Andrew. You have good company with talent in the locker room, but until your organization figures out who is in charge of what and let’s them do their job, you will be rebuilding with new talent while discarding this years talent year after year.

  25. People are really trying to argue Dalton is one of the best in the league? What the hell are you guys watching?? I see a quarterback who plays great against weak defenses and falls apart in the big games. Weak arm, not clutch, relies on great receivers to bail him out. That bengals team is talented but he’s holding them back. He’s a bum. I’d take Hoyer over dalton in a heartbeat

  26. And they still have the 2nd. most available cap space n the NFL, Many draft picks (3 in top 40). hungry young coaching staff, etc. Look for browns to win AFC North this season and many to come, as the rest of the division is on rapid decline. Go Browns!

  27. Win now mode. LOLOLOLOLOL

    Get a QB. Get a front office and get a clue and then you can be in “win now mode”.

  28. Lol @ these Donky fans. Forgot to show up to the Superbowl and have nerve to comment on other teams… Talk about embarrassing. And at the other dude that says Dalton is the best qb in the league? Hahaha funny. We’ll see when my Browns demolish them bungholes this year. TWICE!

  29. That’s crazy money for a guy who gives you 3-4 catches a game when he’s healthy. Not bad for a kid who came from the CFL. Then again it is the Browns.

  30. Replaced starting linebacker and starting safety with older, less-talented and higher-priced players.

    That’s how the Browns do “Win now mode”.

  31. If the Browns roll with Hoyer and grab Watkins at 4 they are going to make the playoffs. Scoff if you want but the addition of Watkins, Hawkins, and Tate to Gordon and Cameron will be lethal.

  32. Cleveland is in “win now mode?” Its a change from their rebuilding mode of the last several years. They lack a quarterback and several other positions. You over paid for Hawkins. The guy is a special teamer or situational player at best. Cleveland will keep that strong hold on last place this year and years to come.

  33. I don’t understand these “lack of quarterback” remarks. Did any one watch Hoyer play last year?

  34. Of course they overpaid (except for Tate, he was a steal), that’s what teams do in free agency in order to fill holes. And why not? They’ve got tons of cap space. They’ve also got tons of draft picks and some very smart people on their coaching staff and in their front office (thank god the Banner-Lombardi era is behind us). If people want to dismiss them as the same old Browns, fine, that’s their business, but it tells me they haven’t been paying close attention to what’s been going on in Cleveland lately (and has been since Haslam finally gave the last regime the boot). The proof will come in September of course, but at least one long suffering Browns fan believes the NFL is going to see a very different football team this season and in seasons to come.

  35. Quarterback is vital!!!
    Eli Manning, Ben Roethlisberger and Joe Flacco, owners of a combined 5 Super Bowl rings, combined for 23-25 record last season. So, as you can see, having a Super Bowl-winning QB is really important…

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