Golden Tate says Seattle’s offer was “laughable”

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Before the start of free agency, wide receiver Golden Tate said he would consider giving the Seattle Seahawks a “hometown discount” to remain with the world champions.

I would rather take a little less to be happy and win ball games than to take way more and go to a crappy city where the fans don’t give a crap about the team,” Tate said at the time.

Instead of re-signing with the Seahawks, Tate accepted a five-year, $31 million to join the Detroit Lions on the second day of free agency.

Tate was willing to take a slight discount to stay in Seattle, but he says he wasn’t offered a slight discount.

I didn’t mean a 40 percent discount,” Tate said in an interview on 710 ESPN Seattle, via Terry Blount of “I’m going to earn in one year at Detroit what Seattle was going to pay me for two years. Seattle offered numbers that were laughable. I thought, ‘I’ve given you everything and this is what you give me?’

“Considering I was there for four years, and started two of those years. I missed one game in those two years. I did everything right and wasn’t a trouble maker. And what they offered, I was like, ‘Is this serious?’ The numbers [the Seahawks] shot at me were not first-priority, like they said they wanted to do for me to stay in Seattle.”

With new contracts on the horizon for safety Earl Thomas, cornerback Richard Sherman and quarterback Russell Wilson, the Seahawks don’t have the ability to be big spenders this offseason. They’ve proved that by only signing one outside free agent so far in receiver Taylor Price in the first week of free agency. It also appears to be reflected in the size of the offer they extended to Tate.

Tate said he still thinks highly of the Seahawks’ organization and head coach Pete Carroll, but ultimately he had to do what was in his best interest.

“It’s a business and I get it,” Tate said. “But I felt I was undervalued a little bit considering all I had done. I’m going to miss the city of Seattle, but I really had no choice. I did my very best to stay in Seattle. I leave with my head high.”

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  1. Sounds like a classic case of a player speaking publicly in advance of a contract action point and a GM making a hopeful play to take advantage and having it blow up in everybody’s face. Lesson learned for others that want to prevent receiving laughable contracts in the future.

  2. I wonder what ballclub tate is referring to when he says “crappy city and the fans dont give a crap about the team”. Well golden tate I think you are playing for that team now.

  3. Detroit is a mess right now with management. But he wants to get paid so be it. I don’t Detroit will be in the Super Bowl so the Seahawks will come out fine.

  4. I wish we had signed Tate instead of Harvin, but it is what it is. The only thing that upsets me is that Tate was bad mouthing Seattle fans today. No need to do that. We don’t control your contract. Why trash talk the fans?

    Have fun losing every year in Detroit. I understand wanting to get paid, and would do the same myself. It’s just too bad he won’t be playing for an actual NFL team. May as well have gone to the CFL.

  5. We really should have offered him a little more, if only out of respect. But Harvin is there to take over his role and Schneider and Carroll had probably planned on this happening when they signed Percy. Tough to take, but I wish Tate would handle it a little more professionally. Guy still has some growing up to do. He’s gonna ball in Detroit, though.

  6. You know what else is laughable, your game. You were a WR who was considered a 1st round prospect but you never lived up to expectations and was mediocre at best.

  7. “I thought, ‘I’ve given you everything and this is what you give me?’

    Whatever Tate, we developed you and you’re lucky the Hawks were patient with you all those years.

    Have fun watching the playoffs from your couch in that bankrupt city hell hole you went to…….

  8. Tate, you were a good Seahawk. Now that you’re on another team, shut up. The Hawks probably weren’t counting on resigning you, then you ran your mouth saying you would take a discount, they then offered you a contract that was discounted, and now you’re all mad.

  9. Most of us lifelong Seahawks fans will always appreciate you Golden. You’ll always be a huge part of something that I waited 35 years for. Ignore the haters. Good luck in Detroit.

  10. It’s laughable that it took you 3 years to learn routes.
    Laughable caught stealing maple bars.
    Its laughable you’re a Twitter victim after insulting nascar.

    Get over it. You got paid, this is America. Thanks for the work and the championship you helped bring. Next man up

  11. I think that’s the first and last time you will ever hear the sentence “I’m going to miss Seattle”

  12. The Shehawks are a joke of a franchise, so it’s hard to blame him for leaving. However, his decision to join a team that will be getting pounded twice a year by the upcoming Vikings Super Bowl dynasty teams is questionable. There must be a donut shop he likes in Detroit.

  13. Sureły they were just giving him a million dollars for every TD he’s scored in his 4 year career. Oh…Well that plus every 100 yard game he’s had…Crap, that’s seriously all he’s got? A million per finger and toe then.

