Jaguars sign Tandon Doss

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The Jaguars expect to have wide receiver Justin Blackmon back with the team when his suspension comes to a close, but the team isn’t sure when that will happen so they’re adding to their wide receiving corps in free agency.

Ryan O’Halloran of the Florida Times Union reports that the Jags have signed wide receiver Tandon Doss. Doss was not tendered as a restricted free agent by the Ravens, leaving him free to sign with any team in the league without Baltimore having the chance to match the offer or receive draft pick compensation.

Doss saw the most extensive offensive playing time of his three-year career during the 2013 season, starting twice and catching 19 passes for 305 yards for a Ravens team that struggled to find a consistent option across from Torrey Smith all year long. Doss also was a frequent participant on special teams in Baltimore.

The Jaguars have Cecil Shorts, Ace Sanders, Mike Brown, Kerry Taylor and Stephen Burton at receiver to go with Doss and Blackmon. That should make for a spirited, if not big name, competition for snaps at receiver over the rest of the offseason.

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  1. Jax is looking for a solid punt returner and Doss may be it.

    23 returns for 359 yards (like he got in 2013) would be spectacular for this team. Record setting in fact.

  2. Interesting, umm, WR corps there….LOL Do they go for QB or WR in the draft. No one to throw to a top-notch WR like Sammy Watkins or no decent WR’s to catch the ball from a decent QB?

  3. Good move for the Jags. Last year’s punt returns were nothing to write home about and he’ll excel there. If he can catch too, so much the better.

  4. Great signing… a guy billed as a tough possession receiver who plays soft and often drops the ball. I feel sorry for the good people of Jacksonville.

  5. As a Titans fan who wishes nothing but ill on my most disliked team–the Jags–even I have to admit it looks like they’re going to be a dramatically better than they’ve been in recent years.

  6. With the signing of Steve Smith, the resigning of Dennis Pitta, and the emergence of Marlon Brown, there was no way the Ravens were going to pay more than the absolute bare league minimum for Doss’s services in 2014.

    That said, maybe Doss needs a change of scenery and he gets it playing for a team looking for some help. He definitely has some return capabilites. Good luck to Doss in Jacksonville

  7. They should draft Watkins and cut the cord on Blackmon. Henne had them competitive in games, they can find a QB later in the draft or next year.

  8. Doss is an excellent return man, and a middling WR – like a #3-4 – sometimes a change in scenery or postin coaching can lead to improvements. There is room for players like that in the NFL, don’t know how that fits Jax’ needs.

  9. Here’s the breakdown on Doss…with Peyton Manning he’s a legit 3rd wr option who could do damage on 3rd downs. With the Jaguars, he’s just an overpaid scrub that will spend the majority of his plays going unnoticed until he flashes a few strong catches here and there. As a Ravens fan it’s disheartening to see Doss not pan out because in a real offense he could be a playmaker. Unfortunately, we’ve never had a legit coordinator who knew how to exploit his talents. For Jag fans, take some solace knowing he has really strong hands but for whatever reason he’s just never been a difference maker. Probably because his football IQ is a bit underwhelming. But his upside is valuable in the sense that he has a lot of untapped potential that has yet to be taken advantage of, and if he can be featured more often than just a now-an-again threat he has a chance of becoming a fan favorite. Give him a shot full time, i think he develops into something special. Great hands but a lack of know how and too much inconsistency. At this point in his career he’s nothing more than versatile 4th wr who’s above average at returning punts.

  10. Brick by brick. Any real Jag fan who follows the team knows our plans involve Solidifying the bottom 1/3rd of our roster first. This guy isn’t meant to be our number 1. So save the wisecracks.

  11. Interesting pick up for the Jags. Could team up with Sanders or Robinson on kickoffs and compete for punt returns also.
    Jags ST and WR Corp(if Blackmon gets reinstated)
    And ShortsIII is looking like a very,very,very fast and aggressive WR unit.
    AFC South looking like the Colts and Jags will be battling it out for the title.

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