Report: Eagles listening to offers for DeSean Jackson


The Eagles apparently have “no intent” to trade DeSean Jackson.

Derrick Gunn of reports that, while the Eagles aren’t actively shopping Jackson, they’re listening to teams that are calling up with offers.  According to Gunn, calls have come from the Patriots and the 49ers.

And now that the word is out, there’s no need to actively shop Jackson.  Because potentially interested teams will keep calling.

While not actively shopping Jackson, the Eagles are looking for at least a third-round draft pick for Jackson, who is due to earn a base salary of $10.5 million in 2014.

Rumors about Jackson’s status gained steam after the Eagles signed both Jeremy Maclin and Riley Cooper to deals worth far less per year than Jackson’s.  Last week, Geoff Mosher of suggested on PFT Live that Jackson could be one mistake away from being run out of town.

As it stands, Jackson is one phone call away from no longer being an Eagles.

145 responses to “Report: Eagles listening to offers for DeSean Jackson

  1. Based on his size and his speed-centered game, I don’t think he has much time left, but he’ll be a great burner for a couple more years.

  2. I was one of the posters the other day that called this guy “a self centered, self absorbed Diva.” Now, I’m conflicted.

    Patriots fan

  3. Last year, the Vikings had to trade Percy Harvin and the whole league knew it. Seattle ponied up first, third, and seventh-round draft choices, plus they had to sign him to a huge new contract. The situation with Jackson doesn’t seem much different, although Jackson is less of a pain in the neck off the field. This is why Rick Spielman is a magician.

  4. Why is Philly looking to move him? One injury to Cooper or Maclin and their WR group becomes incredibly thin without Jackson.

  5. He’d look good in Honolulu blue opposite big play CJ. Move Tate to the slot and Stafford will have no excuses to be anything other than great in 2014.

  6. I still think this is a crazy idea. They don’t need the cap room (this year) and there are no superior wide receivers available, so this would be a move for the future, which seems strange for a team which won it’s division last year.

    It is almost inconceivable that whatever they get back in trade will be more valuable in 2014 than DeSean Jackson, so if they make this move that will be a pretty good indication that they don’t see themselves as real contenders this year.

  7. Niners fan if he can be had for a 3rd round pick then they need to pull the trigger and get him

  8. A 3rd round pick is way, way too little for an all-pro receiver. Jackson stretches the field for other guys. If I am the Eagles no way would I do this for simply a 3rd rounder.

  9. A third round pick and 10.5 MILLION DOLLARS of your cap for this guy? Not even Jim Irsay would make this deal.

  10. He would be a good 1 or 2 or 3 or 4 receiver in Carolina… because you know, they dont have any wide receivers.

  11. Bogus report. If Harvin can fetch a 1st plus more, the Eagles would not give him up for “at least a 3rd.” And I don’t know why his cap hit keeps getting brought up. The Eagles have $18 million left in cap space which is probably more than the rest of the nfc east combined.

  12. Niners dont have the cap room and as much as I would like his playmaking ability they can do without the attitude. Bet Denver gets into the mix lol

  13. damn man all these receivers the 49ers are trying to pick up they better open up that playbook from the 1 receiver 3 te power run set to the 3 receiver sets.

  14. I have to imagine that the eagles aren’t actively looking to trade Desean, at least right now. He has big play ability and opens up the secondary underneath his routes, something which is critical for cooper and maclin to get open. Plus, he has speed. The eagles should be in no rush to trade him, he’s under control for a few years past this season. If anything, I’d talk to a team about a possible draft day trade. If they can land Benjamin from fsu in the first round, it might make sense to package some picks and Jackson and move up (either to take Benjamin, or to get a second 1 to address needs on d.) depending on the team, a third or second and Jackson might get you into the late teens or early twenties.

  15. Has nothing to do with Maclin or Cooper. Has to do with noodle arm Foles and his inability to reach Jackson. Turn on any of the 4 Giants/Pats games since 07 and you’ll see Brady throw 70 yds in the air to Moss.

  16. Bill make this happen it’s only a third round pick get him and ask for a 5th rounder back let’s continue adding talent. Brady only has two realistic years left

  17. Ask last year’s Falcons how many good receivers you need to keep on a roster. Injuries to both White and Jones left them scrapping the barrel.

  18. Those teams that forked over all that money to for Wallace, and Greg Jennings might be kicking themselves.

    Those teams could have picked up his contract @ a similar price, and he is the youngest of the guys, if anyone of those 3 would improve it would be Desean.

    I think Carolina should be all over this opportunity. Jackson is far more likely to have an immediate and larger impact, than a drafted WR in the 2nd or 3rd round.

  19. I am an Eagles fan, season ticket holder for 15+ years, and will not shed a tear if this bum is released. Yeah, he’s fast, but he doesn’t always give 100% effort. He always seems too concerned about getting injured. He’s likely more interested in his music crap he does.

