Bo knows not to play two sports in 2014

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With Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson dabbling in baseball and musing about the possibility of playing, the ultimate two-sport star has some free advice.

Don’t do it.

Bo Jackson, whose legendary baseball-football career came crashing to a halt when he suffered a hip injury during a routine tackle in January 1991, believes that Wilson — and any other athlete who could play multiple sports — should focus on one.

“Stick to what got [Wilson] in the headlines, not baseball,” Jackson said Tuesday, via  “Twenty-five or 30 years ago when I did it, I’m not trying to say anything negative about other athletes, but the talent pool wasn’t that deep.  In this day in age, with all the high-tech training, computer-engineered workouts and the proper food and diet, if you try to concentrate on two sports, I guarantee you’re going to ride the bench in both because the talent is that deep.  Stick to whatever sport you’re comfortable with and let everything else go.”

Jackson, whose made baseball his primary sport and football a mere hobby, would have that same advice even for a modern-day version of himself.

“I probably couldn’t, no,” Jackson said regarding his ability to play two sports at the professional level.  “Just because the talent pool is that deep now.  If my kids want to do both sports, ‘No. No. No.’ . . .  If you try to do both you’re going to be riding the bench in both.  You’ll never get to that level that you want to get to if you split your time between multiple sports.”

Jackson is right.  Every elite athlete at some point needs to pick one sport and hope that he made the right decision.  For Wilson, who has become a Super Bowl winner in only two seasons, it’s safe to say he made the right choice.

That’s not to say Wilson shouldn’t be willing to use baseball as leverage to get the football contract he’ll be eligible for after the coming season.  But he should still never try to actually play both sports.

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  1. But then again there are a few (very few) superbly elite athletes with motivation, determination, intellect, and magic who could possibly excel in football while also having a better than average career in baseball. From reading about him and watching him on the football field, I think Russell Wilson has all of these attributes, and I’m not even a Seahawks fan.

  2. Brandon Weeden failing with receivers like Bess and Little is understandable.

    Being DESTROYED in the playoffs by Tim Tebow is just plain embarrassing.


  3. I’m still angry at Bo for not signing with my Bucs when they drafted him with the first pick in 1985 – that and my friend always used the Raiders in Tecmo Bowl.

  4. It would never work for a qb anyway, they have to be there foe the off-season work outs, unlike bo who could come back until late October because the raiders had Marcus Allen.

  5. Bo Had Hall of Fame Ability in both Sports.

    If he never got hurt, I think he would have made the Hall for sure in Baseball. He would have had 500 HRs (Plus) w/out Roids and was as good of an Outfielder as I ever saw.

    And as a Tailback, well I never saw Jim Brown play, but my older relatives say Bo reminded them of Jim.

    He still had a great, great career, and those of us who did get to see him in his prime really were treated to something special.

  6. If you play both sports equally well, you NEVER make the right decision if you choose football over baseball. He can make 3x the amount and play 3x longer without taking unnecessary shots to the head, back and knees.

  7. Between all of the magic and lore of someone potentially playing two sports again, people somehow forget to mention Russell was a .229 career hitter in two seasons in single A ball. You don’t hit .229 in single A and even sniff the bigs. Not to be a dream crusher here, but it would never happen for Russell even if he wanted to.

  8. Let’s have this discussion when somebody shows they have the talent and capability to play 2 sports as well as a desire to even attempt it. Until then it’s hogwash. Only when a special athlete comes along that has a need or want to accomplish something like that does it become a live story, and it’s very rare for all of those circumstances to align.

  9. go ahead russ play both and the seahawk fans might as well just enjoy the superbowl theyjust won. because the hawks won’t make another with russell playing two. just saying.

  10. You can hit .229 as a shortstop in Single-A and still sniff the bigs. It’s the weakest hitting position on the field and there’s always a shortage quality SS’s in the Bigs

  11. All due respect to the great athlete no Jackson , he is not even in Russell Wilson league mentally .

    Russell Wilson played two sports in college and maintained a high grade point average .

    RW transferred from NC state to Wisconsin became a captain within two weeks and played professional baseball on the side and was a full time student working in his masters and second degree .

    RW had two parents who went to Ivy League schools and were also exceptional athletes and are were attorneys . He’s been raised properly.

    RW has rediculously sickening work ethic , he’s first to arrive first to leave . As a rookie he’s famous among league circles bc he would literally build a mini game plan on the plane home . Sending all players on offense tips strengths and weaknesses of the opponent before they were even awake the next day and some before they were EVEN OFF THE PLANE ..

    RW does weekly visits to the children’s hospital every single Tuesday . He’s spent countless hours at the facility and a lot of that is bc his time he spent in the hospital at a young age with his dad being constantly sick and eventually succumbing to diabetes and dieing the night after RW was drafted originally by the Milwaukee brewers .