  14. Mr. Tate – absolutely agree with you. You did everything asked as a Seahawk. Unfortunately it is like you said – a business. Many Seahawks fans wished it were different and hoped you would come back.
    But that said, good luck with your new team.
    And thanks for a job well done.

  15. Before everyone starts talking about how _______ fill in the blank, about Seattle. Tate was a good receiver for us, and a good team mate it seems. he did steal some doughnuts, but i still think it was all set up, since that company is now a team sponsor. They had to choose between him and Baldwin, and they chose Baldwin. He is cheaper, and pretty close in talent. They also have Harvin, so he was expendable. There are some big contracts coming up, they need to save for, Okung is another one. I am not sure why Tate is upset, he will get way more balls thrown to him in Detroit, one because they pass more, and two because they are behind more. Good luck GT, we 12’s will be rooting for you. Maybe after you get paid, you can comeback and play for a team going back to the SB.

  16. Yeah the hometown discount sounds good when you’re riding high from a SB victory, but once you come down and you see the money that is a thing of the past. I don’t blame him; also no matter how good Seattle looks now, it’s so hard to repeat these days.

  17. Always a little sad when the person laughing the loudest doesn’t get the joke. Atleast Detroit is used to it. Welcome..

  18. take care of your family..get it while u can. loved u when u were u said its a business. can he be replaced? easily…not that special.

  19. I can’t blame Tate for feeling the way he does. But I can blame him for speaking publicly about it and in the manner he chose. It’s another indication of Tate’s biggest problem…he’s very immature. It shows both on and off the field and it is holding him back from being a truly elite receiver.

    I think he will have a huge season for Detroit but that little bit of being a mental midget will bite him. It always has and always will.

    He could’ve been a starter from day one, but it took him two years to mature enough to be on the field. Seriously…that was the only thing holding him back. He’ll tell you that himself. So he essentially got two free years of pay for doing squat. He was thiiiiss close to being a bust.

    If he would apply himself to his craft like Doug Baldwin does, he could be a number one receiver on any team without Megatron. But he needs to grow up a bit. Wish him well. Detroit fans will love him.

  20. Hey, give Detroit fans a break. They have good reason not to give a crap about the team, since they’re too busy burning tires in the street, relieving visitors of unnecessary valuables, and in all ways proving what a magnificent urban utopia the city of Detroit is.

  21. hey Tate, it’s not all about you. It’s about apportioning $133m among 61 guys who want to earn a living too. The 3m/yr difference the Seahawks passed on will buy 2 key special team players and an outstanding kicker. Because of Schneider’s practical sense, the Seahawks are going to the next SB and Tate is stuck with another 7-9/8-8/9-7 team that misses the playoffs again. Hey Tate, you’ll get the numbers but you won’t ever get another ring.

  22. What’s laughable is Golden Tate. Go rob another donut store, moron, like you did immediately after signing with the Seahawks.

  23. So, what you’re saying is Detroit overpaid you by 40%… because I guarantee you, Seattle didn’t offer you any less than you deserved.


  24. Both sides are justified in their reasoning. If I was Tate I would leave as well. Already a super champ and the lions aren’t that far off. It’s not like it’s the browns.

  25. If that 40% figure is on the money (perhaps its less than that given relocation costs and MI vs OR taxes), I don’t think any reasonable person would have doubted the validity of Tate’s decision. If he wanted to make a good impression on people, he’d have stopped there and let everybody else say “yeah, we get why he left town, good for him and we’ll see if Detroit gets their money’s worth”.

  26. As a long-time, and loyal Seahawks fan, I wish Golden the best! I hope all the Lions fans can appreciate the talent Tate will bring, particularly now that he gets to line up across from Megatron! #SALUTE

  27. Golden Tate is an idiot. His most famous play as a Seahawk is a catch he didn’t make. Very happy that the Packers wills have a chance to ring his bell twice a year for a couple years. Morgan Burnett can make a lot of Wisconsinites believers with one big hit.

  28. I will receive many thumbs down for saying this but if I wasn’t like one of the top players in the NFL, I had be happy with a Super Bowl ring that I contributed to and chase money for the rest of my career.

  29. Golden Tate earned far more than what Seattle could offer him. The tough thing is the reason they couldn’t offer more other than big contracts of our own is the size of the one given to a player of similar skill set in Harvin.
    Tate actually said it in the interview that he poured his heart into the city and community and they offered him 1/3 of what they pay others free agents. I think overall Pete and John are on the money about their moves. On this one I think we are going to see him reach a whole new level in that offense. Lets hope this draft ia as deep as the experts say.