    Chip – get rid of him!

  20. Jackson hasn’t been playing to hiss full potential, so it’s time for fresh meat. After all, it worked out for their quarterback situation last year, did it not?

  21. It’s not the draft pick that will make teams shy away, it’s the $10.5 M contract he has, and he’s not even satisfied with that. Too much noise around this guy, and he’s an annual contract negotiation guaranteed. No thanks.

  22. If the Eagles trade Desean for a 3rd then Kelly and Rosman need to be examined for brain trauma.

    Similarly, if the Panthers aren’t offering their 3rd for Jackson they need to reexamine they need to fire everyone in the front office.

    I predict the Eagles want a high second, low first.

  23. Cowboys fan here. This seems like a pretty insane move for the Eagles to make. They’re not really in full-on “win now” mode, but they *can* win now, and Jackson would be an integral part of that.

    But if they want to deal him, the Cowboys will gratefully accept the division win.

  24. This exposes the problem with fans who who harbor smug, self-righteous hatred for a good player on another team. When he becomes available, then you want him on YOUR team.

  25. As good as their offense looked last year I still wouldn’t be looking to dump playmakers. I hope they haven’t fallen victim to believing the system will take care of itself.

  26. His salary is really high, going to be tough to trade him. Jackson didn’t even try during the 2011 season when he was unhappy so if he’s not playing for top dollar or playing for a team he wants to play for he won’t be motivated.

    Honestly, I’d take a pass if I was a team trying to trade for him. Why are the Eagles so desperately trying to get rid of this guy? He’s a talented receiver in the prime of his career but are willing to take a 3rd round pick for him? Something doesn’t add up here.

  27. Hey this is one way that Jerry can get Adrian Peterson. If San Fran wants DJ then have them send Frank Gore to MIN to replace Peterson. An obvious 4 team trade is in order.

  28. From my view, Philly seems like THAT team that could make a big push next year and challenge SEA and SF in the NFC. Without DJ, I’m not so sure …

  29. You guys who can’t understand why the Eagles want to trade him don’t follow the team and his antics—

    1. In 2011, when he didn’t get an extension, he pouted THE WHOLE SEASON, then when he got his 5 year 51M deal, he ADMITTED he let his contract affect him the whole season.

    2. In plenty of games in the last 3 seasons or so, when he hasn’t been thrown the ball when he thinks he should have been, he’s thrown up his arms like he was fed up.

    3. He got into arguments with the Eagles WR coach last season that Jason Avant had to step into including a very public sideline spat.

    4. Two days after the Eagles lost to the Saints he was crying about his contract again–despite the fact he is going to make 10.5M this year.

    For those of you who say his speed opens up everything else, the Eagles were mostly a run first team last year.
    Ever since Jackson has been an Eagle, he’s been terrific some games and hidden in others.

    Kelly is trying to foster a team-first locker room, not a me-first locker room. Jackson is definitely a me-first player.

    Finally, it’s the “big guys beat up little guys” theory–Kelly wants big physical recievers–which is why they re-signed Cooper, still have Benn on the roster, etc.

  30. Don’t think it happens this year. Maclin is only on a 1 year deal. If they draft a guy, or if Maclin shows he is 100% and re-signs, I could see him being dealt next year. But I don’t think they do it this year. He’s probably not worth his cap hit, but it’s not like the Eagles are up against the cap and need to save money

  31. The Eagles know he is talented, but he doesn’t always give full effort; hence why they will gladly accept only a 3rd round pick to get rid of this headache.

  32. The eagles want at least a 3rd round pick for jackson , if i were the JETS i would get on the phone and bring him in along with mike Vick and RECONNECT these guys that have great chemistry.The Jets with just those 2 moves along with that defense thats ok , can make some noise.It makes no sense bringing in jackson if your QB have a Average ARM and can’t air it out..

  33. Rick spielman is a magician?????????? Lmao lmao lmao. Damn you vikqueens fans are dumber than a box of rocks! A magician as in drafting ponder and pickin up Josh freeman. Sheesh! Some magician. Idiots I tell ya.

  34. The Eagles had Amendola as a rookie and cut him. Not one of their smarter moves, although he has a problem staying healthy. I can’t see them giving up a lot to get him back. Now if the Patriots want to trade them Amendola AND a 3rd round pick for Jackson that might be worth considering, but the Eagles really don’t need another possession type receiver. They need someone who can stretch the field. In any case, I can’t see the Eagles trading Jackson for a only a 3rd round pick. That doesn’t make any sense at all unless they simply want to unload the guy, which makes even less sense.

  35. They’ll listen to a deal for McCoy and Foled also. Just need to make an offer that will blow them away. Any team would do the same thing.

