Bridgewater’s so-so Pro Day just another piece in the puzzle


The Scouting Combine definitely isn’t football.  The Pro Day workout, while closer to football, still isn’t football.

The challenge for teams becomes placing the right emphasis on the outcome of a Scouting Combine or Pro Day workout.  For Louisville’s Teddy Bridgewater, who opted not to do anything at the Scouting Combine and instead went all in for his Pro Day, the mixed reviews become a red flag.

As one source whose team falls within striking distance for Bridgewater tells PFT, it’s tougher to look bad than it is to look good at a scripted quarterback workout.  As to Bridgewater, the assessment was more negative than positive.

It could have been the product of nerves.  It may have happened because Bridgewater shed his glove.  Or it may be that Bridgewater shines when what’s happening is football.  Even practice is a lot closer to real football than throwing passes with no coverage, no rush, no blitz, no blown blocking assignments.  It’s a backyard pitch-and-catch session with prospective employers watching.

Bridgewater continues to be regarded as the most NFL ready quarterback prospect in this year’s draft.  But while his floor may be higher, his ceiling may be lower.

Every college player has a ceiling between college football and the Pro Football Hall of Fame.  For Bridgewater, his Pro Day performance could be interpreted by some as evidence that the ceiling may not be high enough.  For those who already have decided they love the kid, a way will be found to explain/excuse the result.

And he’ll still have chances to redeem himself via individual workouts with teams.  Those sessions won’t be televised and scrutinized.

Then again, every NFL game he plays will be.  On the higher stage, will he be able to perform like he did before a smaller audience in college?  We won’t know until it’s time to suit up and play.  And if there were a way to know these things, the future Hall of Famers always would be the first two or three players taken in each and every draft.

Here’s the full interview of Bridgewater, conducted by Shaun King and aired on Monday’s edition of Pro Football Talk on NBCSN.

21 responses to “Bridgewater’s so-so Pro Day just another piece in the puzzle

  1. I definitely wouldn’t draft him in the first round.

    But I’ve got nothing against this kid. Here’s hoping he proves me wrong.

  2. Wasting time analysing someone throw with no pads or helmet, let alone a defence. Game tape will tell you almost all you wanna know

  3. Bring him to the Vikings. He will probably need his gloves on for the first couple of seasons as we’re playing home games outdoors.

    I really have faith in this guy…

  4. Maybe he had a bad day, maybe it was the glove, Either way, until he suits up and actually plays an NFL game, we just won’t know.

  5. He breaks down pretty easy, the interview with Shaun King was a softball for him and he didn’t get pressed at all. When it came time to sell himself he came up with another list that was hard for him to make it all the way through. This guy wants to be the NUMBER 1 PICK IN THE NFL and every time he has to sell himself he ends with “and there’s a whole lot more beyond the 5 things I remembered I was supposed to say”. He’s just trying to get through everything and be perceived to be saying the right things but he hasn’t taken charge of his destiny or showed that he can handle what it takes to be the best and that he is prepared for it. Great prospect but if you want to be #1 you have to go all in and all the way in making that case and he doesn’t seem to know how to sell himself right now.

    And he looks terrible in watches. Is that the same watch he’s going to wear if my team drafts him, or is it going to be a bulky gold one after he gets his money? Why does he need to know what time of day it is in the middle of a football game and why does he have to even wear a watch to know the time?

  6. “Bridgewater continues to be regarded as the most NFL ready quarterback prospect in this year’s draft. But while his floor may be higher, his ceiling may be lower.”

    Or maybe he is not as good as many are making him out to be.

  7. Nothing annoys me more than watching people who think Teddy is going to be a bust compare him only to black quarterbacks who have not found NFL success, even if their playing styles have no similarity to his.

  8. There is a very good reason that Teddy was not as crisp as he could have been during his pro day.

    With the new CBA, he is not going to lose out on tons of cash, so he can afford to slip in the draft to a better team, and find a team that doesn’t have a true need for a starter.

    That way the pressure is off for him to the Franchise starter that some teams are looking for.

    Now a days, players make their money after playing out their rookie contract, so if he goes to a team that might need a QB in 2 years, and then play into a nice big contract. Short term loss for long term gain.

    That…..or he just had a bad day.

  9. “It could have been the product of nerves.”

    Oh, that’s no big deal for an NFL Quarterback. No pressure at that position.

    Oh, wait…

  10. Did the world suddenly forget Jamarcus Russell had the best pro day in the history of quarterbacks? Even Mike Mayock said that. The Texans already know who they will draft and Pro Days are just a show for the media.

  11. Andre Smith took his shirt off on his pro day, ran in the 5.3’s, and repped just 19 on the 225 LB bench press.

    Mike mayock felt Matt Ryan and Brady Quinn had bad pro days. where did they go during the draft.

    How have smith and ryan performed?

  12. He is way to small, he weighs 214 at the combine, 208 yesterday and played as low as 190 last year. This is an injury bust for any team…

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