  30. Dude u are avg wr at best maybe u will be better with lions cause they throw the ball 50 times there but enjoy losing there

    Did they lowball u offer sure every team does its a tax free state remember that and u wont see all 31 million

  31. Your coming to a city with a very passionate fanbase that will treat ya right..especially if you can keep the heat off Megatron.

    Welcome to Detroit Golden.

  32. Tate is NOT worth 30 million. That’s laughable. He’s Seattle’s #1 but on the grand scale of the NFL, he’s more like a #3 with high potential to be a #2 reciever. The only reason why his stock is so high is b/c he’s coming off of a victory year. Not many WRs get signed for monster cash having never broken a 1000 yard season with 10 touchdowns or more. Just ask 7 year veteran James Jones.

  33. Really?! I mean, I understand him taking that money. But he was so over-paid it was ridiculous! I hope he likes losing, because with THAT team paying him so much they can’t afford other talent, he WILL be losing a lot! Good luck! A mediocre talent is now stuck in the city that never wins.

  34. I love golden Tate but its a week later. Trying to say you understand the business and then complaining when you aren’t a priority in a run first offense is what’s laughable. Seattle offered what they were willing to spend and gave tate the courtesy of knowing them to start. Golden sounds like the girl who got dumped, then finds a new awesome boyfriend, but still whines about her ex.

  35. I appreciate when players speak honestly. But Tate sounds like a jackass. SEA just got you a ring. How bout showing a little gratitude for that?

    As a Niners fan I’d normally relish in the ‘Hawks losing talent but I get the feeling yall are better off without this guy.

  36. Is it just me or is this tool a perfect fit for the Lions? I’m really looking forward to seeing him get bashed in in the Black and Blue.

  37. It’s also laughable that the refs gave him a touchdown in the Packers-Seahawks game.

  38. That afterhours maple bar heist from Top Pot Donuts must have really ruined his reputation in Seattle.

  39. So, reading between the lines, they offered him @ $3 mil per year, or close to it. And rather than come back with a counter offer, he went to Detroit and said ‘Show me the money.’ And they did.

    Now, perhaps not coincidentally, he will probably have a legit chance to bust 1,000 yards on a regular basis, he gets to be the co-star to Megatron, and get’s a fat paycheck in the bargain.

    Nice ego stroke for him, and he’ll always have that one Super Bowl appearance he can look back on in his old age.

    So yeah, maybe he got his feelings hurt, but I suspect he’s smiling through the tears.

  40. Considering the wide receiver market right now, including the amount of quality receivers coming up in this year’s draft, it seems to me that the Seahawks didn’t so much undervalue Tate as they underestimated another team would look past the market and spend more than the Seahawks expected on Tate.

    Plus, besides the extra money, Tate is now in a pass-heavy offense. If he does well, he could parlay this Lions gig into one more decent-money contract before teams shun him because of age.

    I don’t know if Tate’s agent was allowed to “shop” him back to the Seahawks for a counter-offer. But regardless, it’s unfortunate he used the term “laughable”.

  41. Amazing how egotistical players get and the money they are paid. Wide receivers are more replaceable and he is not one of the most valuable players on the team! He did a good job and I wish him luck. But don’t complain about a percent difference. Go chase the money and do not burn bridges. Maybe you can come back in the future.

  42. Tate has every reason to be a little bitter.

    He went out and did the things that Harvin was PAID TO DO but didn’t, and instead of the hawks cutting ties with harvin (and clearing up $3m in cap space) they kept Harvin and made Tate an insulting offer.

    I wish we had kept tate instead of harvin, at least tate plays and helps the team. Harvin only keeps the bench warm.

  43. The problem is Golden is that you got way overpaid by the Lions. A historically stupid franchise when it comes to contracts. You’re worth about half as much as you are getting paid. James Jones is better than you and is making half as much with the Raiders.

  44. By far the majority of Seahawk fans loved Tate, and the fact that one in a thousand of them admonished him for leaving the Seahawks, is not a reason for him to get defensive and lash out like he has. He’d better learn to take some heat, because he’ll get a lot of it from the Packer’s fans who haven’t forgot the “Fail Mary”.

    With Percy Harvin on the payroll, Tate became a luxury, and not a dire need, even so, the offer of 4.5 million per year by the Seahawks, an amount which was floating around on several sports-talk-shows today, doesn’t seem laughable to me. Seattle has too many vital free-agents that need to be signed in the next year or so, and having a second highly paid receiver, just isn’t in the cards.

    I wish Tate well in Detroit.

