Colts announce Irsay has entered a facility “for treatment and care”


Colts owner Jim Irsay needed help.  He recognized it, admitted it, and now he’s seeking it.

“Yesterday, Jim Irsay took the first step toward regaining good health,” the Colts said in a statement released Tuesday afternoon.  “He voluntarily checked into a highly-respected health care facility and is committed to undergoing the treatment and care necessary to help him meet his challenges head-on.  Jim, the Irsay family, and the Colts organization are all deeply appreciative of the incredible outpouring of support and compassion from our fans and the Indiana community.”

It’s admirable that Irsay acknowledged the need for treatment and sought it.  We wish him the best as he tries to overcome these challenges.

While it likely won’t resolve the situation from a legal standpoint or the league’s perspective, it’s critical that Irsay do what he needs to do to be healthy going forward.  Hopefully, his example will be help others dealing with similar issues seek the treatment they need.

58 responses to “Colts announce Irsay has entered a facility “for treatment and care”

  1. I guess getting pulled over, put in jail and having your name dragged through the mud for a day helped Jim “recognize” he has a problem. Hope he gets the help he needs.

  2. I know that people will say: “Wealthy guy who screwed up = Bad Guy” , but whether we want to admit it or not , Jim Irsay is a great owner. I’m not even a Colts fan , but I’ll say that. He’s aggressive , wants to win and is good for the league.

  3. One of the most generous men you’ll ever meet. He is constantly giving away money or helping raising awareness for local kids and their circumstances- often times gets the ball rolling with a $10,000 donation and encourages others to contribute what they can.

    I think he is a good guy with a good heart, but I think he’s been battling his own demons the whole time. Hope he gets the help he needs.

  4. Couldn’t get over how small this guy looked the other day. Looked as if he’s about 160 lbs; seem to recall him being much bigger a few years earlier.
    Hope he works things out.

  5. He’s only doing this tho lower the penalties that will be handed down by King GODell.

  6. If only his father had recognized the same problem and sought treatment…the colts would still be in Baltimore.

    Regardless, Baltimore still has 3 Lombardis attached to the city, which is still more than Indy!

  7. Jim Irsay has an addiction problem. That does not make him a bad person. Hope he gets the help he needs.

    Jim story is just one of thousands.

    Too many people in this country are getting caught up in this kind of stuff. The problem is the doctors and pharmaceutical companies who give anyone a pill for anything or everything.

    “Doc I sprained my pinky toe getting off the elevator at work.” said Isray

    “Here have some of these prescription painkillers while I get rich from the phramaceutical companies that make the stuff.” said every doctor in America

  8. Good for him, say what you will about him (I have too) but we are all human, all make mistakes and all need help sometimes. More often than not it takes a significant life event to change habits and in this case addictions. If he changes because of it, it’s a positive thing.

  9. Are you sure he wasn’t tweeting lyrics from a song… by someone you’ve probably never heard of?

  10. Too late to be “admirable.” Anyone who drives drunk or stoned (or both maybe) endangering the lives of others is never “admirable.” What has Irsay ever done? Unlike the many self-made $billionaire owners, he inherited his fortune and the team from a father who didn’t have the guts to do anything other than sneakily move his team out of Baltimore in the middle of the night. This guy is not worthy of respect or sympathy. If he had ever earned his own way, maybe he’d not have felt so entitled.

    I predicted yesterday that the Rob Ford of the NFL will have Goodell and crew sanitize his image as a loveable eccentric with some human weaknesses to overcome whom we should all pray for. What a crock of crap.

  11. I feel for Mr. Irsay… I too deal with addiction problems because of football injuries… Never thought it would happen to me but it had… I don’t smoke or drink and I too am very charitable but keep it hidden. I know exactly what he is going thru.. To those that make stupid comments I wouldn’t wish this one anyone!