  36. That would be a great idea to trade the best receiver on the roster for almost nothing. But isn’t that what Philly teams do! Riley Cooper has had 1 season and folks act like he is the second coming. Nevermind the fact that he was getting open because teams had to worry about DeSean and LeSean! And Maclin? This guy is coming off major knee surgery into an offense he barely practiced in a year ago. Unless the hope is that Sproles is the replacement for Jackson, why even think about trading DeSean? Even with Sproles why trade DeSean. D-Jax is younger. Unless they can get a huge return (like a legit young stud receiver) it’s not worth trading.

  37. This sounds so dumb why would trade him for a 3rd pick when that bum Percy harvin got traded for 1,3,7 rd picks it makes no sense they must of started the bidding at a 3rd pick.

  38. As a jets fan I would love for them to trade the 4th round pick from the revis trade, that would be great Sheldon Richardson and desean Jackson for a guy not on their team anymore. I know it’s a long shot but something has got to happen since idzik isn’t signing anybody

  39. I hope we do trade him but I would like compensated with at minimum a decent player in a position of need so really any nice safety, corner or pass rush.

  40. This guy is the Revis of receivers. He’s a talented headache.

    One that could be the Raiders’ very soon (they have money to spend)…though I’ll admit I don’t know what they could offer by way of draft picks.

  41. Listen mr gettleman, I’m a giants fan but I like football too. Make a trade for djax, sign earl Bennett and draft kelvim Benjamin. U get your speed, big target and possetion receiver and u keep your job. If not, u lose Cam and the millions you’re currently getting paid bc QBs usually like to throw a little. Yes even nowadays.
    Personally I rather have a good NFC team play poorly cuz of dumb front office decisions but c’mon man, you got a great team. Don’t screw it up

  42. As part owner of the most storied franchise in NFL history the GB Packers have just offered a 7th round pick in the 2015 NFL draft for this punk. Get ready for a MASSIVE pay cut D-Jack.

  43. You better replace him if you’re gonna trade him. And no…Sproles is NOT his replacement. That’s a lot of production going out the door for a 3rd round pick. How many 3rd round picks see multiple pro bowls?

  44. Really hope he doesn’t go to the pats. This guy can catch a quick pass or a screen and take it the distance every time. The haters on here saying he’s a deep threat and that’s it don’t watch football the guy is a dangerous player and can make plays all over the field

  45. it’s not like Djax isa cancer in the locker room like TO, or getting arrested, or some of the stuff other players do that you read on this site every day. Disgruntled, self centered maybe but the kid can fly and spreads the field..maybe this is all talk so Desean behaves himself going forward.

    Birds need him

  46. The Eagles would be dumb to give him up for a 3rd. If Maclin gets hurt or goes elsewhere next year the birds would be looking at cooper/demaris johnson/arrelious benn or Jeff Maehl (Who?). That would be a major step back for a team trying to build itself into a SB contender. We have way too many holes on Defense to be trying to draft WRs right now.

  47. Surprised the Panthers or Jets aren’t on the phone? Maybe Green Bay could get him for a 3rd to go along with Nelson and Cobb, damn that would put fear in defenses.

  48. Come ON 49ers !!
    Just MAKE IT HAPPEN !!
    Figure out the Cap room and DO IT !!
    A 3rd, a 4th and a 5th

    GO NINERS !!

    Aned he’s a local guy !!

  49. I can see the niners actually trading crabtree and a 3rd for this guy crabbs is due for a contract extention or FA next season and in all reality crabtree is going to want big buck so if D jax is gonna be cheaper then i can see it happening

  50. I thought offering Taylor Jacobs and Malcolm Kelly would be enough but now we can throw in Fred Davis. Amazing what the Skins chose instead of this guy.

  51. It MUST be something having to do with his behavior, difficulties when team personnel attempt to deal with him etc. Even when players have talent, their overall impossible conduct can erode the regard for the individual skill-set. Kelly has no particular connection to him and might feel getting DeSean out is addition by subtraction.

  52. I can not believe this. All Pro, lightning fast. Makes the others like Maclin etc. more dangerous. How about a sit down with the coach if he feels he has an attitude. Bring in Tony Dungy. Whatever it takes. The guy is flat out dangerous. Now with Sproules, are you kidding me.

  53. He can come back home to the Bay Area.
    Come on Reggie, put the food down for a second, take your phone off Green Bay speed dial and call Philly !
    Be him to Oakland, we need an experienced receiver.

  54. “A 3rd round pick is way, way too little for an all-pro receiver.”

    Umm when was Jackson ever an all pro receiver? Never? Did he even make the pro bowl (which means almost less than nothing) as a 1st choice WR? I believe all selections were for his kick returning. All these comparisons to Harvin are way off. I know Percy is an injury cncern, but Jackson is not in his class.