  45. It sounds like Tate wanted to stay in Seattle, and he grinded it out for the Hawks but there is not enough money to go around and as valuable as Tate is he is trumped by Wilson, Thomas and Sherman…something had to give. It’s not that he wasn’t valued but the cap comes with restrictions. Happy Tate got paid, wish it was for the Hawks but it’s the life we live in with the cap.

  46. No doubt I do the same. He thought he was worht $5 Seattle offers $3 and Detroit came in at $20. Take the 20 and run simple math. Good luck Tate.

  47. Dammit – I think the Hawks blew this one! I’m with Tate on this —
    Tate rarely missed a game – had no major injuries to speak of and outperformed what was expected of him. He should have been a priority for Seattle but they just missed this one by a long shot! I’ll miss you in Seattle, bro!!!! Best of luck again!!!

  48. Pete “the Cheat” and that no-name GM have always been classless liars, Golden.

    I’m glad you see the truth.

    Have fun in one of the most terrible cities in the USA.

  49. “I’m going to earn in one year at Detroit what Seattle was going to pay me for two years.” So Seattle was offering you millions still. Cry me a river. So sick of hearing this guy talk about millions of dollars like its chump change and acting like he’s a top of the line WR. He’s your classic possession WR who does nothing special. Seattle could find a WR in the 2nd round who would be just as good if not better.

  50. I would leave too Tate, I mean they only offer to give you a 6 months supply of HGH while someone like Sherman gets a year long supply. That ain’t fair at all.

  51. “I would rather take a little less to be happy and win ball games than to take way more and go to a crappy city where the fans don’t give a crap about the team,” Tate said at the time.
    Did anyone else LOL when the very next paragraph points out he joined the Detroit Lions?

  52. He did the right thing, leaving Seattle, because I am a 49er fan. 🙂 Seriously, Seahawks management said they had to make some tough choices, and they did. The probably figureed they can let Golden Tate go because they have Percy Harvin. They don’t have an alternative to placekicker Steven Hauschka, so they had to pay him what he demanded, which is $3 mil a year.

  53. Would it be more respectful of teams in players eyes to get no offer? Because these low offers are essentially the same.

    Would they appreciate it more if they were just told…hey, there’s no way we can afford to come close to the offers you’ll get in FA, so you just go get yourSelf the best deal.

  54. I like Tate alot. He played hard and he should produce well and be a great addition to the Lions.

    Seattle didn’t offer him the same deal and it’s obvious why. Their bread is buttered by the players who are up for contract soon.

    It’s easier to find a Golden Tate in a draft, than it is to find a Russell Wilson, Richard Sherman, or Earl Thomas.

  55. His numbers weren’t even good enough to justify 31 mill deal. Seattle can find another Golden Tate in the draft for 950k a year.

  56. Plus he’ll get to play three to four less games next year with the Lions. So it’s and even better deal on a per game basis.

  57. Because Seattle knows the gravy train is over when they have to pay Wilson. Then the house of cards falls down. Happens to every team that ever finds a franchise QB.

  58. tate was really fun to watch and ill miss him. Ive never seen a guy break so many tackles with such an upright stance. dude is an absolute playmaker and is going to put up a ton of highlights with all the balls hes going to get this season. -12

  59. What is it with all of these NFL players that just got a big pay day talking trash about their previous teams? Do these tough guys all have hurt feelings? It reminds me of junior high. He didn’t dump me, I dumped him? Grow up and show some appreciation for your good fortune.

  60. Why is he even reflecting on the Seattle offer? All he needed to say was “Detroit gave me an offer I couldn’t refuse.” Which is true! Tate is living the dream! Super Bowl victory in February followed by a top of the market contract in March. 2014 is a year he will never forget. He should just shut up and enjoy the roses. Most people will never be as fortunate. Enjoy it kid!

  61. 898 yards and 5td??? Does anyone else think the seahawks might know what they are doing? Youll never hear from him again. There was 10 wr better than him in free agency. Hell pull ochocinco off the couch and he can get you 898 and 5 as the #1 wr on a team. Not to mention in the rams blowout game when he waived to the corner like a classless bum that he is when they were already blowing them out. Why would a team who just won a super bowl dish out millions for 898 and 5? Cause of sentimental value? Umm no. 898 and 5 is the business number and thats subpar. Period.

