Bryant McKinnie wants to compete for a job, somewhere

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Starting left tackles have been making big money in free agency in the last week, but Bryant McKinnie hasn’t found a job yet. He’s hoping that will change.

McKinnie, who ended the 2013 season as the Dolphins’ starting left tackle, said on WQAM that he would just like to find a team willing to give him a chance to show during the offseason that he deserves a spot on the roster.

I’ll definitely compete and as long as its fair I feel like I’ll win,” McKinnie said, via the Sun Sentinel. “If there’s no favoritism, just let us compete, I think I can win.”

McKinnie said he would be willing to move to right tackle, and he doesn’t see himself having any trouble sliding to the right side.

“It shouldn’t be too hard,” McKinnie said. “I have done it in practice a few times. It shouldn’t be too much of a transition.”

The question, however, is whether any team thinks the 34-year-old McKinnie has much of anything left. Teams were willing to overlook McKinnie’s questionable work ethic when he was a Pro Bowler, but now that he’s on the down side of his career, that may no longer be the case. It might be hard for McKinnie just to find a team willing to let him compete.

56 responses to “Bryant McKinnie wants to compete for a job, somewhere

  1. “I thought we was on international waters”

    if you had stayed in shape, you would still be the starting LT for the Ravens…enjoy bankruptsy Bryant

  2. Cowboys need to sign him to a vet min and move him to the right side. Free would be better suited beside Fredbeard. That is if this self-righteous fat man would actually put in the work

  3. He might have to stay in shape (something he usually does not do) and wait for training camp attrition to open some spots.

  4. If he’s willing to take a little less money on a “tryout” 1-year deal, I don’t see why not. At worst he’s depth for a team like JAX or OAK

  5. Guys of his size and skill dont just grow on trees, he will eventually find a spot somewhere, perhaps back with the Dolphins on the right side?

  6. Bryant did a great job for the Dolphins stepping up after the whole bully gate. He deserves a chance to make a team.

    Good luck to you Mr. McKinnie

  7. IMO: Keep him & move him to the right side!!! This team needs o line help NOW!!! You would thinkl this is a no brainer??? Do or die Philbin get it done this year

  8. I’m sure he could compete for a pizza delivery man with the best of them, assuming he doesn’t eat the pizza he’s supposed to deliver.

  9. You would have stayed in Baltimore had you shown up to work in shape and had a good work ethic.

    Instead, we see where you are now.

  10. If he’s willing to try out for a good contract?

    Come to Green Bay. RT is Bulaga’s spot but we still don’t know how that injury will pan out.

    You can compete for that and then be the swing tackle in case Bak goes down for some reason.

    ANYTHING to keep Newhouse off this team.

  11. McKinnie would be a great bar back if he could fit behind the bar.
    Maybe he will become SweetPeas chauffeur?

  12. He’s a fat lazy slob who takes 75 percent of the season to get into “marginal” shape. Times up fat boy. You can spend your days at Wendy’s and McDonalds now.

  13. Miami should bring him back he knows their offensive blocking scheme….let him compete for the right tackle spot with the rookie tackle they will probably draft. At worst he would be a decent backup at both tackle positions in case of injury.

  14. “I just want a chance”
    -2002 Draft class

    “I just want a chance”
    -2009 Pro Bowl dismissal

    “I just want a chance”
    -2011 release

    “I just want a chance”
    -2012 Benching by the ravens

    “I just want a chance”
    -2013 trade to the Dolphins

    “I just want a chance”
    -2014 release from the Dolphins

    “I just want a chance”
    -2014 free agency

  15. Minnesota cut him because he wouldn’t get with the program. Baltimore cut him twice because he could not focus and now Miami, who only took him in because they were desperate, doesn’t want him. What a resume!

    Bryant, you cost yourself millions of dollars because you were not able to motivate yourself and now you are 34 years old and no one wants to take a chance with you. But wait around and stay in shape (hah!) and some team will have their tackle go down early and will get desperate.

  16. He has done it to himself. Out of shape, poor work ethic, and in financial trouble. Evidently he never attended the rookie syposium or he fell asleep during the classes on how to handle the money and fame.

  17. It would be nice to give guys like this incentive based contracts. Clearly he has talent and clearly he falls off the eats to much along with poor conditioning habits wagon. Miami has the need and he wants to be there.

  18. I think his NFL days are done but, it wouldn’t hurt for him to try out with any number of teams. (I personally wouldn’t want his lack of enthusiasm around any of my younger players though)

    Maybe he should try out with the CFL or Arena league, too. His name would sell a few tickets and he would still be getting paid.

    What a shame, he had the God-given tools, too.

  19. McKinnie, if McKinnie focused on football instead of his record label, maybe he’d get more interest. He seemed to be a severe headache when he was in Minnesota.

  20. I love the way this guy begs for a job – and then says – “if it’s fair”. You know he is already setting it up so it is not his fault when he loses a starting position. Sounds like trouble to me.

  21. he’s too busy partying with celebrities to take football seriously anymore, he’s just looking for a paycheck to keep up with his lavish lifestyle

  22. McKinnie! Sign as a Starting LG for Miami. You’re familiar with the left side, a big guy, not as fast as you once were. Would be awesome to pair you up with Albert.
    Structure your contract for bonuses, if you end up bouncing to LT due to injury.
    You can still play and Miami needs your left side skill and size.

    Make this happen.

  23. I wonder if some of you watched McKinnie struggle with run blocking last year and realize moving him to the swing tackle would be a disaster for the Dolphins.

    Enjoy retirement McKinnie.

  24. Signing this guy with incentives did not changes his ways. That was a lot of what his last contract with the Ravens was about. And we still traded him away MID SEASON. There really isn’t any help for him. He is and has been his own worst enemy.

  25. Sign this guy to a one year contract. McKinney came in and played hard for the Dolphins last year when we really needed him. Show a little appreciation and try him out at Right tackle. I mean for God’s sake, this team needs a right tackle and two guards. I doubt if we have found starters at these three positions. Brenner was barely adequate at Left guard and we had to rob him from the Dallas practice squad. None of our players were good enough to start. If Albert gets hurt McKinney can fill in at Left tackle for a game or two.

  26. So far free agency has been the signing of one expensive player and some bargain basement fill-ins. We lost Soliai and Carol to ease the ballance sheet. I suspect that we will be about $20 million under the cap by the end of Pre-season. We suck because we are cheap.

    How about Ross’s nice offer to remodel his own stadium if we will allow him to not pay personal property tax. That is like you fixing the roof on your house and then asking the county to let you forget your taxes for about five years. Maybe Mr. Ross should have given that $200 million to colleges in Dade County rather than Michigan.

  27. Amazing. All the lack of knowledge and lame McDonalds jokes. The facts are he did a decent job in Pass Protection for the Dolphins as LT. He was horrible in Run Blocking and an experiment at the RT would be a disaster for a “lazy” 34 year old. Hate to say it, but no thanks, but he will be signed as soon a Vet LT goes down. Stay in shape and you’ll get paid. Good Luck.

  28. McKinnie was good enough to tell coaches, I’m going to do what I do because I can play left tackle good and you need a left tackle. I think his act has worn out. But I’m sure he’ll find work somewhere. But he won’t be getting paid like he should.

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