Drew Brees disappointed to be without Darren Sproles

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Saints quarterback Drew Brees started recruiting his old Chargers teammate Darren Sproles during the lockout, so the reality that his versatile running back wouldn’t be back in New Orleans is hitting him.

And he doesn’t like it.

That was one of the tougher ones for me,” Brees said, via Mike Garafolo of FOX Sports. “I feel like that was my guy, that was my pick and I wanted that to last forever. But unfortunately, it didn’t last forever.”

Of course, Brees should get used to it, because the change has been frequent for the Saints. From the early purge of defensive veterans to the trade of Sproles, the dismantling of their Super Bowl XLIV team is well under way, with just six players left from that squad.

“That’s crazy. That was just four years ago,” Brees said. “It’s tough, because a lot of those guys I’ve played with for eight years. Eight years. Which is rare. I’d say that’s very rare in this day and age, to have that amount of time with a group of guys. You become very connected during that time, so it’s always hard when you get to this point.

“It’s going to be a new team in a lot of ways, a lot of young guys stepping up into roles that maybe they haven’t been in before and it’s where the new leaders emerge. You kind of forge a new identity a little bit.”

They’re going to have to do that around Brees, and eventually franchise-tagged Jimmy Graham, as parts begin to fade away from the Saints glory days.

25 responses to “Drew Brees disappointed to be without Darren Sproles

  1. Its always going to be a thing for fans who root for a team that Drew Brees isn’t on…

  2. Did Drew make these comments while fidgeting around, trying to get comfortable sitting on his fat wallet?

  3. Everyone hates on Flaccos $$. Brees is the guy who pushed the QB salaries up another $3 to $4million per year with the bountygate/sean payton being out for a year leverage

  4. Brees shouldn’t be surprised considering he put himself at the forefront of negotiations with the NFL and himself commands a 20 million salary. He wants to ne known as Mr NFLPA, yet complains when his own loses a player.

  5. There are a couple difference between Flacco and Brees.

    Brees is far more consistent than Flacco.

    The other difference is one QB makes his WRs look better than they probably are… the other teams WRs make the QB look better than he really is.

    I think that’s why the Ravens feel the need to acquire bigger name WRs such as Boldin or Steve Smith.

  6. Drew deserves his 20 mil a year for what he’s done and he understands this is a buissness . The saints are rebuilding our offense to compete with top defences . Even tho we needed money sproles is 5,6 and is declining and Moore is 5,9 and had a bad year . We need to build a smash mouthed running game and bring in some new big bodied receivers . Some expect are Offense to get worse but our offense will be more complete drew will have a running game and some more receivers to move the chains

  7. Just out of curiosity.. can the people blaming Brees’ contract…

    What they should do instead of having him?

    Who should their QB be and why would he be a better fit for them?

    I think the Saints would struggle to be .500 if he went elsewhere, while cursing his name for taking someone else to the Playoffs.

  8. Then Druid should take a pay cut so they could have kept Sproles, Moore, & sign Graham to a long term deal. Who Dat? A money grabbing tool, dat’s who.

  9. What Drew has brought to this organization is alot of class and integrity. Theres no other organization out there in NFL that are more like family than the New Orleans Saints. Hands down.
    For tjose of you saying “Oh Mr Brees your contract this and your contract that”…lets not forget last year Brees was more than willing to renegotiate his contract to make spac.
    The Saints higher ups wanted to do what they wanted to do plain and simple, regardless of how it effected the moral of the players around them. I still cant seem to wrap my head around the ridiculous amt of money we paid for a Saftey WE DIDNT NEED . The amt of money between Sproles and Jenkins combined contracts with Philly arw about what Byrd is Guaranteed from Saints not the total package…kinda makes u think.
    And hey…we need a cornerback already!!!!

  10. Btw, Drew’s contract isn’t the problem here. He’s easily a top three QB in the NFL and it’s entirely reasonable that he’s paid like one. The real problem is that with any perennial playoff team, salaries always go up. Jahri Evans, Ben Grubbs, Brodrick Bunkley, and Marques Colston are all making way more money than their real value, because they’re on a contender. And contenders get paid. Bottom line.

  11. To the guy who said brees is better than Flacco because the ravens need to surround Flacco with good receivers, have you ever heard of Jimmy Graham? Brees > Flacco, but bad example

  12. firerogergoodellnow says:
    Mar 18, 2014 6:02 PM
    Zero Super Bowls since Bountygate.
    This is kinda funny. Considering that there are teams that have NEVER won a Superbowl:
    Panthers, Vikings, Browns, Falcons, Cardinals, Chargers, Eagles, Lions, Texans, and Jaguars.

    How horrific that the Saints haven’t won another Superbowl in 4 years ROFL!

  13. Brees has taken guys like. Cotchery, Henderson, Meachem, Nick Toon, and Kenny Stills.

    He makes them play better than they are in my opinion.

    If Flacco played with those guys it would be a train wreck.

    Yes Brees does have Jimmy Graham, but that’s the 1st receiver could do something outside of N.O. without Brees. Those other guys wouldn’t to squat with Flacco.

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