  62. some of you don’t realize why he said what he said here….he wasn’t whining he was responding to criticism…
    he wanted to stay in Seattle and came out and said he’d give them a ‘discount’ and take a little less than what he was offered by others. Then, he signed with Detroit and he got a sh&t storm of criticism (from MORE than just Seattle people @cruison), for not staying at Seattle. So he came out and pointed out that the offer from Seattle wasn’t just a ‘discount’ is a huge difference. And yes his agent told Seattle what Detroit was offering and they didn’t up their offer.
    This contract (the one after his 1st contract out of college) is very important in most young player’s NFL career. For a smart kid who wants to stock money away for the rest of his life (and Tate is a VERY intelligent young man), this contract is the one that gives him that chance.
    Players today see what happens to MANY other NFL players. You call it greedy, but there are suicides, injuries, and very short careers for the vast majority that today’s players all have to think about, all WITHOUT guaranteed contracts.

  63. I still can’t stop laughing at the fact that Detroitlet just signed this guy! Too funny. Not even close to an elite starter and on most teams he would be the 3rd receiver at best. Go figure Detroit with another bone headed receiver signing! How many first round drafts picks at this poistion has this team wasted in the past?

  64. Seattle’s offer is laughable based on Detroit’s stupidity. Check back in 3 years when he has come nowhere close to performing to that contract and let’s see who’s laughing. Love ya’ Golden but you are no 6 mil a year receiver.

  65. Some of you are putting this guy down based on a lack of skill, or that he is a possession receiver.

    This dude is good. I think he led the league for broken tackles and yards after contact by a wr.

    He is gonna be a great compliment to Megatron.

    It’s too bad from a Seattle fans perspective that he used the term laughable when describing the Hawks offer… but he countered with love for our city. I think people should cut him some slack.

  66. I can’t think of a crappier city in the NFL, but at least the fans do care about the team and they sell out their home games…

  67. This dude is delusional. He’s an average receiver on an slightly better than average offense. Everyone knows, except for Golden apparently, that defense is how and why they won the SB. This guy is a #2 or #3 receiver on most team….get real.

  68. Here’s an idea for the haters…why don’t you work your butt off for a company for 4 years. Step in when the “top employee”, who the company is paying millions to, gets hurt and become the companies new lead guy.

    After your company now wins the top possible honor in the industry, you become a very desirable “free agent”. The company for who you worked your butt off, offers you 40% less than your market value to stay, so you find a company that you will work your butt off for so they win the top honor next year, all while paying you better.

    We forget this is a business. This is how these people make a LIVING and it’s very short-lived. To some of you it might be a bunch of “punks” playing a game but these men have families and normal lives outside of the game.

  69. Heres the thing, we loved you Tate and you played hard but to think that you were worth that much money is what is laughable. Who else in the league offered you money like the Lions? NO ONE thats who so to say you are taking a 40% discount is bogus. Often times losing teams will way overpay for a player to try and excite the fans but that doesnt mean you are worth that much. You were right about one thing this is a business and the fact remains that you could barely ever break man coverage…. Something the Lions and their fans will find out real quick, thats why part of the reason Seattle was a run first team you were never open to throw the ball too. You people ever see Wilson running for his life in replays? Well where was the great Tate for him to throw the ball too? When it comes right down to it and this being a business and all the Hawks can pick up a #2 Receiver out of the draft that will likely perform about the same. We did love you, you do have a lot of heart but to come off with a statement like that just shows how ignorant you are……….. Have fun losing and likely being cut or traded to another losing team in 2 years.

  70. Tate had some skills, no doubt. But he also had a really bad habit of catching the ball for a first down and then running all over the field only to end up losing yardage. He tried to turn every single play into a game changer, which isn’t necessary a bad thing, but sometimes the best thing you can do for your team is to move the sticks. With maturity and good coaching, he could turn into an elite receiver, but he sure doesn’t merit what the Lions are paying him.

  71. Golden Tate is a good football player and I am a fan but he should pick his words more carefully if he wants to come back to Seattle to re-live his glory days. He has always flirted with classlessness without going completely over the line and he once again finds himself in that position. Before reading this stuff I would have been happy to see Golden at the golf course during the off-season but now I’m not so sure. Enjoy Detroit?

  72. I guess he doesn’t like Super Bowl rings. Leaving the current Champs for more money? And let’s be honest, you think the Lions are going to be in the Super Bowl anytime soon? I don’t hate the Lions, not at all, but seriously. But, on the good side, he won’t have to travel to DC with the rest of the Seahawks and meet the sorry excuse for a President we are stuck with now.

  73. I understand why Seattle cant pay him. I bet they wish they could. He will catch a lot of balls from matt stafford and their pass happy offense. Congrats Detroit golden tate is a great receiver that any team would want.

  74. Laughable? He is not even in the top 25 WR’s in the league. He’s way to full of booboo. Lions should of got Decker. Way better and classier. No way is he worth that type of money.

  75. Dear Seattle fans ripping the city of Detroit: You, the vocal minority, make all 12’s look bad. You are the reason 12’s have a bad reputation in the rest of the country.

