Report: Jared Allen “unlikely” to sign with Cowboys

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For Cowboys fans hoping that good things happen in threes, the third good thing apparently won’t be the signing of defensive end Jared Allen.

According to Mike Garafolo of FOX Sports, Allen in “unlikely” to sign with the Cowboys after Tuesday’s visit.

Allen also has visited the Seahawks, and other visits are possible.

The six-year Vikings and, before that, four-year Chief is looking for a “fair” contract and a “chance to win.”  It’s possible the the range in which the Cowboys would pay didn’t sufficiently exceed Seattle’s range to justify the necessarily smaller chance of winning that exists in Dallas.

The Cowboys have signed defensive tackle Henry Melton and quarterback Brandon Weeden in the past two days.

114 responses to “Report: Jared Allen “unlikely” to sign with Cowboys

  1. Did anyone really think he was going to sign in Dallas? They have no money left and a very slim chance of being over .500. He clearly stated both of those were important factors in his decision.

  2. Never thought the Raiders would be in better shape than the Cowboys, but it has come to pass. The torch moves on from a perennial basement team to a new one.

  3. Dude has enough good sense to know he will never win in Minnesota.

    Voting with his feet.

  4. You jealous ass people. Don’t know why you think the fans wanted old ass Allen in the first place. Why would we allow Ware to walk and sign another old player to replace him. WE ALWAYS wanted Melton.

  5. Dude just wants to stay out of the college refrigerated stadium for two years. What good is money when your numbed fingers fall off?

  6. Great standout player for Vikes. They gave JA a chance after KC kicked him to the curb and it worked out well. But. It’s not your grandpa’s NFL anymore and fact is he’s just to old to put a lot of bank on. Something the cheese terds didn’t consider when they signed Peppers.

  7. @phiddysent — But he knew the Cowboys’ situation in both player personnel and cap. So, logically his 2-day visit to Dallas suggests that he did have serious interest and was taking both of your concerns in to account.

    That said, Melton’s signing is what makes it extremely unlikely at this point. I’m sure that the Cowboys never had intentions of signing both, and I would imagine that their offer to Allen was with the expectation they would not be signing Melton if they got Allen.

    Ideally they would have signed Allen and then gone after a 3 technique in the draft. Not as much depth at what Allen brings to the table, Melton’s production could have been drafted.

    Curious to see where Spencer lands at this point. Would rather have him on a 3-yr deal than Allen anyways.

  8. He was never coming to Dallas. Frankly, I don’t blame him either. We’re obv a 8-8 team and will be for as long as a “Jones” is running the show. Picking up Melton was nice but how’s his leg? What’s to make of this lawsuit? Circus.

  9. The man earned his money in Minnesota no doubt. He also turned his life around from his days with the Chiefs and he has been a role model for all with his charitable giving. However, anyone who watched last season will tell you that he was not getting it done when it mattered. His double digit sacks meant nothing; often happening when the Vikings were behind. The player that disrupted the passing game and required double teams has lost the battle as all do to old age.

  10. He should’ve taken the 3 yr 30 million deal from Denver. No idea why he passed that up. If he thinks his market value is way more than that, then he’ll retire.

  11. phiddysent says:
    Mar 18, 2014 8:51 PM
    Did anyone really think he was going to sign in Dallas? They have no money left and a very slim chance of being over .500. He clearly stated both of those were important factors in his decision.

    So why did he even make the trip to visit them. Wasted his time and their time.

  12. Signing Weeden was a good thing? That bar is set a little low, don’t you think?

  13. Dallas doesn’t really want him. Let’s be real, J Allen or the #2 DE in the draft. Something to build upon vs the same ‘old school’ way of killing our chances…….. Dare I think that Jerry is finally listening to the pro’s around him? Even just a little? Sure seems like it….

  14. Not much demand for a small, slow, old, overpriced DE. Last season he encouraged his viking coworkers to embrace the suck.

    The NFL has few roster spots for suck embracers.

  15. Too old…go elsewhere–Meltons the better player at this stage in their career.

  16. The Cowbabies have no cap space thanks to their brilliant GM. Another 8-8 year coming up.

  17. They have to save extra room in the medium-term just in case they need to restructure later on to accommodate future salary increases that are expected due to Manziel whom we all know they are eager to select.

  18. I would bet he ends up back with Leslie Frazier and Lovie Smith in Tampa Bay. They’ve got the cap space from Revis departure.