    RW was given a mlb contract and 1,000,000 signing bonus for playing and accepting the deal . He played a half season then finished the football season at Wisconsin . Since he left early HE CHOSE TO GIVE THE MONEY BACK FROM HIS GURANTEED CONTRACT …he gave about 1,000,000 dollars away on principal alone .

    Russell Wilson is deeply religious and self motivated and driven . I’m not saying the man is perfect but through his actions and every impression of anyone whose ever gotten to know this man has said he could be great . Not just football but life , his college coaches jokingly called him president bc he could run and win the presidency he’s that legit and likable .

    No your the man athletically but their isn’t a single qualified person that I’ve seen that should sincerely question Russell Wilson and his motives or attention to detail . Many people in Seattle feel blessed to have a awesome qb and better guy at qb . Russell Wilson’s character proceeds his talent which is saying a lot considering him helping break the mold for size at the position.hes far from perfect but damned if I don’t say the kid has got everything it takes to be WILDLY SUCCESSFUL !!

    Go hawks hunt for 2 in a row !

  12. The idea that RW can somehow use the threat of playing baseball as leverage to get a better contract is completely absurd. The guy was never a good enough baseball player. He wouldn’t even crack the pathetic Mariners 40-man roster. And, listen, I love the guy. He brought me a Super Bowl Championship and is still completely underrated. His leverage is his football greatness. He has no leverage based upon the threat of returning to baseball.

  13. Bo is being humble. He was ELITE in both sports and could have easily done it today. Dude was lightening and thunder, all rolled up with extreme athleticism. Bo is the modern day Jim Thorpe, and greatest athlete of the past 75 years.

  14. Hell, I’d do it, he ain’t making no money now plus the NFL stands for Not For Long.

  15. Actually no one here gets it.
    Russell Wilson loves football but absolutely respects baseball. He’s always thanking baseball for showing him the many things he would of never gotten from football – such as taking one game at a time, never panic, trust in your instincts, know that the year is very long, and especially learn from your teammates in the clubhouse.
    Russell Wilson respects what baseball has taught and given to him and not the other way around.
    Bo, Michael and Deon – did you catch that last sentence?

  16. “All due respect to the great athlete no Jackson , he is not even in Russell Wilson league mentally .”
    And every day I thank god I’m not in your ” league mentally”.

  17. Love me some Bo!! Had the poster and the shoes when I was a youngster. I’m a hawk fan but I still loved the infamous run in the kingdome. Wish he would show his face a little more…..

  18. Bo was HOF caliber in both sports. All Star baseball player and Pro Bowl football player. Nobody in recent memory even comes close to being the athlete that Bo Jackson was. I know this article is about Wilson, but I had comment on Bo. Nothing but respect.

  19. Bo is being way to humble, I watched him growing up and that dude could ball in both sports in any era.

    He really was that good.

  20. Wilson has a good enough physique to do both. If he look something like Brady or Manning than I would say no. This guy throws 98mph.

  21. Nicotinenorthstar glad your not in my league mentally pimp ,give it a second I said the culprit was T9 fool . I respect Bo as a player he’s one of the rare athletes who can succeed in two professional sports . The time were in now these sports are year round every day activities both mentally and physically . You simply don’t have enough time to attempt to prepare yourself to do both at a high level even if physically baseball is very little exercise . Traveling and day to day grind is their game . While football is a break or be breaken game . A collision sport and RW is the qb who has to do that while being cerebral . Simply put footballs entirely too taxing on the body and baseball slowly eats you away mentally .

    If you were lucky you’d be in my league .step your game up and I’ll try to get T9 not to change what I’ve written ! Thanks pimp!

  22. I think Jameis Winston will play both professionally. He can be an NFL quarterback and a closer in MLB. Although I don’t think he will last more than 3 seasons in baseball I think it’s going to be fun to watch.

  23. Makes sense….the league has made QB the safest position in all of sports…

    Pretty sure there are more injuries during a hard played Tiddlywinks competition…..split nails and sprained thumbs, etc.

  24. Wilson is nowhere near the baseball player that Bo was. Nor is he as good in football either, but he seems to be doing the baseball thing for fun.

    One thing Wilson has over Bo is humility and kindness. Bo was one of the most egocentric jackasses in sports, rarely ever engaging his fans.

  25. Jim Thorpe, Jim Brown, Bo Jackson, Deion Sanders and Babe Didrikson (look her up!) could play a multi pro-sport in any era.

    Not fair, but somethings the Gods are more generous to others!

  26. wish Bo would of just stuck to football,he would be holding all the records now and in the H.O.F., could of been the best running back ever .ESPN ranked him #1 greatest athlete in the last century.

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