    And to those ripping the Lions: Well, the Lions deserve it. Who am I to argue?

  76. faulkn22 says:

    Because Seattle knows the gravy train is over when they have to pay Wilson. Then the house of cards falls down. Happens to every team that ever finds a franchise QB.
    Keep dreaming. Seahawks have plenty of cap space to sign everybody, including Wilson. This “house of cards” has more talent on the roster than any other team by a long way and will win at least 2 of the next 4 Super Bowls. Get used to it pal.

  77. He can be a #1 receiver on any team without Megatron? We’ll, let’s see….Denver-no, Cleveland-no, Dallas-no, Pittsburgh-no, Cincinnati-no, Atlanta-no, New Orleans-no, and it goes on and on. Small receiver, small talent and small brain.

  78. Looking around the teams that win consistently don’t break the bank on their own or anyone else’s free agents. You find a younger almost as good guy for half the money and keep winning. That seems to be what works right now. Look at the teams that always win the first week of free agency, they always suck. Hometown discount? Unless your working for your mom that does not nor has it ever existed. I think Sea is doing the right thing releasing older high priced guys that while good were not elite

  79. Not so sure Tate “did everything right”. He was so out of shape his first season he got winded running back a punt return, and his route-running was so bad it took three years for him to really get going.

    I have a feeling that Doug Baldwin may eventually end up with the contract Tate felt he deserved.

  80. It is very possible that Tate could be a factor in Detroit making the playoffs this year, most probably as a Wild card team.

    It is also very possible that the Seattle will have a repeat of this last season, and take the division, home field advantage, etc.

    Wouldn’t it be …..interesting….if Tate was to come into the Clink and face the LOB and the 12th man?

    I suspect his YAC would be down considerably from his season average in such scenario.

    But it could be a helluva game.

  81. trollhammer20 says:Mar 19, 2014 10:07 AM

    Not so sure Tate “did everything right”. He was so out of shape his first season he got winded running back a punt return, and his route-running was so bad it took three years for him to really get going.

    I have a feeling that Doug Baldwin may eventually end up with the contract Tate felt he deserved.

    Couldn’t agree more. Those slamming the Seattle front office are conveniently forgetting that the first 2+ years of Golden’s career were almost non-existent because of his shoddy route running and conditioning. I was big a fan of his as any…but he is flat out not worth the 6mil a year or w/e that Detroit is now on the hook for. PC and JS are very adept at finding cheap, capable replacements, especially at positions like WR, and this is just another case where I believe they’ll do exactly that.

  82. So now we can move the Seattle football franchise up one notch to Tampa bay status. A loser franchise that finally one a Super Bowl.

    When was the last time a defensive team repeated in the Super Bowl?

    Ravens? Nope
    Bucs? Nope
    Steelers? Nope
    Bears? Nope..

    The last teams to repeat are NE, Den, and Dal. All dominant offensive teams.

    Be quiet and learn…..

  83. “I did everything right and wasn’t a trouble maker.”

    I have a big problem with this sense of entitlement. Doing everything right and not being a troublemaker is a BARE MINIMUM performance standard in any job.

    I like Golden, I liked rooting for him in Seattle, but he is not a 5 year, $31 mil guy.

  84. Oh, Golden…what’s laughable is a kid making more in his first year of football than the average person will make in 10 years and still feeling the need to sneak downstairs in the building he lives in to steal doughnuts.

    The fans and the team appreciated your effort, toughness, and talent all along, but you did NOT give the Seahawks everything: you only started showing a degree of maturity and living up to your potential in 2013.

  85. Lol. What about all that the Seahawks had given you? By all accounts, you should have been benched after your second year, but the Seahawks were very generous with their time and patience, allowing you to develop.

    The only laughable thing were your routes in the first two years.

    You’re welcome, Golden.

  86. I was never a Tate fan to begin with.. I never did like his attitude from the very start. All I can say is thanks for you time with the Seahawks and good luck with you new team. GOOD LUCK if ever you face the LOB. I’ll be cheering for the LOB to pund your ass!

  87. A Seahawks fan, but I have no hard feelings. I figured somebody would overpay Golden Tate, and I think as a definite #2, he will do well, with Calvin Johnson attracting most of the defensive attention. This gives us a chance to throw $4 million per year at Baldwin and see if he bites. It also opens up a spot to put a bigger receiver in the lineup- we really don’t need to be fielding an entire team of 5’10” receivers. We need a size/speed threat to scare defenses, who can get open without the defense being distracted by play action. So good luck to Golden Tate- I’d have done the same thing if I were a 2nd round pick who made relative peanuts on my rookie contract.