  19. Unfortunately I’m sure my Raiders are the only team willing to pay him, and I’m sure the Raiders are the last team on jared’s list. . .only way he’ll go there is if no team with a “chance” to win comes close to what he’s asking.

  20. SO if it’s unlikely now, you allude to the idea that it was once “likely”. I contend it was never likely. Nice article about something that wasn’t going to happen and now you are reporting that it’s not happening.
    It’s like the arsonist that starts a fire and then wants the accolades for putting it out.

  21. Guess he retiring all the good teams out of cap

    Bengals best chance just to win

  22. Allen better stay in MN. With Coach Zimmer running our soon to be top 5 defense and Norv mentoring Johnny Manziel to Super Bowl Glory as a rookie; he has the best chance to win here.

    But if we have to settle for Bridgewater or McCarron, gtfo of Minny and go get yourself a championship.

  23. All you Vikings fans/Seahawks-haters gonna see another one of your former players win a ring with the reigning world champs.

    Thanks for putting us over the top again.

    – Seattle

  24. Please, never win in Minnesota, a terrible call from being in SB in 09. Just won’t pay a over the hill player millions, our man Zim in who we trust! #SKOL

  25. Will someone PLEASE explain to me how our (‘Pokes) GM can use up every single “cap” penny we have left, on a guy coming off a MAJOR knee injury … oh, nevermind … our “GM” (and I use that GM rather loosely), is Jerry Jones (the “GM” that has NEVER won ANYTHING w/o Jimmy Johnson !!!

  26. He must have some of that Viking money left over, they paid him something like $17 mil a year. No defensive player is worth that and the Vikings had a terrible defense even with his bloated salary.

    I can understand that he wants to play for a winning team, the Vikings finished in last place two out of the last three years. Next year isn’t looking good either.

  27. If he truly has winning as a priority he must have went to Dallas to watch a hockey game as the Cowboys are sinking.

    Polish the hand rails on the Titanic boys…she’s going down!

  28. During one of my worst hangovers would I have ever believed he was signing with the Cowboy’s! Don’t even know why he visited!

  29. For good things to happen in threes, you should start with one good thing. Dont know that DT, dont care either…. but Weeden??? really is that a good thing… I think NOT!!

  30. Cowboys had the #5 scoring offense in the league last year. Nothing has changed with the offense. The defense was dead last even with an often injured Ware. Honestly, there is no place for the this D to go but up. Last year was 2 straight season of the Cowboys, especially the D, being bombarded with injuries to their key players. In a weak division the Cowboys, if healthy, will be right back fighting for the top spot. Bet on that.

  31. He could be the last piece of the puzzle for the Patriots this season. Him and Chandler Jones rushing the passer while Revis, Browner, & McCourty patrol the secondary = scary good defense.

  32. Love all the tools with your bashing of the Vikes. Looks to be the likely Paker fan with little to do with their time. Regardless, Jared’s contract was up and he moves on. Nothing more, nothing less. Speaks more volumes of the condition of the Vikings needing to move on and having their try in 2009. Jared was/is the consemate professional on and off the field in MN and earned his choice for this upcoming season. Good luck to him in making the right choice. The Vikes will become strong again.

  33. “Good” things come in 3’s yes…I don’t think I’d put Weeden in the good thing column right now.

  34. Sign him Reggie one big splash free agent for Oakland a great 2014 draft and tons of cap room for 2015 we can compete in 2015-2016. Peyton will retire after 2014 or 2015 season and Denver will be in cap hell that will be our time ………

  35. Understatement of the century: “smaller chance of winning that exists in Dallas”.

  36. Well No Duh!!

    He wants to go to winner, so why he is visiting the cowboys I will never know. Plus they can’t pay him crap. Cowboys will probably win 4 games this year, then Jerry Jones can find out that he doesn’t know anything about football and give the team over to someone who knows.

    No Teams looking at the Super Bowl have the cap room to pay this guy. He has to choices, sign with a team for less money or go play for the redskins and cash a check every other week.


  37. Actually heard this today while watching ESPN on my break at work, that Jared Allen could sign with the Packers. Yes that would be a helluva move, Peppers Allen and Matthews damn what a team that would be.

  38. His best shot to win is with the Bears… I think he knows it, but is finding it hard to accept it after all those years of battling them. His days of a huge payday are gone.