  12. hes done alot for the city of Indiana, we all fall off sometimes, we hat we are all have demons that we are fighting, and those on here who are downing him, im sure u have alot of skeletons in yr closet, we just dont know about it

  13. That’s pretty much always how the script reads.
    Rehab = Get out of jail free card for the wealthy.

  14. Good luck to him and let’s hope that the league doesn’t attempt to set an example by punishing him. Punishing someone for having a disease is totally warped thinking yet I am sure that Roger being Roger will have to make a federal case our of this man’s medical problems.

  15. Kind of a joke that players that test positive for marijuana can get suspended, but this clown with a DUI and possession will probably get away scot free because he’s an owner.

  16. I loved this line until I found out his net worth of 1.6 billion. This is like a dollar from me when he gives away 10000 dollars.

    One of the most generous men you’ll ever meet. He is constantly giving away money or helping raising awareness for local kids and their circumstances- often times gets the ball rolling with a $10,000 donation and encourages others to contribute what they can.

  17. I’m more interested in potential league discipline. I can name maybe 5 or 6 owners in the NFL (Mike Brown, the Maras, J.Jones, Snyder, Woody Johnson, Rooney, Al Davis’ family, Trucker guy in Cleveland that is indicted…) I just wonder if he will be subject to discipline b/c he is so out there on twitter and in his personal profile, as opposed to say just some owner who keeps a low profile/is not “hands on” with team stuff.

  18. Hope everything works out for you Jim! Those of you judging someone for their problems need to look in a mirror everyone has imperfections in their life, some worse then others. As a colts fan he couldn’t be a better owner. I’m proud to root for his team. He manned up and admitted his problem. That’s more then most people do

  19. …some men you just can’t reach. Then we get what we had here last week, which is the way he wants, he gets…

    What’s that dirt doing in Boss Cain’s ditch?

    My boy Lukey eat 50 egg…

  20. Nice to see so many perfect people commenting on PFT. I have a hard time understanding why people have so much hate for guys with money. Not much of a difference if he made it himself or the dough was inherited. It wasn’t his choice.

    From what I hear he’s been good for the community and donates his money to help the underprivileged. The guy has a problem and it seems it took an incident from the other night to wake his ass up. He’s checked into rehab and I wish him the best. Stop with the hate and let him deal with his troubles.

    The guys been good for his team and his community. Let’s see how he handles things from here.

  21. wont matter. the Feds have control of this situation, not roselle, er, tagliaboo, er, Godell.

  22. How does a guy with his cash, not have somebody drive him to whatever watering hole he may wanna swim in ?

  23. I hope this is a serious effort and not just a PR move being mandated by the NFL. He’s only 54 but in his mugshot he could have passed for 75. He’s not a well man. I hope he can change that.

  24. i hope this guy can get the help he needs and fully recover because we all know somebody like this who has also been affected by the richardson trade.

  25. The rest of us and the players get suspended, rich owners get to take a vacation sitting by the pool and getting a massage and gets to call it “treatment and care”. When he gets out he’ll shed a tear and tell everyone how he’s a changed man, give some money to charities and the NFL will welcome him back.

  26. Bud, God rest his soul was fined $250,000 for flipping a couple of birds at a game in his box and stadium. For those who think that would be appropriate here, I will guess you’d be wrong.

  27. He didnt recognize he had a problem and voluntarily address it. He got arrested for endangering the lives of everybody else on the road that night. I dont see anything admirable here. If he hadnt gotten busted would he be in rehab now? Nonetheless, I wish him the best.

  28. I don’t care what his reasons may be. He needs help! I hope he can beat the addiction. I have a family member who is an addict and it is a day by day thing . He will always be an addict but I hope he uses the tools he will learn to say no to the meds he has abused.

    My prayers are with his Family.

  29. Excellent decision. It’s a long uphill battle and an everday struggle after that, but better days will be ahead.

    Best of luck to him.

  30. This whole thing is stupid. First,Irsay wasn’t at work when this happened. Second, Goodell works for Irsay. Kind if hard to punish him. And what are you really going to do to an owner?

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