  55. And any trade partner would nit just be giving a 3 for Jackson…They would be giving a 3 for a wr who is making 10.5 and deserves 7

  56. Dean Wormer says the chances of DeSean Jackson getting traded for a 3rd round pick are “zero…point…zero.”

  57. Bring the CAL bear back to Oaktown.

    The Biggity O!

    Sign Vick or Sanchito or Schaub (after they are due roster bonus and cut)

    Draft LT Jake Matthews and roll.

    I know this is fantasy football here.

    Desean Jackson is making 11-12 mil a year till 2017 on current contract.

    But he is a game breaker.

  58. If NE makes this deal, they will go from a lack of depth at the WR position at the end of last year to an embarrassment of riches at the position! (As they did at corner this offseason)… I love the idea of trading amendola (as the eagles need a good slot wr to go w maclin and cooper) and a fourth/or fifth for mr. Jackson… Only thing that gives me pause is the new contract he signed last year…

  59. Hell we traded a 1st for MOSS why not 3rd or 2nd for a Bay Area guy.

    If the RAIDERS “have” to spend to reach a cap floor????

    Why not this guy.

  60. Chips not ready to trade him yet.. he knows the passing success last yr was due to jacksonson being on the field drawing coverage.. and the vikings got 1st 3rd and 7th for percy.. i wouldny take less then a first for a better player

  61. I believe the only one shopping D. Jackson is the press. Anyone who watched the Eagles last year understand his value. He is a very important cog in the offensive machinery. I’m sure if some team came offering a ridiculous package of draft picks, they would certainly listen, otherwise, this article seems a bit silly. Got a lot of hits though.

  62. BOOOOOO!!!!

    How can you trade the team’s second best playmaker on offense? It’s not even like the guy’s dramatically overpaid. When you compare his contract to other players with similar production, it’s exactly where it should be, and those who want to complain about his efforts during that contract year two years ago clearly haven’t been watching him play since then.

  63. Everyone who is so high on this guy is channeling their inner Al Davis. It’s tempting to think that a speed merchant is your team’s one missing piece but that is rarely the case.

    As a KC fan, I’m thinking there is no way Big Red goes after this guy. Way too expensive in the short term and he doesn’t fit the offensive scheme in KC.

  64. Vikings have two third rounders. And Peterson, Patterson, and Jackson would be virtually unstoppable. Except by Matt Cassel or Christian Ponder.

  65. 2 landing spots for him and both teams have tons of cap space to give him a new deal.

    1) Cleveland–the owner is nuts and always wants to make headlines

    2) Miami–Bill Lazor (from philly) is the new OC there and they have cap space and he would help a poor offense

  66. Neither the Niners or Pats will trade for a 10.5mil cap hit. Not even sure the delusional Raiders would do it.

  67. Ok Picture this… 4 wideout set ..Desean Jackson, Cordarell Patterson, Greg Jennings, Jerome Simpson. Kyle Rudolph as your TE and AD out of the back field…and of course Johnny football chuckin it all over the field


  68. The Saints moved D-Sprolls and cut Lance Moore just like the Eagles are looking to move Jackson because in the NFC being a small, fast WR doesn’t cut it against the Seahawks or the 49ers.

    Look I saw it 3 times last year and the results were not pretty. Both teams feature strong defenders that have speed and are very handsy (the hawks more so). Unless the league steps up and starts flagging the illegal contact/PI more often the reality of it, is these finesse players are less a match up nightmare and more than likely a guy laying on the ground.

    Look for a lot of the contenders in the NFC to be stocking up on Julio Jones style WR’s and power runners. Guys that have the strength to power through the stout defenses likely to be around come January.

  69. Maybe Carolina can trade 1 or 2 of their stellar receivers for him….. Even throw in Jonathan Stewart as a “bonus”.

  70. I hope the Eagles trade Jackson to a team that they don’t have on their schedule next season. How embarrassing if he burns them for a couple of TDs, especially if they cost the Eagles the game. The Eagles don’t have any defensive back who can come close to covering Jackson.

  71. Hey goofballs! This is what happens when you turn into a whiny, spoiled, petulant, malcontent! You turn into more trouble than you are worth. Welcome to the real world idiot…

  72. Unbelievable. Not a Eagles fan but jeez these are crazy to even listen to offers about him. He stretches the field and opens things up for everyone else. Philly will regret trading him, especially for a measly 3rd rounder.

  73. Overrated. Hit this guy once in the 1st quarter, and he turns into state puff alligator arm marshmellow man…

    Chip knows it, and is already planning his offense without #10 in mind…

  74. Is Derrick Gunn just trying to get his name out there. I think every team listens to trade offers for their players. It doesn’t mean the Eagles are excited about the possibility of moving Jackson. He may be a pain in the arse off the field, but he still is a special, rare, explosive player. He and Foles have developed a good chemistry. I doubt the Eagles would be interested in moving him. It would have to be an offer they can’t refuse.

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