Bears reportedly want Eric Weems to take a pay cut

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The Bears signed wide receiver Domenik Hixon as a free agent last week, giving them a player with a lot of experience returning punts and kickoffs.

Hixon joins Eric Weems as players who fit that description on the Bears roster. Weems didn’t handle those duties last season as Devin Hester was still on the roster and he reportedly won’t have a chance to handle them in 2014 either unless he takes a pay cut.

Jeff Dickerson of reports that the Bears have asked Weems to trim his $1.1 million salary and $1.6 million cap number if he wants to remain with the team. Weems signed a three-year, $4.25 million deal before last season that included a $1.5 million signing bonus that would leave $500,000 of dead money on the Chicago cap if he is released.

Weems was a key part of the team’s coverage units in 2013, making 13 stops on special teams, and caught one pass for eight yards on offense. He made the Pro Bowl in 2010 for his special teams work with the Falcons and returned one punt and one kickoff for touchdowns while with Atlanta.

10 responses to “Bears reportedly want Eric Weems to take a pay cut

  1. Special teams aces are great while on rookie (ie cheap) contracts. But once they start making over $1mill/yr they aren’t so valuable. This is exhibit 1.

  2. I have never been on board with teams asking a player to take a pay cut, maybe in the next CBA the players association can try to get some language in there about the contracts to prevent this

  3. milesmataas,

    Then there should be similar language that disallows players from holding out for more money. If that’s your stance.

  4. Milesmataas

    I completely agree with you, I see it all the time, teams want a player to take a pay cut or be cut not even a year after they sign it. That is why players hold out. Anyone can be cut at anytime and a fraction of the majority of contracts are guaranteed. It’s a shady business. Besides the fact that they’re getting paid millions to play football. It is an expensive lifestyle though. Traveling and not being with the family and kids is tough for most.

  5. granadafan says:
    Mar 18, 2014 11:37 AM
    The Bears are concerned with 500K in a cap worth over 130 million???
    Based on the Tillman deal, the Bears have about $4.5M in cap space, and that doesn’t account for the rookie pool they have to set aside to sign their draft picks. That savings can be used to sign a player who helps them more on defense. I would prefer they release him outright, which would give them $1.1M back on the cap. He doesn’t do anything an undrafted free agent or one of the young CBs on the roster (Wilson, Hurst) couldn’t provide at one-third the cost.

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