  88. It seems that Tate really doesn’t know how his contract is set up.

    The reality is that Tate may have a contract that says it’s worth 5 years $31 million, but the reality is that it will end up being more like 3 years, 14.8 million dollar contract.

    When the dead money drops to lower than than 50% of the cap hit, the odds of being cut for salary cap purposes raises exponentially. That happens in the 4th year.

  89. Tate will fit in well in Detroit. I don’t know if he’ll fit in with the Lions though.

  90. Burned any bridges Golden?

    Another approach could have been to thank the Seahawks organization for initially making you a millionaire, sticking with you as you developed and coaching you up to be ready to sign a massive contract,…….. but you chose distain.

    Nobody is upset that you’re chasing the money, it’s a business after all.
    Good luck in Detroit

  91. rather than say he will have a lot more balls thrown to him in Detroit, wouldn’t it be more correct to say he will have a lot more balls thrown in his general vicinity? Doesn’t Stafford choke and over/underthrows, etc?

    and this is not a slam on Tate, I thought he had earned a contract the way he played the past few years. but business is business.

    I bought my husband an autographed Tate jersey last year, bummer.

  92. Go away, Tate. Your time in Seattle wasn’t all give and no take. Being a Seahawk fan for 25 years, I think you’re overlooking how fortunate you were to be on such an all around talented team. Seattle fans love you and wish you nothing but the best, but if you keep saying stuff like this, that adoration will wear very thin really quick. Bottom line is that you are very replaceable. Harvin, Baldwin, and Kearse made you more than expendable. Wilson, Thomas, Sherman, Chancellor, and Okung are far more valuable than a #2 at best receiver who took 3 years to learn how to get in shape and run a route and is still too slow to get separation. Don’t forget that probably more than half of your numbers came when Wilson had to buy extra time with his legs outside of the pocket because YOU couldn’t get open on your route.

    And the only thing laughable is the alligator arms you developed in the NFC championship game going across the middle.

  93. This is sort of typical for the team that won the SB. Similar thing happened when Baltimore won it. They gave Flacco a huge new contract and let Boldin go. And several weeks ago John Harbaugh said they never really found a good replacement for Boldin. Now he is with SF.

    Can’t say I blame him for refusing a 40% cut in pay. I mean, ummm….can anybody say that they would take a 40% cut in pay because your company is sort of short on money right now? My answer is no.

    But I also don’t think he is quite worth $6 mil/year. Maybe 4.5 or 5 but 6? I think he is a good player but a $6 million dollar one? I tend to say no but again I am no expert on the subject.

  94. What did he expect? There’s no loyalty in sports. You got a ring and got paid, move on. For the rest of those Seahawks on rookie contracts, don’t get you hopes up. Play for another ring this season and get ready to leave too. No way they can afford to pay Sherman, Thomas, and Wilson what they deserve. Good news for ‘hawks fans is that Pete Carrol has an amazing eye for talent as demonstrated by his success at USC and compiling this winning team of late rounders. He’ll get another round of no name rookies in this draft, and today’s stars will soon be a distant memory.

  95. I love me some Golden Tate and will miss watching him play on the Seahawks but, dang Tate, can you please put an end your butthurt departure tour? It’s over a week since your signing with Detroit and you are going on local Seattle media slamming the Seahawks front office (which has now been broadcast nationally) and whining about 12th Man fans on Twitter, even getting into petty confrontations with fans.

    You’re a Super Bowl Champion. You chased the money. We get it. Own it. Express gratitude to Seattle. Move on to Detroit. Stop burning bridges. It’s a bad look.

  96. I don’t hear any whining from Tate, all the whining on this is coming from Seahawks fans. It’s funny how he was the best receiver on that team but now that he’s a Lion he can’t run routes and he has alligator arms SMH. Get over it and be glad you had him to help you win a Superbowl.

  97. All you have to do is look at who took the Home team discount and who didn’t. the guy that said he wouldn’t, Michael Bennett took the discount and showed class in saying that it was more important to play for the team he loves than to chase bigger money from two other teams.

    The you have Tate who declares to the nation I will take a discount because he loves the Seahawks and wants to play for no crappy team for more money and then takes the money from the highest bidder and then trashes the Seahawks.

    Pretty clear who has class and who showed their A$$

  98. What’s laughable is Tate’s production when it counted…the playoffs. Glad he was such a big contributor to the playoff wins and SB.

    Divisional vs. NO
    1 catch – 13 yards (5 targets)

    Conf. Champ vs. SF
    4 catches – 31 yards (6 targets)

    Super Bowl vs. Denver
    3 catches – 17 yards (4 targets)

    Zero TDs.