  39. If any team wants a player bad enough, they can work around the cap…Vet minimum salary with a huge signing bonus which pushes the monies out to future years but future years will have higher caps…

    Signing Allen would require a long term deal which wouldn’t even make sense…

    The DC Marinelli, his contract is up at the end of the season and we all know unless he’s offered the head coach position, he’ll bolt to Tampa where he spent ten years of his life and would be reunited with Lovie Smith. The OC Callahan already wanted out so he’ll bolt as well…Dallas could win a SuperBowl and still both coordinators would bolt as neither wants to be in Dallas…HC Garrett’s out unless they make the playoffs…

    Remember as good of a job as Marinelli did last year he was responsible for the pass rush and it was horrible. Therefore if there isn’t a top ten defensive improvement this year, the Jones’ will consider moving back to the 3-4 base and view the 4-3 base/Tampa 2 defense a failed experiment if their future HC & DC candidates are fans of the 3-4 base…

  40. Join the Seattle Seahawks. I promise you will love the city. You will love the organization. You’ll love the facilities. You’ll love your teammates. And most important of all…you will love coming to work and competing every day. Every guy you play with will feed of your intensity and you off theirs. Come December you’ll have fresh legs and be raring to go. So you can top it all off with an opportunity to win it all. You really can’t go wrong.

  41. I wouldn’t call Dallas a basement team. They are a 8-8 team. Far from the basement. There are several teams that are much worse shape and run more poorly. And the Raiders are not in better shape than the Cowboys.

  42. His greediness may keep him from signing with anybody. Take what you can get, sign with a winner and stop letting your ego get in the way!

  43. Not really the greatest team, but could you imagine him in Buffalo’s 4-3 with Mario, Kyle Williams, and Dareus? That’s 42.5 sacks combined between the four of them in 2013.

  44. Jared Allen should Come back to The Vikings for 1/2 price 2 yr 14 mill. They should resign Kevin Williams as well…. They’re old but still productive!!

  45. Jared your a veteran of 10 yrs you should of realised by now that you can’t always get both money and a ring. he’s such a competitor that his retiring threat is bs just take a pay cut for 1 year go to the seahawks or broncos and get the best chance at a ring then chase huge money when you have a 15+ sack season on the stacked teams of Seattle and Denver.

  46. Over the hill. I am sure he will be focusing on his media slore career and new cookbooks.

  47. Let me explain what Jared Allen does as a pass rush specialist (after watching him for 6 yrs.). Average offensive lineman blocks him around and past the pocket for 10 consecutive plays, then Allen throws in a twist and almost gets to QB. Once or twice a game he really changes it up, finally gets a sack, stats look good.

  48. Never winning in Minnesota?dude he was a play away from the SB in 09 stop being so ignorant Smh…

  49. Melton is damaged goods else the Bears would have signed him!!! Allen should head for Seattle if he wants a chance to win.

  50. Well, you guys are right about one thing. As the Vikings have gotten more and more pathetic, it’s less and less satisfying to make fun of them.

    As Grandfather said to Paul in “A Hard Days Night,” —

    Don’t mock the afflicted.

  51. In the early days when Hillbilly Jerry took over this
    Tiffany of sports franchises it was noted that JJ was learning at the feet of Al Davis. Davis, once shrewd and savvy didnt accept the game passed him buy. Jones never had the expertise Davis did but he has turned the Cowboys into the same joke the Raiders have become. This once stellar franchise is now a players graveyard because of a wildcat oilman who as an NFL GM can’t find his ass with both hands if you gave him a compass and a breakfast coupon from Dennys.

  52. Ted T should pony up and put him and Peepers on opposite sides with Mathews in the middle and Rajit at nose tackle. Then they could dump Worthless Worthy who will amount to nothing, Perry who can’t play any position due to his lack of speed, Datone, out of shape Jones and use the savings to pay those salaries.

  53. I wish he would just stay home in Minny. They still have tons of cap space and a new head coach who’s supposed to be a defensive genius. Plus he’s gotta like the signings the Vikes have already done so far (other than say Griffin, but hey, wouldn’t you want another good DE on the other end to take attention away from you?)

    Honestly with a competent coaching staff the Vikings look closer to winning than the Cowboys do.

  54. The only difference between the packers and vikings is the strength of rodgers collarbone. their team barely made the playoffs and exited just as quickly, yet they think they can compete with the 49ers and seahawks. its pretty pathetic to be a brainwashed packer backer these days. pathetic>packers.

  55. The only difference between the Packers and Vikings is Rodgers????

    I get that Rodgers helped tremendously with their 13th Championship, but I don’t think he had that much to do with Championships 1-12.

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