    For the season, 64-898-5 isn’t bad, but it’s definitely not worth 6+ mil a year.

  99. I’m a Russell Wilson fan, not necessarily a Seahawk fan, so I root for whatever team Russell is with because I want Russell to win. That said, Best of luck to Golden Tate. He should look out for his best interests because no one else will care about his best interests but himself. I just don’t understand why the Hawks pay Harvin 14M who only play one or two games and the only TD he had was the one in the SB which actually would not make any difference. I know Harvin was injured, but this guy had a history of injury even when he was with the Vikes. It doesn’t make sense to pay him that much. I’d take Tate over Harvin any time.

  100. Tate, you were great. Not only did you catch passes for us but you drew attention away from the other receivers. Time and again when the chips were down, you were there. Thanks for the ring. If there was any way the Seahawks could have kept you, they would have. You know this. The rules, unfortunately, are written to prevent teams from building dynasties. You were a victim of that NFL goal. It is unfortunate, but understandable. But thankyou, you were great.


  101. Love it! I laughed when Seattle fans insisted everyone was going to come back at “discount prices”. Now 5 or 6 key contributors are already out the door. Just by attrition alone, the 49ers have already passed Seattle this offseason. The best part has yet to come too as the 49ers have 12 draft picks in this incredibly deep draft including 5 picks in the top 94. Hope you enjoyed your one season Seattle, you’ll be eating the 49ers dust again soon enough!

  102. Sorry to see him go but would miss Kearse and Baldwin more. I hope he does well in Detroit,
    Feel sorry for him though what a depressing place…

  103. I am with Tate on this one. a 20 or even 25% discount. But 40% says they didn’t think much of him. Take the money and run, You already have a ring.

  104. Time will tell whether Golden Tate’s departure will prove costly to the Seahawks or not, but some stats that I read says that he was very good at catching the ball when it was thrown his way and that he had very good yards after catch as well. Predictably the Seahawks fans are resentful and their reaction ranges from sour grapes to who cares.

  105. I think its pretty laughable this guy thinks he’s anything other than completely expendable and replaceable.

    He’s lucky he even got an offer to stay in Seattle at all.

  106. I’m sure Tate is worth what Seattle valued him to be. His head is too blown up b/c of Seattle’s victory season. He was Russell Wilson’s third best when Rice and Harvin became unavailable. Dude is NO WHERE near being worth 31 mils. Never has he ever accrued 1000 yards or more with 10 touchdowns or more for some seasons or for at least ONE season. He’s at least #3 when you compare him to Packers #3 reciever James Jones…

  107. He wasn’t worth overpaying for. But will get some good chances with defenses keying on Megatron and should be playing with a chip on his shoulder…right up until the Lions somehow disrespect him and he starts griping about them.

  108. During Tate’s years in Seattle… the main thing I didn’t like was that he never let common sense rule his emotions.
    Personally I enjoyed his stay in Seattle. I personally feel he is a little under-rated.
    He rarely let a catchable ball go by.
    His blocking was outstanding..
    The taunting and trash talking was over the top for my likes.
    He could easily have ignored the fans that texted him. (the word fan is short for fanatic, and if the fans did that I don’t like it)
    Seattle’s offer was a business decision. Nothing less, nothing more.
    He and the Seattle fans can just move on.
    Thank you for your time in Seattle Golden. Best of luck to you.

  109. Glad you got what you wanted, Tate. I seriously am. Personally, while I would have liked Seattle to have kept him, I don’t think it’s that significant of a loss.

    That being said, Mr. Tate, you seem to fail to remember that Seattle developed you for two years. Yes, two years, before you received any significant increase in playing, which was in 2012.

    You couldn’t run a proper route. You did not know how to block properly. You didn’t know how to get off the line, catch and tuck the ball. Basically, you didn’t know how to be a receiver in the NFL. Seattle fixed that for you which allowed you to get this contract.

    If find it funny that players say it’s a business but, when that business process goes against they’re product pricing (them) they’re slapped in the face.

  110. I listened to Tate’s press conf after he signed contract with Lions and reporters were asking him questions. He mentioned the Seahawks at least 3 times and how happy he was and loved City of Seattle and loved the 12s to death and Pete Carroll. He felt he might be here a long time. He’s been here since 2010.

    I know it’s a biz and all that jazz but I didn’t think I’d have these feelings and he seemed so vulnerable.

    To bad he can’t break his contract and come home.

    Cliff Avril was w/Lions for 7 years b/4 coming to the Hawks and he said it’s a much different environment. Much more stern.

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